Frid’Eh Update #40 Presented by Team Canada MXON

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #40 belongs to Barrie, ON rider, Taylor Ciampichini. | Bigwave photo

Taylor Ciampichini is the stylish rider from Barrie, Ontario, who we’ve gotten to know well over the years. In 2016, he earned #40 but then we didn’t see him at the races much this past summer. In fact, he only raced 2 rounds and will be #76 for 2018.

Like most riders his age, he’s had to deal with real life issues, such as a career, and so he spent time getting his future sorted out. I know this because he was in the same class getting his truck license as a good friend of mine this past year.

We grabbed him for a chat to talk about his past and where he sees his future going.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Taylor. Could you start off by telling everyone a little about yourself?

Taylor Ciampichini: Hey, Billy, first off thanks for doing this! I’m from Barrie, Ontario, but currently living in Wasaga Beach. I started racing circa 2007 and made my Pro debut in fall of 2013 at one of the AXTour events in Bowling Green, Kentucky (If I can remember right).

How did you pick your first racing number?
CMX gave me 59 then CMRC changed it to 259 and it stuck.
You were #40 for this past year. You only raced 2 rounds in 2017. Why so few?
After this winter down south I came home and went to school for my AZ License. I really needed a full-time job. After school I could not land a secure job driving for one of the race teams this summer, so I went and got a job at great company called Larway Transport out of Barrie. I drove locally for 4 weeks and long haul for 6 weeks. I never got to ride, I brought a bicycle with me and tried to workout but truthfully hated being alone 6 days a week. So I quit trucking 2 days before the Gopher Dunes Pro National and attempted to race.

Taylor turned Pro back at an AX Tour race in Kentucky back in 2013. | Bigwave photo

How is your new job going? What do you do?

My new job at Mike Jackson GM as a Sales Consultant is amazing. The Friday after Gopher I got hired there. Lucky for me, my manager is a huge Moto/Snowcross dad and has guided his 3 talented kids to multiple Snowcross Championships.

How did your 2 races you did go this sumer?
Well, I understand first-hand why most people that work full-time only ride on weekends (Laughs). The races were good, I had fun and I finished in the top 20… after barely riding and working lots, you can’t expect too much more.
What have you been up to since RJ’s?
Since RJ’s I’m pretty sure I’ve worked every day but Sundays; I really like my job!! But I’ve been either riding moto on the Sundays or riding Jetskis.
What will you do this fall?
Well, first time since 2012 there is no fall AXTour. I’m going to continue to work to just keep saving my money. Recently, I’ve taken a small role in working with Huber Motorsports’ Cale Callan, 18 year Pro-Lite Snocross Racer with some off-the-sled training. It’s very similar to when I was training alongside Tanner Ward and Austin Watling with Kyle Thompson (FrankFit) the last few years. It’s always nice to have a motivator to go to the gym with!
What will you do over the winter months?
I’m going to continue working with Cale and perhaps go to some of the Snocross races for Mike Jackson GM to show off some new Chevs, and who knows, maybe find someone to work for at the CSRA races for a change. It’s going to be my first winter home in a long time so might as well make the best of it.

It’s always hard to pick just one special moment, but Taylor says filling in for the GDR team at his himetown at RJ’s in 2016 was way up there on his list. | Bigwave photo

What are your plans for next summer?
Next summer is a long ways away…. I’m still trying to figure out my plans for tomorrow (Laughs). I promise it will involve dirt bikes.
Over the years, what’s your most memorable racing moment?
I can’t narrow it down to one moment, but the one weekend that I’ll never forget and truly was just awesome was Rj’s CMRC Pro National in 2016 when I got to fill in for the GDR Honda team in front of my hometown crowd. Such a fun weekend.
Thanks for chatting with us. Who would you like to thank?
Thanks again, Billy. I wouldn’t be where I am without… my whole family, Mike Jackson GM, WCK Honda, Honda Canada, Frankfit Canada, TeamLTD, FXR, Motoseat, LimeNine, MP1 Suspension, Ryno Power, Jetwerx, Works Connection, MxSchools, Newera, Notoil, Motion Pro, 100%, Galfer.

This week is all about Team Canada MXON. Go, Canada, go!



Happy Friday. Well, it is here – Motocross of Nations is this weekend. We are sending a very good team this year and I think the guys will do very well. All 3 of our riders have participated and there should be no jitters. Tyler Medaglia just keeps getting better and better, Colton Facciotti was the fastest MX1 rider in the series by far when he was healthy, and Shawn Maffenbeier was our fastest 250f racer, when he was on 2 wheels.
I haven’t been this excited about a Canadian Team since Blair Morgan, JSR, and Colton at Budds Creek. I think the 3 guys that will be representing us this year have all of the tools to get the job done and possibly get us our best results yet. Team manager Kourtney Lloyd has once again gone above and beyond to make sure that Team Canada has everything they need to succeed.

Short and sweet this week. Good luck to our boys across the pond. Have a great weekend and #smileforBC and #liftwithscott.


Thanks, Jeff. As I sit here on the Isle of Portland on the south shore of England in the county of Dorset, the rain (or I should say mist) continues to keep the ground wet. It has been a great couple days over here so far. Team Canada is in great spirits and I believe we have the people to do well, no matter what the condition of the track itself.
Colton Facciotti, Shawn Maffenbeier, and Tyler Medaglia we out practicing yesterday at a track called Cusses Gorse (possibly the strangest name for a track we’ve ever encountered). They all made a few changes to their bikes and seemed happy with the result.
I took some photos and put together some raw video from the day.

Oh wait, I forgot we went bowling Wednesday night!

Word on the street is that Summer Knowles bowls in a league back in BC. Cool?

Check out the names.

Jake Tricco slides into one.

Cale Foster and Colton Facciotti keeping it cool in the back.

That’s American Chris Alldredge hanging out with the Canucks.

Kyle Springman and Jake check the board.

The guys competed in everything they had to offer. Here’s Tyler on the Guitar Hero machine.

For a little guy, he packs a pretty good punch.

Challenging Chris to a dance off.

Colton swings the hammer.

Cale was the big winner in the punching and swinging categories.

Everyone impressed with Cale’s numbers.

Our house for the week is on the Isle of Portland. We got up early and did some sightseeing on the way to the practice track.

We headed north to check out the small town of Glastonbury.

The roads were classic English-style making the drive a white-knuckle affair.

Every driveway you looked in had a historic building like this, it seemed.

The town of Glastonbury itself is small but has some very interesting history.

Do you watch the series ‘Outlander’ on Netflix? Well, this building pre-dates that show by 300 years!

Our first order of business was finding a cup of coffee near the town square.

This is the field where the Glastonbury Music Festival is held each year. I was there to find the fire pit where people gather to celebrate the life of Joe Strummer from The Clash. That’s Glastonbury Tor in the distance where it is said King Arthur is buried.

Our route next took us to the historic city of Bath where you can see back in time to when the Romans ruled the land.

Driving these roads here is stressful enough. Cycling them is suicidal!

Hey, where is everyone?

We finally got to Cusses Gorse late in the afternoon. That’s Jake Tricco (left) and Jake Piccolo (right) from the Youth Ambassador program. Kyle Springman is in charge of these two future Team Canada riders.

The guys had already been out on the track, and were making some changes to head out again.

Cale Foster changes a clutch for Shawn Maffenbeier.

Allan Brown drops in the new plates.

Shawn, Colton, and Tyler talk about a few sections on the track.

Sascha from Germerica is back to help the team out again this year.

There were a couple other teams at the track yesterday. These guys brought their own start gate.

Tyler shows the guys some of his moves.

GDR’s Derek Schuster is here.

Kyle was NOT ready for his close-up.

Team Canada Manager Kourtney Lloyd does a quick head count.

This is Emily’s first trip to England. She’s thrilled to spend it at dirt bike tracks…

Kourtney and Summer Knowles watching some riding. Wow, that’s my first ‘normal’ photo of Summer!

James Lissimore and his mom are going to do some European traveling when the races are finished.

OK, who left the lights on??!!

Pretty slick team jackets!

Kibby checking Tyler’s lap times.

Tyler heading into the rhythm section.

There’s no shortage of beautiful backdrops in this area.

Tyler was ready for HIS close-up.

The pits for the day.

Team USA rider, Thomas Covington’s pit,

Shawn back on track.

Colton was smooth as usual.

Team Canada supporters.

Summer and Emily.

Shawn was feeling good after the changes they made.

He talks it over with Allan.

Colton should do well here this weekend, rain or shine.

Check out the paparazzi! Um, Shawn’s over there!

The gang.

Lining the fence.


Eyes on the prize.

Ryan Lockhart from Atlas Brace and Derek.

Tyler and Kibby.

Jacob and his mom, Jen Piccolo.

Maff heading back out.

Tyler and Derek ‘Tailgating with…’ out us.

Colton has been to the MXON 5 times before. He knows what to do and should lead us to a solid finish.

Brad McLean from Atlas Brace completes a Face Time call with home.

Shawn Maffenbeier is now a 2-timer. He should be more relaxed and do well this year.

Colton checks in with his mechanic, Justin Petker.

Pit life.

Just a snapshot of more pit life.

Colton and Justin.

Maff sailing through the English countryside.

Allan and Cale after a successful practice run.

Red and White proud!

If Jake Tricco keeps improving the way he is, he’ll represent the Red and White in the future.


Cale and Shawn.

Derek high-stepping.

Colton at the end of a good day of testing.

Then we wandered by Stonehenge on the way home. It’s almost show time!

The gang back at Pennsylvania Castle.

The entire Canadian contingent got together for a great dinner last night. Thanks, guys.

Yes, it’s a legitimate castle! The builder’s grandfather founded the actual state of Pennsylvania!

Not bad.

Hungry Canadians waiting patiently.

There’s just one person missing…

Maff gets a nice post-dinner massage.

Apparently, this calendar is for Rachel Springman. That’s pretty finny.

Kyle Springman won for funniest log entry.

Tyler does his best George Costanza pose with his banner (Google it, Bowker!)

We then took a walk down the cliff to the graveyard. I had no idea some of these guys were so nervous around this stuff! Maff helps with a little lighting.

It was actually really cool down there!

Jake takes a time out on the wall.

Oh, by the way, Kyle threw the rock earlier, you dummies!

Ryan tried to pretend he wasn’t scared but I wasn’t buying it.


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MXON Opening Ceremonies

Things finally got underway here at Matterley Basin this afternoon. Today was all about getting the pits set up and for us to get our media passes sorted out. Team Canada is in with all the other top teams this year, so that’s good.
You should have seen the hill we had to go down and then up in our rental car to get to the media parking lot. Seriously, it was as much as our rented standard Ford Fiesta could handle! James Lissimore shot video of it so I’ll post it up on our Facebook page to show you I’m not exaggerating.
The weather wasn’t very nice today. It’s been pretty wet, but if there is no more rain overnight, the track should be perfect. We’ll see.
There weren’t many people compared to some of the other venues we’ve been to for the opening ceremonies, but if the line-up to get in is any indication, it’s going to be packed tomorrow, that’s for sure. Mini RV’s were lined up for miles down the road as we were heading back to the cottage here in Portland.
Here are a couple photos from opening ceremonies.

Team Canada’s pits are looking great, as usual. Nice job, guys. Sascha always goes to 11 with the details. He even brought a sewing machine!

Cale Foster putting the finishing touches on Shawn Maffenbeier’s 250F.

Kibby does the same to Tyler Medaglia’s MX3 450.

Our reigning MX2 champion Shawn Maffenbeier should be comfortable on the Matterley Basin track’s layout. It’s just like Speedy Creek, Shawn!

Prince George in the house!!

The elevated start should be interesting.

The first turn and middle of the track.

It’s open and fast with some massive crowd-pleasing jumps…if it’ not a mudder…

That’s a good looking team, right there!

Sponsor shot.

Derek Schuster, Robin Hutchinson-Maffebeier, and Summer Knowles with the bird’s eye view.

As you can see, Andy and Jackie Wilson are huge Bigwave fans.

Team Canada gets introduced to the crowd. Sorry, I was also working a video camera with my other hand…

Estonian rider Tanel Leok has been to more of these things than any rider racing.

Dean Wilson got asked about that time he raced for Canada in 2009 as Team Great Britain was introduced.

Team Canada supporters.

OK, that will have to do it for this week. We are in an amazing place here in England but it’s a long way from the track so we just got back now. Sorry this Update is late and short of new Canadian info for you.

Be sure to follow along with us tomorrow on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page.

Have a great weekend. Go, Canada, go!

As George Hansen would say, “Oh, I have a helmet!” (Google it, Bowker!) and we’ll see you at the races…