Frid’Eh Update #26 Presented by Race Tech

Frid’Eh Update #26 Presented by Race Tech

Frid’Eh Update #26 Presented by Race Tech

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #26 belongs to Utah racer, McCoy Brough | Bigwave photo

Welcome to the halfway mark of the year! Yep, according to the official keeper of the calendar, the Frid’Eh Update, we’re half way to the final 52nd week of the year. Where does the time go?

Oddly enough, 2016 #26 was the older brother of the 2017 #26. That can’t happen very often! In Canadian moto history, maybe only the Allison Brothers have done something like that.

It happened again this year, as younger brother, McCoy Brough, took his older brother, Riley Brough‘s, number for this season.

I doubt we’ll see McCoy in Canada this season, as he’s been racing the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship down south.

Hangtown: 34th (41-24)

Glen Helen: 27th (28-23)

Thunder Valley: 30th (31-26)

McCoy has been busy racing the first 3 rounds of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross in the USA. We’ll be sure to catch up with him as soon as soon as we can get in touch with him | Bigwave photo

We haven’t been able to get in touch with McCoy in time for this Update, so we will be sure to snag him for a chat as soon as we can. We’ve watched this youngster go from battling the Supermini class in Canada as Riley raced the Pro motos to becoming a potential point scorer in the toughest series in the world.

Keep working hard, McCoy, and we’ll talk to you soon.

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Hey, guys. Happy Friday. It was a busy week for us, but that’s exactly what we look forward to all off-season long. I’ll start with Round 3 of the CMRC Rockstar Energy MX Nationals in Calgary. This round is a favourite round for many riders and teams. Where else can you walk from the hotel to the track and view the amazing city in the background? I can’t think of anywhere else.

My Calgary started when my flight arrived around noon on Friday. My driver, Bigwave, picked me up at the airport and we headed straight for Fox Head Canada to meet up with the gang. The Fox crew let us post up in their JSR Conference Room to finish up our Frid’Eh Update.

We took over the JSR Conference Room at Fox Head Canada last Friday.

After that, I joined Ontario racers, Connor Arsenault and big bro Taylor Arsenault, for a tour of the amazing facility by Fox’s Jason Moore. You’d be amazed by how much product went through there, and how dialed the Fox system is. We were then joined by Derek Schuster and Dylan Wright from the GDR team. It was a real fun time to get to check out the new Fox/Shift products and catch up with the gang.

It’s wall to wall product at the Fox Head Canada Calgary Distribution Centre.

Later on Friday evening, we headed over the the Blackfoot Inn to catch up with Team Canada’s Kourtney Lloyd and her trusty assistant, Summer Knowles. The girls were there selling tickets and having a silent auction to raise money for our 2017 Motocross of Nations team. There were some fantastic items up for grabs, and it was a great cause.

Women’s West MX nationals

Saturday belonged to the women. It was sad to hear that #7 Kate Lees from Saskatchewan was on her way to the hospital with a broken wrist from an early crash in practice. Kate had been riding well and we were expecting Calgary to be no different. Heal up soon, Kate. Back to the action..

Was anyone going to get into the mix with Shelby Turner or Lexi Pechout? Not a chance, but that didn’t mean the racing wasn’t good. I’m willing to bet that women’s moto 1 in Calgary will by the most exciting of the season. Shelby and Lexi went at it all moto. These two both wanted that moto win bad and it showed as they went back and forth all race long. With two corners to go on the last lap, Lexi performed a picture perfect aggressive pass, and Turner just ran out of room and was forced off the track and finished 2nd in the moto.

This is what the first moto in Calgary came down to | Bigwave photo

For moto 2, Turner quickly took the lead from Pechout and rode the perfect race taking the win and the overall. The biggest surprise for me had to be #10 Danika White. Danika has always been solid, but she really stepped up her game and is no doubt our ‘Most Improved Rider’ for 2017.

Almost as impressive as White, was the #11 of Tamala Whiteside. She looked good both motos as she also improved immensely over the off-season. Regina is the 4th and final round for the women in the West, so I’m expecting great racing like always. Here are my predictions:


Women’s West Regina


1st Shelby Turner

2nd Lexi Pechout

3rd Danika White

4th Dominique Daffé

5th Madi Watt

2017 Western Canadian Women’s National
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
1st 1st 1st 147
2nd 2nd 2nd 135 (-12)
7th 3rd 3rd 109 (-38)
6th 4th 4th 100 (-47)
3rd 12th 7th 87 (-60)
#6 – ST PAUL, AB
4th 9th 6th 85 (-62)
9th 10th 5th 77 (-70)
8th 6th 10th 75 (-72)
#44 – , 
10th 7th 9th 73 (-74)
10th – KATE LEES
5th 5th DNS 64 (-83)
14th 8th 17th 45 (-102)
#147 – , 
18th 15th 11th 35 (-112)
#414 – , 
12th 16th 15th 34 (-113)
#24 – , 
16th 18th 14th 31 (-116)
15th – SAM PUKY
#17 – , 
8th 26 (-121)
#328 – QUESNEL, 
20th 14th 21st 22 (-125)
11th 11th 21 (-126)
18th – BRIE DAY
13th 19th 19 (-128)
#37 – LYTTON, BC
13th 19 (-128)
#412 – CALGARY, AB
17th 17th 19th 19 (-128)
#923 – , 
12th 17 (-130)
#335 – CALGARY , AB
13th 15 (-132)
15th 22nd 23rd 15 (-132)
16th 9 (-138)
#119 – , 
18th 7 (-140)

Rockstar MX Nationals

In the MX2  class, I have received a lot of flak about not choosing #12 Shawn Maffenbeier in my top 10 pre-season predictions. I consider Shawn a good buddy, and respect him on and off the bike. He is probably the funniest rider in the pits. When we were doing our predictions, I left Shawn out of my top 10. Reason being, riders get hurt. Shawn has been relatively healthy to my knowledge since breaking a collarbone going into 2013. I didn’t want to jinx Maff by saying I think he will “get hurt,” I was just thinking that he has had a really good run, and that maybe this was the year for some bad luck. By no means do I wish it come true, like you all know…my predictions don’t come true too often.

To make it worse, Shawn absolutely worked his ass off during the off-season and has improved on what were already championship skills and speed. He has started the season on fire, and to be honest, it’s not going to slow. He’s in everyone’s mind, and he is the guy to watch. But, you have to remember that #1 Cole Thompson has the points lead, Cole is the defending champion, and that nobody hates losing as much as Cole does. He has all of the tools and is known to pick it up in the East and really turn it on all of the way to RJ’s. Whether it be Cole or Maff, you can bet the championship battle will be very exciting all of the way to the 20th and final moto. Here are my predictions for Regina:


MX2 Class


1st Shawn Maffenbeier

2nd Josh Osby

3rd Cole Thompson

4th Jess Pettis

5th Ryan Surratt

#12 Shawn Maffenbeier will win in his home province this weekend | Bigwave photo


The MX1 class has been pretty darn solid, 3 rounds in. Most people assumed that former World Champion #377 Christophe Pourcel was going to “Davi” the competition. Well, as amazing as Pourcel has been, the rest of the 450 class has stepped it up. #2 Matt Goerke was real good last year. Unfortunately, the problem was, Matt was on the ground off the start quite a bit. He dug deep all season long and rode his butt off and fought back, but Davi Millsaps was gone.

This season, Goerke seems to be starting a lot better and he wants this title bad! But then you have #10 Colton Facciotti starting to look like his old self. Like I have said before, he is sneaky good. His style is smooth, so you rarely look at him and think that he is pushing hard or hanging it out. He looked great in Calgary, and I really think he’s back and it will continue all season long.

Maybe the rider overlooked the most, #108 Dillan Epstein, has surprised a ton of people. If it hadn’t been for a minor tip over in moto 2, Dillan would have easily been our overall winner with a perfect 1-1 score. He was fast, calm, and very smooth. Here are my prediction for the final round in the West:


MX1 Class


1st Dillan Epstein

2nd Christophe Pourcel

3rd Matt Goerke

4th Colton Facciotti

5th Mike Alessi

#108 Dillan Epstein will win on the green bike in honour of the Roughriders. That’s the team in Saskatchewan, right? | Bigwave photo

2017 Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals

MX 2 
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
2nd 1st 2nd 164
1st 14th 1st 145 (-19)
3rd 5th 3rd 139 (-25)
5th 3rd 4th 134 (-30)
#338 – CORONA, CA
6th 4th 5th 127 (-37)
4th 2nd 14th 125 (-39)
8th 9th 6th 106 (-58)
11th 8th 9th 96 (-68)
#14 – OTTAWA, ON
10th 6th 12th 95 (-69)
12th 10th 11th 93 (-71)
#25 – PERTH, ON
7th 7th 15th 90 (-74)
#266 – QUEBEC CITY, 
14th 12th 10th 86 (-78)
13th 13th 13th 78 (-86)
#119 – CALGARY, AB
18th 17th 7th 65 (-99)
9th 11th 38th 61 (-103)
16th 15th 16th 58 (-106)
17th – DJ BURMEY
19th 18th 17th 44 (-120)
20th 8th 44 (-120)
15th 21st 22nd 37 (-127)
17th 16th 40th 35 (-129)
MX 1 
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
5th 2nd 1st 162
1st 1st 5th 155 (-7)
2nd 4th 2nd 150 (-12)
#10 – ALYMER, ON
4th 3rd 3rd 146 (-16)
#6 – TURO, NS
3rd 6th 4th 134 (-28)
8th 5th 6th 122 (-40)
7th 7th 7th 114 (-48)
9th 10th 9th 98 (-64)
13th 9th 10th 88 (-74)
18th 8th 8th 87 (-75)
10th 12th 17th 75 (-87)
11th 11th 19th 72 (-90)
14th 15th 14th 62 (-100)
#501 – MIAMI, SK
16th 20th 13th 55 (-107)
17th 17th 15th 52 (-110)
12th 14th 46 (-116)
19th 16th 20th 44 (-118)
19th 11th 43 (-119)
15th 21st 18th 41 (-121)
6th 39 (-123)
22nd 18th 23rd 31 (-131)
13th 25 (-137)
#9 – IDAHO, ID
12th 25 (-137)
20th 24th 27th 23 (-139)
21st 38th 24th 21 (-141)
24th 22nd 25th 19 (-143)
#499 – , 
16th 16 (-146)
23rd 32nd 13 (-149)
#491 – CALGARY, AB
21st 12 (-150)
23rd 29th 11 (-151)

Cade Clason Provisionally Suspended

The news broke early in the week. Redemption Racing’s #7 Cade Clason has been provisionally suspended from all FIM competition effective immediately for violating Article 7.9 of the FIM Anti-doping code. Long story short, Cade was prescribed medication that was on the banned substances list. Cade then filled out all of the proper paperwork and sent it in. Here is where the issue is – he never received conformation, and assumed he was clear to continue racing.

Cade was tested at the East Rutherford, NJ round and he tested positive. Fast forward to now, and Cade is obviously upset and embarrassed about the entire incident. He will be lining up in Regina, and is trying to get things sorted as we speak. Let’s hope the FIM takes it easy on our close friend and we are able to cheer for Cade come A1.  #freeCade

Cade Clason has been provisionally suspended from all FIM competition. He will be racing in Regina as the CMRC series is not sanctioned by the world’s governing body. | Bigwave photo

That is it for me this week. Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week. #smileforBC and #liftwithscott.


Thanks, Jeff. I’m currently sitting in a Tim Horton’s in the middle of Crowsnest Pass at the border between BC and Alberta, down in the south. I’ve pretty much got one foot in each province.

James Lissimore has made this an annual trip, so I finally decided to see what all the fuss in Fernie, BC was a bout. After stopping into a mall parking lot to get a small crack in my windshield fixed, I kept heading south and west from Calgary into the Kootenays.

How cool is this? He was down from Edmonton with this slick set up.

There is something very pleasing with the spacing of the giant Rocky Mountains in this area. I can’t really put my finger on what it is, but you feel it when you see it.

I got there late Monday night and headed to the Mount Fernie Campground where we were to call home for the next three nights. If you have time after the Calgary round, I would strongly suggest bringing your mountain bike and spending a few days before heading to Saskatchewan for round 4. Yes, it’s a little out of the way (3 hours southwest of Calgary) but it is totally worth it.

Day 1 kicked my butt and I went back to the campsite early with my tail between my legs.

