Frid’Eh Update #21 Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #21 belongs to Josh Osby. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #21 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada. I’m going to go out on a limb and announce that summer has finally started to show itself across the entire country. It’s been a long spring filled with lengthening days of rain, wind, and gloom. Just this week we started getting above 20 degrees Celsius and I only turned on our outside hose just last week! It’s been depressing, to say the least.

Week #21 goes out to the rider from Valparaiso, Indiana, Josh Osby. You would probably see signs for his hometown when you drove to Red Bud or cut beneath Lake Michigan on your way past or to Chicago. If you’ve ever been down in that area, you’d know Josh should be an incredible sand rider!

He’s a rider who came into our series as an immediate contender, but just couldn’t get the job done. After watching his progress in Supercross this past season, I’d say he’s going to be in th e mix for this 250 MX title right from the start.

He’s been working hard at Club MX in South Carolina, and will come into this season more prepared than ever.

We grabbed him for a short conversation to get his thoughts on the upcoming season and learn a little bit more about him, prersonally. Here’s what he had to say:

2011 in Florida. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Josh. We haven’t spoken with you in a while. Let’s back it all the way to the beginning. How did you get started racing motocross?

Josh Osby: Hey there! I got my start to racing just because of pure desire to race dirt bikes. My friends in school always rode and that’s literally all I could think about.

What was your first race number and how did you choose it?

My first race number was #7 and I’m pretty sure that’s the only stick on number the local dirt bike shop had at the time. Lol

I’ve got photos of you on a Supermini back in 2011 I believe. What was your best amateur race?

I remember seeing a picture you posted of me on my supermini that year. I was actually breaking frames on them because i was too big. Lol. The best amateur race for me was always Loretta’s. We always put our focus toward that and I ended up having some pretty good weeks there.

What year did you turn Pro and how did you end up coming north to Canada? 

I turned pro in 2016 and spent most of that year out with injury. 2017 I was doing Arenacross and toward the end of that I got a call from Josh Snider and he asked if I wanted to come racing up north.

Josh was one of the few riders consistently going for the rhythm section at the Daytona SX this year. | Bigwave photo

What’s your impression of our racing series up here? What’s your favorite thing about racing in Canada?

I think the biggest standout of your series to me was the talent you guys have. I don’t think people really know how fast people are going until you go race against them. My favorite thing about racing in Canada is how laid back it is. Everyone is just so chill about everything. That’s exactly how I like it.

Can you sum up your 2018 summer racing the Triple Crown series? What were your highs and lows?

My 2018 summer of racing was a disaster. Obviously the highs were when I was on the podium. I felt more times than not I was pushing my bike off the track or walking back to the truck and that was frustrating for all of us as we all wanted to win.

What did you get up to when the Pro season ended up here in mid-August?

I pretty much went straight back to Club MX and started training again. I got the amazing opportunity to head over to Australia, so training for that began pretty quick after outdoors ended.

You raced the 250 East SX series. I was impressed with your aggression at the Daytona SX when you kept doing that crazy rhythm section. What was the highlight of your Supercross season? 

Daytona was the first time I actually rode pretty good. The following weekend in Indy was what I would call my “highlight” race. I got cleaned out and still came back to 8th. As crazy as this might sound to some, I’m not stoked with my season. I’m thankful I was able to make it an entire season healthy but I felt there was a lot more there than what the results sheet showed.

Josh will be someone to watch all summer long as he challenges for our 250 MX title. | Bigwave photo

Now you’re coming back to Canada for the MX season again. What track are you most looking forward to racing?

I cant say that I have a track that I am most looking forward to racing, but two tracks are a standout in my mind. The first would be Calgary just because of how incredibly cool it is that you race in what I believe is city limits. The other one is Gopher Dunes, just because it’s an absolutely suffer fest all day long. Lol

What kind of goals do you have set for yourself up here? I assume you don’t want to accept anything less than wins?

I want to come up there and ride to the best of my ability. I believe if I do that, there is no reason why the end result shouldn’t be a good one.

OK, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. I guess we’ll be seeing you in less that 10 days! Who would you like to thank? 

Thank you for having me do this! I’m excited to see everyone soon!
Team Sponsors:

You’ve got to like his attitude. I’d have to agree that if he rides like he knows he can, we should be in for some exciting racing as they all battle to get on the podium each and every week. There’s a really solid group of 5 or 6 riders that should be in this right till the end.

If the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Series comes anywhere near where you are this summer, you owe it to yourself to experience this great racing action in person. We’ll see you there.

Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada.


Hey,Guys, Happy Friday. Spring is here… Hangtown was last Saturday, Calgary is next Saturday, and amateur racing is in full swing everywhere. It’s go time in the States, last minute prep and race bike break in for everybody here in Canada. The privateers and rigs should be hitting the road for Round 1 of the Triple Crown series. This is what we wait for and look forward to all year long.

Most questions will be answered, and a few will be added. Who will be the big shocker in either class? Can Colton Facciotti beat JSR for Canadian Championships? Is Jess Pettis healthy and ready to go? We are a mere week away from some answers, or at least some hints.

Last weekend, Rounds 1 and 2 of the Motopark MotoCup kicked off. If you aren’t from South Western Ontario, or you live under a rock, these are  ‘must go to’ events. The amount Motopark itself has improved over the last few years is just amazing. Gone is the mean, but honest nickname “Moto Rock,” and here now is some fantastic dirt, super fun layout, and kick ass crew!

Colton Facciotti and Cole Thompson went head to head last weekend at Motopark. | Bigwave photo

I myself am almost 3 hours away, and it’s usually in my top 2 choices every time. But it’s not just the track, the atmosphere and the people help make the complete circle. So, add in a 4 race day series held over two weekends throughout the summer, and you have something great to look forward to. So how about rolling in for the Saturday of Round 1 and seeing Colton Facciotti, Cole Thompson, Tanner Ward, Marco Cannella, Nathan Bles, Tyler Rayner, and Sam Gaynor to name a few are signed up. Yes, that is pretty cool. It really is a big deal when the young kids get to see these top riders up close and personal at local events. It really does help the sport grow. Good job guys.

Anyways, like I said, this is crunch time. All of the last minute stuff is hopefully being taken care of and it’s time to go racing next Saturday.

Keylan Meston will be back in action at Fox Raceway in Pala, California, this weekend. | Jeff McConkey photo

Like always, the AMA season opener is a couple weeks prior to our opener and it kicked off last Saturday. We had two Canadians try to make the cut, but unfortunately both Keylan Meston, (450 Class) and Jared Petruska (250 Class) didn’t make the cut.

Sometimes not making it in is just as valuable as getting in. These two hard workers now have an idea on what it will take for them to make the show in their next attempts. I really do think it is a good thing for Canadians to try and qualify down South, that is, if they are decent enough to run with the world’s best.

No dig on anyone in particular, but you have an idea if you have a shot at making the motos or not, by your results in Canada. If you’re struggling to make it in Canada, you sure as hell don’t have a shot down there. You need to walk before you run, but that’s just common sense… right?

Well, it was a bit of a mudder, and some of the results weren’t where they should have been, but we have a good idea who’s gonna be winning races this year.

A huge congratulations to Ken Roczen who shook a massive monkey off his back and collected his first overall in quite some time. I was also very impressed how Adam Cianciarulo was able to bounce back after that heartbreaker in Vegas. This guy has had so much pressure on him to win since he was on 65’s. I honestly don’t know how he’s been so tough mentally, but props to AC as he has shown more heart these last few seasons than half of the roster has put together.

Well, it looks like most of Ontario will be under water tomorrow, so hopefully it dries up and we can ride Sunday. Have a great weekend and #smileforBC.


Thanks, Jeff. I’m doing this with one arm tied behind my back this week. It seems I made a complete rookie error when I was getting results from the Motopark website and fell for the old “Your Adobe Flash needs to be updated” malware scam.

I’ve been without my McBook Pro for a couple days now and it really sucks. We have another one here at the house but it fell victim to what is an inherent graphics card failure that leaves the computer shutting off more and more frequently at all the worst possible times.

I’m currently using Emily’s iPad to do this in an email and then I’ll send it to myself and try to use the wonky laptop to post it up to the site. I really have no expectations of this going smoothly, so I apologize if this Update is later that it should be.

I had the really cool opportunity to sit down with the Editor of MXP Magazine, Chris Pomeroy, this past Tuesday morning to talk about everything we can expect from the 2019 MX Nationals.

It was really good of him to make the trip over and down to London to sit in my living room and talk Moto.

Chris is a guy who’s been there and done that in the sport, so it’s always good to pick his brain and get some of his insights.

Sure, technically we’re in competition with each other, as far as our media sites go, but that doesn’t mean we can’t respect each other and work together for a common goal from time to time.

I was happy with the hour-long chat we had in front of my fireplace and I hope everyone has gotten the time to check it out.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is again. Big thanks to Sneaky Weasel Beer for getting behind some of the video projects we’ve got cooking here at MX this year. It’s going to make it a lot easier to book guests when we can promise them free beverages!

Speaking of the Moto Central Live Show Presented by Sneaky Weasel, we’ll be going live every Friday night from everywhere the MX Nationals go this summer. It’s going to a lot of fun making stops at the different cities and towns and talking with local motocross celebs and snagging traveling Pro riders and team members to discuss how things are going.

The first Show is going to take place at the brand new location of Dean Thompson and his Blackfoot Direct shop right right by the Wild Rose MX Park in Calgary, Alberta.

Dean and Co. are hosting a meet n’ greet Friday night and he agreed to let us set up our little show inside the new showroom to talk to various personalities. Unless I manage to blow it, it should be a really good location to start this series off with a bang! I’ll do my best…

We’ve got two main things to keep our eyes on this weekend: the Riviere-Du-Loup Arenacross and the Lucas Oil AMA National at Fox Raceway in Pala, California.

First, let’s look at the RDL AX:


Have you ever been to the RDL AX? No? Well then you should be reading this from the car on your way to RDL, Quebec, right now!

When I had Palms here talking about the upcoming MX season, we got side-tracked off camera talking about the craziness that is this race. Seriously, there’s really nothing to compare it with. You simply need to be there to understand.

The entire area gets behind this race and the after parties are the things of legend. Chris had a few hilarious stories from his many times racing the event, but I’m not about to divulge any of them here.

The race will likely be a sell out and the riders will be treated like royalty in this small French town up near the Gaspe Penninsula.

I’ve only been to the race once a few years back, but I can tell you it was an amazing experience and one that I’d like to repeat. In fact, I’d have been there in a heartbeat were it not for the fact that we’ll be hopping in the DMX Van on Monday and making our way west. Otherwise, we’d have made the trek, for sure.

Fortunately, we’ll be enlisting the services of Frede Forest Saturday to get us all the coverage of the event she can muster. It will be interesting to see what she can come up with for us all to check out. Thanks, Frede.

Last year’s winner was #471 Logan Karnow and he’s back with his PRMX Team and looking to repeat. Along with Logan will be a whole host of riders that will be looking to dethrone Logan and take the glory into the streets at the end of the night.

Julien Perrier likes to make an impression at this event and will have about 100 riders on his bikes. Seriously, there will be like 12 Team PRMX riders racing on Saturday.

The other headline for the night will be the return of Quebec’s Favourite Son, Kaven Benoit, back on the track.

Kaven announced his retirement from the Pro Tour last season but has not been sitting idle. He did a bunch of ice racing over the winter and also opened up an indoor facility that has kept him very busy.

With all his riding at his AX track, he’s got to be in fine form to take a run at this win. Can you imagine how crazy the crowd will fog if Kaven were able to make a last lap pass for the win? We’d hear it from wherever we are in the rest of Canada. Let’s see if they can script a perfect ending like that.

You almost have to as far as you physically can in a diagonal to get to the other big race taking place this weekend. RDL to Pala, California, is the geographical farthest you can go from two points in North America…almost.


Keylan Meston will be representing the 403 again this weekend for round 2 of the US Nationals.

He wasn’t happy with how things went last week and he’s looking for some redemption (pardon the pun) this week on the blisteringly fast Fax Raceway track out in Pala.

As he pointed out in our post-race podcast interview last week, he didn’t put in a fast lap in the first qualifying session at Hangtown and that left him struggling to get one in during the final session when the track was completely different and much slower.

Pala is a different type of track than Hangtown, but he’ll still want to go out fast in the first session and throw drown a fast lap so he’s not up against it in the 2nd.

We all know he’s got the speed to be in these motors, so it will be great to see what he can do when he’s actually on the gate for the first Moto.

Last week he headed down to the start gate as an alternate in Moto 2 and managed to get on the line on the far outside for his chance to play in the mud.

Unfortunately, he said he could feel his clutch going and decided to pull off before the checkered flag waved.

Fellow Calgarian, Jared Petruska, was down there with him last week but also wasn’t able to make the motos.

Jared qualified 45th but didn’t make it out of the Consi. And then headed back to Calgary to his full-time job.

We won’t see Jared this weekend, but we will see the Alberta MX-sponsored rider next weekend at his home race at Wild Rose MX.

I’ll be glued to the live results and my NBC Sports App watching to see if Keylan can improve on last week. Good luck, Keylan.

Emily will be driving out to Calgary with me this year. She’s never done the drive from here out west, so I’m trying to decide which way would be the most interesting for her. I guess that sentence should read, “least boring” for her, shouldn’t it?

We’re not going the Canadian route, that much I know for sure. She did that route with me home from Calgary last year, so she’s already seen just how big Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the northern part of Ontario are, so I won’t put either of us through that again.

The question is whether to go down below Lake Michigan and around Chicago or shoot up through Northern Michigan and across the top of Minnesota. Google Maps has them listed as less than an hour different, time-wise, so I’m trying to decide which route is less mind-numbing and will allow us better opportunities to pull over for the occasional bike ride. Duluth bike ride in late May? Why not?

Injury Updates

We posted on Twitter that #164 Dakota Alex had broken his wrist this past week, and we later found out that it was grossly exaggerated.

Dakota suffered a ligament sprain in his wrist before the Canadian Arenacross series started and that’s why we didn’t see him out in Abbotsford or Calgary.

He was slated to race the RDL AX this week but his wrist will keep him off the bike for the weekend. He confirmed he will be out in Calgary for Round 1 though, so that’s good news.

Chris and I also talked about Jess Pettis and his most recent crash and subsequent injury while training out in California.

We weren’t really sure what to say about the extent of the injuries, so we were pretty vague during our preview show. However, after we had recorded it but before I’d edited some photos in, Red Bull Thor KTM team manager, JSR, got back to me and said that Jess has been off the bike since the crash, but that he will be good to go for Round 1 in Calgary.

That’s really good news for the defending Canadian 250 MX champion, so we’lol look forward to seeing him get the chance to defend.

The End of the US Endurocross series?

I saw on Dirt Bike Magazine‘s Instagram page that they have decided to call it quits on the series that Canadian Shelby Turner has a habit of winning.

Could this be the reason they’re looking for a new arrangement that could possibly see the series continue in some shape or form for the 2019 season?

We’ll have to wait and see what they come up with.

OK, before this old Mac shuts off on me, lets end things here. Have a great weekend and be sure you have the NBC Sports App all hooked up so you can watch Keylan and the Gang at Fox Raceway Saturday.

See you at the races…over there… | Bigwave photo