Frid’Eh Update #32 Presented by OTSFF

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #32 belongs to Bowmanville, Ontario, racer, Eric Jeffery | Bigwave photo

Welcome to week #32 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update presented by OTSFF. For 2017, #32 belongs to the rider we’ve gotten to know very well over the past few years. He’s one of those riders you’ll find in that ultra-competitive 12-16th range at the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals.

Eric Jeffery is from Bowmanville, Ontario, and is a fixture at the Redemption Racing pit. We grabbed him for a chat to get inside his head and see what makes him tick. Not really, but we did as =k him a few questions. Here’s what he had to say:

Direct Motocross: Hello, Eric. You’ve been a face at the races for quite some time now. Can you take us back and tell us how you got into moto in the first place. I think you started in snowmobile racing, right?

Eric Jeffery: Ya, that’s exactly right. Back when I was about 8 years old, my Papa Jeffery bought us boys a 120 Skidoo. He told me that if I kept practicing he would take me to a race. So the closest race was at the Lindsay fairgrounds and I finished 3rd in my first race, and from that point on we were hooked. I ended up winning the 120 championship the year after! I eventually had to make a choice to either continue with snowmobiles or moto because of it being too expensive. Which obviously I ended up picking moto.

What was your Intermediate year? Who was your main competition? When did you turn Pro?

I raced Intermediate 2 years in 2009 and 2010. My main competition in Intermediate was Ben Toye, Zach Zager and Cole Thompson, that I can remember. My final year of Intermediate in 450 I went 3-3-3 for 2nd overall – Cole was first. I turned Pro the next year in 2011, so I have been Pro for 7 years. So I guess you could say I’m an old vet now (Laughs).

Eric and his wife, Nicole, are expecting their first baby in January | Dave Snider photo (you heard me!)

What has been your best Pro year so far? What do you remember about it?

My best Pro year was actually last year which I ended up getting my lowest number, 32. My best race though was in Calgary I think 2013 or 2014. I got my first top 10. That race is one I remember because the week before Dan Hutchinson my mechanic and I really worked hard and it payed off with my first ever top 10.

You’re #32 this season. Can you tell us how your 2016 Rockstar MX Nationals series went?

Even though I got my lowest number, I honestly didn’t ride that well last year. I crashed at Ulverton, injuring my groin, and because of the injury I had to miss Pleasant Valley. Then, second moto in Moncton I took a rock off the goggles splitting my eyebrow open pouring blood everywhere filling my goggles so I couldn’t see. I seem to be able to show flashes of speed but still haven’t been able to put the full package together yet.

You skipped the western rounds this year. How come?

I skipped the west rounds this year because Nicole (my wife) and I just finished building our new home. We didn’t move into it until the end of May so with all the work of building it and moving I didn’t really have any time at all to train. So I knew I wouldn’t be ready or feel safe racing the west. Waiting till the east gave me more time to prepare and get ready.

One of the funniest things was when Eric earned #69 and simply said, “Looks like I’m taking a year off from racing.” | Tyler Spikman photo

Since joining the series at Gopher Dunes, you’ve been hovering around the 15-18 mark. How has your summer been going for you?

To be honest, I think my summer has been going pretty well, considering I haven’t been training at all during the week. At most, I ride once or twice a week just because we have been super busy at work lately (Jeffery Homes). I have been getting pretty good starts and can run top 15 pace for about 20 minutes then I fall off. I actually feel great on my KTM this year as Tom Zont came on board with Redemption this year and my bike feels super fast which is a big cause to my great starts.

What are you hoping for by the end of the season? What place would you be happy with?

I don’t really care about my overall points. What would make me happy is if in these last 2 rounds (Deschambault and RJ’s) is that I finish 15th or higher. I would be extremely happy with that.

Eric turned Pro in 2011 and is unsure how many years he has left | Dave Snider photo (It’s true)

What has been your best/favourite round/track this summer?

My best round so far was Pleasant Valley. I got a 6th place start and ran 10th to 13th for 25 minutes. I ended up getting really tight and lost 3 positions in the last lap-and-a-half finishing 16th which was frustrating. I rebounded second moto with another great start and finished 14th for 15th overall. I’m surprised I did so well there as I don’t like the track and don’t think it is a national caliber track.

What are your future racing plans? How many more years do you have in you?

My future racing plans are a bit murky right now as Nicole and I are expecting January 25th. We will see how it goes but maybe Nicole and I will spend from March to till June in the motor home at Club MX. I’m 25 now so I should have another good 3 years at least. My life is really changing now though as I have a new house to pay for, I’m getting more responsibilities at work, and now will soon have a little one to take care of. So we will see (Laughs).

We’re heading into Deschambault. Are you a fan of the big showcase double jump there? Will you be doing it? Do you like the last 2 tracks?

I do consider myself a jumper as I usually am the type of guy to do the big jumps first, but I actually haven’t jumped the big jump at Deschambault as I find it kinda sketchy. But maybe this weekend I jump it. We will have to see if I have the cahones or not to do it (Laughs). I do enjoy the last 2 tracks as I did pretty well last year at RJ’s, and Deschambault is a nice wide track and has a fun layout.

OK, see you this weekend. Thanks for the chat. Who would you like to thank?

First off, I would like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for keeping me safe every weekend. Josh and the snider family/Redemption Racing for trucking my bike across the East and all of their support. Jeffery Homes (AKA Mom and Dad) for supporting me and letting me race for this long because without their support I would be retired long ago (Laughs). My wife Nicole for always supporting me and having my back and allowing me to leave her being pregnant on the weekends (Laughs). Fly Racing for sending me the best gear making me look the most fly out of any racer out there. GB Bikes for all of their support. Tom Zont for make the GP Bikes KTM a rocket ship. Gamma and Dragon for supplying me goggles and tear offs this year, Dunlop, Spectro, SSI decals for coming up big for us and making our bikes look awesome! GP Bikes, KTM Canada, Jeffery Homes, Boot Trucking, West Woods Contracting, All Weather Windows, TMS Storage LLC, Wild West Fencing, Hot Cams, Hot Rods, Pivot Works, Vertex, Evens Coolant, Mika Metals, FMF, Friesen Plastic Products, Matrix, Coastal Coffee, Toronto Digital Imaging and last but not least, Direct Motocross for their continued leadership in covering Canadian Moto!

Week #32 is presented by OTSFF

Founded in 1994 by André Laurin, OTSFF is an independent logistics service provider specialized in multinational transportation for Ocean Container Freight, Air Freight and Truck Transportation. The philosophy of Laurin, president of the company, and his wife Monique, OTSFF Controller, is to provide individualized, customized service to each client, recognizing that no projects is too big or small.


Happy Friday, everyone. As sad as it is thinking about Walton not happening in a few weeks, we have to be happy with what we still have. We have the amateurs racing at Deschambault, and we have some of our best racing against the best in the world at Lorretta Lynn’s.

Loretta Lynn’s

The 3 biggest stars that stand out to me have got to be Kennedy Lutz, Austin Watling and Marco Cannella. These three young stars are helping to put Canadian moto on the map south of the border. Not to say that they are the only stars, they just happen to be shining the brightest in my eyes. All three have put in some great rides and are showing everyone that our talent is pretty deep North of the border. A big congrats to everyone who made it to Loretta’s, as that is a feat in itself.

There may be no Walton TransCan this year, but #46 Marco Cannella has been doing well at Loretta Lynn’s | Bigwave photo

Rockstar Energy MX Nationals

On the Pro side of things, to me it looks like both points leads aren’t going anywhere in either class. I know we have had some crazy things happen so far this season, but I really can’t see it happening yet again.

In MX2, Shawn Maffenbeier has a very solid 46-point lead. I don’t want to crap on the rest of the competition, but I only see Jess Pettis being able to match and beat Shawn in the last four motos. There are some other riders putting in great rides lately, but they aren’t at the level of the top duo of Maff and Pettis for 25 plus 1 lap.

Jacob Hayes has picked it up as of late. I think he is finally getting his outdoor legs under him. It’s a shame, because had he started off like this, he would surely be in this title fight.

One rider that has been impressing just about everyone is Tanner Ward. I’ve known Tanner a long time and trust me, this kid is only going to work harder, and only get better. If he can stay healthy and keep the needed support, look out. The sky is the limit for the young Orange Brigade rider.

You really have to give KTM Canada’s Claudie Lapointe some serious credit for Tanner’s success. Claudie is the one behind this program and she honestly deserves a huge pat on the back.

Anyway, back to the action. This weekend we are back to the softer dirt, and I think most riders are looking forward to it. Dylan Wright will be thinking wins, and I expect a guy like Casey Keast to be fighting for a top 5. Here are my Deschambault predictions:

MX2 Class

1st Shawn Maffenbeier

2nd Jess Pettis

3rd Jacob Hayes

4th Dylan Wright

5th Ryan Surratt

Can anyone stop Shawn Maffenbeier in the MX2 class? It’s doubtful | Bigwave photo

In MX1 action, Matt Goerke has been good everywhere. The former champion has not had a bad round, and has been rewarded with a 19-point lead. But, like we have seen in the MX2 class, anything can happen.

Christophe Pourcel has the talent and speed to turn it up at anytime. Can he do it for 4 straight motos to claim the title? Only time will tell. I sure hope he does, as it would make for some great racing.

Mike Alessi has been hot of late. He had a terrible crash last season at Deschambault, so you can bet the #5 will be looking for redemption. Another thing to keep an eye on, might be the #5, and the #108. Alessi and Dillan Epstein were fighting for the lead last week, when the two came together and Epstein was left on the ground. James Lissimore captured the sequence, and lots of keyboard warriors were chiming in. My honest opinion…. It was a racing incident. We have all done it, and had it done to us. This is motocross, you have the option to let up and check the the throttle, or you can go for. It doesn’t always workout either way, but oh well, shit happens. Here are my MX1 predictions:

MX1 Class

1st Christophe Pourcel

2nd Matt Goerke

3rd Mike Alessi

4th Dillan Epstein

5th Tyler Medaglia

Christophe Pourcel will win this week in Deschambault | Bigwave photo

Women’s East MX Nationals

The women are back this weekend. After a 2 weekend break, round 3 of the Women’s Nationals hit the track tomorrow in Deschambault, Quebec. This is a favourite track for many of the girls, so I’m really hoping we get a full gate.

So far this season, it has been ‘The Kennedy Lutz Show.’ Kennedy has been the best in all four motos so far. Defending champion Eve Brodeur has had a few bumps in the road this season. At times it looks like she has the speed to run with Kennedy, but other times, she has been either injured, or mistakes have cost her from a chance to challenge Kennedy.

Behind the top 2 will be the best battles. That 3rd podium spot and 4th and 5th stage positions will be the closest racing, I feel. Last season’s 3rd overall Brittany Gagne has been good, but looks too tight at times. Right there fighting with Gagne is the #9 of Isabelle Thibault. I love watching this girl ride. She gives zero fluffs and hangs it out.

I think the #31 of Megan Brodeur will be hovering around the 3rd-5th spots on Saturday. In my opinion she has the best style in the class, but the lack of off-season seat time hurts her (Megan is a top pro snowcross racer in the US).  And you can never count out the #108 of Liz Burke. She just needs a start and a chance to run with the top girls. Either way, it will once again be great racing for the fans. Here are my Round 3 predictions:

Women’s East

1st Kennedy Lutz

2nd Eve Brodeur

3rd Isabelle Thibault

4th Brittany Gagne

5th Megan Brodeur

Can anyone run with the high-flying Kennedy Lutz this week? Again, I doubt it | Bigwave photo

That’s it for me this week. Be sure to follow all of the action on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook this weekend to keep up to date. Have a great long weekend and #smileforBC and #liftwithscott.


Thanks, Jeff. It really is hard to believe we are heading into the last two rounds of competition for the Rockstar MX Nationals. It seems like just yesterday we were wondering if it could be true that former world champion, Christophe Pourcel, would be coming to Canada to race. Say what you want about the Canadian series, but you can’t deny it’s pretty tough to find faster racing outside the USA. We’ve been pretty lucky to watch top riders go head to head on Canadian solid the past few years.

This week, we’re heading to the little town just west of Quebec City on the north shore of the St. Lawrence. It is very french in this area. I took the language all through high school but am always too nervous to speak it in public. It’s strange, but it’s the way it is.

I know a few things about a few things. Here’s what I know about some place names and how locals hate it when you say them like this:  CUE-bec, New-FOUND-land, Ore-GON, and Newor- LEANS.

This track is fairly sandy. Not Gopher Dunes sandy, by any means, but is softer than the riders have seen outside Courtland, Ontario, this summer. Whenever we leave Deschambault, riders usually say it is one of their favourite tracks on the circuit.

