Frid’Eh Update #35 Presented by KTM Canada

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #35 belongs to Quebec racer, Jason Benny | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #35 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week Presented by KTM Canada. Jason Benny has been racing for as long as he can remember and came up through the ranks with some fast riders. His path got thrown off a little by some injuries, but he’s back at full strength and starting to get up to where he fells he should be.

He finished 11th in the MX2 class this year and became a fixture on the podium collecting Royal Distributing Holeshot Awards and Triple Crown cheques.

Here is what his 2017 summer looked like:

He finished ahead of Ryan Lalonde and just behind Davey Fraser. We grabbed him for a chat to get to know him better and to get his thoughts on his summer and more.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Jason. We sure got to know you a little better this season with all of your holeshots! However, some people may not know much about your MX history. Can you tell us how you got started in motocross?

Jason Benny: At age 2, I kept asking my dad for a dirt bike, don’t ask me where it came from, I just wanted to ride. He told me that if I could ride my bicycle without training wheels he would get me one. Took them things off and started training right away. By the time I was 3, I knew how to ride on two wheels but he still bought me a 3-wheeler! Then the year later he got me quad. I kept asking over and over again for a bike and go it at 7 years old. We never stopped since.

Where are you from and who did you come up through the ranks racing against?
I am from Joliette, Quebec, Canada. I raced against many guys in Quebec that came and went like Alex Laliberté, Jonathan Parisé and many more. I also got to ride with Justin Barcia, Gannon Audette, Dean Wilson, Jeremy Martin

This is the whiskey throttle moment from Pleasant Valley that still haunts Jason’s dreams at night | Bigwave photo

What was your biggest success as an amateur?
My biggest success as an amateur would be when I won the 85cc (14-16) and Supermini at the Florida Winter Am series.
When did you turn Pro?
I turned pro in 2010 at age 18.
How did your first year go?
My first Pro year was not very good. I think it was on the 2nd weekend of the season, I tipped over in a corner and while lifting my bike up, someone railed the inside, clipped my ankle and broke it. I was injured for half the season but came back by the end and did very good races.

Jason really started to get his starts dialed as the series moved on this summer | Bigwave photo

You were #35 this season and looked like you belonged up with the top riders. Were you happy with your summer?
Yes, we improved every weekend and did the the best we could, but I’m still not completely satisfied. I’ll have to step my game up if I want to be up there anytime in any conditions.
What was the highlight of your racing season?
My highlight this season was Deschambault, without a doubt. After getting 6-4 motos, while I was going back to my trailer a friend told me I got an overall podium, I could not believe it. I’ll remember this day my whole life.
What was your favourite track? Least favourite track?
Favourite track would be Deschambault, even the way we had it this season. Least favorite would be Truro. Man, that nosedive still haunts my dreams!
You just missed a sub-20 number for next year by finishing 11th in MX2. What could you have done to gain that extra place?
I did miss the first 2 rounds, but still would have had to be in better shape and have more riding time than I did to crack the top 10.
What have you been up to since the series ended a couple weeks ago?
Since the series ended I been relaxing, riding once a week for fun and preparing for hunting season.
What’s the next event for you?
Next event is this weekend at Xtown. It is a Quebec Provincial, the last race I’ll do before winter.

Jason will race the final Quebec Provincial this weekend at X Town and then start planning for next season | Bigwave photo

What will you do over the winter months?
I don’t know exactly yet. I will surely be riding backcountry snowmobile with my dad and friends, and I will probably head down south around February.
Will you do the whole series next season?
Hopefully, I will. I will do anything in my power to make it!
OK, we’ll let you go there. Good luck and who would you like to thank?
I’d like to thank first off my dad, who has always been supporting me no matter what, he’s the best! My whole family and friends! And also my great sponsors: Motovan, Black Rider, Shot, Evs, Ogio, Scott goggles, Bolt, Torc1, Mathias Marine Sport, Kawasaki Canada, Vrmedic, TCX boots, Dunlop tires, Motul, Jwtfmx, Kutvek Amerika, KB5 suspensions and motors Canada, and Dalton Timmis insurance.

The Update is brought to you by KTM Canada.


Hey guys, Happy Friday. With the Canadian Pro Nationals done for the season and only one US National left, what is a guy to do? Well, the obvious thing would be to load up and head to Madoc. Yes, the AMO/MMRS Madoc National. With Walton gone, Madoc is the biggest, baddest Amateur National in Canada, and I’m willing to bet that 2017 trumps past years. It’s now a 3-moto format with racing starting Friday afternoon. It is clearly the place to be. The entire town opens its arms to the racers and families, and it really does make for a great weekend. Hope to see you all there.

Jeff is going after another Legends title this weekend at the AMO/MMRS Madoc National | Bigwave photo

I’m going to have to cut it real short this week. I have a Legends Class championship to prepare for. Also, I will be pulling double duty and putting the band back together. That’s right, you heard it right. Jeremy Medaglia and I will be teaming up again and will be taking over in Madoc. Have a great weekend and tune in and follow the action on Twitter. Wish us luck and don’t forget to #smileforBC and #liftwithscott.

Jeremy Medaglia is headed back to Madoc to reclaim his 2013 crown | Bigwave photo


Sheesh, I was really hoping to lean on Jeff a little this week! I was in Montreal for the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new KTM Canada and Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada head office. It’s in the small Quebec town of Chambly which is just southeast of Montreal. The two brands bring so much excitement to the area that the mayor himself came and said a few words to the 150 people in attendance.

The Mayor of Chambly, Quebec, welcomes everyone to the ribbon cutting ceremony | BIgwave photo

Eve Brodeur and Tanner Ward on a couple 2018 KTM bikes at Franklin MX Thursday afternoon | Bigwave photo

I was there for a couple nights and even got to ride 3 of the 2018 MX models: 150 2-stroke, 250F and 350F. I’ll post a few photos from the afternoon out at Franklin MX early next week.

The big news on the moto side of things at KTM Canada was that young Manitoba rider #164 Ryder McNabb was signed on to the Orange Brigade Amateur Program.

Manitoba’s #164 Ryder McNabb is the newest member of the Orange Brigade Amateur Program at KTM Canada | Bigwave photo

Check out this cheesy little video we did showing Tanner Ward giving his OB hat to Ryder and then looking dejected…until JSR comes in and gives him his new Factory Racing hat.

Also starring, KTM Canada Marketing Manager, Claudie Lapointe.

The night ended with a whole bunch of brake stands at this specially made spot in the parking lot with a changeable pad and permanent front wheel chock. Ut was pretty crazy | Bigwave photo

I shot some video and a bunch of photos of the day and night that I’ll post up on the site early this coming week. Thanks for a great couple days, gang. However, my right knee would like to say something entirely different to you today…

Dylan Wright Racing Ironman MX This Weekend

This Update will be very short this week, due to the fact that I drove all the way home to London from Montreal today and now I’m off to watch #223 Dylan Wright race the final Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship race at Ironman MX tomorrow. There won’t be time for much sleep, but it will be worth it!

We called off the trip to Budds Creek last week and Dylan went 13-13 for 13th overall in the 250 class. Let’s see what he can do this week at the final round. He’s just at these races to learn as much as he can for the future, but a racer is a racer, and you know he’s going to be going for it. See you there guys.

Dylan Wright is headed to Ironman MX this weekend for his 2nd AMA Pro race in a row | Bigwave photo

Team Canada ISDE

Be sure to follow along with the  Canadians over in France competing at the 2017 ISDE in France. Here’s how:



Offical ISDE France site:

The event starts Sunday.

I totally ripped this off Shelby Turner’s Facebook page. Hope she’s OK with it | Shelby Turner photo

OK, I’ve had enough “rest,” it’s time to get back in the #DMXVan and head for Indiana! Josh Snider is on the fence about coming along with me. I’m going to call him now and see what it will take to get him in the driver’s seat.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Have fun and be safe, wherever you’re riding or racing. Check out our Twitter and Instagram Saturday for behind-the-scenes looks at the happenings around the GDR pits with Dylan Wright at Ironman MX.

This dude says, “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo