Frid’Eh Update #2 Presented by 100%

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #2 belongs to French rider, Christophe Pourcel. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #2 of 2018. This week, the DMX Frid’Eh Update is brought to you by 100% and belongs to the rider who chose Canada as the place to cap off a motocross career that has spanned the globe and included numerous international championships.

#377 Christophe Pourcel is the rider from France who was the 2006 World MX2 champion (beating Antonio Cairoli) and also the 2-time East 250 Supercross champion.

Christophe suffered a terrible crash at the MXGP of Ireland the following year where he broke his sacrum causing partial paralysis. He spent 2008 recovering and then headed to the USA to compete in the East 250 SX series, which he won!

He defended his East title the following year and even went back to Europe on his own team to race the MXGP in 2012.

We’ll post the interview with Christophe as soon as he’s able to get back to us. | Bigwave photo


After racing a few more year in the USA, crashes and injuries seemed to plague him. Fortunately for Canadian motocross fans, he wound up racing the 2017 Rockstar MX Nationals and then announced his retirement after finishing 2nd to Matt Goerke in a very close battle.

I spoke with Christophe briefly on Thursday and he asked that I send him a few questions. He hasn’t been able to get them back to us yet, so watch for the full interview on the site as soon as we’re able to get them from him.
In the meantime, here’s an audio interview we did with him this past summer that nearly broke the internet:

Week #2 is presented by 100%.

The 100% brand has always been synonymous with motocross Americana and has been linked to many iconic moments that have built the roots and history of what is modern motocross.

The roots of the 100% brand date back to the early 1980’s when the popular logo graced the factory racing equipment of the biggest names in motocross.

Thirty years later the passion for the spirit of racing remains. Today, 100% is about to inspire a whole new generation of racers and ask them the original tag line,

How much effort do you give?


Monster Energy Supercross

Happy Friday, guys. Well, SX is back and things are good. Going into the opening round at A1, we had 3 major players for the championship, and we also had a few questions to be answered. Most people were ready to crown Eli Tomac as the 2018 champion. The bandwagon was full and it was all speed ahead. Things started out good for Eli, and it looked like he was on his way to an easy, uncontested win. And then it happened.

Eli came up short and went down pretty hard. The crash was actually pretty hard, causing some bruising to Eli’s shoulder and the spinning rear wheel cause a wardrobe malfunction. Eli had to pull over and adjust his pants and fell back to 20th. He rolled around for a lap, but was forced to pull off due to the shoulder. It looks like Eli will line up for Round 2 in Houston this weekend, but you have got expect the shoulder is not 100%.

Eli Tomac will be back for Houston, but how hard will he push? | Bigwave photo

As of right now, this is not the end of the world for Monster Kawasaki and Eli. They have been in deeper holes, and if he can reel off some win streaks like 2017, he should be able to claw himself right back into the title fight. That is, if the shoulder isn’t that bad. But this is professional sports and nobody really wants to admit how bad injuries are.

My guess, Eli will tough it out and play it smart with conservative rides close to the top 5 and build a base, as long as he can take the pain and it’s not a serious injury.

The next question we had going into A1 was Ken Roczen. Just to see Ken out riding is a win for the sport. SX needs Ken, and by the looks of his A1 performance, it looks like the young German is back and will only get better. Yes, there is always that chance of a big crash and damaging the surgically repaired arm, but crashes could happen to anyone in the field. Ken looked very calm. He had a terrible start and he took his time and diced through the pack. He did have one scary close call, but let’s be serious… Kenny and his fitness and strength are some of the best in the sport, and he was able to muscle himself out of a could-be bad situation. Yes, freak crashes happen, but let’s just hope they are behind Ken.

One thing that impressed me with Ken was his patience and positive attitude. We all know that Ken has that insane speed and incredible talent. After his poor start in the main, he could have gone balls out and landed on the podium. The “new” Ken was smart about it and took it lap by lap, and he now has a very good first race back to build on. Don’t worry, the speed, talent and desire to be the best is still there. We will see him winning again very soon.

How about Marvin Musquin… in the off season Bigwave commented something along the lines of, “Will we see Marvin lose anytime soon?” Well, I think the big fella was onto something. Marvin is in a great place right now in his career, his life and just about everything. He his now the main focus at Red Bull KTM with Ryan Dungey retiring. That is very important to a rider. It gives Marvin even more confidence. He’s the man now, and it’s all about him, and all for him. He’s got a great bike, great team, and great program. He won’t always be the fastest, and he’s not the guy to hang it out, but he’s the guy that’s going to be smart, calculated and, more importantly, he will be there for 16 more rounds.

The third rider from the podium really wasn’t expected to be up there. No disrespect to Justin Barcia, but his last few seasons were crap. He was gifted a fill-in ride with Factory Yamaha, as it is looking like Davi Millsaps might not be coming back anytime soon. What did Barcia do? I’m not sure if he went back to the basics, or if he made any life altering changes, but whatever it was, it worked. Justin is a revver. As an amateur, and early on in his 250 career, it was bad. I often asked myself why, and how in the heck do his motors hold up. Well, if you have ever ridden a 450, you clearly know that you need to ride a 450 the complete opposite. Throttle control is key and flow is good. You cannot ride a 450 like a pissed off teenager, or you’ll be on your ass constantly. Something clicked with Barcia. He had a great ride for a heat race win, and a very good ride for a 3rd in the main. It’s quite possible that Justin may have extended his 6 race fill-in ride at Yamaha to the end of SX. If I was a betting guy, I’d say that we are even going to see the #51 on the Factory Yamaha for the outdoors as well.

#51 Justin Barcia was impressive at A1. | Bigwave photo

Now the 2nd guy on the podium was overlooked a little in the offseason. Jason Anderson came in under the radar, and just did his thing. He too looks like he calmed down a bit and he rode to a very solid 2nd place. I don’t think he has a championship in him, but after seeing him in 2018, I feel he should win a few.

With all of the good rides at A1, there were certainly some bad ones. Blake Baggett looked not so good after I predicted good things from him, and Cooper Webb looked off. I’ve said it plenty, I don’t think Webb looks anything like the winning machine he was while still in the 250 class. Everything is there still, but I think a change of colour will suit Cooper best. Maybe a new start somewhere next season would get him back to where he belongs.

We were expecting to see Malcolm Stewart show up on a privateer Kawi, but with Justin Bogle out, the JGR Suzuki team came calling. Like always, Mookie will look great in the whoops, but his fitness will make him go backwards. Super talented, but when everyone else is just as talented, you need to put in the extra work. Just saying.

With the first round jitters out of the way, things should get back to normal for Round 2. Here are my Houston predictions.

450 Class

1st Marvin Musquin

2nd Ken Roczen

3rd Jason Anderson

4th Cole Seely

5th Eli Tomac

#25 Marvin Musquin wins again in Houston. | Bigwave photo

In the 250 class, anything can happen. There are so many good guys that ‘should’ or ‘could’ win races and even the title. You’ve got Joey Savatgy, Adam Cianciarulo, Shane McElrath, Aaron Plessinger and Justin Hill. I had to put Hill last because I just don’t believe in the current Suzuki. I think JGR is an amazing team, and they will give him the best bike possible, but I just feel that the ’18 RMZ250 will hold him back. In my opinion, Joey Savatgy on paper should be our champion. But unfortunately for Joey, there are a few others that are going to put up a real fight.

On paper, #17 Joey Savatgy should be the 205 West champion in 2018. | Bigwave photo

Shane McElrath wasn’t really included much in the championship talk, but he should be. This guy is good, real good. He’s on a great bike, and he is all business.

Now that the first round is out of the way, I really feel like we are do for a dominating Cianciarulo performance. Adam is happy and healthy. It looks like he is ready to get back to his winning ways.

It’s not going to be easy for anyone to reel off a win streak in the 250 season. It is going to come down to whoever can limit their mistakes and not have a real bad round to win the championship. With the top few guys so close, it could end up coming down to whose bike holds together. These 250 race bikes are stretched to the limit to squeeze everything possible out of them in order to get that edge. Mechanicals are common in the 250 class, but let’s hope it doesn’t play a part in our 2018 championship fight. Here are my predictions for Houston.

250 West

1st Adam Cianciarulo

2nd Joey Savatgy

3rd Shane McElrath

4th Aaron Plessinger

5th Justin Hill

Adam Cianciarulo wins Houston. | Bigwave photo

Closer to home, we have the good news that 250 West SX competitor Jess Pettis is back on the bike in California. Jess had his arm plated after going down in Canadian AX earlier this season. I think he will be our strongest SX racer and I’m really excited to finally get to see him under the lights. I’m hoping it’s not long now until we have two Canadians on the line.

The second Canadian is Brock Leitner. I watched a short clip of Brock on social media the other day, and I have to admit he looks solid. Almost like a different Brock from last season. Like I keep saying over and over, Brock works hard and isn’t afraid to work with the right people to get better so he can reach his goals. I’m very excited for both of these guys,

That’s it for me this week. Have a great weekend and we will see you next week. Stay safe and always #smileforBC, #liftwithscott, and #4estrella.


Thanks, Jeff. What a strange week it’s been here in my hometown of London, Ontario. After barely getting out last Friday to get down to Dayton, Ohio, for the first round of Amsoil Arenacross, the city received a few more inches of snow and then decided to hit 9 degrees Celsius yesterday. So, now the city is a mess with snowbanks melting as fast as they can. But now we’ve learned that it’s supposed to start dropping again and that we may get more than a foot of snow tonight! All of this adds up to the fact that I can’t wait to fill the DMX Van and head west for the next adventure.

The next month will take me to the Winter X Games in Aspen to cover the growing list of Canadians who will be competing, then to the Oakland SX, San Diego SX, Dallas SX, then home. Next we’ll be at round 1 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Series Arenacross in Abbotsford, BC before making a trip south to the palm trees for the Atlanta SX and Daytona SX. Basically, this weekend coming up will be pretty relaxing, as I get to spend it at home watching the races on TV from the couch.

Signed Ken Roczen Vue Goggles | Fox Racing Canada Giveaway

With the excitement of Ken Roczen’s return to racing and the debut of the all new Fox Racing Vue goggles, we have one pair autographed by Ken to give away to a lucky Canadian fan!

Head over to Fox Racing Canada and enter today.

Entry closes Sunday January 14th

#1W Shelby Turner Racing REVLimiter Hard Enduro in Texas this Weekend

Shelby Turner racing her first Hard Enduro this weekend at the REVLimiter in Decatur, Texas. | Bigwave photo

Defending Canadian Women’s West MX Champion and 2-time Endurocross champion, Shelby Turner, is in Decatur, Texas, this weekend to race the opening round of the American Hard Enduro ‘Fictional’ Championship.

This will be Shelby’s first attempt at Hard Enduro, but, as always, she’s heading in with high hopes and a smile on her face.

Good luck this weekend, Shelby.

Here’s a look at the 2018 schedule. (Racers get scored on their top 5 results):

Jan 13/14 – Decatur, TX – REVLimiter

Feb 2-12 – Johnson Valley, CA – King of Motos

June 9 – Glen Helen, CA – Last Dog Standing

June 18 – Marquette,MI – Mad Moose

June 30/July 1 – Tamaqua,PA – Tough like RORR

August 4 – Brushy Mountain, NC – Battle of the Goats

Aug 18/19 – Sequatchie, TN – TKO

Nov 30/Dec 1 – Mansfield, MO – Ozark 100

4 Questions for Brock Leitner

We’ll be pestering the sole Canadian competing in the West Supercross Series, #497 Brock Leitner, each Monday to get his thoughts on that weekend’s Monster Energy Supercross round. In case you missed our chat from round 1 in Anaheim, here it is again:

#497 Brock Leitner is our Canadian rider competing in the 2018 250 West Supercross Series. Round 1 took place in Anaheim, California, this past Saturday and we caught up with the BC rider to get his thoughts on the weekend. We’re going to do this every week, so we didn’t want him to get sick of us calling, therefore, we’ll only ask him 4 questions each time.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Brock. Let’s start out by asking you what you thought of the A1 track.

Brock Leitner: I thought the track was really good. They screened the dirt this year, a lot. On the track walk this year I wasn’t nervous at all. I was actually excited and felt confident. I looked at the rhythms how they’re supposed to be done rather than looking at them like, “OK, we can do this, we don’t have to do this, and we can still do this” kind of thing. It was good that I could see and I could be confident in my abilities to do the big rhythms and the big jumps.

And really, the dirt was the best part of the track. It was slimy in the morning but it got really good.

The triples were easy. I hit them on the second lap (Laughs). The whoops were really slimy in practice, so I just kind of got my feel and my flow in practice – I didn’t blitz a set of whoops in practice.

In the first timed session I did the first set of whoops after the finish line but the set of whoops before the finish line is where I struggled all day. It was tough for me because there wasn’t really an entry whoop and it came out of a flat right-hander, so I’d come out of the turn and it was hard to have momentum to pick the bike up to get on top of them.

To be completely honest, that’s what kept me from the night show this week. I’ve just got to do some work on whoops and try and…it just sucks because none of the practice tracks have whoops like that one. They’re either all really big or they’re really small and you’ve got an entry whoop into them, so that’s a bit of a bummer, but it’s all good. We’re grinding away this week and it’s raining right now, so hopefully we can ride tomorrow and Thursday.

Let’s talk about your qualifying sessions. You were 46th overall. Did you have a hard time getting some clear track or was it just the whoops that were getting you?

It was literally just the whoops. I was behind a kid that made it into the night show. I knew that he was a [better] time than me, so I tucked in behind him and I was actually gaining on him so my time was quicker up until that one set of whoops before the finish line and that’s where I’d mess up.

It was just that one set of whoops. This week, we’re working on a little more aggression between rhythms and blowing through stuff…like pushing through stuff instead of hitting the obstacles. In Anaheim I was making sure that I was aggressive in between the rhythms but a little bit more.

Yesterday, we did a lot of work on that to always make that in between each jump we’re giving it that extra squirt of gas or coming into the turn just giving it one last squirt coming into the corner just to bring the times down by even a tenth of a second.

I know I was little bit more off than that on the weekend, but that’s what it’s going to be is just a tenth of a second what’s going to separate us.

It was pretty cool because the one rhythm section, I was like the only one in my practice going 2, 3, 3 into the turn before the on-off, on-off, so I was happy with that. That helped me out with some lap time, but then it was just the whoops that kept me from going further into the night.

Where will you go and what do you do this week?

This week, I’m flying out Friday. I rode yesterday and I’ll ride Wednesday and Thursday, if the tracks are open with this rain. We’re just going to work on the stuff we have been, do a little bit more work on the whoops, a little bit more with corner speed. I’ve been getting decent at it but there’s always room for improvement. I’ve got to keep plugging away with it. In the rhythms, I’ve got to keep trying to get that gas and the intensity between each and every obstacle coming into the turns.

So, you’re now comfortably past looking at the track and thinking about being able to clear the big triples, now you’re just trying to get back to the ground and going faster, right?

Ya, exactly. Even the second lap when I hit the triple, I came into them hot and I still had to kind of scrub them. I’m past the point of, “OK, shit, we’re hitting the triples, let’s hit it seat bounce wide open…” I’m past that point. That’s kind of where I was last year, so to say. I wasn’t prepared, I wasn’t confident in my abilities. There were a lot of things that I wasn’t prepared for last year that I am this year. Especially with the group of people that I have in my corner helping me and giving me the advise to achieve my goals. Having those people just brings the confidence even that much more.

OK, this question doesn’t count in the total. Thanks for the chat, good luck next weekend, and who would you like to thank?

OK, awesome, sounds good. I’d like to thank Redline Powercraft, Kawasaki Canada, ROQ Power Tongs, Strikt Gear, 100% Goggles, Virus Action Sport Performance, DT1 Filters, Pro Taper, SKVI, Temecula Motorsports, FMF, SAXX Underwear, HJC Helmets, Fusion Graphics, Evans Coolant, Rekluse Clutch, C4MX, BMC, Motostuff, Vicki Golden, GTC, Marin Bikes, Lory’s Oilfield, Fuel Clothing, Hellbent, Keybar, Metal Mulisha, Holeshot Trucking, M.A.D Support, my girlfriend, Kailey, and my mom and dad.

MRC Racing | Privateer Challenge for 2018

Thinking about committing to the entire Motocross season this coming season but not sure the rewards are there? Well, for 2018 MRC is putting their money where their mouth is and offering the Privateer Challenge.

The Privateer Challenge with the support of the OEM Group, is a way to give back to the hard fought, back bone riders of our sport. At each round of the 2018 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series, the Top 10 privateer in both the 250 and 450 class will receive their entry-money back. There will also be a “Privateer of the Year” award that will go to the Top 250 and 450 Privateer earning the highest points, thus creating a race within a race.


  1. Riders that are supported directly by these teams are not eligible: Factory KTM, GDR Honda, Rockstar Yamaha, Huber Kawasaki.
  2. Top 10 out of the privateers, this does not include any factory supported riders. (ie A rider finishing 22nd, could be a top 10 privateer depending on how many Factory riders finished ahead of him)
  3. Show up at a MXTOUR Triple Crown event, Sign up for 250 or 450 Pro, Race Hard, Finish in the Top 10 out of the Privateers, Earn your Race fee back.
  4. Simple as that!!!

Colton Facciotti and Dylan Wright Start Winter Training at GPF

Canadian Pro riders have started their annual migration to warmer climes, and Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing riders Colton Facciotti and Dylan Wright have arrived at GPF to begin their 2018 prep.

With a Motocross, Arenacross, and Supercross track to ride daily, the two should be able to prepare for the upcoming Rockstar Triple Crown series that is set to begin with Arenacross in Abbotsford, BC February 24th.

Dylan now has a trailer of his own to call home, so the two of them will be all set to put in the time getting ready. The freak cold snap seems to have moved on and so riding should be getting back to normal at the Cairo, Georgia, facility.

We’ll let them get settled and then get in touch with them, once they’ve had a chance to de-winterize their trailers and thaw their bikes out.

Colton Facciotti (shown here in 2017) is back at GPF with his teammate, Dylan Wright. | Bigwave photo

Jess Pettis is Back on a Bike

After breaking his arm at a Future West Moto Arenacross race in Chilliwack, BC, Jess Pettis is finally back on the bike. He’s made his way down to California again to resume preparations for the 2018 season. Jess had originally planned on joining fellow Canadian Brock Leitner in 250 West, but his injury put an end to that idea.

He was able to ride the corner track Thursday and will work his way back to full workouts as his arm allows him.

We got in touch with Jess today to find out how he’s feeling. He’s been on the bike twice, so far, and feels great. He’s got zero pain but still needs to work on range of motion and overall strength.

On Tuesday, it was 5 weeks since his arm surgery where he had plates and 22-24 screws inserted in his broken wing. His plac is to be back on the line for Oakland and San Diego. He’s already signed up for 4 rounds, so we’ll have to see how many he’s able to race.

He’s got some great financial support from a few local businesses back in Prince George, BC who are making it possible for him to stay and train in California. He’s back at Kevin Urqhart‘s ‘Bulldog Training Facility’ in Menifee.

He drove down from BC with returning rider Wyatt Waddell who missed the past couple seasons due to knee reconstruction. It’s good to see both of these friendly riders back on track.

See you in Oakland, Jess!

#66 Marco Cannella Signs with MX101 FXR Yamaha

In a move that is really no surprise to anyone, MX101 has made the announcement official that hot young prospect #66 Marco Cannella from Waterdown, Ontario, has signed with the MX101 FXR Yamaha team for 2018.

Marco joins returning riders #15 Jess Pettis, and #19 Hayden Halstead competing in the 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown Series.

Marco brings along his multiple amateur championships including a coveted Lorretta Lynn’s title as he looks to take on his rookie pro season.  A former winner of the Yamaha Factory Ride Award, Marco now looks to join his new teammates #15 Jess Pettis and #19 Hayden Halstead on the Factory team.

“We’re excited to see Marco join the MX101 FXR Yamaha team in 2018. We’ve proudly watched Marco move through our bLU cRU program, from his first Factory Ride Award in 2014 all the way up to our national MX2 rig this year. We’re looking forward to seeing him further realize his potential in his first full Pro season on the national tour,” stated Graeme Jones from Yamaha Canada.

For 2018, the MX101 / FXR / Yamaha Team will be competing in the Rockstar Triple Crown Championship produced by Jetwerx International and MRC (Motorsport Racing Canada).  The Rockstar Energy Triple Crown is Canada’s largest motorcycle race series and is divided into three disciplines: Arenacross, Motocross and Supercross.  Visit for more information.

 About MX101

MX101 owns and operates the MX101 / FXR / Yamaha Team.  MX101 also operates Sand Del Lee MX Park and offers training and practice time as well as fun riding time for families.  MX101 is an education company and offers summer camps, Learn to Ride Lessons and Private and Group lessons. Sand Del Lee MX Park hosts Walton ANQ races on May 26/27, the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown national on July 7/8, and the Sand Del Lee CUP race on July 28/29.  Visit to find out more.

So, reading between the lines, we can deduce that the fact 2017 MX2 champion, Shawn Maffenbeir, is not on the team, he has likely gone to the team most have speculated, Team Huber Motorsports.

Adding to this, since the MCR Privateer Challenge PR came out and listed “Team Hubert” (sic) as a Kawasaki team that is ineligible for the Challenge due to its factory support,  more rumours seem to be becoming truth.

Although none of this has been confirmed…yet, we’ll sit next to our inboxes waiting for the expected PR stating Huber Motorsports will become the Monster Energy Kawasaki-backed team effort for the foreseeable future with riders Tyler Medaglia and his rumoured teammates, Shawn Maffenbeier and Mike Alessi.

We’ll file all of this in the ‘Rumour Mill’ category for now, but we expect to see more on this in the very near future.

Tanner Ward in Worcester, MA for Amsoil Arenacross Round 2

#184 Tanner Ward is back in action at round 2 of the Amsoil Arenacross Championship in Worcester, MA. | Bigwave photo

We’ve got Canadians all over the map this winter! Tanner Ward is making his debut Pro run at the Amsoil Arenacross Championship this season. He lined up at round 1 last week in Dayton, Ohio. He struggled with set up early in the day, but TCD got him sorted out and his times improved drastically.

Unfortunately, if you don’t get a top time, you are forced to start from the back row in the heats and that makes it very difficult to get out with the leaders on the tight AX tracks.

Tanner made the night program but missed the main events. He’s back at it this week for round 2 in Worcester, MA. With the support of Team Carey, Thor, and Woodstock KTM, Tanner hopes to get himself in the main events where he belongs.

Good luck, Tanner. You can follow along live HERE Saturday afternoon, evening and night.

Canadian #664 Kieran Doherty suffered a broken arm in Dayton, Ohio. | Bigwave photo

Last week, fellow Canadian #664 Kieran Doherty also made his Pro debut in the series. After missing the night program, Kieran lined up on Amateur Day but ended up breaking his arm on a hard landing over the finish line double.

Good luck with your recovery, Kieran.

Andrew Short Racing Dakar Rally

Have you been following retired Pro Motocross, Andrew Short, as he makes his Dakar Rally debut? Neither have I, actually, but I’m starting to right….NOW.

Pos. Exp. Drive-Team Mark-Model Time Variation Penality
1 19 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 01h 54′ 10”
2 47 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 01h 54′ 40” + 00h 00′ 30”
3 8 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 01h 54′ 40” + 00h 00′ 30”
4 27 MEC TEAM 01h 55′ 23” + 00h 01′ 13”
5 29 HIMOINSA RACING TEAM. 01h 56′ 05” + 00h 01′ 55”
7 33 HT RALLY RAID HUSQVARNA RACING 01h 56′ 23” + 00h 02′ 13”
8 4 YAMALUBE YAMAHA OFFICIAL RALLY TEAM 01h 57′ 37” + 00h 03′ 27”
9 5 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 01h 57′ 40” + 00h 03′ 30”
10 14 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 01h 57′ 47” + 00h 03′ 37”
11 2 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 01h 58′ 16” + 00h 04′ 06” 00h 01′ 00”
12 3 HIMOINSA RACING TEAM. 01h 58′ 24” + 00h 04′ 14”
13 9 SLOVNAFT RALLY TEAM 01h 58′ 29” + 00h 04′ 19”
14 17 DAMING RACING TEAM 01h 58′ 44” + 00h 04′ 34”
15 12 SHERCO TVS RALLY FACTORY 01h 59′ 01” + 00h 04′ 51” 00h 01′ 00”
16 23 YAMALUBE YAMAHA OFFICIAL RALLY TEAM 01h 59′ 22” + 00h 05′ 12” 00h 02′ 00”
17 40 GAS GAS MOTORSPORT 02h 00′ 16” + 00h 06′ 06” 00h 01′ 00”
18 20 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 02h 00′ 26” + 00h 06′ 16”
19 7 YAMALUBE YAMAHA OFFICIAL RALLY TEAM 02h 01′ 02” + 00h 06′ 52”
20 15 KTM FACTORY RACING TEAM 02h 01′ 05” + 00h 06′ 55” 00h 02′ 00”
21 34 HIMOINSA RACING TEAM. 02h 01′ 43” + 00h 07′ 33”
22 61 HERO MOTOSPORTS TEAM RALLY 02h 02′ 01” + 00h 07′ 51”
23 68 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 02h 02′ 22” + 00h 08′ 12”
24 77 KTM FACTORY RACING TEAM 02h 03′ 11” + 00h 09′ 01”
25 44 YAMALUBE YAMAHA OFFICIAL RALLY TEAM 02h 03′ 41” + 00h 09′ 31”
26 60 GAS GAS MOTORSPORT 02h 03′ 58” + 00h 09′ 48” 00h 05′ 00”
27 52 MOTO RACING GROUP (MRG) 02h 04′ 00” + 00h 09′ 50”
28 54 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 02h 04′ 39” + 00h 10′ 29”
29 37 MOTO RACING GROUP (MRG) 02h 05′ 49” + 00h 11′ 39” 00h 01′ 00”
30 103 DUUST RALLY TEAM 02h 07′ 06” + 00h 12′ 56” 00h 04′ 00”

There’s actually a Canadian competiing this year, too:

85 115 HT RALLY RAID HUSQVARNA RACING 02h 47′ 47” + 00h 53′ 37” 00h 02′ 00”

Here, we can get caught up together:

MAVTV gets green light from Bell

TORONTO – Just in time for the Chili Bowl Nationals, MAVTV Motorsports Network has launched on Bell and is available on free preview.
The destination for all things motorsports, MAVTV is now available on Bell Satellite TV (HD 1413 and SD 413), Bell Fibe TV (HD 1414 and SD 414) and Bell Aliant Fibe TV (HD 624 and SD 124).
Operated by REV Sports Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Neon Star Sports & Entertainment Inc., MAVTV Canada offers exclusive motorsports programming and events such as AMA Pro Motocross series, the Lucas Oil Challenge Cup and NHRA Drag Racing.
“This distribution agreement with Bell provides a way for motorsports fans across the country to access MAVTV 24/7,” said MAVTV Canada president Mike Garrow, in the news release.  “We are thrilled with the timing of this launch as MAVTV has the 32nd running of the world famous Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Midget Nationals presented by General Tire happening live on Saturday January 13, starting at 8:30 PM (ET).”

Rockstar Triple Crown Series Odds and Ends

Just had a very interesting and encouraging conversation with Justin Thompson from Jetwerx. With the first round of the Rockstar Triple Crown Series approaching (February 24th in Abbotsford, BC), there are still quite a few things to do in order to get this lofty series rolling. To make it easier to follow, I’ll put this in point form:

  • Every factory-supported rig and team is commited to the entire Triple Crown series except the Redemption Racing team with Cade Clason‘s return pending and word that he has undergone surgery as well as the team’s commitment to East Supercross.
  • Jetwerx and OTSFF’s André Laurin will ship all team bikes (and a few privateer bikes) from Toronto on February 15th.
  • Cole Thompson from KTM will be in Abbotsford but Kaven Benoit is likely not racing anymore indoors.
  • we are in for 41 hours of coverage of the series here in Canada: Fox Sports will air AX/SX 8 days out, TSN will air MX 8 days out, and MavTV will air all 3 30 days out.
  • MavTV will broadcast free for first year or more as they partner with Bell.
  • Abbotsord bowl is already 1/2 sold.
  • There will be 16 amateur classes mixed into the AX race schedule and they will allow 20-24 Pro riders in for the qualifiers.

Obviously, that is as ‘Cole’s Notes’ as can be, but it all adds up to some pretty good progress. See you in Abbotsford.

Estrella Cemovic Update


From Estrella’s Instagram feed: @estrella265

“A little update on myself after my crash at gatorback. I was knocked out for 2 weeks straight but I’m doing much better, I’m in rehab for a little while in Jacksonville, Florida. Thank you to everyone who reached out to my family with their thoughts and prayers. I’ve got a ways to go but I’ll get there. I ended up breaking my shoulder, my collarbone, a couple bones in my back, and getting a traumatic brain injury, and I have a tube in my stomach to help put nutrients in my body. So thankful for everyone’s help in trying to get me better”

Great news, Estrella. We’ll see you soon, somewhere.

OK, sorry we were a little late this week. Have a great weekend, everyone. If you still need more moto, you can check out the Photo Gallery we posted from Dayton HERE.

#373 Jacob Williamson says, “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo