Frid’Eh Update #22 Presented by Shift Holeshot Challenge

Frid’Eh Update #22 Presented by Shift Holeshot Challenge

Frid’Eh Update #22 Presented by Shift Holeshot Challenge

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #22 belongs to Brock Leitner. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to week Week #22 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update Presented by the Shift Holeshot Challenge. We’re heading into Week 2 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour but we’ll be missing this rider who has been steadily improving and looking to race on the biggest stages in the world.

Brock Leitner and his family now call Summerland, BC home and have been chasing the motocross dream for as long as Brock can remember. They’ve even been going after the illusive dream of racing under the big lights on the the biggest stage in all of motocross, Monster Energy Supercross.

Brock ended up 12th in the 450 class in 2017 and would have been #23 had we not implemented the Career Number system. With the way it shook down, Brock would have been #22 in 2018. Unfortunately, it was not to be, as he suffered a devastating knee injury while down in California practicing that will see him out of action for the foreseeable future.

Brock has been working on his one-legged golf game and the 20-year-old says that he’ll be back and going for it as soon as his leg is 100% healed and strong.

We grabbed the 4 handicap for a chat to find out what he’s been doing and what the prognosis is for his injury. Here’s what he had to say:

Here;s what Brock had to say about last year and his recent injury. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hey, Brock. Thanks for chatting with us today. What are you up to right now?

Brock Leitner: You just caught me having a little nap on the grass, taking in some sun. Now I’m just sitting on the couch. I’ve been golfing and just doing my thing around here, lately. I haven’t been doing a whole lot – cycling and golfing on one leg. I found something I can do while I’m injured.

Let’s first talk about the summer of 2017. How did it all go for you? Were you happy with it?

Last year was amazing. I had a blast last year, racing. I came out healthy, I started healthy. It was an awesome season. I definitely felt like there was more in the tank for this year. Ya, I was super happy with last season, but I knew there was room for improvement and it’s just a bummer that we’re not able to prove it this year.

What was your favourite race last summer?

Honestly, my favourite race would probably be Deschambault battling with Ryan Dowd. We went back and forth for 9th pretty much the whole second moto. I knew at that track that I had one spot that I could gain on him the whole time and that was the big double.

I’d lose a little time on him and then I would gain it on the double…I’d have to nut up and hit it. That was by far the funnest race all year. We came off the track gave each other knuckles and neither of us were mad that we finished 10th or 9th. We were just so pumped that we had a blast battling.

What did you get up to once the series ended?

Not a whole lot. I did a lot of golf. That’s kind of my thing I do when I’m not training or on the track. I got a lot of golf in at the end of the season. Then I just kind of laid low until I headed down south to California to start training for Supercross.

Brock ripping it up at the Calgary Arenacross. | Bigwave photo

What’s your handicap?

Ya, before I got hurt I was a 4 to 5 handicap, so I was a pretty good golfer. And now I’m a 7 to 8. It’s definitely not as good as it was but I’m only on one leg! I’m still hitting the ball pretty good (Laughs).

You went down and raced the West Coast 250 Supercross series. Take us through how that went for you.

It was awesome for me. I came into round 1 with not setting the bar too high. I ended up not making round 1 which I knew that I wasn’t at the top of my performance and still nerves got to me.

I turned it around and I made 3 night shows and almost made the main in Seattle in the mudfest. I came 10th in the heat race. I was close to making a main in the series which I was super-pumped about. Just the whole learning experience…the whole ride was just amazing. Getting to train with a whole new group of people, everyone in my corner was just so supportive and I couldn’t ask for a better way.

And you came back to Canada to race some Arenacross, too.

I came back for the Abbotsford and Calgary rounds. I came home for a little bit and just relaxed. They were definitely not highlight races for me, that’s for sure. I struggled all the weekends that I came home and raced.

In Abbotsford, it was just tough for everyone. I just want to wash that one right out of the book, but, come Calgary, I should have maybe gone back down to California and rode but I just stayed home to relax because I’d been training for a long time. I went back down and then was hoping to keep training and be strong for outdoors.

OK, so I guess we need to get to the bad news. What happened next?

I went back down south, had a couple weeks on the Supercross track, went to Seattle and had a great time there, and then went back home [California]. The first day on the new 450 outdoors, it was my first time out, it was a 15-minute warm-up and then I was getting ready to put a moto in and on about the 4th lap…honestly, it was about the slowest crash I’ve ever had. I just did an S turn section, came in  and did the right-hander, and as I was setting into the left, my front wheel popped over the rut and my leg was already out.

It planted in the rut and my knee went one way and my foot went the other way and I heard a bunch of popping and snapping noises. I was hoping maybe my knee was just hyper-extended but after I laid there for about 5 minutes I knew something was wrong.

That’s when everyone was asking what was going on and I told them what was up and they told me what they thought and, sure enough, when I went and got an MRI that day it was…the ride was over for the year.

If you’re going to have an injury, I would much rather have a broken bone than to be out for a whole year, pretty much.

Brock blew out his knee while training down in California. He’s a 4 handicap golfer, so you know what he’ll be doing this summer. | John Meeny photo

OK, so what was the laundry list of injuries? What did you have fixed?

So, I tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus, and when I went in for surgery I ended up ripping my ACL right off, so the doctor had to take a graft from my hamstring and weave my ACL all back together and clean up my meniscus.

From what I remember when I woke up, he told me the list of stuff I think he just left my MCL, it wasn’t too bad.

So, what’s the prognosis? How long has it been and how long do you have left?

It’s 7 weeks Friday, and from surgery on Friday the 13th, if you can believe that, it’s 6 months that I have to be off the bike. I won’t even be able to swing a leg over the bike until about October.

With that being said, I’m not in any rush to get back. This is one injury that I’m going to let it fully heal, so I’m going to be taking all this summer and winter off. I’m not going to be going down to do any Supercross or any Arenacross. I’m just going to stay home and work and make some money.

I’ll come in and we’ll see what 2019 outdoors brings. We’ll see if we do the whole thing or what we do when the time comes. That’s still super far in the future so it’s not really written on paper what we’re doing yet.

It’s insane. It’s definitely a hard pill to swallow. It’s going to be a weird summer for me, for sure. I’m used to coming home for a couple weeks and then being on the road, but I honestly barely even look at my phone to see what’s going on in the moto world. I more or less watch golf and think of jobs I could be doing because, at this point, I couldn’t care less what’s going on in the whole moto industry, to be honest. It bums me out that much more, knowing everything.

Motocross is a tough sport and Brock will be away from it until the summer of 2019…maybe. | Bigwave photo

A moto career is so short, as it is, and just about everyone has a story of missing an entire season due to an injury. Does this mean we won’t see you spectating at Popkum this weekend?

Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing me at Popkum this weekend. Some stuff came up and Saturday I’m busy. I actually got a job at a golf course now, working on the grounds crew, so on Sunday I’ll be cutting grass and getting the greens all ready for the golfers…all those weekend warriors.

Well, thanks for talking with us today and good luck with your recovery. Who would you like to thank?

I’d like to thank everyone that’s had my back all year and the whole time I’ve been doing this. I was hoping to be able to show them a little more than I did last year with this outdoors season coming up. I’d like to thank my mom, my dad, my girlfriend, and my uncle Quinn.

Brock’s sponsors:

Kawasaki Canada
ROQ power tongs
Strikt Gear
100% goggles
Virus action sport performance
DT1 filters
Pro Taper
Temecula Motorsports
SAXX Underwear
Guts seat covers
HJC Helmets
Fusion graphics
Evens coolant
Rekluse clutch
Marin bikes
Lorys oilfield
Fuel clothing
Holeshot trucking
M.A.D Support

Thanks for the talk, Brock. Good luck with your rehab and we’ll see you when you’re ready to come back.

This week is presented by the Shift Holeshot Challenge tonight at 6pm over at Popkum. See you there!


Hey, Guys. Happy Friday.

Rockstar Triple Crown Motocross Tour

We are one week into the new season and we have a few questions answered, and we still have many more to hopefully get answers to this Saturday. Going into Calgary, we really didn’t know who had put the work in, and who didn’t. Every year we get the same “this is the best I have ever felt, my bike is great, I’m ready to win” blah, blah, blah. I’ve found that it’s usually the quiet ones to fear.

We didn’t hear much from Colton Facciotti. In all honesty, he has nothing to prove. In my eyes he’s a very close 3rd to JSR, and Rollerball as the best Canadian ever. Rollerball was before my time but Bigwave would have a fit if I didn’t have Ross on the top of the list [he’s 100% correct]. Anyways, back to Colton. He’s our 4-time 450 champ. He’s stepped up at Des Nations countless times and is just plain bad ass. The guy turned pro at 14 years of age. Yes, I said 14, so all of you parents who try to brag up your kid to me and tell me “well, he’s only 17 and he’s a top Junior rider“….. well, you really need to stop. Colton has been at the front of the pack for many years.

I heard rumblings heading into Calgary that 2018 could be his final season. So much so, that his mentor and long time friend Blair Morgan inquired about getting to Walton to be there for Colt. It sounded like this could be the end. Could we be seeing Colt 45 ride into the sunset? I don’t think he has been flashy or dumb with his money. I’m sure he’s done well, and most likely not be on the end of a shovel or gas pump when his career is done.

Will 2018 be Colton Facciotti’s final year? | Bigwave photo

So, where is the motivation for a guy like Colt to push this late in his career? He’s got nothing to prove, and has so much damn natural talent that he could get off the couch and challenge almost anyone on Canadian soil. Well, Colt is a racer, it is what he does, and he showed up to Calgary and kicked everyone’s ass. Yes, a few of the top guys hit the dirt… but nobody would have had anything for Colt. He looked that smooth, and his bike looked great everywhere. A+ for Colt and his team, as they clearly did their homework and came in 100% prepared.

I mentioned that a few of the top guys went down. Yes, it sucked not seeing the top contenders going at it toe to toe, but the good that I take from it is that nobody pulled off and packed it in. All of the top guys who went down or had issues never gave up. Matt Goerke, Mike Alessi, Dillan Epstein, Cole Thompson and Kaven Benoit all dug deep and made the best of it. We have 16 motos left. That is a lot of racing on many different styles of tracks. Everyone is going to have an off weekend, or a not-so-favourite track. Moral of the story is that we are in for one hell of a summer of racing in the 450 class.

A few of the top 450 riders had issues in Calgary, but nobody packed it in. | Bigwave photo

Besides the top stars, a few guys really impressed me at round 1. #10 Keylan Meston bumped himself up as a top guy with two great starts and two great rides. Yes, he has spun a ton of laps at Wild Rose, but that was a very small part of it. He busts his ass and it’s showing. Very impressed with Keylan, and I think we will be talking about him all summer long.

Another guy who stood out to me in the 450 class was #21 Ryan Lalonde. Yes, he did the entire series last year, and he even double-classed a few rounds. He was decent, but he never really stood out to me. Turns out he rides the 450 way better than how he rides the 250 2-stroke. He had good speed, great style, and he looks to have some good fitness to go with it. I think he will be a top 10 guy at most tracks and the 450 class is where he belongs.

#21 Ryan Lalonde looks at home in the 450 class. | Bigwave photo

Alright, going into round 2 at Popkum, not “Pompkum” (some people have been pronouncing wrong for years) [it was Jeff] I think we will see the same. The top guys will be up front and if they can stay off the ground, we should have a different looking podium.

Here are my predictions.

450 Class

1st Colton Facciotti

2nd Cole Thompson

3rd Matt Goerke

4th Tyler Medaglia

5th Dillan Epstein

Facciotti takes the checkers again at Popkum this weekend and backs up that stellar ride in Calgary. | Bigwave photo

In the 250 class, there weren’t any big surprises. We knew #1 Shawn Maffenbeier was going to be rock solid, and we really did know that #15 Jess Pettis was going to have speed. I just didn’t think Jess would be this fast, this soon.

#12 Dylan Wright looked much better than last year, but a rock cracked his cases, ruining a potentially good day. I think #18 Josh Osby was a little off, and I believe he will be much better this weekend. #335 Joey Crown is talented as hell, and when he’s 100% he will be a force, I just think it will be too late into the series, by the time Joey is ready to fight for wins.

I was really disappointed with the turnout in both classes at the first round; it was awful. Where were all of the local Pros? How about all of the fast B riders? Well, they were definitely not in Calgary. I’m just going to assume that The Jonas Brothers were in town, and that we will gradually see better racer turnouts for the remainder.

Here are my Popkum predictions.

250 Class

1st Shawn Maffenbeier

2nd Jess Pettis

3rd Josh Osby

4th Joey Crown

5th Dylan Wright

Shawn Maffenbeier will get the 250 win this week at Popkum. | Bigwave photo

Women’s West MX Nationals

The Women’s West Nationals kicked off in Calgary as well. I’m a huge supporter, but it’s time to spit the truth. I spoke to a lot of racers and industry people. The majority believe that the women are better off on their own day. When put on the same day as the men, the women get the short end. They are filler. The day is super long to begin with, and by throwing the women in the middle, they lose the spectators. You can argue this all you want people, but when the ladies hit the track, well, that’s when the fans are rushing into the pits to get a glimpse of their favourite riders, get a few autographs and pictures, along with some food and washroom breaks.

The people lining the fence are family and friends. The average fan couldn’t care less. Also, the poor women were not given a sight lap. This is just plain and simple, it’s dangerous. You have some lady racers that are pure beginners, and you’re sending them out blind on a track that is way rougher and way more challenging than their skill can handle. Add in the fact that after watching the 250 and 450 class, it is pretty hard to watch some of the ladies struggle to make it through some corners.

Now, a few of you are going to be mad at me for this, but it’s nothing personal, it’s just the truth, and most racers and parents just can’t handle it, or just plain refuse to. I feel the women would be best on their own day. They would be the premier class of the day, and ‘the show.’ These women racers work hard, they spend a ton of money to travel across the country to line up with the best on their respected Coast. I think they should be treated like the stars of the day, and not like the filler when mixed in on Pro day. It’s not only my opinion, but maybe I’m just the only one with the balls to say it.

Anyways, congrats to the women racers that showed up and to the ones that are “Instagram fast.”

Here are my predictions for the woman’s 2nd round:

Woman’s West 

1st Kennedy Lutz

2nd Brittany Gagne

3rd Rachel Springman

4th Dominque Daffé

5th Danika White

Kennedy Lutz will go 1-1 again in Popkum. | Bigwave photo

That’s it for me. I won’t be in BC for round 2. I have some bikes that need to be ridden, and products to be reviewed. Have a great weekend, and #smileforBC, #liftwithScott, and #4estrella.


Wow, Jeff, that was pretty harsh! It’s probably a good thing you won’t be at round 2 this weekend. Please, nobody come up to me and get mad at me for something Jeff said! I will, however, agree with his conclusion that the women may have been better off on their own day.

I hadn’t even thought of this but Jeff is right. Fans want some time to be able to wander the pits and see the Pro riders at their rigs between races. I guess the women are finished before the first 250 moto, but that really breaks up the day and makes things a little herky-jerky on race day.

I thought it was cool how much attention the women got on amateur day the last couple years. And now that the second amateur motos are streamed live online, I think they could easily alter that and go live for both women’s motos and make them the showpiece of the day again.

Sure, the women go first and are finished by the time the Pros hit the track, but that also means we don’t get to see them live online.

Anyway, I had a good talk with Justin Thompson from Jetwerx at the end of the very long day/night at Wild Rose and he knows they’ve got to be better as far as the schedule is concerned — he’s not blind.

You ewill see a few changes this week at round 2. 1 change being an altered practice/qualifying schedule for the Pros. The all seemed to feel the same way about the 10 minutes of free, directly into 10 of qualifying followed by a 2-hour break and then another 20 minutes of qualifying. They tried it and it just didn’t work. Fortunately, they know that and will make some changes to get things running more smoothly.

Also, I’m really afraid of this whole Saturday racing thing. I know it’s great for the Pros to be finished on Saturday night and headed home, but I think it’s really going to hurt live attendance

In the USA, they have a very solid fan base of people who work Monday to Friday, 9-5. In Canada, let’s face it, the people who go to the races are the ones working at the bike shops and maybe don’t wear suits during the week. We don’t have the population to fill tracks on Saturdays, in my opinion.

Having the live streaming and then TSN coverage the following week is a huge step forward, and obviously where the money is, but that may be losing sight of certain things. I don’t even know what the arrangements are with each track, but whoever is taking the entry gate money can’t be too happy with what they saw in Calgary.

My purpose is certainly not to sit here and bash the new series from the safety of my keyboard. Hell, I’ll be at every round! Direct Motocross is part of this series and we all want to see it prosper and thrive. The better the series does, the better the entire industry does. This is a symbiotic relationship.

Let’s wait and see how things go this week at the new track on the circuit, Popkum Motorsports Park. This track sits, literally, on the side of the TransCanada Highway. Drivers will be pulled over and watching from the side of it, no doubt.

I doubt a whole lot of Vancouverites will make the drive, but that’s just the way that city is. If Daniel or Henrik won’t be there, neither will they. Fortunately, there is a strong base of fans out in the Fraser Valley, and if they aren’t at work they’ll be there.

I’ve spent the week hanging out at my sister’s place in Kamloops, BC. Normally, the series would have started here this weekend at Whispering Pines. The gang there invited traveling Pro riders to spend a few days at their track riding between rounds 1 and 2, so that’s where I headed on Wednesday.

If you didn’t see the photos we posted from that day, you can check them out HERE. I also spoke with #63 Graham Scott who is back and racing the entire series in 2018. You can check that interview out HERE.

I’ve been trying to reach a few of our Pro riders today to find out how everyone is. The question marks were, of course, teammates Cole Thompson and Kaven Benoit. They both had a good moto followed by a 2nd moto struggle. I just wanted to see how they were both feeling heading into round 2, and if they’re at the track tonight for the Shift Holeshot Challenge, I’ll be sure to speak with them and let everyone know their thoughts.

Shift Holeshot what now, you ask?

This should be a ton of fun tonight over at the track. I’m kind of rushing to get through the Update this week, I’ll admit it, because I still have to get myself across the Coquihalla and over there.

Also, I sort of assumed there would have been a highlight video done with Brett Lee and Kyle Thompson, but they are too busy with the production of their TV show etc.. I will get on it this week so I can produce a short recap of what goes down tomorrow at round 2, so watch for that. It means a lot more work, but it’s a very necessary part of the progression of our sport in Canada, I believe.

We also tried a silly, gorilla-style Facebook live recap and chat about what we saw at round 1 Saturday night from the Hotel Blackfoot in something we called ‘After Hours.’. Thank you to Kourtney Lloyd and Brett Lee for joining Jeff and me for that 41-minute chat about Calgary.

Also, it was nice of Tyler Medaglia and Brent Carlson to stop by for a short visit after the Pauly Shore comedy show. If you didn’t get a chance to watch that one, you can do so here:

Nathan Bles Injury Update

Nathan Bles injured at TVR race at Walton Raceway. | Bigwave photo

Before we go any further, Nathan Bles is going to be fine. In fact, he’s already at home recovering from his crash on Sunday at a TVR race at Walton Raceway.

However, he sustained a back injury that saw him airlifted to Victoria Hospital in London, ON where he was treated.

I am able to move and walk already. I just have to take it slow and easy for a month or so, ” said Nathan.

He admitted that it was the “most horrible feeling” and that he’s glad it’s over.

He’s got his dad, Theo Bles, and some employees taking care of things at his turkey farm while he re-cooperates and will be back up to speed in no time.

With an injury that could quite easily have been much worse, we’re happy to report Nathan will make a full recovery.

Get well soon, Nathan.

Nathan Bles competing at the Winter X Games in Aspen, CO last winter. | Bigwave photo

Faces at the Races | Rockstar Triple Crown | Calgary – Round 1

I’m just going to copy/paste this here so it looks like I did more work today…

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

It’s time to have a look at the people and sights that happened off the track at round 1 of the 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour at Wild Rose in Calgary, AB.

These aren’t action shots. No, these are shots that I take where sometimes the captions write themselves immediately. Our sport is filled with great people and unique characters. My goal each week is to try and capture moments that show this…and them make a sarcastic comment to go with it!

Here’s our first ‘Faces at the Races‘ column of the summer.

OK, let’s start with this sweet 2-banger the Monster Kawasaki gang had on display. I’d pay to watch Mike Alessi rip this thing around Deschambault!

Justin Thompson was getting his hands dirty…figuratively, at least.

“Greeeeeeaaasy Jungle…” Anyone? Anyone?

If you want something done artistically to perfection, ask Jason Moore from Fox Racing Canada.

Laurie Waddell doing his best Kyle Patton impression by drilling holes in Wyatt’s side plates. Still a reference, people!

I caught Keylan Meston going over the numbers. Pull holeshot…check. Run with the big boys the entire moto…check. Cry inside my helmet…check. Give the best podium speech we’ve seen in years…double check.

#35 Jonah Brittons at the riders’ meeting.

John Meeny loaded and ready to go for the day.

“I wonder if there’s a better way to eat this with one hand…?”

Getting a good sniff of the double-double first thing in the morning. I’m not sure how Dillan Epstein takes his Timmy’s, actually.

JT welcomes everyone to the new series. He said something about bringing sexy back, but I wasn’t listening…

Brett Lee and Dave MacGregor could spin a few Canadian Moto yarns.

Kaven listening intently…

Tanner Ward ready to battle for top rookie honours.

The Club MX Redemption Racing squad.

What’s Mike doing in there? He’s always up to something.

I told you joey Crown was going to be fast, even though he’s still not 100%.

Kave’s dad told me that Kaven once won the Montreal Supercross without the use of a thumb! “He’s tough,” he said.

You knew I was coming back to Matt. Someone slapped his eggs between two pieces of bread for him .

Shawn Meanenmugger. And that’s our new buddy Jim Edgar beside him. Not Robin…

Tyler Medaglia stretching out the glutes.

I think it’s Mitch Baywatch!

Jason Benny is pumped to be out west for the first time to hit the entire series.

Last time I saw Yannick Boucher, it was only slightly colder at the Winter X Games in Aspen than this Calgary morning!

Can you imagine racing at the top level of your sport in the entire country and being THIS dominant? That’s got to be fun.

Paul Kingsley goes over the rules.

Marco Cannella was the top rookie in Calgary.

Kevin Tyler gives me “Look #3” in his handbook.

Hayden Halstead sides with 2 Pak… Wait, I’m not sure if that extended thumb should be in there.

Kevin Thompson, would it kill you to pretend you like me for just a second, like Andy White did?!

Mike Brown lurked on the fringe during the meeting. Or maybe he was just first in line for a cheeseburger.

I know that look. It means he’s given me all the 100% swag he’s going to for this summer.

Greg Small still loves to be at the races.

Casey Keast ready to get the season going. Did you know he’s got pythons? No, I mean REAL pythons!

Parker Eales has got some of the best hair in Canadian Moto. He’d give Seth Rarick a run for his Herbal Essence!

I’ll be honest, I still don’t know if you say “Teese” or “See.”

Brittany Gagne would out lift you, no questions asked.

When you travel to as many races as Nicole Gaudern does, you perfect the standing nap.

Ready to race on Pro Day for the first time in a few years.

Scotty Miller with his catalog shot.

No, wait, this one is there old school catalog pointing shot. Anyone out there even remember Sears catalogs?

Lexi Pechout and Jeff McConkey before Women’s moto 1.

“Seriously, did I leave the oven on in the RV?”

Daryl Murphy gets the transponders going.

It’s just a big lens, Sam Puky, not a rifle!

I’m old. I guess Sun In is back.

Les Quebeccers.

Justin Roney is on the list of fastest mechanics at the races.

Go ahead and ask Kevin Urqhart what his claim to fame at the Canadian races is from, ohh, lets’ say 2012…

8 seconds, Hayden…

Josh Snider showing Joey the latest post on Direct Motocross. It’s worth the data.

Wyatt Waddell taking a risk raising his arm above his head.

I took photos of Craig Randell when he propopsed to his wife at Walton back in 2009. He and his son, #70 Jonah Randell, are one of the cool stories from round 1.

You’re lucky I forget what you were Googling here, Derek Schuster. All I remember is that this caption wrote itself and now I can’t remember it! Help me out, Kourtney Lloyd.

Kenny Lutz tried to hide on me. I told him I could still see stomach and knee caps.




Kassee Morrison getting herself in the zone.

If last Saturday was any indication, get ready to see a lot of this this summer.

Cade Clason keeping things casual before his race.

Jared Petruska threw the best whip of the weekend. He was fully crossed up and went with a no-footer. Yep, I missed it.

“Does this fanny pack make my ass look big?”

Some Canadian Moto firepower.

How many more times can we see this? Enjoy seeing a legend like Mike at our races while you can.

Matt Deroy prepping Kaven’s cement start gate.

And away we go!

Mike from Golden Tyre.

How mint is this?!

I totally forgot to use this for the lead photo on the Whip Contest post.

Positivity goes a long way.

The classic relax with the breathe body English pit board.

Kevin trying to inspire Casey.

Oh snap, what did we just start?

Colton was so far out front that Justin missed his with the board on one lap.

Josh revving Matt up.

Steve Beattie trying to get Cole through a difficult 2nd moto.

I wish I had dreams like this, but mine are usually of my bike bogging and going over the bars.

Jess Pettis goes 1-1.

Matt Crown looks pretty content with Joey’s effort.

Joey takes the stage.

Is Jess trying to go for a 4th ‘Most Improved Rider’ award?

CT heading to the line.

Hey, Cade, remember when you said you were getting too old?

Mike working in a new do.

Matt, you forgot your helmet!

Ready for anything.

Happily heading to pick their gates.

Al Dyck is one of those names that is deeply seated in Canadian Motocross lore.

Let’s just say the day ran a little long at round 1…

Mike getting the tire ready for take off.

Al, if you’re looking for Kaven, he’s still on the line…

You ever been to one of those races where Colton Facciotti just walks away from everyone and makes it look too easy? Well…

Dillan Epstein took a DNF in moto 1 but came back for a solid 2nd in moto2.

He was pretty pumped to show that he can run at the front.

Tyler Medaglia takes the stage in 3rd.

Colton made this look way too easy. It was pretty strange. It will be interesting to see if he can back it up this week.

He even gave one lucky fan his Atlas Brace!

Remember the name Rylan Bly. He’ll be the yellow-plated #245 ripping it up this week.

Ryder McNabb and his two little brothers taking the stage on Sunday.

Justin capturing the moment.

Mini Nemeth was hilarious goofing around on the line before his moto.

Classic Calgary shot.

Jeffery Thompson working it.

Time to go…

OK, Drew Roberts, how about THIS week you MTB the Popkum track with me at the end of the day for the Strava profile? It will definitely be an easier ride than Wild Rose!

See everyone in a few days! Maybe this little character’s first words will be, “See you at the races…”

Tara Geiger IN for Popkum Round 2

By Billy Rainford

Tara Geiger headed to Popkum! | Bigwave photo

DMX has just learned that multi-time champion, Tara Geiger, will make an appearance at round 2 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Women’s West MX Tour this weekend.

She will be riding a Red Bull JCR Dunlop Honda and should make things interesting at the front of the pack. Tara is used to winning WMX races, but does she still have the speed to compete with our own Kennedy Lutz? We’ll find out tomorrow!

We’ll grab her for a chat when we find her at the track.

Thanks to Shelby Turner for the heads up. Shelby sees her all the time at the Endurocross events and can confirm that she is still very quick! Tara will be competing at the ISDE for the USA this year, too.

How to Watch the 2018 MXGP of Great Britain!

MATTERLEY BASIN (Great Britain), 01 June 2018 – MXGP is in Great Britain this weekend for the 9th round of the 2018 season. The MXGP of Great Britain will be held at the famous Matterley Basin circuit just over an hour from London.

The challenging hillsides and long circuit have led to spectacular racing in the past including last year’s Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations Presented by Fiat Professional. This weekend the best riders of MXGP and MX2 such as Jeffrey Herlings, Antonio Cairoli, Clement Desalle, Pauls Jonass, Jorge Prado, Ben Watson and more return to further their championship quest.

The MXGP of Great Britain will receive worldwide television coverage from its usual television partners with special Live coverage from France’s La Chaine l’Equipe, Italy’s RAI Sport and CBS Sports Network in the US and Canada!

The strong live offering returns to the CBS Sports Network for the 3rd GP in a row after successful Latvian and German airings plus it will reach the French motocross community on La Chaine l’Equipe just before the series heads their direction next weekend and RAI Sport gives Italian fans the ability to watch MX2 and MXGP Races 2 and witness Sicilian Superstar Antonio Cairoli’s actions.

The entire event including Qualifying heats and the races of EMX250, EMX300 Presented by FMF Racing, and the Veterans Motocross World Cup will be LIVE worldwide from Matterley Basin on both Saturday and Sunday.

As usual you can watch the 26min Behind the Gate in Europe on & MotorTrend two days after the event. It can also be viewed in the USA/Canada on BeIn and MAV TV, Finland on MTV 3, Croatia on Kreator TV, South America on FOX Sports, Asia on FOX Sports, China on Fox Sports and SINA, and the Africa on Africa XP.

Check the guides below to find out how you can watch the MXGP of Great Britain:



CBS Sports Network

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 2 – 11:00 am ET (08:00 am PT) – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 12:00 pm ET (09.00 am PT) – Live




Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 1 – 20:45 – CET – Delayed

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 21:15 – CET – Delayed

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 2 – 21:45 – CET – Delayed

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 22:15 – CET – Delayed

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 1 – 14:00 – CET – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 15:00 – CET – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 2 – 17:00 – CET – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 18:00 – CET – Live




Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 15:00 – CET – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 18:00 – CET – Live




Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 16:00 – Bulgaria timing – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 19:00 – Bulgaria timing – Live




Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 1 – 20:45 – CET – Delayed

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 21:15 – CET – Delayed

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 2 – 21:45 – CET – Delayed

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 22:15 – CET – Delayed

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 1 – 14:00 – CET – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 15:00 – CET – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 2 – 17:00 – CET – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 18:00 – CET – Live



Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 2 – 17:00 – CET – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 18:00 – CET – Live



RAI Sports 2 HD

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 15:00 – CET – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 18:00 – CET – Live




Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 15:00 – CET – Live streaming

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 18:00 – CET – Live streaming



Sport TV 2

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 1 – 13:00 – GMT+1 – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 14:00 – GMT+1 – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 2 – 16:00 – GMT+1 – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 17:00 – GMT+1 – Live



Sport TV1

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 1 – 14:00 – CET – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 15:00 – CET – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 2 – 17:00 – CET – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 18:00 – CET – Live



Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 1 – 13:00 – GMT+1 – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 14:00 – GMT+1 – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 2 – 16:00 – GMT+1 – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 17:00 – GMT+1 – Live



FOX SPORTS SEA (Hong Kong – Macau – Thailand – Singapore Indonesia)

Thursday 7 June   – MX2 Race 1 – 01:00 Asia time – Delayed

Thursday 7 June   – MXGP Race 1 – 02:20 Asia time – Delayed

Thursday 7 June   – MX2 Race 2 – 03:00 Asia time – Delayed

Thursday 7 June   – MXGP Race 2 – 04:00 Asia time – Delayed


FOX SPORTS 3 SEA(Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore,  Thailand, Malaysia

FOX SPORTS SEA (Hong Kong – Macau – Thailand – Singapore Indonesia)

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 1 – 23:00 Asia time – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 00:00 Asia time – Live

Monday 4 June  – MX2 Race 2 – 01:00 Asia time – Live

Monday 4 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 02:00 Asia time – Live



STAR Sports 2 China

Tuesday 4 June  – MX2 Race 1 – 17:00 Asia time – Delayed

Tuesday 4 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 18:00 Asia time – Delayed

Tuesday 4 June  – MX2 Race 2 – 19:00 Asia time – Delayed

Tuesday 4 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 20:00 Asia time – Delayed




Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 1 – 06:00 – Brazil timing – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 1 – 07:00 – Brazil timing – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MX2 Race 2 – 09:00 – Brazil timing – Live

Sunday 3 June  – MXGP Race 2 – 10:00 – Brazil timing – Live


MXGP will be available across the board in high definition and is also globally available to view live and in HD on Click here for the complete list of countries and cooperating MXGP broadcasting networks.


Local Time (GMT+1) CET
Start Finish Start Finish
Saturday 2 June
Studio Show 13:00 13:30 14:00 14:30
EMX300 Race 1 15:20 16:10 16:20 17:10
MX2 Qualifying 16:15 17:00 17:15 18:00
MXGP Qualifying 17:00 17:50 18:00 18:50
VMX Race 1 17:50 18:35 18:50 19:35
EMX250 Race 1 18:35 19:25 19:35 20:25
Sunday 3 June
EMX300 Race 2 08:40 09:30 09:40 10:30
VMX Race 2 09:40 10:25 10:40 11:25
EMX250 Race 2 11:25 12:15 12:25 13:15
MX2 Race 1 13:00 14:00 14:00 15:00
MXGP Race 1 14:00 15:00 15:00 16:00
MX2 Race 2 16:00 17:00 17:00 18:00
MXGP Race 2 17:00 18:00 18:00 19:00


All the photos of the MXGP of Great Britain will be available HERE


TIMETABLE in Local Time (GMT+1)

Saturday: 08h15 EMX300 Free/Time Practice, 09h00 VMX Free/Time Practice, 09h45 EMX250 Group 1 Free/Time Practice, 10h30 EMX250 Group 2 Free/Time Practice, 11h30 MX2 Free Practice, 12h00 MXGP Free Practice, 13h00 EMX250 Last Chance Race, 14h00 MX2 Time Practice, 14h40 MXGP Time Practice, 15h25 EMX300 Race 1, 16h25 MX2 Qualifying Race, 17h10 MXGP Qualifying Race, 17h55 VMX Race 1, 18h40 EMX250 Race 1

Sunday: 08h45 EMX300 Race 2, 09h45 VMX Race 2, 10h25 MX2 Warm-up, 10h45 MXGP Warm-up, 11h30 EMX250 Race 2, 13h15 MX2 Race 1, 14h15 MXGP Race 1, 16h10 MX2 Race 2, 17h10 MXGP Race 2





FIM Europe

MXGP of Great Britain

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Historical Notes Package: True Value Thunder Valley National

In case you can’t see this email correctly please access this link.

Jason Benny IN for Popkum

After crashing in the first moto and getting hit by another rider, #23 Jason Benny struggled in Calgary. The PRMX Strikt Kawasaki rider was at Whispering Pines this week, so we grabbed him for a conversation.

My intention was to type this one out but I’ve simply run out of time. I can’t guarantee how smoothly this one will go, as we were both assuming it just didn’t matter. Sorry, Jason! lol

OK, I’ve got to hit the highway to make it to Popkum for the Shift Holeshot Challenge!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

#70 Jonah Randell says, “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo