Frid’Eh Update #43 Presented by Husqvarna Canada

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #43 belongs to Florida racer, Marcus Nilsen. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #43 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update. We didn’t get to see the number at the races this summer, as it seems Marcus Nilsen has taken a step back from motocross. In fact, he told us he hasn’t even been on a bike since the last time he raced up here in Canada! It’s never easy to walk away from this sport, and it’s even tougher when you’re as talented as a Marcus.

Marcus is the fin-loving sand specialist from Florida who came up to Canada and earned himself the #24. He’s known as #803 and if we ever see him lined up on a track again, that’s the number you should be looking for.

We got in touch with him, but not in time to get our interview finished and up for this Update. Watch for our typed out conversation in the next couple days, here on the site.

Watch for our interview with Marcus Nilsen here on the site in the next couple days. | Bigwave photo

This Update is presented by Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada.


Hey, guys, happy Friday. Well, this is the sad time of the year for us in Southern Ontario. Our outdoor riding season is coming to and end very soon. The Future West AX series starts up this weekend, and they have a pretty solid lineup. Defending champion Jess Pettis will be very hard to beat, but I honestly think this may be the best 3-way battle for the championship.

Newly crowned MX2 Champion Shawn Maffenbeier is just so hot right now. He’s in a really good place in his life, and he’s full of confidence. Shawn has incredible speed, but he has been hitting the dirt here and there.

Next we have former champion Jeremy Medaglia. Jeremy has a huge question mark beside his name. He has the speed, he has the talent, but is the complete package back? I know Jeremy very well, and I finally think that he is having fun racing and riding again. With that said, he will make this AX series very interesting and will add some flare.

Not to be forgotten is the Seven Deuce Deuce of Adam Enticknap. Adam is a character. This guy just loves to ride his bike and interact with the fans. He is a great guy with great skill, but I think he will be just a tad off of the top 3 I mentioned earlier.

All in all, I honestly wish I was heading West as I think this will be a very entertaining series. My predictions for Round 1 will be:

1. Jess Pettis

2. Jeremy Medaglia

3. Shawn Maffenbeier

OCMC 6-Hour Enduro

Closer to home, I will be loading up our 2018 YZ250F from Yamaha Canada and heading North to compete in the annual OCMC 6-Hour Enduro Race. Now I have competed in this race with numerous partners, and I have never really been able to complete it. This year I am going in with a great bike and great setup and I’m just looking to have fun and actually finish the entire race.

It’s a woods race mixed in with a tiny bit of moto. The rules are simple: you sign up in teams of two or alone. If you are on a team, one rider is on the track at a time and you can hand off and switch back and forth after any amount of laps, stopping for breaks as many times as you’d like. If you’re one of the “Ironman” competitors and choose to ride alone, you can go at your own pace for the 6 hours. Whoever completes the most laps in their respected class wins.

Pretty simple, lots of fun, and tons of seat time. Check out and give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

Monster Energy Cup

Monster Cup went off last weekend in Las Vegas. I’m not sure why, but I am just not a huge fan of this event. Maybe it’s the format, maybe the track, or maybe the lack of ‘star’ rider turnout. This year the track looked to be very fast and very technical. It took out 3 of the world’s best early on and looked sketchy at times. Congrats to Marvin Musquin on the big win, it was well deserved.

Marvin Musquin is the newest Million Dollar Man. | Bigwave photo

Red Bull Straight Rhythm

This Saturday night we have the return of RedBull Straight Rhythm. I do like this event, but the ‘star’ rider turnout could be better. I’m actually looking forward to the 2-stroke bracket. I think they’ve done a great job promoting it, and I will be waiting by the phone for my 2018 invite.
Entry List:

Open Class

(top 8 advance to Quarter Finals)

  1. Marvin Musquin
  2. Broc Tickle
  3. Josh Hansen
  4. Tyler Bowers
  5. Thomas Ramette
  6. Kyle Chisholm
  7. Alex Ray
  8. Colton Haaker
  9. Ryan Villopoto*
  10. Chad Reed*

*Villopoto and Reed will decide on event day if they will compete in Open Class.

Lites Class

(top 8 advance to Quarter Finals)

  1. Shane McElrath
  2. Jordon Smith
  3. Sean Cantrell
  4. Alex Martin
  5. Enzo Lopes
  6. Josh Hill
  7. Justin Hoeft
  8. Ryan Sipes
  9. Ronnie Mac
  10. Colton Aeck
  11. Chase Marquier

Two-stroke Shootout

(top 8 advance to Quarter Finals)

  1. Ryan Villopoto
  2. Ronnie Mac
  3. Chad Reed
  4. Mike Brown
  5. Gared Steinke
  6. Ryan Sipes
  7. Jon Ames
  8. Ryan Morais
  9. Mike Sleeter

Your best option for watching this one live is on or the Red Bull channel on your Apple TV. Live coverage starts at 8:30pm Eastern Time.

That’s it for me this week. Good luck to everyone racing and riding this weekend. Ride safe and #smileforBC and #liftwithscott.


Well, pretty exciting news for Jeff that he walked away from a job he wasn’t happy at. Hopefully, it means he’ll have some more time to mess around with all this moto stuff! It takes a lot of guts to do that. I remember I did it once and it was the greatest feeling ever as I drove away. Sometimes, you have to grow wings after you jump. It can be the hardest thing to do, but climbing your way out of a rut and facing the necessary changes in your life is what it takes to keep chasing your happiness. And that’s what it’s really all about – happiness. If you’re not happy, what’s the point? “No dress rehearsal, this is your life!” ~ Gord Downie.

Speaking of Gord. As you all know, we lost Gord Downie to brain cancer this past week. I’m an age where The Tragically Hip were a huge part of my University experience. It’s hard to explain, but they seemed to be with me wherever I went back in the early 1990’s. Road trips, days at the beach, pre-drinks before going out on the weekend, camping, you name it, they were there. I’ve seen them many, many times at tiny venues and big ones. 52 years old is way too young.

My buddies wrote a song a bunch of years ago. I can remember them singing it around the campfire on surf trips out in Tofino, BC. It seemed a little hokey to me then, but it seems pretty spot on now. Colin took the song and put it to some photos of Gord this week after he passed away. Here it is.

Sorry, but the guitar and the line, “Hey, Gord Downieee” will be stuck in your head and resurface from time to time…

I’m at the 2-week mark today from my High Tibial Osteotomy surgery. Now, I sit at my laptop and stare for long periods of time under normal circumstances, but when it’s all you’re physically able to do, it really takes the fun out of it! It’s like when you have a roommate or live with your significant other and you cherish those days or nights when you get the place to yourself. That all changes when you live on your own and being alone is no longer a choice. Same thing.

Anyway, we’re hoping this means I’ll get a few more years out of this damn knee and I can continue to run around at the races all day, pain free. I’m not expecting a miracle, but it would be nice not to be in pain 24-7.

What’s been interesting is the contact people have made with me from around the world who are going through, or about to go through, the same procedure.

I had someone get in touch from London, England, whose husband just had his done. A dude from Dubai contacted me 2 days after his surgery to see what he could expect from the first week, post-op. It sounds like this is supposed to be an extremely painful thing. I feel kind of guilty talking to these other people because mine has been amazing, right from Day 1.

I also feel guilty that, as I sit here on the couch, Emily is outside raking and bagging the 30th bag of leaves. Man, I’ll do just about anything to get out of yard work!

Anyway, good luck to them and we’ll keep in touch over the weeks as we all recuperate from this rather barbaric surgery.

Future West Arenacross Starts Now!

My only complaint is that I wish we called it the 2018 season. Having 2 year dates in the title makes it very difficult to go back in future years and make sense out of who was champ when.

Things have been fairly quiet on the racing side here in Canada at the Pro level since the 2017 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals ended way back in mid-August. Finally, we’re going to have some top-level Canadian racing to watch and talk about!

Jess Pettis from Prince George, BC is the defending Arenacross champion. He was pretty dominant last season and will be difficult to dethrone this season.

We all knew #139 Jess Pettis had the potential to be great. Check him out leading this fast group of Pros as an Intermediate back in 2014. | Bigwave photo

Having said that, he will have a few top riders trying to knock him off the top step in “2018.” 2017 MX2 champion, Shawn Maffenbeier, will be one to watch. He’s coming off an amazing season that saw him finally take home a title and then represent Canada at the MXON at Matterley Basin in England.

MX2 champ Shawn Maffenbeier should be at or near the front when racing gets going tonight. | Bigwave photo

2014 (?) champion, Jeremy Medaglia, will race for the Cycle North Powersports Shift Honda team and should be the guy to watch, in my opinion.

Past 250 champion, Jeremy Medaglia, will be back with the Cycle North Honda team on his familiar #4. He’ll be on a 250 and a 450 this time. | Bigwave photo

#722 Adam Enticknap will be close to the front most nights on his Popkum Motor Park Honda in the 450 class and should be close to the youngsters should anyone falter.

#722 Adam Enticknap will be back on a Popkum Motor Park Honda 450. | Bigwave photo

Davey Fraser will line up on his Carlson Racing Husqvarna and prove that he’s far from finished at the top level of Canadian moto.

Watch for Davey Fraser to keep things honest up near the front on his Carlson Racing Husqvarna. | Bigwave photo

Also out west is Quebec Arenacross specialist, Karl Normand. I like Karl and I think he adds a unique edge to the Pro group in that he’ll be in the back of everyone’s mind as they head into each and every corner on the track. Karl is a big dude and likes to make his presence felt out there. Sure, he’s clean, but he knows what a good indoor pass looks like and he’s not afraid to illustrate it for the other riders.

Watch for Quebec’s Karl Normand in the 450 class this weekend. He’s an indoor specialist and will keep everyone honest up front. | Normand Instagram photo

And you never know who will make the drive north from Washington State to line up. I know a lot of guys there love the racing and it’s a great way to get some gate drops in the tight confines of an arena before chasing the Supercross series, starting in January. Chris Howell? Jake Anstett? Collin Jurin? Ryan Abrigo? Brad Nauditt?

Jake Anstett loves Canadian Arenacross, so we’ll see if he decides to hop in the truck and head across the border this weekend. | Bigwave photo

Pro sign in is from 2-4pm Pacific Time, so we’ll be sure to get the entry list up as soon as we get our hands on it.

Since I’m currently laid up on the couch, I won’t be able to be at the races. I asked if there would be any way to watch or listen to a live stream from this weekend and I was told, “Not this weekend.” Hopefully, we can change that, moving forward.

Check out this rider intro video we did from back at the 2010/11 Arenacross series. I’m guessing I told everyone I’d edit out their bloopers.

NB: I never edit out the bloopers…

Canadian Connor Stephenson On the Rise in America

12-year-old Canadian racer, Connor Stephenson, made the move to Colorado with his family a couple years ago and has been climbing his way up through the ranks at speeds rarely seen. He’s beating kids much older than him.

Check out how good a year Canadian Connor Stephenson had out in Colorado. Watch for an interview this week here on the site. | Bigwave photo

I had a brief chat with his dad, Craig Stephenson, from Actionetix and check out some of the stats:

“He just finished wrapping up 8 State Championships including the 2 Kicker adult classes. He’s an AMA 12-year-old so he was the youngest in all classes – ScoolBoy, 125 and 250. This has never been done in Colorado MX history. This came after he was the youngest rider to win an adult class at the Mesquite Winter National in Nevada at the end of last year.”

Watch for our interview with the young ripper early next week. Congratulations on all your success out there in Colorado.

Endurocross Takes a Weekend Off


  • August 19 – Las Vegas, NV
  • September 23 – Reno, NV
  • September 30 – Denver, CO
  • October 14 – Everett, WA
  • October 28 – Phoenix, AZ
  • November 4 – Boise, ID
  • November 18 – Ontario, CA


Super EnduroCross 
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
2nd 1st 1st 1st 101
1st 3rd 2nd 3rd 91 (-10)
3rd 4th 4th 2nd 78 (-23)
4th 2nd 5th 8th 69 (-32)
6th 6th 3rd 5th 66 (-35)
#696 – EL CAJON, CA
10th 5th 6th 9th 54 (-47)
#120 – PEORIA, AZ
8th 11th 9th 7th 49 (-52)
#118 – REDLAND, CA
7th 10th 4th 43 (-58)
#80 – SPAIN, 
9th 10th 7th 15th 43 (-58)
5th 14th 6th 38 (-63)
Amateur Open 
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
#21x – CALGARY, AB
6th 1st 1st 3rd 85
#976 – KEARNS, UT
2nd 4th 2nd 10th 73 (-12)
12th 5th 3rd 11th 55 (-30)
14th   7th 7th 35 (-50)
#851 – MINDEN, NV
3rd 7th 34 (-51)
9th 3rd 32 (-53)
  8th 4th 31 (-54)
6th 9th 27 (-58)
11th 5th 26 (-59)
#121 – KAPAA, HI
10th   6th 26 (-59)
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
1st 1st 3rd 1st 95
2nd 3rd 1st 3rd 87 (-8)
4th 2nd 2nd 5th 78 (-17)
5th 4th 4th 2nd 74 (-21)
#360 – SEQUIM, WA
DNF 5th DNF 7th 43 (-52)
6th 4th 33 (-62)
#31x – CALGARY, AB
8th 6th 28 (-67)
#598 – SANGER, CA
6th 7th 28 (-67)
#177 – , 
DNF 8th 25 (-70)
3rd 20 (-75)

GNCC Racing Final Round in Indiana Next Weekend

GNCC Racing is off this weekend but will be back in action next week for their season finale at Ironman MX in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

There’s a chance we’ll see Tyler Medaglia and maybe a few other top Canadians lining up for this one.

Sand Del Lee Back on the Schedule for 2018?

It was interesting to see Kevin  Tyler from MX101 at Sand Del Lee let the cat out of the bag on our Facebook page and let everyone know that Sand Del Lee is rumoured to be back on the race schedule for this coming season of Jetwerx Motocross.

I think all of us involved in the sport and fans across the country will be happy to hear this news. There is a revised schedule to be publicized in the very near future. We’ll wait for the official press release before saying anything more. Suffice it to say, I think most people will be happy and pleasantly surprised with where the series will be having its finale.

OK, folks, that will do it for this week. It really kills me that there is Pro racing going on out west and I’m not there to be part of it. Hopefully, before the end of the year, I can get out west and cover a couple rounds of Future West Arenacross. In the meantime, it’s back to the couch and Netflix. I wonder it Paul Blart Mall Cop THREE is out yet…kill me!

Good luck to everyone racing out in BC tonight. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

Summer Knowles will be racing the Ladies class out in Armstrong, BC. If she wasn’t so wrapped up, she’d say, “See you at the races…| Bigwave photo