Fernie seems to be purpose-built to accommodate cycling. I brought both bikes with me – road and MTB – but the road bike never made it out of the DMX Van. I’ll save the road stuff for when the mountains are long behind me.

Road up to Island Lake Lodge on Day 2. May have been the best tasting beer, ever!

I will say this, make sure you’ve done some serious riding before coming here. I looked on the Trail Forks app map to check for a green route, after dragging my tongue in the spokes the previous day. It turned out that WAS a green run! There really are no “easy” route to the top of a mountain.

It turned out, the ride up to Island Lake WAS a green route. This is NOT mountain biking in Ontario! That’s James Lissimore in 3 different spots in one shot. He’s fast!

Fortunately, things seemed to get better quickly on the second day and I was able to push up the climbs much better. It also had to do with the fact that I had my seat at the completely wrong angle on Day 1. Moving it forward and tipped down at the front makes all the difference.

I had my mountain legs under me on Day 3 and made it up high enough for a view like this across the valley over to Mount Fernie Ski Resort.

I’ll leave the Rockies behind and make my way to the flatlands of Saskatchewan. An annual stop at the Maffenbeier’s in Swift Current is the destination for today’s portion of the journey. 6 hours to go and that will leave an easy 2 hours to Regina in the morning. It’s been a great week, and if we come this way in 2018, this will be where you’ll find me after Calgary.

We had to be sure to wash the “invasive species” of weeds off our bikes before the final load up in to the vehicles. Look at Jan in the middle of the Three Sisters back there. She’s so smug.

How to Watch: Tennessee National

MX Sports Pro Racing

How To Watch: Tennessee National

Don’t miss the television or online coverage of the fifth round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, the Tennessee National. Get the rundown below on how to watch qualifiers and all four motos on Saturday, June 24th.

If you miss a race, full replays will be available on-demand with the NBC Sports Gold Pro Motocross Pass.

How to Watch the Tennessee National
How to Watch the Tennessee National


New this year, the entire season streams live, on-demand and commercial-free with the NBC Sports Gold Pro Motocross Pass.

Online: 10 a.m. ET, and NBC Sports Gold app (LIVE & COMMERCIAL-FREE)
Access the stream at and NBC Sports Gold app available on iOSAndroid, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Chromecast.

Moto 1
Online: 1 p.m. ET, and NBC Sports Gold app (LIVE & COMMERCIAL-FREE)
Access the stream at and NBC Sports Gold app available on iOSAndroid, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Chromecast.

TV: 1 p.m. ET, MAVTV (LIVE)
Once again this year, MAVTV will air first motos from all 12 rounds live. Use the MAVTV channel finder to see if you currently get MAVTV. You can also use that link to request that your cable provider carry MAVTV if they currently do not.

Moto 2
Online: 3:00 p.m. ET, and NBC Sports Gold app (LIVE & COMMERCIAL-FREE)
Access the stream at and NBC Sports Gold app available on iOSAndroid, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Chromecast.

TV: 3:00 p.m. ET, NBCSN (LIVE)
NBCSN will have live coverage of second motos in both classes this week. Use the NBCSN channel finder to see if you currently get NBCSN in your area.

Highlight Show
TV: Friday 6/29, 2 a.m. ET, NBCSN
NBCSN will have a one-hour show the week after each race recapping the action.



New this year, the entire season streams live, on-demand and commercial-free with the NBC Sports Gold Pro Motocross Pass, available in Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg and Japan.

Online: 10 a.m. ET, (LIVE)
Access the stream at and NBC Sports Gold app available on iOS and Android  in Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg and Japan.

Moto 1 + Moto 2
Online: 1 p.m. ET, (LIVE)
Access the stream at and NBC Sports Gold app available on iOS and Android  in Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg and Japan.

TV: The Nationals will be simulcast to various countries across the globe. Check the TV listings for for the time in your area.
TV Networks: FOX Sports Australia, FOX Sports Asia, Sky TV New Zealand, ESPN Latin America, MCS France, Star Times Africa

Highlight Show
TV: A one-hour highlight show recapping the race will air in various countries across the globe. Check the TV listings for the time in your area.
TV Networks: FOX Sports Australia, FOX Sports Asia, Sky TV New Zealand, ESPN Latin America, MCS France, Star Times Africa


For information about the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, please visit ProMotocross.comand be sure to follow all of the Pro Motocross social media channels for exclusive content and additional information on the latest news:


Brett Metcalfe Joins a New Team in Australia

Former Canadian champion, Brett Metcalfe, has landed on a new team to continue racing in his homeland. Here is the press release as found on


Brett Metcalfe has signed up with the MEGA Bulk Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team and will take on the second half of the 2017 MX Nationals series with his factory Kawasaki KX450F.

The proven motocross veteran is confident that he will maximize on the new partnership to deliver podium level results saying, “Signing up with the team gives me an opportunity to continue racing in Australia as I planned and to finish the series out with a professional race team. Troy has been running an awesome team for a long time, he knows what it takes so to have the support of Kawasaki, MEGA Bulk Fuels, Monster Energy and the rest of the sponsors is a very good feeling.”

Metcalfe joins the team currently in 9th place on this year’s MX Nationals leader board and with a podium to his name courtesy of a third place overall result at the last round in Murray Bridge.

“For me to jump onto this ride when this opportunity came up was a good fit. We were both half way through the season and I needed a ride so it matched up very well!” said the 33 year old from Mannum in South Australia who has seen his fair share of success with Kawasaki machinery throughout his professional racing career.

“I raced a Kawasaki from 2013 to 2015 and I also rode for the Monster Energy Pro Circuit team in the U.S. for two years (2007 – 2008), so I’m familiar with the Kawasaki brand and some of the sponsors. I’ve lived in California for the last 14 years, racing AMA then Canada to race in the Nationals and I decided I wanted to push to come down to Australia and potentially ride my remaining years here.”

Brett Metcalfe is yet to experience the latest iteration of the lighter, faster and more powerful KX450F, with formal training scheduled to begin right away.

“I haven’t ridden the current KX450F model so I’m excited to learn about the improvements and how they are going to benefit me. The challenge will be getting up to race speed as quick as we can and from there we will contend for race wins. In that sense the competition has some momentum under their wings and I’ll be playing catch up, but I’ll have a professional race team behind me so I’m confident that I will pull some good results by the end of the season.”

The South Australian native will ride his KX450F alongside teammate, Nathan Crawford who has established himself as the quickest rookie MX1 rider in the paddock.

Team Manager, Troy Carroll is delighted with the team’s newest acquisition saying “It is fantastic to bring a rider like Brett Metcalfe to the team and we are looking forward to securing the results that the MEGA Bulk Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team deserves. With Brett’s experience and the history he has had with Kawasaki in United States, we are sure he will be achieving big things with us in the last five rounds of the outdoor (motocross) series this year.”

Metcalfe will make his MEGA Bulk Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team debut at the next round on the 2017 MX Nationals Calendar (round 6) to be held in Nowra, NSW on 2nd July.

Red Bull Rocks and Logs Hits Calgary This Weekend

Canada’s first Urban EnduroCross event makes it’s return to Calgary’s Wild Rose MX Park on June 24 and 25. Watch over 264 local and global motocross athletes charge a newly designed course packed with highly technical obstacles. Built from the imagination of pro rider and course director Shane Cuthbertson.


Red Bull Rocks & Logs follows a head-to-head, knock-out format where riders take to the track divided by class, and race for the fastest time. Wild Rose MX Park will also host a variety of local food vendors, beer gardens, merch tent, Sunday Trials Showcase, Sunday Pit Bike Race and much more.


Admission to Rocks and Logs is free throughout the entire weekend.




Friday June 23

8pm – 9pm: Red Bull Media House Movie Night at the track (free admission)

Saturday, June 24

9am-4pm (Qualifiers): +30A, +30B, +40A, +40B, Under 30B, Ladies, Beginner, Intermediate & Expert Classes

4pm-5pm (Finals): Beginner, Under 30B, +30B, +40B Classes

Sunday, June 25

11am-5pm: (Practice/Heats/LCQ/Finals): Pro Class, Expert, Intermediate, +30A, +40A & Ladies Classes

12pm-5pm: Trials riding showcase

1pm: Pit Bike Race



Wild Rose MX Park



Beer Garden (Saturday & Sunday): 11am – 5pm

Food Trucks (Saturday & Sunday): 1030am – 5pm


Red Bull Rocks & Logs Merchandise Booth

CycleWorks Merchandise Booth


Make sure to follow @RedBullCanada on Twitter and @RedBullCanada on Instagram to stay updated with everything #RedBullRocksAndLogs.


More info at:

Catching Up with…Shane Cuthbertson

With the Red Bull Rocks and Logs heading to Wild Rose MX Park in Calgary for its 5th time, we wanted to see what Race Director and marauding off-road legend, Shane Cuthbertson, has in store for the competitors. Here is our conversation from Thursday afternoon:

We grabbed Red Bull Rocks and Logs Race Director and Canadian Off-Road legend, Shane Cuthbertson for a chat | Facebook photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Shane. Perhaps to get started you could give us a little bit of your background. How and when did you get into off-road and motocross?

Shane Cuthbertson: Originally, I used to be a BMX racer when I was younger, and I kind of got burnt out on that when I was about 13 years old. Eventually, I thought I needed to get back on two wheels again so I decided I needed a motor and I’ve been racing dirt bikes ever since.

I got into off-roading by just going camping with my family in the mountains and doing all that kind of stuff. I progressed through the ranks pretty quickly. I was a Pro when I was 17 and been racing ever since. I’m 41 years old, so this year I just started laying back a little bit from racing Pro. It was getting a little harder in the off-road world as the younger guys got a lot more serious about their training. I find it a little more difficult to find the time and the commitment to do that. I’m just kind of hanging back now and having some fun.

Over the years, I’ve raced a lot in Canada, obviously, a lot regionally, and then I’ve done a bunch of international competition, like the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) three times, and I’ve done a lot of hard enduros. I’ve done Red Bull Romaniacs, Erzberg, Last Man Standing, I’ve dabbled in a little bit of Endurocross in the US, which is closely related to this Red Bull Rocks and Logs, so I’ve had a pretty good run.

Comparing motocross to off-road, was there a time when you did both? How did you make the decision to specialize in off-road?

I was full-on off-road guy. When I went to my first ISDE, I came home and realized I needed another skill set, which was motocross. I delved heavily into motocross and actually to this day, that’s what I use mainly for training and just for riding. I really enjoy it so I have the best of both worlds now, I’ve been riding a lot of motocross and a lot of off-road now.

You mentioned some of the other events you’ve done. What has been the toughest event you’ve done? We all think of Erzberg as the pinnacle.

Erzberg was an experience for me. I’ve been there a couple times. I’ve raced it twice. I had a mechanical issue the one year when I think I was probably the best prepared and I wasn’t able to finish. And then the last time I went was in 2014. It’s a tough event. I wasn’t able to qualify on the very front row so I ended up in the second row and I had a few crashes at the start. At that point, you’re kind of ten grand down because you’ve had a rough 5 minutes to the start and there are just so many riders there. They pack in about 500 riders and there’s only one line up a lot of stuff so you end up with a lot of bottlenecks. You just eventually time out. It’s probably one of the hardest single-day enduros.

The one that stands out the most for me is Red Bull Romaniacs. I raced Pro in that event and finished 9th there twice, in 2008 and 2009. I really had to dig pretty deep within myself to be able to finish those. It was 4 really grueling days. Especially the first one, it was raining the entire time we were there. The tracks were way beyond my skill level…and I think most guys (Laughs)!

I teamed up with another gentleman form Croatia – we were both about the same skill set – and we never left each other’s side for about 4 days (Laughs). Mentally and physically, I’m very proud of that accomplishment.

Being 41, I’m sure there are a lot of events to choose from, but if you had to pick a highlight what would you pick, or is that it?

That’s definitely a highlight, for sure, and then in 2013 I did the ISDE in Italy and I won a gold medal there, which was a goal of mine ever since I started off-road racing. I’d been twice prior and I got silver medals, but this time I finally reached the pinnacle of achieving the gold medal, so I’m pretty proud of that.

OK, so Red Bull Rocks and Logs is coming back to Calgary this weekend. How did you get involved with this event?

It was kind of by fluke, actually. I got permission from Wild Rose MX Association to build a practice facility down where the track is now. It used to be sort of beat up kind of dump, so I asked if I could clean it up and put some obstacles down there and they agreed to do it. I got a whole bunch of volunteers together and built this little practice track down there.

One day, Red Bull was down there for a KTM demo or something like that and they saw the track and then they saw the Calgary skyline in the background and they said it looked like an awesome thing. They contacted me and asked if I’d be interesting in doing an event for them and it just snowballed from there.

Wild Rose MX Park in Calgary is where you’ll want to be for this FREE ADMISSION event.

What year would that have been? I saw Lexi (Pechout) on Global News this morning and she said it was 6 years ago?

Well, this year is going to be the 5th edition so I think the very first one was 2013.

Is this part of a series or is it one-off event?

It’s a one-off event. It’s the only motorsports event, that I’m aware of, that Red Bull sponsors in Canada.

Are you competing this year?

No, I’m not. I tried that the very first year and I found out that I needed to focus on one thing at a time. I decided I needed to focus on being the race director, which is what I need to do, especially as the event grows.

So, you’ve designed to course. Now what have you done to it this year? How tough are you trying to make this?

As far as Endurocross goes, there is a series in the US. Their tracks are all inside stadiums and they’re pretty standard. It’s kind of like Supercross where if you have a triple you know it’s a certain length and it’s a pretty standard design. Our track is obviously outdoors so we don’t have control over the elements. Wind, rain, sun, you kind of get it all, especially here in Calgary, so that’s a different thing.

As far as the elements, we make it just a little bit more difficult. I don’t want to kill anybody or injure anybody. I actually want people to enjoy it while they’re there, so we try to find the right balance between challenging the amateurs and challenging the Pros enough where they’re getting a challenge also. That’s my main challenge, for sure, is to make the track rideable for everyone.

I’ve done a few enduros/hare scrambles in my time, and I have to ask, do you find it fun trying to get over wet rocks and logs or is it more of an accomplishment to say you finished?

Ya, I think it is more of an accomplishment thing. We had another interview today with Breakfast Television and Melissa Harten is another lady that does a lot of racing and off-road riding and she said that was really the whole idea of what drew her to that form of racing is the accomplishment. You fail at it first but wanting to go back and figuring out how to properly do it and getting that skill set where you can do it. And finally doing it is an accomplishment for most people.

Now, I see names like Colton Haaker are coming. Who else is coming?

Ya, Colton Haaker’s coming, Kyle Redman is coming down, we have Tara Geiger also attending, a gentleman named Mike Aranda is coming from the US and he’s riding the Alta Motors electric bike in the Pro class. That should be pretty interesting.

We have Tristan Heart and Wyatt Heart, Bobby Prochnau, Philippe Chaine from Quebec, a whole slew of local Alberta Pros, and then everybody from your beginners to vet riders. I think we’ve got just about 200 riders this year.

Let’s not forget to mention our #1 and #2 ranked West MX National riders, Shelby Turner and Lexi Pechout!

Yes, of course. Shelby Turner, Lexi Pechout, Tara Geiger, and Melissa Harten. She’s just recently been selected to the ISDE team in France this year, so she’s also a heavy-hitter. I think we have 12 or 13 ladies signed up this year. It’s going to be a really good show.

I know you’re the race director and maybe you shouldn’t do this, but who’s your money on this weekend?

I’d love to see someone from Canada win, I think Tristan or Wyatt would probably have the best chance as far as Canadians go, but it’s hard to beat Colton Haaker. I know Kyle Redman is coming and he won the event in 2014, and he’s riding really well this year. It should be pretty exciting to see who comes out on top.

What would you say is the most interesting obstacle waiting for the riders?

I would say…we’ve created sort of a hybrid waterfall feature. It’s kind of our feature obstacle that we have. It looks like rock ledge steps coming up and there’s a 20-foot pool of water which then spills out over top of the steep stepdown over the waterfall-type feature. That’s going to be really cool. We have the beer gardens that are right there at that area and then a fairly interesting obstacle after that is just a myriad of rocks and logs and sand and stuff, so it should be a pretty exciting area to be.

And it’s all free to watch, too, right?

Ya! Ya, I think that’s a Red Bull thing. All their events are free admission, so it should be great event for families. The weather is looking great so I think we’re going to have a really good weekend.

After this is all done, what will you do next?

I have two sons and they’re busy doing dirt bikes and racing, so we’ll just finish up the season, and just come up with the next best event. I love doing the off-road unique one-off events. We’ll be planning for Red Bull Rocks and Logs, if it comes back, and planning for a few other events. We’re kicking around a few other ideas, so hopefully we’ll be able to bring another world class event to Canada.

What’s your 9-5?

I’m a welding inspector. I do a lot of contract work for the oil and gas industry which is a pretty big industry here in Calgary. I do a lot of quality control type stuff for end users on oil and gas equipment.

Well, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Good luck with your event this weekend. Would you like to thank anyone, before we go?

I’ve been a Husqvarna rider for quite some time now, and most of my support is provided through A & E Racing Team in Brooks, Alberta. I’ve been using Riders’ Edge Suspension for quite a long time also.

Follow along with the action at their website:

The event went live in 2016, so if you’re wondering what it’s all about, here’s a little 4+-hour long video to get you acquainted…

How to Watch: Regina National


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Brian Koster and Marc Travers, one of the best motocross play-by-play teams in the world, will call the live broadcasts of the 2017 Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals.  The live broadcasts will be available on the Conx2share mobile app and on

Koster and Travers have been calling Canadian Pro Motocross races since 2000, and are widely appreciated as the industry’s best.

By downloading the Conx2share app, you can now see all ten rounds of the national series via live streaming video on your mobile phone, or log on to to watch the coverage on your computer. The best part is it’s free!

Once downloaded from the App or Google Play store, the app will open on the “Discover” tab on the menu. Tap “Groups” to search for “CMRC Racing” and follow us. This will be the platform to view the live streaming coverage throughout the summer. You will receive notifications on your phone when the live stream begins.  Missed the race live? Not a problem, the races will be archived the Wednesday following each respective event on the app or website.

For each round, the live television coverage will tentatively begin at 11:45am local time with the gate dropping at 12:10pm. You will now be able to watch the racing as it unfolds through the cameras of Hill’s Video Productions, the national series’ television production company. Podium and pre and post-race interviews will give you up-to-the-minute coverage of each round, in a series that will host the most talent-filled field of Pros ever to compete in Canada.

Dependable live streaming video coverage has been on the radar for some time and now we’ve found it through our partner, Conx2share. Not only will this allow Canadians to follow each lap of each race, motocross fans worldwide can now watch what the excitement is all about at the CMRC sanctioned Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals presented by Motovan. Take the time to download the app, join the CMRC Racing group, or sign up online.


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Event Returns for Second Year Featuring the World’s Best Action Sports Athletes

Todd Richards to Host the Primetime Broadcast with Tony Hawk and Travis Pastrana to Co-Host

STAMFORD, Conn. – June 21, 2017 – NBC Sports will present Nitro World Games, the revolutionary action sports competition returning to Salt Lake City’s Rice-Eccles Stadium for its second year. Showcasing the world’s best athletes in the sports of FMX, BMX, Skate and Scooter, NBC will televise coverage of the Nitro World Games this Saturday, June 24, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Among the more than 80 athletes scheduled to compete are 2016 winners Gregg Duffy, Capron Funk, Levi Sherwood, Elliot Sloan, Colton Walker and Ryan Williams. Other competitors include FMX riders Josh Sheehan, Clinton Moore, Taka Higashino and Javier Villegas, BMX riders TJ Ellis, Kurtis Downs and Jacob Bailey, and skateboarders Jake Brown, Trey Wood and Mitchie Brusco. The scooter competition field also includes Corey Funk, Jordan Clark and Will Barlow.

Todd Richards will return to Salt Lake City to host NBC Sports’ primetime Nitro World Games broadcast on NBC for the second year in a row. Richards will be joined by skateboard legend Tony Hawk, the competition’s skate commentating expert, TJ Lavin who will serve as the competition’s BMX expert, and Travis Pastrana focusing on all things moto. and the NBC Sports app – NBC Sports Group’s live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices, tablets and connected TVs – will provide streaming coverage of the Nitro World Games.

In addition, further event coverage and highlights will be available on follow Nitro World Games on Instagram and Facebook.

OK, I have to keep it short this week to make it to the next destination on this #MXRoadTrip. Have a great weekend. I’ll be solo at the races this week, so we won’t be tweeting much play-by-play for this round. We will, however, have the DMX/FXR Highlight Video up on Monday, so watch for that.

Reserved parking in Regina! See you at the races…