Frid’Eh Update #28 Presented by Atlas Brace

Frid’Eh Update #28 Presented by Atlas Brace

Frid’Eh Update #28 Presented by Atlas Brace

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

This Update belongs to 2017 #28 Shawn Robinson | Tyler Spikman photo

Welcome to Week #28 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update Presented by Atlas Brace. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing #28 Shawn Robinson on the track this weekend at round 5 of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals at Gopher Dunes as was initially the plan.

Shawn injured his knee earlier in the year and thought he would be good to go when the series headed east, but he has hit a setback in his recovery.

Before the season started, Shawn had planned to travel the entire series with teammate #8 Keylan Meston. When Shawn was injured, those plans fell through and Keylan has been hitting the races on his own.

We grabbed Shawn for a quick chat to find out when he may be back at the races. Here is what he had to say:

Direct Motocross: Hello, Shawn. it’s too bad you’re not able to race yet this summer, but let’s first go back to last season. Can you take us through the highs and lows from your 2016 National MX season? What was your best round? What was your toughest round?

Shawn Robinson: Last year was a good year for me with a couple highs and couple lows. First round last year I DNF’d both motos due to a fuel line issue that we could not find on my bike then the west coast got better, starting in Nanaimo.

East coast was good. I was always in the top 10, but ended my season in Deschambeault. During the second moto running in 7th I had a big crash on the step down. Nothing was broken but a huge cut on my knee that took me out for Barrie.

Watch for Shawn to be on the sidelines when the series heads to Deschambault in a few weeks | Bigwave photo

What did you get up to when your season ended last summer?
After the season, I started working with my dad until Christmas time. Me and Kaven (Benoit) went down to Club MX for only 1 week since Kaven got hurt after 2 days. So I came back to work until end of February.
But then you went and got injured. Can you tell us what happened?
Two weeks before coming back down home, I twisted my knee and ripped my ACL and that was the end of it. I tried riding 3 weeks ago and it did not work out at all. My knee popped out right away so I will have surgery in September.
You’re at work right now. What is it you do as your 9-5?
At my dad’s shop. I am the gopher…go for this, go for that. It never stops. We are pretty busy all the time.
Have you been checking out the Nationals this summer? What do you think of the racing so far? Is anyone impressing you?
Yeah, I have bean watching all the rounds. Pretty good racing in the 250 class. I just wish my buddy Shawn (Maffenbeier) would stay on 2 wheels and would be more fun. And 450 is always good, but we need a Canadian on top of the box. Tyler (Medaglia) is always impressive.

Shawn will have knee surgery in September and hopes to be back on the bike as soon as possible | Bigwave photo

Will you come out to watch while you’re still healing?
I will come watch Deshambeault for sure.
When do you think you’ll be back on the bike again?
Not sure when I will be back on my bike…as soon as possible!
Good luck with your rehab, Shawn. Who would you like to thank?
Thanks, Billy. I would like to thank Motosport St Cesaire, Motovan, Oakley, Kutvek, and my dad.

This week is presented by Atlas Brace. Click the link to find a dealer near you.


Hey, guys. Well, it’s finally here. We are on the eve of the East. Round 5 of the CMRC Rockstar Energy MX Nationals is this Sunday at the famed Gopher Dunes. And just one day prior, Round 1 of the CMRC Women’s East National series kicks off at the Dunes.


Going into the first Women’s round, all eyes are on the ‘Big Two’ of Eve Brodeur and Kennedy Lutz. These two are heavy favourites for good reason. Eve has completely owned the East for the past 3-plus seasons. She has taken on all comers and walked away victorious. Although Eve is a young champion, she is a very wise champion, and she will handle this title threat well.

Now, Kennedy on the other hand, well, she just has that crazy speed. She’s big and strong and very determined. If anyone can dethrone Brodeur, it’s Lutz.

Another rider that will be making herself at home on the podium this summer will be American Brittany Gagne (Happy Birthday. Brittany!). Brittany has always been fast, and over the last year and a bit, she seriously upped her fitness game. Brittany is fit and fierce and ready to win a moto. She was on her way to a win in the final moto of the season at RJ’s until disaster struck and she ended up tearing her knee apart. Gagne went under the knife and is all healed and ready to prove to everyone that her moto 2 ride at RJ’s was no fluke.

One other girl to keep an eye on will be the number 9 of Isabelle Thibault. This girl has some serious speed and will be up there fight with Gagne. She’s not ready to win yet, but she will be fighting for podiums. Here are my predictions for the first round.

Women’s East Gopher Dunes

1st Kennedy Lutz
2nd Eve Brodeur
3rd Brittany Gagne
4th Isabelle Thibault
5th Liz Burke

Kennedy Lutz will take round 1 at Gopher Dunes | Bigwave photo



In MX2 action, look for the #12 and #1 to be going at it. Defending champion Cole Thompson is the guy to beat. In the past, he has always picked up the pace in the East and been pretty damn impressive. Last season in the East, Shawn Maffenbeier just didn’t seem to have the spark that he started the season with. Fast forward a year, and we have a new and improved Maffenbeier. This guy is an absolute beast this season, and he knows it. He’s confident and fit. Maff has a big hole to climb out of when it comes to points, but this is MX and anything can happen.

Look for a faster, more relaxed, Dylan Wright in the sand, and newcomer Josh Osby will also be one to watch in the East. With the East portion of the series starting, we will see some new faces in both classes. One guy making his pro debut, but as a B rider, is Tanner Ward. This kid has been on the radar since 65’s. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he has what it takes to be a champion. He just needs luck to be on his side and to stay healthy. Here are my predictions for Gopher Dunes.

MX2 Gopher Dunes

1st Shawn Maffenbeier
2nd Cole Thompson
3rd Josh Osby
4th Dylan Wright
5th Hayden Halstead

#12 Shawn Maffenbeier will win MX2 at Gopher Dunes | Bigwave photo


In MX1 we have 2 riders tied for the lead in points going into Round 5. Yes, the 450 class has been that close and competitive. Many have mentioned how they can’t wait until it gets hotter and rougher. Yes, some guys will shine in the rough soft stuff, but nobody will outshine Matt Goerke. This guy is one of the best sand riders riders ever. Period! Christophe Pourcel will be good, but Goerke will be great.

Quite a few other riders will gain steam in the soft stuff. I feel like Colton Facciotti will be a constant front-runner, and Tyler Medaglia and Mike Alessi will be podium threats. The unknown is how Dylan Epstein will be in the sand. He was fantastic during the first 4 rounds, so let’s hope he has some sand skills. Here are my Gopher predictions.

MX1 Gopher Dunes

1st Matt Goetke
2nd Colton Facciotti
3rd Christophe Pourcel
4th Mike Alessi
5th Tyler Medaglia

Can anyone keep Matt Goerke in sight at Gopher Dunes? | Bigwave photo

That’s it for me, I’m heading west on the 401 for Gopher Dunes. Have a great weekend and always #smileforBC and #liftwithscott.


Thanks, Jeff. First off, let me say it will be great to have you back in action when the eastern swing of the series starts up this weekend at Gopher Dunes. Jeff will be keeping those who can’t be there or watch on ConX2Share up on everything that is happening in Courtland, Ontario.

Here is the CMRC Preview for Round 5 from the site:

Round 5 – Gopher Dunes Courtland Ontario Race Preview

After a two-week break in the action, the CMRC sanctioned Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals presented by Motovan will resume this weekend, where Round 5 will take place at the Gopher Dunes Raceway in Courtland, Ontario. The time off is a good opportunity for riders and their teams to regroup as the series moves to Eastern Canada for the final six races before crowning new National Champions.

The riders will have to battle more than their opponents this weekend, as the sand track at Gopher Dunes is very different from what they have seen in the west. Gopher Dunes has been called the roughest track in the world because it provides no smooth lines, and there is nowhere to rest in the gnarly, knee deep sand. The punishing roost off the back wheels of these motorcycles makes the start very important, and if you are not running up front after the first turn, goggle management becomes a key issue for the riders.


Rockstar Husqvarna’s Christophe Pourcel will have a red plate back on his motorcycle this weekend after taking the overall win at the last round. Pourcel lost the red plate at Round 3 when he had a first turn crash in the second moto, then was handed a gift at Round 4 when Matt Goerke’s chain derailed on the last lap of the day. Christophe has won 3 of 4 rounds in 2017 and shares the points lead with Goerke coming into Gopher Dunes.

Rockstar Husqvarna’s Christophe Pourcel and Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha’s Matt Goerke are tied for the series lead.

After finishing fifth at the series opener, Florida native Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha’s Matt Goerke finished on each step of the podium in the following three rounds. Goerke is coming into Gopher Dunes tied for the series lead and full of confidence on a racetrack where he has won multiple times and has proven to be unbeatable. Matt is very comfortable in the deep sand and has been called the fastest rider to ever navigate this track.

Nut Up Industries Kawasaki’s Dillan Epstein sits third in the series standings, 22 points behind the leaders, and has two moto wins in the first four rounds. Epstein has finished second overall twice, and after going down early in the second moto at Round 4 put in an epic ride that saw him post the fastest lap of the race while coming from the back of the pack to finish third. Dillan was full of emotion on the podium after that moto and will certainly be carrying a lot of momentum into Round 5 this weekend.

Nut Up Industries Kawasaki’s Dillan Epstein sits third in the series standings, 22 points behind the leaders.

Sitting fourth in the series standings, Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing’s Colton Facciotti will have the fans on his side this weekend as he calls Gopher Dunes his home track. After winning here in 2014, Facciotti has finished fourth here in each of the last two seasons, and comes into this weekend’s race with a lot of confidence after finishing on the podium twice already this season. Colton is coming out of the first four rounds in a good position, only 27 points back of the lead, as he goes for his fifth National Championship.

Royal Distributing Motovan Piller’s Race Team’s Tyler Medaglia rounds out the top 5 in the series standings and must be happy with his position as the series moves east. Medaglia is 43 points ahead of where he was in 2016 at this point, when he was unable to crack the top 5 during the first four rounds. Tyler was third at the opening round and has two fourth place finishes since, and has had a lot of success at Gopher Dunes, finishing on the podium in 2013 and 2015, and fourth in 2014.

Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing’s Colton Facciotti calls Gopher Dunes his home track.

KTM Canada Thor Racing’s Kaven Benoit will make his return this weekend after aggravating an ankle injury he sustained last winter at a supercross race in Europe during the opening round this season.

Rounding out the top 10 in the series standings are Monster Energy Alpinestars Kawasaki’s Mike Alessi in sixth, Royal Distributing Motovan Piller’s Team’s Kyle Chisholm in seventh, Redemption Racing’s Cade Clason in eighth, Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha’s Tim Tremblay’s in ninth, and Yamaha Canada Cycle Works’ Keylan Meston in tenth.



KTM Canada Thor Racing’s Cole Thompson comes into Round 5 with a 33-point lead in the series standings and a lot of momentum after winning both motos in Round 4, and taking his second win of the season. Thompson’s lead was 50 points coming into Gopher Dunes in 2016 when he came back from a first turn crash to sweep both motos and extend his points lead. Cole will be looking to extend his podium streak, which is now at 14, and continue to try to break his record of seven wins in a season as he lines up this weekend for Round 5.

Currently second in the series standings, Redemption Racing KTM’s Josh Osby is coming off his best performance of the season when he finished second at Round 4. Osby has not had an overall finish outside the top 5 this year, and has stood on the podium at three of the first four rounds. During his podium interviews, Josh has said more than once that he is looking forward to the series heading east and racing on soil that he grew up on, so he’ll finally get his chance this weekend.

MX101 FXR Yamaha Team’s Shawn Maffenbeier is sitting third in the series standings.

MX101 FXR Yamaha Team’s Shawn Maffenbeier is sitting third in the series standings only 11 points behind Osby, but must be feeling that he deserves better. During the first four rounds, Maffenbeier has matched Thompson in moto wins with four, overall wins with two, and was the better rider in the first three races. A mechanical breakdown and small mistakes have been costly to Shawn, so he must continue to go for the wins in the east if he wants to become the champion in 2017.

Nut Up Industries Kawasaki’s Ryan Surratt has been the best starter in the class this season and has taken the holeshot in 5 of 8 starts this season. Surratt is fourth in the series standings and admits to being a little underprepared coming into the season after recovering from a previous injury. Watch for Ryan to grab his first podium soon as he continues to get good starts and stronger each weekend.

Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing’s Dylan Wright chasing Redemption Racing KTM’s Josh Osby at Round 4.

Rounding out the top 5 in the standings is MX101 FXR Yamaha Team’s Jess Pettis who got off to a terrific start in the series when he earned his career best finish at his home track at Round 2. Pettis crashed hard in Round 3 and was not able to finish the second moto, and then after finishing fourth in the first moto at Round 4, failed to line up for Moto 2 after being diagnosed with a broken collarbone. Jess will not be racing this weekend but is hoping to be back soon.

Monster Energy Alpinestars Kawasaki Team’s Jacob Hayes crashed hard while leading the first moto at Round 4, which ended his day, but should be good to go this weekend. Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing’s Dylan Wright is coming off his best finish of 2017, where he finally made an appearance on the podium in what otherwise has been a tough season with his new team. Wright will be racing on his team’s home track this weekend where he has also done well, including finishing second there last year.

Nut Up Industries Kawasaki’s Ryan Surratt has been the best starter in the MX2 class this season.

The first four rounds of the Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals presented by Motovan have taken place under good weather conditions, and the forecast for Gopher Dunes this Sunday looks like the trend will continue. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets you can buy them online easily at If you are in another part of the country and are unable to attend the race, you can see all the action live by downloading the free Conx2share app or logging on to and live stream every moto on either your mobile phone or computer.


MX1 Point Standings 2017 after 4 Rounds

1. Christophe Pourcel (Hus) 212
1. Matt Goerke (Yam) 212
3. Dillan Epstein (Kaw) 190
4. Colton Facciotti (Hon) 185
5. Tyler Medaglia (Hon) 180
6. Mike Alessi (Kaw) 174
7. Kyle Chisholm (Hon) 153
8. Cade Clason (KTM) 137
9. Tim Tremblay (Yam) 121
10. Keylan Meston (Yam) 109

MX2 Point Standings 2017 after 4 Rounds

1. Cole Thompson (KTM) 224
2. Josh Osby (KTM) 191
3. Shawn Maffenbeier (Yam) 182
4. Ryan Surratt (Kaw) 169
5. Jess Pettis (Yam) 148
6. Dylan Wright (Hon) 143
7. Jacob Hayes (Kaw) 134
8. Hayden Halstead (Yam) 125
9. Christopher Fortier (Yam) 123
10. Casey Keast (Yam) 122


Links and social media:

Event info:
Twitter: @CMRCRacing
Instagram: @cmrcmx
Live Streaming: Twitter – @Conx2share

If you’re wondering how the ConX2Share app works, just go to your iTunes or wherever you get your phone apps, download the ConX2Share app, go to the Menu, then Groups, and follow CMRC Racing.

At approximately 11:50am local time (Eastern in this case), the live broadcast will start and you can watch the entire day’s racing as it happens.

If you aren’t able to check it all out live, we will have a Highlight Video up as soon as we can here on Direct Motocross. The ConX2Share broadcast also goes to archives later in the week, so you can watch the entire thing when you have time.

Canadian Moto Show Says Farewell | A Letter from Brent Worrall

Hello friends and race fans far and wide. This is Brent Worrall the host of Canada’s only ‘Live’ online Motocross talk radio program, ‘The Canadian Moto Show.’ I wanted to take a minute or two to go over a few things and update you all on the current status of myself and of course the Canadian Moto Show. After regaining most of my cognitive abilities after my life changing spinal cord injury at Walton Raceway in 2011 which left me a T-3 complete paraplegic (No movement below my arms) The Canadian Moto Show was launched. At the time it was a little ominously overwhelming but it allowed me to focus solely on doing everything I could think of to make the sport I hold so dear, Motocross as well as it could possibly be.

Living in a reality where I also knew that barring some sort of divine medical intervention that I would never walk again; I can not tell you how good it felt to see the Canadian Moto Show ‘grow the legs I could not’ The show platform along with my weekly involvement announcing on race days for Future West Moto gave me something I had never found before, true happiness. I am and will remain forever deeply indebted to many of you my friends for your parts in all of that as long as I live. I have always believed that we in life are only as good as the people around us and you my friends have all made me a winner.

Many of you have sacrificed hours of your time and have also gone into your pockets to team up to help pay for the Show. Here again I can not thank you all enough for your support and listenership as well as the sharing of social media posts. As 2016 wound down it was becoming paramount that all of the passion, dedication and countless hours needed to keep moving forward was taking a huge physical toll on my body. I will honestly admit that there were many things that needed to be taken care of medically long ago that I put off. After my wife Gisela (who I can not thank enough for her commitment and genuine love of seeing me in my happy place) came back from our extended vacation, I knew things would have to change or bad things would begin to happen. Even though I had not started to broadcast live show this season, my hands on involvement with race weekends and daily phone calls and texts with many of you remained the same. More importantly was the fact that somewhere along the line through this amazing life experience journey of the Canadian Moto Show, I continued to put the needs of it and others ahead of my own personal well being.

Without candy coating anything and cutting to the chase, I am now in a position with my health, where every ounce of my personal energy must go into my recovery. My bladder is failing and my body has grown a resistance to antibodies used to fend off constant infections. Also complicating the matter is that I was born with 2 Urethras and I will be having one surgically removed in early August. After recovering from that, this Fall I will be treated with a radiation treatment for skin cancer that has split and spread and now covers most of my forehead and other parts of my face. I would be lying to you all if I said dealing with any of this was easy or did not sadden me. I am not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination but I do believe that there is a God and he not only loves but has a purpose for each and everyone of us. I also realize that my body on this earthly journey is just a vessel to carry a message to those I have been fortunate enough and reach and connect with. I also have a 100% faith that the earth journey for each and every one of us is just the beginning of what will be eternal happiness for all.

I am by no means a special or unique individual but just a mere mortal with a Motocross problem. The problem being that there is not enough of me anymore to do and share the things about the sport that I love and believe in. I do take solace in knowing that I was fortunate to be a part of one of the biggest leaps our sport has taken in the last 5 years. Here again I can not thank you all enough for allowing me into your lives and personal spaces. As mentioned earlier without the unconditional love like no other, from my sole mate Gisela, none of this would be possible. Also my friend Lesley Reid and colleagues at Future West Moto, in my opinion you as a team have been one of the best breathes of fresh air our sport has ever seen in Canada, I thank you all my friends. Through all we have endured collectively, each and every one of you has earned the right to hold your head high proudly. To My friend Kevin Lefebvre, who allowed me to launch a Magazine in the name of the Canadian Moto Show, you are a true God Send my friend. I have always believed that the powers that be work through people and our reconnection after what seemed like an eternity is proof of that. I think I speak for the whole Motocross community when I say, we will miss you and your camera at the races my friend!

There are many people I could thank, but just like winning a Motocross Championship it takes a whole Army working together to manufacture success. I would also like to thank my newest friends and recently inured Motocross brothers Derek Jezewsky and Sage Deverell for allowing to share some of my personal experiences with overcoming adversity. When you were both injured only 10- days apart I was personally devastated. For the first time since my injury I realized I was re-living most of what I went through in my nine month hospital stay. I never really had thought much about it up until that point but I now believe that my body and brain had deflected most of the mental and emotional trauma as a coping mechanism to re-create my life.

Knowing what I know now and having the benefit of each and every post injury life life experiencer Moto has given me, I say with conviction I would not change a thing. I believe that my miracle if there is such a thing, is the fact that I now have more genuine appreciation for people and life than ever before. To me this is the greatest gift of all as many struggle a lifetime to achieve true happiness. I learned a long long time ago that the God of my understanding does not throw Lightning Bolts or orchestrate Lotto Wins! I believe that he reveals to me on the daily what I need to see and how I need to see and handle it. I am looking very much forward to many more great life experiences with friends and family and hopefully a return to a race track somewhere sooner rather than later. For now though however, shortly after this is shared I will be unreachable and focused on what my higher power is telling me to do and that is GET WELL.

I love you all my friends and I sincerely thank each and everyone of you!

Brent ‘Airmail’ Worrall

Take care of yourself, Brent. Like many have said, we’ll be here playing in the dirt when you return. And be sure to take care of that angel, Gisela.

#108 Dillan Epstein’s Take On Gopher Dunes

#108 Dillan Epstein checked out Gopher Dunes earlier this week | Bigwave photo

One of the brightest stars so far this season has been #108 Dillan Epstein. He’s been ripping it up in the MX1 class and then winning the crowds over with his from-the-heart podium speeches afterward. Dillan currently sits 3rd in MX1 points, 22 behind Christophe Pourcel and Matt Goerke who are tied at the top.

He headed to Gopher Dunes early to test out the sand of what is known as the ‘Toughest Track in Canada.’ We grabbed him for a very brief chat earlier today to get his thoughts on it. Although he must know it will be much different with two full classes of Pro riders on it, here is his initial impression:

He said he, “thought it was fun. Very similar dirt to some of the Amateur Nationals I raced. The layout flows so good!”

It will be interesting to see if he can keep the ball rolling as the series hits the softer track in the east, starting with the toughest of the bunch, Gopher Dunes.

Florida Rider, #817 Max Darling, Heads North to Gopher Dunes Again

#817 Max Darling is making his return to Gopher Dunes | Darling photo

21-year-old Florida rider, #817 Max Darling, is making his return appearance at Gopher Dunes this weekend on a Suzuki 450. He made his Pro racing debut last season at the Courtland, Ontario, track and must have a short memory because he described the toughness of it as, “gnarly, endless, and on another level!” He said it got so rough that he “almost didn’t know how to ride it.” And he’s from Florida and rides sand all the time!
He also said that “almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong” last year and he thinks he finished 29th overall.
He’s traveling with Landon Davis (who will be racing Amateur Day) and his family and plans to do Gopher Dunes, Notre Dame Du Bon Conseil, Deschambault, and RJ’s. Depending on how his results are, they may decide to head to Pleasant Valley and River Glade, too.
His initial plan was to do the entire series with Logan Karnow, but when they both injured themselves (Max broke a couple vertebrae, his sternum, and punctured his lung in February) they had to put their plans on hold.

Watch for #817 Sunday as he joins several new riders making their 2017 debut at Gopher Dunes.

#262 Jesse Wentland Heading to Gopher Dunes

#262 Jesse Wentland to race MX1 at Gopher Dunes this weekend on a privateer Suzuki 450 | Tyler Spikman photo

#262 Jesse Wentland will make his way north this weekend to compete at Gopher Dunes on his privateer Suzuki 450 in the MX1 class.

His plan is to make the trip alongside his fiancé Kaitlyn Pettis and their puppy. At this point, he will race Gopher Dunes and probably the following week in Bon Conseil before he decides on the rest of the series.

He rode for a Suzuki team at the German Supercross and so he bought one to ride. That is what he will be riding this weekend.

Jess is familiar with the Canadian scene and is looking forward to racing against some familiar faces.

Kaven Benoit Returns to Action at Gopher Dunes

Also, watch for the return of 2-time MX2 champion, #3 Kaven Benoit, at Gopher Dunes this weekend. Kaven is coming off a badly broken ankle suffered in Germany over the winter. Kaven raced the first round in Kamloops and was actually starting to pull away from the rest of the field before going down and aggravating his ankle.

He was forced to sit out the remainder of the western swing while his ankle healed properly. He will be back in action this weekend to see if he can pick up where he left off.

#3 Kaven Benoit will be lining up this weekend at Gopher Dunes | Bigwave photo

Join Us for a Group Cycle Saturday from Gopher Dunes

We will be gathering for a casual group road bike ride immediately after the first Women’s East MX Nationals moto this Saturday from Gopher Dunes.

Greg Poisson has mapped out a 26K route from the track for us to ride that includes a stop at a local bakery.

We will be gathering at the Direct Motocross van in the Pro pits at around 11:30am.

Come on out and loosen up your travel legs.

How To Watch: Red Bull Southwick National

Don’t miss the television or online coverage of the seventh round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, the Red Bull Southwick National. Get the rundown below on how to watch qualifiers and all four motos on Saturday, July 8th.

If you miss a race, full replays will be available on-demand with the NBC Sports Gold Pro Motocross Pass.

How to Watch the Red Bull Southwick National


New this year, the entire season streams live, on-demand and commercial-free with the NBC Sports Gold Pro Motocross Pass.

Online: 10 a.m. ET, and NBC Sports Gold app (LIVE & COMMERCIAL-FREE)
Access the stream at and NBC Sports Gold app available on iOSAndroid, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Chromecast.

Moto 1
Online: 1 p.m. ET, and NBC Sports Gold app (LIVE & COMMERCIAL-FREE)
Access the stream at and NBC Sports Gold app available on iOSAndroid, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Chromecast.

TV: 1 p.m. ET, MAVTV (LIVE)
Once again this year, MAVTV will air first motos from all 12 rounds live. Use the MAVTV channel finder to see if you currently get MAVTV. You can also use that link to request that your cable provider carry MAVTV if they currently do not.

450 Moto 2
Online: 3:30 p.m. ET, and NBC Sports Gold app (LIVE & COMMERCIAL-FREE)
Access the stream at and NBC Sports Gold app available on iOSAndroid, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Chromecast.

TV: 3:30 p.m. ET, NBC (LIVE)
NBC will have live coverage of the 450 class second motos this week.

250 Moto 2
Online: 4:30 p.m. ET, and NBC Sports Gold app (LIVE & COMMERCIAL-FREE)
Access the stream at and NBC Sports Gold app available on iOSAndroid, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Chromecast.

TV: Sunday 7/9, 12:30 a.m. ET, NBCSN
NBCSN will have live coverage of the 250 class second motos this week. Use the NBCSN channel finder to see if you currently get NBCSN in your area.

Highlight Show
TV: Friday 7/12, 11 p.m. ET, NBCSN
NBCSN will have a one-hour show the week after each race recapping the action.


New this year, the entire season streams live, on-demand and commercial-free with the NBC Sports Gold Pro Motocross Pass, available in Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg and Japan.

Online: 10 a.m. ET, (LIVE)
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Moto 1 + Moto 2
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TV: The Nationals will be simulcast to various countries across the globe. Check the TV listings for for the time in your area.
TV Networks: FOX Sports Australia, FOX Sports Asia, Sky TV New Zealand, ESPN Latin America, MCS France, Star Times Africa

Highlight Show
TV: A one-hour highlight show recapping the race will air in various countries across the globe. Check the TV listings for the time in your area.
TV Networks: FOX Sports Australia, FOX Sports Asia, Sky TV New Zealand, ESPN Latin America, MCS France, Star Times Africa

For information about the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, please visit ProMotocross.comand be sure to follow all of the Pro Motocross social media channels for exclusive content and additional information on the latest news:

Tailgating with…Cade Clason and Shawn Maffenbeier

Man, we had some fun with this one! If you’ve got some time, check out this off-the-cuff episode of Tailgating with #7 Cade Clason and #12 Shawn Maffenbeier. This one goes into overtime.

Tailgating with…Shawn Maffenbeier and Cade Clason from on Vimeo.

OK, we’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us, so let’s leave it there for this week. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @DirectMX, Instagram @Direct Motocross and Facebook @Direct Motocross for info and behind-the-scenes posts from the weekend at Gopher Dunes.

Christophe Poucel says, “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo