Frid’Eh Update #21 | Davey Fraser | Presented by 100%

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Frid’Eh Update #21 goes out to Halifax, NS racer Davey Fraser. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to another Frid’Eh Update here at Direct Motocross. We are now just over one week from getting our Rockstar Triple Crown Motocross Tour started out at Wild Rose MX Park in downtown Calgary, Alberta.We’re also just one day away from the start of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships at Hangtown MX in Sacramento, California. It’s a busy and highly anticipated time of year!

For week #21, we celebrate the rider from the Mairitmes who has been racing as a Pro on our circuit for over 10 years. He’s always one of the most popular riders on the line and is quick to offer his time when we ask him for an interview.

Davey Fraser rides for the Carlson MX Husqvarna team run by former traveling Pro, Trevor Carlson, and his dad, Brent Carlson. This wil be Davey’s 2nd year on the team and he will be going up to the 450 class from racing the Husky 250 2-stroke in the MX2 class last season.

Davey has been calling BC home lately and spent a good portion of the winter training down in California with his new 450 teammate, #10 Keylan Meston, and defending 250 national champ, Shawn Maffenbeier. It was quite the cast of characters, and I got the chance to stay with them for a couple days when I was out there in January.

We grabbed Davey for an interview, so here’s what he had to say:

Direct Motocross: Hello, Davey. I always like to start out asking about how your last summer of racing went. Can you sum up your 2017 summer for us? Were there some highlights or not so high…lights?
Davey Fraser: 2017 was a good year, for sure! It was my first year with the Carlson’s and really my first year having all the tools I needed to go racing. The season definitely started off slow for me but I felt I picked it up pretty good and had a few top 5 motos. A wrist injury at the last round wasn’t in the plan book but that stuff happens sometimes.

Davey just turned 29 this past Wednesday. Here he is as a young Pro back in 2007. | Bigwave photo

How was it racing the 250 2-stoke in that class? Would say it’s fair or unfair and why?
That’s a tricky question. Racing the 2-stroke is an advantage for me I believe but not for everyone. Power-wise with having to keep the motor stock last year, I didn’t have the fastest bike out there but I did have a really strong consistent bike. So, advantage for me but it wouldn’t be for everyone.
Did you find more older fans cheering for you because you were burning oil and smelling great?
(Laughs) I would say it definitely didn’t hurt my older fan base! It always seemed to attract some different characters in the pits. Lots of young kids wondering why I had such a funny looking pipe (Laughs).
Do you have a favourite track on the circuit?
For me, my favourite track seems to change every year. 2 years ago, Regina was one of my least favourites but last year was one of my favourites. I guess it all depends how I wake up that morning (Laughs). But it’s pretty hard for any race in the maritimes not to be my favourite. I get massive support from everyone back home and it’s a feeling that’s hard to beat!

Davey crashed hard in the first turn at the AX in Calgary. He doesn’t remember making strange hand gestures at Daryl Murphy, but I do. As Buddy Ryan from Night Court would say, “But I’m feeling muuuch better now!” | Bigwave photo

What do you think about Sand Del Lee and Walton being back and how about the new track in Menedosa?
I couldn’t be happier to have both of those tracks back! The crew at MX101 are great and they deserve a national. And, of course, things just weren’t the same not ending at Walton so I’m pretty pumped that we’re heading back there again!
How did your Arenacross season go for you? Any lingering effects from your crash in Calgary?
Arenacross went OK. I never had any results that I’m overly proud of but still we were there every weekend and got some good points moving forward in the Triple Crown. I seemed to come around pretty quick after the hit to the head in Calgary. Between having a tough noggin and wearing the best helmet out there, I’m doing pretty well!
What have you been up to since the AX Tour ended? Do you ever race in the SXQC series?
After Barrie, I went back home to the east coast for a short visit before heading back to BC. I’ve just been putting my motos in getting ready for outdoors and I’ve done a couple of local races out here just to stay familiar with the gate drops.
I’ve done a few SXQC over the years. I always liked racing RDL (Riviere du Loup),but basing myself on the west coast now those aren’t really in the picture.

Davey doing some bike work at their slick pad in California. | Bigwave photo

How have things been going with your new teammate, Keylan Meston. When we get to Walton, who will have the lower number?
Things have been going great with Keylan! We both get along really well and work well together. I think it’s going to be a fun, competitive summer racing him. I know I’m excited and I get to chirp him all night in the motorhome before each race. It’s going to be fun! We’ll have to wait and see who’s where, come Walton!
Have you talked to Brent and Trevor about bringing Broc Tickle on board? How would you like that?
(Laughs) Nope! No talks with anyone. We’re a full house!
What are your travel plans for this summer?
The plan is to load in the motorhome and spend most of the summer on the road. We’ve got a few more breaks in the series this year so I’m not sure of are plans with that yet but most likely find somewhere to set up and camp and keep on riding!
When this season ends, what will you consider a successful Motocross season?
For me, I’m always happy as long as I know I did my best and rode to my potential. With that being said, I feel like I’m capable of being a top 10 guy every moto so that’s my goal!

Who will be ‘Top Dog’ when he and his teammate, Keylan Meston, finish up the season at Walton? | Bigwave photo

You’ve been at this quite a while now. How many more years will you keep racing at this level?
I like to keep it going year by year. As long as I have the opportunity and I feel like I can continue to improve I see no reason in slowing down. I have a great thing going here with the Carlsons. If it wasn’t for their support I’m not sure I would still be racing at this level now but with them behind me it makes it pretty hard to stop!
OK, thanks for taking the time to do this with us, Davey. We’ll see you in Calgary next week. Who would you like to thank?

No problem, guys, I appreciate it! I’d like to thank the whole Carlson family for everything they do for me, Trevor and Becca for giving me a place to stay and a warm meal for supper every night! I’d also like to thank everyone else who supports myself and the team: FXR, 6D helmets, 100%, International Motorsports, West Woods, Callus gloves, KMF athletic therapy, Mobius Braces, and all my friends and family for the ongoing support! See you guys in Cowtown!

Week #21 is presented by 100%.


Hey, guys.

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship

It is a very happy Friday. The Great Outdoors are back! The AMA outdoor series starts tomorrow at Hangtown. That also means that our very own Canadian Nationals and MX portion of the Triple Crown are just a mere week away. There is a ton of excitement heading into Hangtown, as the majority of the top stars are healthy and ready to take a run at the motocross championship.

Ken Roczen makes his return after a very scary incident, and you can bet he’s chomping at the bit to get going. Defending champion Eli Tomac will be looking to make up for the Supercross title that maybe shoulda woulda coulda been his. Marvin Musquin will be fast along with Blake Baggett, but I’m calling Justin Barcia to be the guy to shock people. Barcia is in a very good place right now and looks fantastic on the new Yamaha. For my championship pick, well I am going to have to go with Blake Baggett again. I picked him last year and he almost made me look like a genius, so the second time is a charm.

#4 Blake Baggett will win the 450 title in 2018. | Bigwave photo

The 250 class could offer even more possible winners than the premier 450 class. Obviously, former champions Zach Osborne and Jeremy Martin have got to be tops on the list, but Aaron Plessinger, Alex Martin, Joey Savatgy and a few others will have something to say about that. It’s going to be hard to bet against either J-Mart or Osborne, but it will by no means be a runaway championship.

I feel that the 250 class will get heated and offer some drama as we have quite a few guys around the same speed. Passes won’t be gentle, but they don’t always need to be. I’m going to call Jeremy Martin for the championship. He’s got the experience and his bike is real good, and oh yeah…. he’s been training with Tomac.

#6 Jeremy Martin will win the 250 title in 2018. | Bigwave photo

Hangtown Predictions

250 Class

1st Jeremy Martin

2nd Joey Savatgy

3rd Zach Osborne

4th Aaron Plessinger

5th Alex Martin

450 Class

1st Marvin Musquin

2nd Blake Baggett

3rd Eli Tomac

4th Ken Roczen

5th Justin Barcia

Rockstar Triple Crown Motocross Tour

For our beloved Canadian series, unfortunately, we have 1 more week to wait. The biggest question right now is the status of Kaven Benoit. It was rumoured that he could have possibly suffered an injury bad enough to put him on the sidelines all summer. Bigwave spoke to Benoit and he says he’s good to go. I’m still hearing rumblings from people that the injury may be worse than let on, but opinions and rumours are like butts… everyone has one.

Heading into Calgary for around 1 next week, I’d have to believe that Cole Thompson and Matt Goerke are most people’s choices for the outdoor crown. I don’t think they are wrong, but a healthy Benoit, a fresh Mike Alessi, as well as Colton Facciotti, Tyler Medaglia , and Dillan Epstein may have something to say about that. I guess we will see in one short week.

Cole Thompson and Matt Goerke are obvious choices in the 450 class, but there are a bunch of others to consider. | Bigwave photo

In the 250 class, I still feel that Shawn Maffenbeier and Josh Osby are the 2 guys to beat. Osby is coming in real hot off of Supercross, and Maff is fresh off of a very dominant Arenacross season. There will be others to challenge, but I just don’t see anybody ready yet.

Jess Pettis will win races and look good doing it, but I just think he needs one more season before he has everything to be the champion. One guy to watch carefully is Dylan Wright. Dylan is coming off of a rough season, but he’s on a much better bike and has shed about 15lbs. He’s always been fit and fierce, but I just think something has clicked this year and he will be much much better. Like the 450 class, it’s only a week away until we have some answers.

McConkey Takes On Saskatchewan!

It’s an exciting day for me, as I flew from Toronto to Regina Saskatchewan for the week. I’m here to have a ton of fun and shake up the Vet class in the SCRC racing series. None of this would  be possible without some amazing people. Moose Mountain Leisure, and the Lees family have opened up their dealership and arms to make this a fantastic trip. I can’t even to begin to stress how excited I am to get on my new Moose Mountain Leisure Kawasaki KX250f.

The amazing people at Lime 9 will have this Kawi looking mint. Also, a big thanks to everyone else who has helped. As always Bigwave Billy and Direct Motocross, Andy White and FXR, Scott Sports Canada, Mica Sport Canada, Dusty at Blackstock Motorsports, Alpinestars, Parts Canada. Matthias from Shoei, Ryan from Mobius, Works Connection, Kawasaki Canada and Royal Distributing.

We all know the speed is gone, or maybe even never here, but I can promise you I will be the cleanest and fastest looking guy in the West!

Look out, Saskatchewan Vet riders…Jeff McConkey is in the house and looking fresh! | McConkey photo

That’s it from me. I will keep you guys posted on my adventures through our social media. Have a great long weekend and #smileforBC, #liftwithscott and #4estrella.


I’m going to have to be brief this week…

Like I already said in the intro, we’re now getting really close to starting our outdoor season here in Canada. Teams have all come together and done their homework and are now just doing their final preparations and getting their team photos done.

The biggest story here in Canada was the one that had Kaven Benoit sitting out the season with yet another injury. Fortunately, after speaking with both Team Manager JSR and Kaven himself, it has been confirmed that he will be ready to go when we get to Calgary next week.

2018 should be another year in Canadian Moto where we have a really good chance of seeing a Canuck hoist the #1 450 plate when we get to Walton. Colton Facciotti, Kaven Benoit, Cole Thompson, and Tyler Medaglia should all make things very red and white at the front of the pack all season long.

The American attack will come from strong contenders like Mike Alessi and Dillan Epstein. 3-time and defending champ, Matt Goerke, will be there every week, making this a series that will keep us all lining the fences to see who jives best with which track.

In the 250 class, this one should be defending champion Shawn Maffenbeier‘s to lose. He’s been around a long time and knows he can sometimes lose the battle to win the war. Some of the younger riders aren’t ready to accept that yet, and it’s probably at the root of why so many young Pro riders struggle.

The other Canadian riders to watch will be Jess Pettis and Dylan Wright. They are both ready to steal the limelight and make their marks in the Canadian Motocross history books.

From south of the border, Club MX, actually, we have the tandem of Josh Osby and Joey Crown. Josh should be the guy to watch and if Joey has recovered from his knee surgery long enough, there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t be up at the front winning races.

There are obviously others, like Casey Keast and Jason Benny, but I’m not sure they’re quite on pace with the riders mentioned above. I’d love to be proven wrong, don’t misunderstand!

And what about Broc Tickle perhaps looking north for a place to race? It sounds pretty crazy, but I’m really starting to think this is going to happen.

TransWorld MX sat down with Broc to discuss the entire situation, including the “Go to Canada” option. Here’s the video:

Watch it all, which is great, or skip to 14:20 and 14:50 for the parts about Canada.

I confirmed it with at least one team who said they have indeed been contacted by Broc but that they are currently full. However, they did allude to the fact that were someone to get injured, Broc is at the top of their list for a fill-in rider.

When this video was done on Wednesday, Broc was yet to get all the information needed to even make a decision on racing anywhere this summer. As he says in his interview, he wants the suspension to start after the Seattle Supercross and doesn’t want to risk extending things if he can avoid it.

Racing in Canada wouldn’t do anything to his suspension, so we’ll keep trying to get the information out of him this week to find out if he plans on heading north next weekend.

I’m thinking that once someone in his group tells him it won’t do anything to his term if he were to race in Canada, he’ll be loading up the truck and trailer and heading to Wild Rose. Or a team finds budget from somewhere and instantly has another title contender. Shoe-in? I wouldn’t say so, but definitely a strong threat.

See you in Calgary, Brock Tickle…??? | Bigwave photo

There’s a lot more to talk about and Jeff, Hammertime, and I will discuss the upcoming Triple Crown season in a podcast on Monday if our schedules align.

I’m going to cut my input short this week as Emily is in the hospital having some surgery. She’s fine, but I really have to get back there for when she wakes up.

Have a great weekend, everyone. It’s the first long one of the “summer” and it should be a good one. Good luck and be safe if you’re riding or racing.

I’ll see everyone in Calgary next week!

2008 Kyle Beaton says, “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo