Frid’Eh Update #27 Presented by Fly Racing

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Update #27 belongs to Newtonville, Ontario, rider, Westen Wrozyna | Bigwave photo

Welcome to week #27. We’re over halfway through the year, and #27 belongs to a rider who came up through the ranks with potential only limited by the sky. Westen Wrozyna has done some pretty cool things during his career.

Westen and his family could always be found at big amateur events from one side of the continent to the other. Westen even got an invite to race the Monster Cup during his Supermini year. I actually hopped into a minivan with his dad (Wes Wrozyna) and Cale Foster and we drove his race bikes out to Las Vegas while Westen, Camshaft, and his mom flew out. It was another adventure that stands out in my mind.

(Fun Fact: although Westen and his dad appear to have the same first names, Wes’ name is actually short for Wesley, not Westen.)

We didn’t see Westen out west when the Nationals started in Kamloops, so we wanted to find out what he’s been doing and what his summer racing plans were. Here’s what he had to say:

Direct Motocross: Hey, Westen. We didn’t see you out west this summer. Were you ever planning on heading out this summer? Why? Why not?

Westen Wrozyna: I would have loved to been out there racing but unfortunately I just don’t have the support or funding to go out west this year and I needed to stay home and work so I could race the east coast.

You ended up with #27 for 2017. Can you take us through your 2016 season? What were your highs? What were your lows?

2016 was an interesting year. When the series came to Gopher I actually wasn’t planning on racing due to not having a race bike ready but I got a last-minute call from the Monster Energy Kawasaki team that they could put a race bike together for me to race the east coast on, and without them I wouldn’t have been out there.

The east coast went good, I was consistently in the top 10 and it was a good year to build off of.

What did you get up to after the season ended last summer?

After the season ended, I did the London and Sarnia AX Tour rounds. Then, Marco Cannella and I went down south for a few months before Mini O’s. After Mini O’s, I came home and started working.

Westen will be at an eastern round of the nationals as soon as his wrist is good to go | Bigwave photo

What did you do for training/racing over the winter?

I wasn’t able to go down south after December. I realized that I wasn’t gonna get the support that I needed to go racing this year and I had to stay home so I could buy myself a bike. Basically, I just worked as much as I could and was in the gym or on the stationary as much as I could.

Have you been following the series so far? What do you think of the racing? Anyone stand out for you?

Yeah, I’ve been following the series. It looks like the racing is really close this year, definitely some new fast guys out there. I’m excited to get out there and see where I stand.

So, I see you’ve been racing locally this summer so far. How has that been going? What have you bee racing?

Yeah, I’ve been racing couple AMO/MMRS races. It’s been really fun just doing the local stuff getting myself ready to race the nationals.

Westen and his family were regulars on the amateur circuit for years | Bigwave photo

Will you be doing all the eastern rounds of the nationals?

As of right now, I’m unsure. I don’t think I will be racing all the eastern rounds due to a wrist injury, but will be out there as soon as I can. It all depends on when I get the ‘all good.’

What are your goals for this summer?

My goal is to be a consistent top 5 guy and hopefully end up on the box a moto or two.

How’s your little brother, Cameron, doing with his racing?

Cameron just switched to 125’s and he is killing it right now. He’s working hard. It will be interesting to see what he can do at the amateur nationals.

I look forward to seeing you and your family at Gopher Dunes, even if you’re just spectating. Who would you like to thank?

Yeah, see you at the races! I can’t thank my parents enough, Fasthouse, St. Onge, Atlas Brace, Mica Sport Canada, Scott goggles, Herc’s Peterborough, SSS, 139designs, Hinson, Ride Engineering, Ortho Flex and CJ Customs.

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Happy Canada Day, everyone.

Rockstar MX Nationals

I’d like to say that the summer has been hot and sunny to start our Southern Ontario summer, but I’d be lying. Fortunately, we have made it through 4 Western rounds without a mud race. Yes, we have been pretty lucky so far, and I hope the luck continues. So now we head East in a week. And to Gopher Dunes for the 5th round of the series. Gopher, arguably, is North America’s roughest track. Many have played it down and said that they could ride sand. And many have been bitten by the beast we call the Dunes. But then we have the rare few that actually enjoy the nasty humid conditions, and pickup truck size bomb holes.

Like I said, there are some that excel in these conditions, then there is that one guy that actually dominates. That guy is Matt Goerke. The best way to describe Goerke and his skill at Gopher, is to us a quote from the ‘Moaner’ himself, John Nelson. John said something to the effect, “Somebody needs to black flag Goerke, his throttle is stuck wide open!” Yeah, Matt goes that fast at The Dunes. The biggest question mark is, will former World Champion Christophe Pourcel be able to run with Goerke? I, myself, think Christophe will obviously be very good, but I don’t think anyone can run with Goerke.

Can anyone hang with Matt Goerke at Gopher Dunes this year? | Bigwave photo

Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
1st 1st 5th 1st 212
5th 2nd 1st 3rd 212
2nd 4th 2nd 5th 190 (-22)
#10 – ALYMER, ON
4th 3rd 3rd 8th 185 (-27)
#6 – TURO, NS
3rd 6th 4th 4th 180 (-32)
8th 5th 6th 2nd 174 (-38)
7th 7th 7th 6th 153 (-59)
9th 10th 9th 7th 137 (-75)
18th 8th 8th 9th 121 (-91)
10th 12th 17th 10th 109 (-103)
11th 11th 19th 11th 104 (-108)
13th 9th 10th 18th 102 (-110)
14th 15th 14th 13th 87 (-125)
#501 – MIAMI, SK
16th 20th 13th 15th 76 (-136)
19th 11th 12th 70 (-142)
17th 17th 15th 17th 68 (-144)
15th 21st 18th 16th 58 (-154)
12th 14th 46 (-166)
19th 16th 20th 44 (-168)
6th 39 (-173)

In MX2 action, the East will be very exciting. We have Cole Thompson, who always seems to up his game in the East. Shawn Maffenbeier will be looking to dig himself out of an enormous hole and going for wins every moto. Fast newcomer Josh Osby will be even more of a threat come East, as he prefers the sand. He prepares himself down at ClubMX, and will be looking forward to the hot nasty conditions.

One rider to watch for will be the #14 of Dylan Wright. Dylan hasn’t had the best of starts so far the season and it looked like he was off the pace. He rebounded well at round 4 in Regina and closed out his West with a solid podium. With Gopher being his team’s home race, and Wright favouring the sandier rutty East tracks, Dylan will be one to watch for.

Was Cole Thompson’s 1-1 Regina performance the start of a run for the defending champ? | Bigwave photo

Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
2nd 1st 2nd 1st 224
3rd 5th 3rd 2nd 191 (-33)
1st 14th 1st 6th 182 (-42)
#338 – CORONA, CA
6th 4th 5th 4th 169 (-55)
4th 2nd 14th 15th 148 (-76)
#14 – OTTAWA, ON
10th 6th 12th 3rd 143 (-81)
5th 3rd 4th 37th 134 (-90)
11th 8th 9th 12th 125 (-99)
#266 – QUEBEC CITY, 
14th 12th 10th 7th 123 (-101)
12th 10th 11th 13th 122 (-102)
#25 – PERTH, ON
7th 7th 15th 11th 120 (-104)
13th 13th 13th 8th 115 (-109)
8th 9th 6th 106 (-118)
#119 – CALGARY, AB
18th 17th 7th 9th 96 (-128)
20th 8th 10th 75 (-149)
23rd 19th 19th 5th 74 (-150)
16th 15th 16th 21st 71 (-153)
9th 11th 38th 61 (-163)
19th – DJ BURMEY
19th 18th 17th 18th 59 (-165)
17th 16th 40th 16th 56 (-168)

Women’s East MX Nationals

The Women’s East also starts up in a week at Gopher. The West went very well, and if I had to complain about one thing… It would have to be that people are still calling it a “Pro” series. It is not! It is a National series. You don’t need a Pro license to race it, you just need to pay your money and show up. There was a girl racing a TTR Yamaha at one round!. The TTR is a great bike, don’t get me wrong, just ask Kevin Tyler. If there was a TTR World Championship, my money would be on KT. But we have to call it what it is, and that is a National Series. We do not have a Pro series in Canada, and if we did, there would be less than 10 Canadian girls on the gate. OK, rant over.

It’s almost time for “The Eve and Kennedy Show.” | Bigwave photo

Ladies West