Frid’Eh Update #41 Presented by Race Tech

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #41 belongs to Blainville, Quebec, racer, Vincent Lauzon. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #41 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week presented by Race Tech. It’s been a long week of recovering from a long weekend at the Motocross of Nations at Red Bud. I’m still a little upset we got that crappy weather on the weekend and then the following two days were both sunny and 29 degrees C! Why does that happen so often?

Anyway, this week goes out to another Quebec racer who’s been around for quite a while. Vincent Lauzon is from Laval and calls Blainville, Quebec, home.

He skipped the western rounds of the 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour and picked it up at round 5 at Sand Del Lee near Ottawa.

His best moto finish was a 12th at Gopher Dunes, where he had his best overall, a 12th. Here’s a look at his summer at the nationals:

He raced 4 events, earned 67 points in the 250 Pro class, and finished 28th overall.

We grabbed him for a conversation to talk about his beginnings, his racing, and his future.

We grabbed Vincent for a few questions. Here’s what he had to say. | Jeff McConkey photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Vincent. OK, let’s start at the beginning. How did you get into Motocross in the first place?

Vincent Lauzon: It was at Sainte-Julie in 50cc. My father bought me a motocross bike for Christmas. It was supposed to be for fun only (trail riding), that’s what he told my mom to convince her, even though he knew he was buying it to get me into racing.

What was your first number and how did you choose it?

My first number was 54. I chose it because my father used to ride a motocross in the 80’s, and he was using that number.

What was your first race, and how did it go?

As said before, my first race took place in Sainte-Julie. For a guy who used his motocross bike only three or four times before that race, I was able to finish mid-pack in my very first race. I did the whole championship that year, and by the end of the year I was able to land my first podiums.

What was the highlight of your amateur career?

In my opinion, one of the highlights of my career is the time I qualified for the Olympic Stadium during my Junior years. I was able to snag the very last spot and participate in the final event with the pros. I even had a great start and was among the first to get to the first corner.

He’s nursing a collarbone injury, so the rest of his racing season is uncertain, at this time. Hopefully, he’s good to go for the Quebec City SX in November. | Bigwave photo

How did your Intermediate year go, and who were the top guys you were up against?

My intermediate years were great. My second season went very well, I fought for the first place of the championship until the very last race of the season. That year, the top guy I was up against was Nicolas Lavallée. Also, during that year, I did really great at the ECAN event with first place on all three races in MX2, and qualified 4th in the mud for the pro event.

What year did you turn Pro and how did that season go?

My first year as a pro was in 2016. The first year in pro is never easy. It really was an adaptation year for me because the level of these guys is different compared to Intermediates. Overall, it still was a great year for me since I had good results.

You earned #41 for 2018. What was the highlight of your summer in the Motocross portion of the series?

I definitely had a tough season. 2018 was rough on my body. I injured myself as many times this year as my fifteen previous seasons altogether. I’m a bit disappointed because I started the national championship great at Gopher Dunes. Also, my provincial championship was going well —  I won the overall on the first three weekends in MX2.

How did the Montreal SX go for you?

Ahahahahaha, let’s talk about the weekend right before the Montreal SX. There was a motocross party named Goon-Fest in Ferme-Neuve. There were pitbike races and I dislocated my collarbone. I scrubbed a tabletop and I landed one foot short, which brought me to the hospital one week before the National. You probably saw me at the Olympic Stadium during the SX because I was already registered for the race, so I tried to participate at the event. Turns out it is pretty damn hard to ride a motocross with a dislocated collarbone.

Will you be racing the Quebec City Supercross? What are your goals for it?

I still don’t know if my shoulder will be ready for the Quebec SX, but I would really like to participate since it’s a local race for me. If I’m able to line up on the gate, I would like to finish in the top 10.

How about Hamilton?

I will not be attending the Hamilton SX.

What are your winter racing plans?

Usually, I work every week during winter, but I’m currently evaluating the possibility to pass a few months in Florida and California to practice.

If all goes according to plan, Vincent will race the entire Motocross series in 2019. | Bigwave photo

What are your racing plans for next summer?

Following my winter practice in the South, I would like to do the whole series (West and East). If my plans don’t come through, I will focus mainly on the provincial championship.

What is it you do for your 9-5 job? Is that what you’ll do for the future?

9 to 5 is a bit of an understatement… I work as a carpenter full-time, and I intend to keep doing that job for a while. I just got my competency certificate-journeyman!

OK, thank you and good luck. Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank all my sponsors, which are: Motovan, KTM Canada, Mathias Marine Sports, Ventilation Benoit Léveillé, Shot, Shoei, Scott, TCX, EVS, Kutvek America, Moto Expert, Five Advanced Gloves, my dad, my mechanic Sybro. I would also like to thank everyone who supports me and come to events to cheer me.

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Hey, guys. Happy Friday.

Team Canada MXON

Well, it has come and gone already. Motocross of Nations is behind us, but there will still be plenty of talk. Team Canada sent a very strong team and was rewarded with a very respectable 11th overall. The conditions were tough for our boys to really show how great they are against the world’s best, but they all had to ride the same track and same conditions, and Colton Facciotti, Tyler Medaglia, and Jess Pettis looked great out there. But we kind of knew going in that rain or shine, we had a fantastic team that could do us proud.

This could very well be Colton Facciotti’s last Motocross race as a professional. Yes, there are 2 Supercross races remaining in the Triple Crown, but this may have been his last “outdoor” race. If he were to announce his retirement after Hamilton, I think he can walk away very happy with his career and his final outdoor race.

He was running up front at Des Nations with some of the best ever and he belonged. Colton’s teammates also handled the pressure well and rode fantastic. Tyler Medaglia steps up for us year after year and 2018 was no different. He somehow manages to get better year after year. He put in a great effort, once again, and made us proud as always. Our 3rd member was in rookie season for Des Nations and he pretty great, to say the least.

Jess Pettis continues to impress us every time he hits the track in 2018. Jess is riding with so much speed and confidence right now, and the scary part is that he just keeps on getting better.

All in all, the entire team, head to toe, put in a fantastic effort. As a Canadian and a fan of the sport, I was really proud of each and every member.

Short week for me. Enjoy the fall riding and #smileforBC!


Thanks, Jeff. It’s been a long night here at DMX HQ. Our 10-year-old female black lab, Sadie, got sick a couple days ago and just wouldn’t get up. When she finally got up to go outside, she went and laid down in a really weird and hidden place. In hindsight, all the information we needed was there. I guess you just try not to think about the worst case scenario when it’s your pet.

Anyway, we finally had to take her in to the Vet Emerg last night to, hopefully, get her some antibiotics and be on our way. Next thing we knew, we were making the decision to have her put down! Wow, that happened fast.

She was the nicest dog and was a big part of our little family. I know most of you reading this have lost a pet or more. It’s a terrible thing, but knowing she had a great life is what you have to focus on. RIP, Sadie.

RIP, Sadie.

Sorry to start on such a downer. We’ll try to be more upbeat for the rest of this Update.

Like this, for example. The Hawaii Ironman World Championships are Saturday…ALL DAY! If you have nothing to do and feel like checking it out as it happens, you can watch the live stream HERE.

Danny Brault has informed us that although he was really excited to do some editorial work for DMX, it’s just not going to happen, at least not on a regular basis, anyway.

He said that “I thought I might have a little fire left…plus, I’m overwhelmed with my siding business, so I’m going to kindly bow out of the opportunity to write for DMX again.”

We just want him to know that if he ever feels the urge to write anything, whether it be knew or some sort of a throwback article, it’s always welcome here at the site he started back in the day.

Good luck with your “real job,” Danny.

Since this is the closest Provincial Banquet to where I am, the AMO Ontario Provincial Banquet is Saturday night after the final round at Gopher Dunes.

And how about this? Do you think the best ideas always come up after a cold beer while sitting around a camp fire? Yes? Well, here’s your chance:

2018 AMO Grumble Gathering

No computers, no phones, just a face to face to better the sport. Our sport is unique in the sense that we are all so close and feel like we all know what’s best, that opinions sometimes fly off the cuff in a more negative way than positive. The Grumble Gathering will be held Saturday night after the banquet at the campfire in hopes of opening a line of positive or negative communication between AMO’s Ryan Gauld and it’s faithful customer base.
“This idea came up after I got questioned from a racers parent a few weeks back at a campfire when I was just trying to enjoy a good time,” shares Ryan Gauld. “I am all about making Motocross more attractive, better, and easier for us all but I also need to make it financially viable for AMO to survive and be motivated to keep coming back as a promoter. This idea/stage is for anyone that wishes to come and share ideas, problems, solutions etc. So many times we have the answer but only wish to share in a negative way through a social feed or computer. I am willing to listen and chat as we all move towards 2019. Maybe this is a good idea or maybe it’s dumb, but I’m willing to try because I love Motocross as much as I love my family. I want it to be better for us all. So, if you think you know what’s best or think you can help or just want to “grumble” when the banquet is over you’ll have your chance.”
REMEMBER: EVERYTHING HAPPENS ON SATURDAY this weekend. Not Sunday. Gopher is open for practice on Sunday
Questions please email or any other information visit

Motocross of Nations

Last week was the Motocross of Nations and this week has been all about playing catch up. What an amazing experience that one was. I’ve been to a bunch of these things now and they’re always great, but this one was different.

I’m always telling people you have to physically be at one of these things to get it. I also point out that you really need to check one out when they’re in Europe because they just do things differently over there.

Well, this time at Red Bud was amazing for another reason. The crowds were big and enthusiastic, but the support for Team Canada was like nothing I’ve ever seen before at t Motocross race.

Having the race only 4 hours from the border meant the Canada flags made the trip and were flying in almost all directions last weekend. That’s something you don’t see at the faraway destinations, and it was really cool.

It was almost like we had home court advantage at this one. Not quite, but close.

Our guys didn’t have the luck needed to get the job done this year, but they all gave it 100% effort and that’s all you can expect. Sure, you can ask for more, but the reality is that posting 6 great motos is not an easy task.

To be honest, I’ really surprised we ended up in 11th after all that happened.

To recap:

MXGP: Colton Facciotti HON (9-26)

#37 Colton Facciotti (MXGP).

Colton crashed a couple times in the qualifying race and got hit by other riders. He really tweeked his shoulder and even racing the motos was in question. He only did a couple laps in practice and then spent the break at the Alpinestars Medical Unit getting his shoulder looked at and taped up.

He got a great start in the first MXGP/MX2 moto and ran was up in the top 5 early. He eventually crossed the line in 9th spot — an amazing result.

In the third, he knew he had to post a result that would help the team score some good points because Tyler Medaglia suffered that DNF in the second moto. He didn’t get a very good start and tried his best to hang on out there. He ended up 26th.

MX2: Jess Pettis YAM (20-21)

#38 Jess Pettis (MX2).

Jess turned heads all weekend, after grabbing 8th in his MX2 qualifier on Saturday against some world class riders.

I didn’t know where he went in his first MXGP/MX2 moto and then I found out afterward that he had hurt his shoulder out there. He spent his time between motos at the medics, too, getting his shoulder looked at and taped up.

He worked his way forward and crossed the line 21st.

In the second moto, he crashed in the first turn and had to start dead last. He put his head down (and set the pain aside) and again moved his way forward to 20th place at the flag.

Open: Tyler Medaglia KAW (23-34)

#39 Tyler Medaglia (Open).

Wow, those numbers look way worse than what actually happened on the track!

In the second moto (MX2/Open) he was running way up with the leaders. He was holding his own and had a nice gap over the riders behind him.

When he crashed in the off-camber heading back into the main area of the track he hit his head hard. He picked himself up, refired the bike and kept going, after only loosing a place or two.

Unfortunately, his bike didn’t make it much past the finish line and his moto was over.

He got bounced around in the start of the final moto (MXGP/Open) and was way at the back of the pack early. He didn’t give up and pushed forward throughout the moto and crossed the flag in 23rd.

Like I said, he rode much better than his scores show.

11th place for Canada is actually very impressive, given everything that happened. These guys can hold their heads high for the efforts they all gave. Yes, we are all waiting for that day when everything goes well, but this wasn’t that day or year, but it’s coming.

Our program is pretty strong, and with the great job of keeping everyone comfortable and ready to go at these events, we’re close to making it happen. This is Motocross, and it’s why seeing the teams that finish on top, year after year, is so impressive.

We had a total of 99 points. Germany in 10th had 78. So, even if Tyler’s engine hadn’t blown and he stayed in 9th, we wouldn’t have moved up in the results very much at all. He was in 9th when his bike let go. 34-9=25. 99-25=74. With 74 points, we would have been 10th. Not a huge difference.

Team France wins 5th in a row.

Anyway, congratulations to the French team on making it 5 in a row. That’s a very impressive streak! It all came down to the final moto and the Dutch went 1-2 leaving Italy and France to duke it out for the overall.

Mattt Goerke Hurricane Update

Matt Goerke and Erin Coakley evacuated Panama City Beach and are doing OK after the hurricane. | Jeff McConkey photo

As we all know, Hurricane Michael swept through the pan handle of Florida this past week and completely flattened everything in its path. You may or may not know that Matt Goerke and his fiancé, Erin Coakley,  live in Panama City Beach, Florida. That’s a coastal town about 20 miles from Mexico Beach across the bay that got wiped out.

I wanted to find out how Matt made out in al the chaos, so I gave him a call this afternoon. To my surprise, he has service and answered the phone.

He and Erin wisely headed the warnings and evacuated to North Alabama on Monday in the middle of the night. They didn’t take anything with them and left it all to the mercy of the storm.

They’re trying to come up with a plan to head back with a trailer and grab their things. You’re only allowed in the area between 8am and 8pm. There is also no phone or fuel service in Panama Beach, so they have to make sure they have enough fuel to get in and out so as to not become part of the problem.

Matt said they have insurance and that his neighbour has been back and sent him a photo of his place. Miraculously, every tree is down and most landed on houses, yet his didn’t look to be in any harm! He’s concerned about water damage and will know more when he gets there to take a closer look.

He said Mexico Beach is across the bay and that their place was sort of at the back of the eye of the storm and so didn’t get the storm surge that others received.

Water towers are down so there’s no fresh water. He said they are probably going to load up a bunch of water and bring it with them to help out whoever they can. There’s also no power in the area yet, so once they get in there there won’t be the ability to stay in touch with the rest of the world.

It’s great to hear they got out when they should have and that, all things considered, they are fine. Good luck, Matt and Erin.

His next concern is finding a track to practice at because he’s still got a couple Supercrosses left to race up here in November. See you in Quebec City, Matt.

Endurocross Schedule

Tanya Muzinda: From Rural Africa to the Mini O’s of Motocross

From Dawn McClintock over at FXR Racing:

I am working with Stefy Bau on a pretty special project to bring a young fast girl (Tanya Muzinda) from Zimbabwe to Mini O’s. It’s a pretty big deal since she has just been granted a travel visa and she will be the first woman to ever be granted a travel visa to race motocross from their government.

We have a bit of work to do in a very short period of time to raise some $ to get her and her family here. Stefy has started a fundraising page on FB where people can send their donation. I will also be set up at Gopher Dunes with a donation box for Tanya if people wish to donate:

Cheers, Dawn

FXR Factory Racing Inc.

Kaven Benoit Says Farewell and Makes Another Big Announcement

A baby for Kaven Benoit? Yep, that’s what’s going on.

While we were interviewing all the riders and tthe team manager at the end of all the racing last Sunday at Red Bud, we couldn’t help but notice a recently retired Canadain superstar close by.

We couldn’t let the opportunity pass, so we grabbed Kaven Benoit for a podcast interview.

If you haven’t listened to it yet, here’s your chance. Oh, and he also announces that he’s expecting a baby in March!

The 2018 Monster Energy Cup fires off tomorrow from Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas! Here is the information you need so you don’t miss any of the action!

Complete Pit Party Schedule HERE.

10:00am: Rider Track Walk (Broadcast on Facebook Live)

12:00pm: Pit Party Opens!

12:40pm: Cup Class Qualifying Practice

3:30pm: Final Cup Class Qualifying Practice (Broadcast on

4:05pm: Cup Class Last Chance Qualifier

6:00pm Opening Ceremonies!



The 2018 Monster Energy Cup will air live in the United States on October 13, 2018 on FS2 at 6:30pm PT/9:30pm ET!

Fans outside the United States can watch through Supercross Video Pass.
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2018 Monster Energy Cup Class Entries

Cooper Webb. No. 2. KTM
Eli Tomac. No. 3. Kawasaki
Blake Baggett. No. 4. KTM
Joey Savatgy. No. 17. Kawasaki
Jason Anderson. No. 21. Husqvarna
Chad Reed. No. 22. Suzuki
Marvin Musquin. No. 25. KTM
Malcolm Stewart. No. 27. Honda
Jordon Smith. No. 28. KTM
Benny Bloss. No. 29. KTM
Josh Grant No. 33. Kawasaki
Vince Friese. No. 42. Honda
Justin Barcia. No. 51. Yamaha
Dylan Merriam. No. 54. Husqvarna
Justin Starling. No. 60. Husqvarna
John Short. No. 63 Yamaha
Tyler Bowers. No. 69. Kawasaki
Cole Martinez. No. 71. Suzuki
Cody Vanbuskirk. No. 75. Kawasaki
Dare Demartile. No. 85. Honda
Alex Ray. No. 91. Yamaha
Chase Marquier. No. 96. Husqvarna
Austin Politelli. No. 99. Honda
Todd Bannister. No. 120. Kawasaki
Chris Howell. No. 122. Husqvarna
Brett Hottel. No. 136. KTM
Blake Lilly. No. 138. Husqvarna
Robbie Wageman. No. 141. Yamaha
Tevin Tapia. No. 211. Yamaha
Bryce Stewart. No. 240. Yamaha
Kordel Caro. No. 277. Yamaha
Theodore Pauli. No. 282
Kyle Swanson. No. 313. KTM
Ryan Surratt. No. 338. Kawasaki
Kevin Moranz. No. 346. Kawasaki
Phillip Klakow. No. 422. Husqvarna
Deven Raper. No. 447. Kawasaki
Logan Karnow. No. 471. Kawasaki
Scotty Wennerstrom. No. 501. Kawasaki
Alexander Nagy. No. 509. KTM
Colton Aeck. No. 526. Honda
David Pulley. No. 608. Honda
Cheyenne Harmon. No. 645. Yamaha
Tyler Enticknap. No. 723. Honda
Gared Steinke. No. 726. KTM
Carlen Gardner. No. 805. Honda
Josh Greco. No. 976. KTM

2018 Monster Energy Cup Amateur All Stars

Jo Shimoda. Menifee, California. Honda

Jo Shimoda

Jordan Jarvis. Clayton, North Carolina. Yamaha

Jordan Jarvis

Derek Drake. San Luis Obispo, California. KTM


Derek Drake

McClellan Hile. Atascadero, California Suzuki

McClellan Hile

Carson Mumford. Simi Valley, California. Honda

Carson Mumford

Parker Mashburn. Stephenville, Texas. KTM

Parker Mashburn

Jalek Swoll. Belleview, Florida. Husqvarna

Jalek Swoll

Johnny Garcia. Moriarty, New Mexico. Honda

Johnny Garcia

Carter Halpain. Lubbock, Texas. Yamaha

Carter Halpain

Preston Taylor. Hastings, Nebraska. Kawasaki

Preston Taylor

Seth Hammaker. Bainbridge, Pennsylvania. Kawasaki

Seth Hammaker

Tanner Stack. Shawnee, Kansas. Yamaha

Tanner Stack

Brian Moreau. Kawasaki


Brain Moreau

Jesse Flock. Tulsa, Oklahoma. KTM

Jesse Flock

Tristan Lewis. Locust Grove, Georgia. Yamaha

Tristan Lewis

Tre Fiero. El Paso, Texas. KTM

Tre Fiero

Kaeden Kniffing. Solana Beach, California. KTM

Kaeden Kniffing

Braden O’Neal. Chatsworth, California. Yamaha

Braden O'Neal


Bjorn Viney. Ontario, Canada. Kawasaki

Bjorn Viney


Devin Simonson. Laurinburg, North Carolina. Yamaha

Devin Simonson


Wyatt Lyonsmith. Boise, Idaho. KTM

Wyatt Lyonsmith

2018 Monster Energy Cup Supermini

Talon Hawkins. Temecula, California. Husqvarna

Talon Hawkins

Joshua Varize. Rialto, California. KTM

Joshua Varize

Taylor Allred. South Riverton, Utah. KTM

Taylor Allred

Ryder DiFrancesco. Kawasaki

Ryder DiFrancesco

Hunter Yoder. Menifee, California. Honda

Hunter Yoder

Chance Hymas. Pocatello, Idaho. Kawasaki

Chance Hymas

Maximus Vohland. Granite Bay, California. KTM

Maximus Vohland

Myles Gilmore. Perth Western Australia. Husqvarna

Myles Gilmore

Kaeden Amerine. Great Bend Kansas. KTM

Kaeden Amerine

Nicholas Romano. Bayside, New York. Kawasaki

Nicholas romano

Sage Lewis. Destin, Florida. KTM


Sage Lewis

Slade Varola. Simi Valley, California. Suzuki

Slade varola

Jackson Craig. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. KTM

Jackson Craig

Jack Chambers. Auburdale, Florida. KTM

Jack Chambers

Devin Slusher. Nampa, Idaho. Husqvarna

Devin Slusher

Jazzmyn Canfield. Jasper, Florida. Yamaha

Jazzmyn Canfield

Larry Reyes Jr. Houston, Texas.  TM


Larry Ryes Jr.

Brock Bennett. Bakersfield, California. Husqvarna

Brock bennett

Wyatt Liebeck. New Franken, Wisconsin. KTM

Wyatt Liebeck

Wyatt Mattson. El Dorado Hills, California. KTM

Wyatt Mattson

Boston Boots. Farr West. Kawasaki

Boston Boots


Jayden Clough. Elko, Minnesota. Kawasaki.

Jayden Clough

OK, have a great weekend, everyone. I think we’re going to have a quiet weekend gathered around the TV watching the Ironman and the Monster Energy Cup. Whatever it is you’re doing, have fun and stay safe. We’ll leave you with this ‘Faces at the Races’ video slideshow from the MXON last week.

See you at the races…