There is a marquee jump at this track and it’s always a topic of conversation. It’s basically 2 separate jumps that the faster and braver riders have made into 1. I’m not sure what it’s called but I know some riders are not really fans of it while others think it’s great.

Here’s 2016 #69 Ryeley Gallup hitting the mammoth jump at Deschambault. It’s big. | Bigwave photo

There’s really nothing that says you have to do it. In fact, I’ve heard MX2 points leader, #12 Shawn Maffenbeier, has said he’s not going to risk the series by going for it during the races. I think jumps like these are best decided on before the races start. There’s nothing worse than thinking about a certain jump for half a lap every lap. “Dammit, here it comes again! Can I do it?” Those are thoughts that can really take the fun out of your moto.

AMO/MMRS Madoc National is Coming Again

Cole Thompson Update

Defending Canadian MX2 champion, Cole Thompson, has had his thumb surgery and is on the mend. Cole smashed his throttle thumb early in the first moto at MX Bon Conseil in Quebec. He tried to keep going but it just wasn’t going to happen.

I’ve had the same surgery and opted to be put under general anesthetic without so much as a second’s decision. Cole stayed awake for his and actually watch the doctor do the work! I’m impressed, Cole.

He said that the doctor even manipulated his thumb to show just how far he could hyper-extend it with the ruptured ligament.

They used a nerve block and he said he could feel any of his arm, but it’s still a gutsy way to go. Sure, they’ll tell you to avoid a general whenever possible, but I just didn’t think that applied here.

There is now a 12-week recovery period which obviously means Cole is off the motorcycle until at least some time in November.

Good luck with your recovery, Cole. I hope this doesn’t affect your online gaming!

Cole Thompson has had his successful thumb surgery and now the 12-week recovery period starts | Bigwave photo


#787 Josh Osby went down hard at round 7 at Pleasant Valley MX in Truro, NS. He cleaned out a fence, a speaker, and anyone standing in the vicinity; it was pretty scary.

The end result was a lacerated liver and a couple broken ribs. Truthfully, it could have been worse. He’s obviously out for a while now.

Actually, I spoke with him last Friday and was sworn to secrecy that he may show up on the line to get people talking and then pull off after rolling around for a lap.

He decided against it as he said he felt so good there was a strong possibility he would have made a really bad decision and lined up for the motos.

He was also going to display some 2018 Fly Racing gear, but they had messed up his number and put his #87 from Arenacross on the back, so the whole presentation was messed up anyway.

Good choice, Josh.

Anyway, he has been to see a specialist in his home state of Indiana and Redemption Racing team manager, Josh Snider, tells me there’s a chance we could see the team lining up at the Monster Cup in Las Vegas.

I’ve already booked my seat in the truck and will do my share of driving if this plan comes together.

He’s already been cycling and even did 30 miles just yesterday, so we know he’s on the road back to racing.

We should see him and his dad hanging out next weekend at RJ’s in Barrie, so be sure to go up and say hello. He’s been a great addition to the series and it’s too bad we didn’t get to see him continue to battle for this championship to the end.

Josh Osby is still out of action but should be back fairly soon | Bigwave photo

#77 Nathan Bless Out for Remainder of the Season

I don’t think this Press Release will surprise anyone, after seeing that photo we took of Nathan Bles when he returned to the River Glade track after a visit to the hospital.

He came up short on the big double after the finish line during qualifying in Moncton and doesn’t remember it at all. He came back to the track later in the afternoon looking like he’d gone a few rounds with a heavyweight boxer.

Anyway, he tried to see how he felt this week but said he still felt dizzy, especially when he elevated his heart rate. Wisely, he will sit out the rest of the series (only 2 rounds) and likely get ready for the upcoming Snow Bikecross season with the Huber Motorsports team.

Canadians at Loretta Lynns

We’ve got around 13 Canadians to cheer for this year at the Rocky Mountain ATC/MC Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Championships.

Here’s a look at how they have been doing up to the point of this Update:

Thomas Munro
65 (7-9) Unlimited: 21-15-

Noah Viney
65 (10-11) Ltd.: 18-11-
65 (7-11): 17-11-

Preston Masciangelo
85 (9-11) Ltd.: 12-9-

Seth Hughes
125 C: 18-24-

Bjorn Viney
250 B Ltd.: DNF-DNF-
Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C: 20-24-

Ross Thirnbeck
250 C Ltd.: 23-19-
250 C Jr. (12-17) Ltd.: 20-13-

Matthew Meszaros
250 C Ltd.: 28-36-
450 C: 11-17-

Brad Williams
250 C: 6-9-13=7th
250 C Jr. (12-17) Ltd.: 16-25-

Rylan Bly
250 C: 13-3-4=6
250 C Ltd.: 9-2-

Austin Watling
250 B: 26-19-24=20
450 B: 15-3-

Marco Cannella
250 B: 8-15-13=10th
450 B: 4-2-

Kyle Keast
Junior (25+): 6-22-

Kennedy Lutz
Women (12+) Amateur: 3-4- (headed to Deschambault)

Great job, everyone. Sorry if I missed anyone. Like always, the only time you hear from anyone is when you make a mistake, so I’m expecting a message in 3, 2, 1…

My plan every year is to get back down there for this event, but all the driving and travel involved in covering our Pro series seems to make it next to impossible to do. Next year, for sure…

ECAN at Deschambault

We’ve also got a lot of riders racing the Eastern Canadian Amateur Nationals (ECAN) this week at Deschambault leading up to round 9 of the Pro National series on Sunday.

We’ll be there all day Saturday for the final motor, so everyone save your heroics until then so I can capture it with my cameras! Seriously, take it easy out there today.

You can follow along with the action on the live SPEEDHIVE link HERE: It’s a bit janky but you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

KTM Canada Thor Racing Update

OK, so we all know the racing woes the team is having this summer – Kaven Benoit out with his internal laceration at MX Bon Conseil, and Cole Thompson’s thumb surgery. Young Intermediate #184 Tanner Ward has been flying the flag all by himself under the big, fancy KTM awning. So, why not have a couple fill-in riders. You ask?

Well, it’s not as easy as saying yes to the first 2 decent riders who show an interest. There’s way more to it than that.

Sure, we’ve all said #262 Jesse Wentland should be riding Kaven’s bike, but Oneal is probably Jesse’s biggest supporter right now and KTM runs Parts Canada Thor stuff. That’s definitely one of the sticking points.

If they were to sign a couple riders for the final few races, they would have to be podium racers. Those are very few and far between. It just doesn’t make sense for them to have someone out there having fun on some sweet product but not having realistic expectations of standing up in front of the TV camera at the end of the day.

Well, fret not because young US Amateur Orange Brigade racer, Connor Mullennix, is a B rider looking to get his feet wet in some Pro/Am racing before he hits the A class down south in 2018.

Look for him to be a nice addition to the squad at RJ’s in Barrie next weekend in the MX2 class.

KTM Canada Marketing Director, Claudie Lapointe, said they were very happy to be able to help out their American counterparts after all the help and support they have given to Tanner Ward and Jacob Piccolo.


Motopark Huckabucka Slam


Featuring Motopark Summer Olympic Games

The week of August 14 to 20, 2017

Get ready for a great week of camping, practice, fun and racing at Motopark August 14 through 20, 2017.

The park has special hours during this week and will be open for practice Monday through Thursday from 10:00am to 4:00pm each day. The track will be groomed and watered each day and kept in top condition.

Friday and Saturday, August 18 & 19, Motopark presents the inaugural Huckabucka Slam. Sunday August 20 is our rain date and if not required, is an open practice day for those who can still sit on their bike.

The Huckabucka Slam will feature a 3 Moto format. Two 15 minute motos and the Huckabucka Road Runner Sprint Moto (2.5 laps). We will be spending a bit more time tilling and breaking up the dirt to make corners loamy and creating new race lines.


  • Monday August 14 – 10am to 4pm, open practice, $35
  • Tuesday August 15 – 10am to 4pm, open practice, $35
  • Wednesday August 16 – 10am to 4pm, open practice, $35
  • Thursday August 17 – 10am to 4pm, open practice, $35
  • Thursday August 17 – 2:00pm 8:00pm, early race sign in
  • Thursday August 17 – 6:30pm to 9:00pm – Motopark Olympic Games (more info coming soon)
  • Friday August 18 – 7:00am – 8:00am, race sign in
  • Friday August 18 – 8:00am, MANDATORY RIDERS MEETING
  • Friday August 18 – 8:30am, race practice starts
  • Friday August 18 – 6:00pm to 7:00pm – Steak or Chicken Dinner
  • Friday August 18 – 8:00pm – Huckabucka Best Whip Contest
  • Saturday August 19 – 8:30am, race practice
  • Saturday August 19 – 6:30pm – Awards Banquet and $10 buffet


The Off-Road Café will be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Featuring a full menu including our most popular items, Moto Muffin’s and Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. No need to stock the fridge when you come to Motopark.

Dinner will be available at the Off Road Cafe each evening. Full service is available in the Restaurant at the following hours. Monday thru Wednesday 8:00am to 6:00pm Thursday thru Sunday 7:00am to 7:00pm Hours below;

  • Monday 8:00am – 6:00pm
  • Tuesday 8:00am – 6:00pm
  • Wednesday 8:00am – 6:00pm
  • Thursday 7:00am – 7:00pm
  • Friday 7:00am – 5:00pm
  • Friday 6:00pm – 7:00pm (Dinner)
  • Saturday 7:00am – 4:00pm
  • Saturday 6:30pm – (Buffet Dinner, $10)
  • Sunday 8:00am – 6:00pm



NO RACING LICENSE REQUIRED, Motopark welcomes all racers to race the Huckabucka Slam. No membership or licensing fees required to race.


Motopark Summer Olympic Games will take place on Thursday evening at various venues throughout the grounds. More information will be posted soon.


The main gate is staffed 24 hours. No one will be allowed into the main pit area between the hours of 11:00pm and 7:00am. Vehicles arriving during those hours will be staged in the overflow area. Please shut generators off at 11:00pm.

Security will be on duty and Motopark has a number of video security systems on the property. Should you have any concerns overnight please report to the main gate. There is no beer tent at Motopark. Firewood is available at the main gate which is staffed 24 hours Wednesday through Saturday.


All Motopark’s serviced sites and hotel rooms are booked for this special event. Local hotels to contact include the Key Motel in Chatsworth (10 min) 519-794-2350, In Owen Sound (20 min), Inn on 6th, 519 376-3510, Quality Inn 519-376-1551. There are other Hotels in Owen Sound. If you plan to stay in a Hotel book right away because that is a big event weekend in Owen Sound. There is lots of primitive camping available. Any vehicles arriving after 11:00pm will have to wait until morning to park so as not to disturb the campground. Generators must be shut off by 11:00pm for the same reason.


Sign in for the race can be done online or at the scoring trailer at the finish line from 2:00pm to 8:00pm Thursday and 7:00am to 8:00am Friday morning.


Want to beat the lines or sleep in an extra half hour on race day? Pre register by following this link: (Once you register online all you have to do is head to the registration trailer located at the finish line check in and sign a waiver.)

Main track classes, have your transponder number ready for registration. Mini track classes will not be using transponders. Online registration closes at 12:00pm on August 17.

Pre-registration is not mandatory you can sign up at the event.


  • Mini track classes will not be using transponders.
  • All main track classes will be using transponders.
  • You can race without a transponder but you will not be scored or win any awards.
  • Buy one from MyLaps – buy a transponder.


Bike numbers are mandatory. If you do not have bike numbers on your bike you will be black flagged.


Fort Moto paintball will be open Monday thru Friday. The fee is $30 per player and includes a mask, gun and a hopper of balls. Commander Jeff will officiate at all games. To register you can sign up in the registration area in the Off-Road Café.


  • Firewood, head up to the front gate, $10 a grain bag full.


No pit bikes are allowed at Motopark on race days. Golf Karts are to be driven by licensed adults only, passengers must be seated. Race bikes may be driven to the starting line. First gear only. No motorized vehicle of any kind to be ridden in the spectator/vendors/sign in area in front of the restaurant.


Gate Admission:

Pulling in Monday to Thursday?

  • $25 per person,
  • 6 and under free.

Pulling in Friday?

  • $20, Friday.
  • 6 and under free.

Arriving Saturday?

  • $10. Saturday
  • 6 and under free.

Primitive camping fees per vehicle:

Arriving on:

  • Monday August 14, $70
  • Tuesday August 15, $60
  • Wednesday August 16, $50
  • Thursday August 17, $40
  • Friday August 18, $30
  • Saturday August 19, $20

Practice Fee:

  • Practice fee is $35 per day.

Motopark is closed for practice and camping on August 21 and 22.

Race Entry Fee:

  • Main Track: $70 per class (3 moto format over two days)
  • Mini Track: $50 per class (3 moto format over two days)

Sign up for the race in the black Motopark trailer by the finish line.

We cannot administer refunds or special requests at the gate or the race entry trailer. Please report to Nick or our administration staff in the Registration area for special requests.


Mini Track

  • 50cc Pee Wee (4 – 6)
  • 50cc GP
  • 65cc B
  • Mini Beginner (first year racers, 50cc to 110cc 4-stroke)
  • Girls (4-8)
  • Mini GP (50cc & 65cc B)

Main Track

  • 50cc Pee Wee (7 – 8)
  • 65cc Pee Wee (7 – 9)
  • 65cc Pee Wee (10 – 11)
  • 65cc Pee Wee GP (7 – 11)
  • 85cc (7 – 11)
  • 85cc (12 – 16)
  • Supermini (9 – 16)
  • Ladies A 14+ (105cc to 250cc 2-stroke, 150cc to 250cc 4-stroke)
  • Ladies B (105cc to 250cc 2-stroke, 150 to 250 4-stroke)
  • Girls (9 – 16) (65cc to 112cc 2-stroke, 75cc to 150cc 4-stroke)
  • 125cc 2-stroke (Jr / Int / Pro)
  • 250 Beginner
  • Open Beginner
  • 250 Junior
  • Open Junior
  • 250 Intermediate
  • 450 Intermediate
  • Open Intermediate
  • School Boy 2 (13 – 17, 125cc to 153cc 2-stroke, 250cc 4-stroke. NO SUPERMINI)
  • Youth 14 to 24 (Beginner / Junior)
  • Youth 14 to 24 (Intermediate / Pro)
  • Vet 25+ (Beginner / Junior)
  • Vet 25+ (Intermediate / Pro)
  • Vet 35+
  • Vet 45+
  • Vet 50+

Date of Event: Aug 18, 2017

Club: Huckabucka Slam

CMRC Amateur Grand National Championship at Whispering Pines

CMRC License Mandatory ~ Available on sign up. Cost $50/weekend $130/year,

Transponders Mandatory ~ Limited rentals available. You can pre-purchase at They can be shipped up to 2 weeks prior to event to ensure they are registered and activated and for the event.

Pro Class Provided ~ 3 Moto format to run at the end of each Amateur day line up. Pro Purse TBA

Online Pre Entry Sign Up:  

  • Online sign up is encouraged and processed until August 15th at 12:00am.
  • Racers can sign up for up to 3 Classes.

**All Sign Up times AT THE EVENT will have a $25 additional charge.

Event Day Sign Up:  Wednesday August 16th 6:00pm – 8:00pm only.


  • Wristbands: $20 each up to $60 per family
  • Camping:$15 per night
  • Entries $100 per class. Includes TWO AMATEUR 15 minute practice/qualifiers on Thursday, August 17th plus 3 Motos (One moto per day August 18th, 19th, 20th)
  • Open Pro Am $100. Pro Purse TBA. Includes one 20 minute practice following full Amateur practice/qualifiers Thursday, August 17th. Intermediates allowed to sign up for Open Pro Am but must qualify during Pro Practice.
  • Sign up at the event will have additional $25 charge.

Pitting Information:

  • Priority Pitting Wednesday August 16th:
  • Vendors and Sponsors – 12:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Racers – 4:00pm to 10:00pm

Practice/Qualifying Formats and Information for Thursday August 17th:

  • Mandatory Riders meeting 7:45am
  • Practice/Qualifying  8:30am

Amateur Practice and Qualifiers for Thursday, August 17th:

  • Each individual class will receive TWO 15 MINUTE TIMED practice/qualifiers.
  • Your Practice/Qualifier is the only avenue to qualify for the A or B Mains.
  • The TOP 30 lap times in Practice/Qualifier 1, in  your class, will proceed to the A main. Your second Practice/Qualifier is the LCQ and will determine the FINAL 10 fastest lap times who will proceed to the A Main.
  • B Mains will be provided for any class for 10 or more racers who did not make the A main up to a full 40 gate moto. B mains do not include trophies or payouts. B Mains will not be provided for less than 10 gates.
  • Practice/Qualifying Order will be determined following confirmation of all class entry numbers.

Pro Riders: NO qualifiers for CMRC Carded Pros. Intermediates who wish to ride the Pro Am must qualify during Pro practice.

Racing Format ~ August 18th, 19th, 20th

Mandatory Riders Meeting (random roll call taken) 7:45am

  • First Class site lap to begin at 8:30am
  • Each day will run one full Race Order Line up.
  • All A Main classes will be run separately and receive a site lap.
  • B Mains do not receive a site lap and may be subject to combined classes.
  • Moto 1 Gate pick to be determined by lap times. Moto 2 and 3 Gate pick to be determined by previous moto standings.

All CMRC Rule book rules to be strictly followed. Protests must be made within 20 minutes of posted results accompanied by a formal protest form and $100. If protest is ruled in your favor, the $100 will be refunded. If the protest is not ruled in your favor $100 will not be refunded.


50cc (4-6)
50cc (7-8)
50cc Open
65cc (7-9)
65cc  (10-11)
85cc (7-11)
85cc (12-16)
Schoolboy 1 (12-16yrs) 86cc -125cc 2stroke/75cc-150cc 4stroke
Schoolboy 2 (13-16yrs) 122cc – 153cc 2 stroke/150cc-250cc 4stroke
Junior MX1
Junior MX2
Junior MX3
Intermediate MX1
Intermediate MX2
Intermediate MX3
Vet Junior
Vet Master
Plus 40
Under 30 (Youth)
Open Pro Am

Trophies and Podium Awards:

  • To be presented 1 hour after completing Moto 3 line up August 20th. You must be present to receive your trophy.
  • Trophies to 5th place.
  • No amateur payouts.
  • Pro Purse TBA.
  • Payout structure TBA.

Night time Entertainment Schedule to be announced soon!

New Rider for PRMX Team this Weekend

You may be watching the MX2 motos this weekend at Deschambault and wondering who the fast rider on the PRMX Kawasaki #805 is.

Well, Carlen Gardner is a 19-year-old racer from California. He was actually supposed to join the team for Supercross this past season before he got injured.

He’s back in action and will be teammates with #74 Guillaume St-Cyr as we head into the final two rounds of competition.

I don’t think he’s a podium threat, but he should be mixing it up and having some pretty fast riders scratching their heads.

Watch for #805 Carlen Gardner from California to be mixing it up in the MX2 class this week | Jesse Leduc photo

Dillan Epstein Update

I’m sure you’ve all seen the video clip and the photo sequence of the crash #108 Dillan Epstein had on lap 3 of the second moto at River Glade last Sunday.

He was pressuring #5 Mike Alessi for the lead into and out of a corner when 2 lines appeared to become one and he went down in a rolling heap of arms, legs, and dust.

Mike looked over his shoulder briefly and stayed up while Dylan got to his feet briefly, went down to the ground, and then got up again and walked gingerly back to the pits with Pat O’Connor, heavily favouring his right leg in the hamstring area.

We interviewed him at the end of the day and he was a little upset at how it went down and wasn’t sure how badly his leg was injured in the crash.

We got in touch with him today to see what his plans were, and he informed us that he’s “feeling good and still unsure if I’m racing or not. You’ll see me in practice Sunday morning though.”

It sounds like he’s still in a lot of pain because you know a racer will line up in a lot of discomfort. There is always a big difference between riding in pain and injured. Hopefully, he will decide if the pain is too great during practice and not that it’s an injury that will sideline him.

We’ll be sure to watch him in practice and let everyone know what he decides.

Good luck, Dillan. The MX1 class needs you out there!

#108 Dillan Epstein is a game time decision this weekend after his crash last week in Moncton | Bigwave photo

OK, thank you to Josh Snider for driving the first leg of our drive east to Deschambault and getting us through the worst part of it – Friday afternoon traffic in Toronto.

It’s my turn to sit in the driver’s seat, so we’ll call it quits for the week, here.

With Jeff at the races these next couple weeks, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for tons of updates throughout the weekend. It’s the final day of the ECAN Saturday, Round 3 of 4 for the Women’s East MX Nationals, and then round 9 of the Rockstar MX Nationals Sunday. It’s going to be busy!

We don’t see Earl Doucet very often, so let let him say it… “See you at the races…”