Frid’Eh Update #44 Presented by OTSFF

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #44 belongs to the hard-working Ontario rider, Jason Burke. | Bigwave photo

Hello, and welcome to Week #44 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update Presented by OTSFF. Wow, how many Shopping Updates till Christmas?

As we dive into the official off-season in Motocross, it’s nice to get the chance to talk to some of the racers who make Canadian Motocross the unique scene that it is. In other parts of the world, riders drop everything and focus solely on becoming the next Ricky Carmichael. Homeschooling is commonplace and and life becomes nothing but gate drops, berms, and scrubs.

Such is not the case with this week’s Update Honoree. Jason Burke is a rider who has worked hard to get where he is in the sport and in his 9-5 job. This hard-working plumber still finds time to be a good husband, father, and weekend warrior (he may not like that) fighting for top 15’s in the Pro class on the weekend.

I have to admit, it seems like Jay has been a Pro forever, but I was surprised to learn he’s actually 31 years old. I’m not sure if I half expected him to say 45 when I asked him, but I just assumed he was older than that. He had to point out that he’s “Not that old!” in our conversation. Sorry, Jay.

Jay is one of the no-nonsense riders on the track who let’s his riding and results do the talking for him. You’re not going to hear any excuses from this guy. If you’re afraid of the answer, do not ask the question. I’ve always appreciated this with Jay.

Jay will trade in his #44 for #60 in 2018. | Bigwave photo

Jay will trade in his #44 for #60 in 2018 and it sounds like he will do the same eastern swing program as he did this past summer. Here’s a look at his results from the 2017 season:

We grabbed Jay for a quick chat to get his thoughts. Here’s what he had to say:

Direct Motocross: Hello, Jason. Thanks for chatting with us today. You’ve been around the sport a long time – longer than some racers today have been alive! Can you take us back to the beginning and tell us how you started in Motocross?
Jason Burke: Happy to connect. Started with rubber boots, jeans and whatever helmet we could find, on beater bikes in the back fields – first real bike was a KX80, my legs were only long enough for a 50 – but dad didn’t want me to outgrow it. My first race was at the Steel City club track – 2nd place behind Dan Gobbo – my brother got 3rd – and that was it on the gate.
Did you and your family grow up driving all over the map to races all over the place? What were some of the biggest races amateur events you hit? How did you do as an amateur?
As an amateur we rode when and where we wanted, not taking it super-serious or following series, staying pretty local – we did Walton with jeans and rubber boots, no peak – getting a 3rd in Supermini.  It wasn’t until Intermediate and Pro that I really committed to a club or series.
What year was you Intermediate year at the Walton TransCan? How did you do and who were you up against in that transitional year?
The year Tyler Medaglia swept – I lead every lap of the 1st 125 Intermediate  moto until Tyler passed me near the end, then had a KO in moto 2 (Laughs). That week ended quickly.
So, then you turned Pro. Did you get on a team right away and hit the road for the Canadian Nationals?
First year Pro was with Brad Coles at Label-It – hit the road for east rounds.
How did you do that first year as a Pro? Do you remember who you were battling every week?
Did okay, went from national number 97 to 33 – I was pumped overall. No epic battles, had some hot and cold rounds.

Watch for Jay to be on a similar east coast program in 2018 like he was this past summer. | Bigwave photo

Let’s fast forward to the present. You’re now a husband and a father. How has that changed your outlook on life and the sport?
I appreciate moto – it’s a fun outlet, but now a much lower priority. Starting to enjoy the vet stuff – shorter days, less driving, less training – can’t find time as easily to do a full weekend somewhere.
You raced most of the eastern rounds this season with some ups and downs. Can you take us through your summer’s racing? Your best finish was a 14th at Pleasant Valley but you also have a DNF.
I had a few DNF’s and DNS’s. I was in a different mindset after my buddy Mikey’s (Mike Beaudin) injury – wasn’t sure we’d do the east. But we did – so I just rode safe, raced for fun and vacationed with the fam. Did some welding on the race rigs, fixed a couple sub-frames. It was more about enjoying my time off work and hanging out with the moto community and bicycling and hanging out with my kids.
What have you been up to since the Pro season ended?
Work, family stuff, some home improvement projects, some vet races. Regular adult stuff.
What is it, exactly, you do for your 9-5?
I’m a plumber. Mainly mechanical – water and waste water – a lot of municipal stuff. But I’ll pretty much do anything related to plumbing or welding. Then I run around to daycare and school picking up the kids and do the dad stuff.
What are your plans for this coming winter? Staying home to work and be a dad or taking the family south for some moto training?
Right now the plan is to stay home. We usually do a couple weeks in Florida but Meag thinks staying home for the holidays will be nice, not sure about the spring, but no serious training plans.
What are your plans for next summer? How many more years do you have in you?
Come on, Billy – I’m not that old – but no plans yet.
Looking back over your career, is there one race/moment that stands out for you?
Not really. I’m usually just happy to be there, trying to enjoy it all.

Jason is now a family man with a wife and kids. That’s Meag. | Bigwave photo

What advice do you have for any youngsters wanting to move forward in Canadian Moto?
Hard work usually beats raw talent – just put in an honest effort.
OK, thanks for taking this time with us today. Who would you like to thank?
I’ve been lucky to have support from some of the same people year after year. For 2017, I’d mainly like to thank FXR, SSR, Label-It, 100%, all the guys at GDR, the Hajgatos, Meag and our boys, and my spring training partner, Mikey.

You’ve got to appreciate a guy like Jay. No BS, he doesn’t feel the need to inflate anything, and is pretty much grounded in reality. Thanks for the talk, Jay, and all the best to you, Meag, and the kids.

Week #44 is brought to you by OTSFF.


Hi, everyone, and Happy Friday.

Future West Arenacross Championships

Last week was the first weekend for the Future West Canadian Arenacross Championships, and the racing was very close. We will always get some people bitching about American or Foreign riders coming up and racing our series. I, myself, love it. They push our riders, and bring attention to our series.

The reason I’m bringing this up is young Carson Brown. This kid showed up and instantly got in the mix and made things more exciting. Add in defending champ Jess Pettis, Shawn Maffenbeier, and former champion Jeremy Medaglia, and you have a pretty exciting series. Heck, you even got the Newf (Ryan Lockhart) still throwing it down and looking good out there. All in all, the series looks good, and I can’t wait until we get some good indoor racing here on the East Coast.

OCMC 6-Hour Enduro

Last weekend, I loaded up our 2018 Yamaha Yz250f and headed North to Port Perry to compete in the annual OCMC 6-Hour Enduro. Yes, we all know that I am certainly not an off-road guy by any means, but I do still love to ride my dirtbike. This was by far the most technical course I have raced with the OCMC club and the lap times were 20-plus minutes. I won’t go into too much detail, but my partner and I didn’t do the greatest, but we did in fact finish the event. I will be writing a full, in depth report on how I got my ass kicked. Stay tuned for that…

This weekend I plan on once again loading up the beautiful Yamaha 250f and heading East to ride with Jeremy Medaglia and Tyler Medaglia. Jeremy has built a fantastic track on his property and I plan on showing those two the fast way around it while staying clean. If you have ever been around these two, you will know that everything turns into a competition or a race, so I will be ready to document everything and put it on social media.

Super short this week as I have to beat traffic. I have noticed that there is a Go Fund Me account set up for the injured Mark Booker. This guy has a very long recovery in front of him, so please donate anything possible to help Mark and his very young family get through this very tough time. Huge thank you once again to Graeme Jones at Yamaha Canada for the amazing 2018 YZ250F. I honestly can’t get over how great this bike is in stock form. Honestly, this is a bike you can just slap numbers on and go racing. I hate to say it out loud, but I haven’t even set the sag yet, and I love it. I’ve raced this bike on the track and in the woods so far, and I couldn’t be happier. Look for a review on this great bike early next week. Have a great weekend and #smileforBC and #liftwithscott.


Thanks, Jeff. Here we are with another episode of ‘Life on the Couch.’ I’m 3 weeks in now from this leg surgery and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that just about everyone reading this has gone through various injuries, procedures, and lengthy recovery times and, to be honest, I think knowing this is what has kept my attitude so positive throughout this issue for me. I have a hard time complaining when I know so many people who’ve gone through this and much, much more.

The hard truth is Motocross is rough and I see broken legs almost every single weekend! As awful as that is to think about, it helps me in the dark moments when I want to scream as I’m glued to this damn couch, looking out the livingroom window at the same house across the street.

Anyway, my goal is to be good to go for another trip down the I-75 to Florida for the Thor Winter Olympics (Mini O’s) the 3rd week of November. The sticky thing is that I have an appointment with the surgeon the day before I’d be packing to head south.

I have to prove to them that my toothpick of a quad muscle is strong enough to green-light my return to driving. Nothing like a 1500km trip down the highway to put it to the test!


When in Ottawa…

If you’re in the Ottawa area and would like the opportunity to ride on a new track with Jeremy Medaglia and Tyler Medaglia at Jeremy’s new facility, it looks like Saturday is your chance to check it all off your list.

From Tyler’s Instagram feed:

If you’re in the Ottawa area come shred with us at Jer’s track! It’s going to be a banner day. $30 12-5pm. All skill levels. 10261 Pleasant Valley Rd South Mountain.

A post shared by Tyler Medaglia (@t_medaglia) on

If I weren’t glued to this damn couch, I may have made the drive east to Ottawa to check this out for myself. We’ll keep pestering Jeff to snap as many iPhone photos and video clips that he can so we can let you know what’s going on. Have a great time, everyone.

Men’s Health Talks Supercross

Now, don’t get me wrong, coming from a running/triathlon background, Men’s Health Magazine was always considered ‘fluff’ as far as I was concerned. I don’t need to read column after column on ‘how to get six pack abs and get the girl of your dreams’ month after month, but when they hopped on the Supercross train, I figured this was worth sharing.

This is from:

What Supercross Racers Can Teach You About Your Own Fitness

“I don’t think anyone realizes the exertion these guys manage during a race.”

October 26, 2017
motocross heart rate
AMA Supercross
When you’re racing a motorcycle, your heart beats as fast as humanly possible. Whether you’re hopping along the straightaways or jumping a bike 20 feet in the air, you need to stay focused and ward off the distractions of a roaring crowd and constant fireworks.At the Monster Energy AMA Supercross in Las Vegas, rider Marvin Musquin overcame all of those challenges and more to take home $1 million — the second rider ever to claim a seven-figure check from the competition. This year’s competition was also unique in another respect: for the first time, every racer on the dirt wore heart monitors that not only recorded their exertion levels throughout the race for trainer analysis, but also broadcasted that same real-time data to the stadium’s screens.
motocross heart rate
Photograph courtesy of AMA Supercross

During the competition in Las Vegas, riders wrestled 200+ pound bikes around banked turns and over 20-foot jumps, their hearts spiking above the 190 BPM mark and staying there for 15 laps. The heart rate displays showed this spike in real time, providing a fun gimmick to bring fans closer to their favorite riders.

The race organizers hoped the heart monitors would help fans understand how hard the racers work. But the data also served another purpose: to help trainers and medical professionals understand heart function and recovery during any athletic competition.

The tracking tech was created by LITPro, a Temecula, Calif.-based developer of race-tracking software. LITPro President Michael Ford says LITPro needed to upgrade its existing technology before its new heart monitors could work. Using a form of GPS, LITPro had to track the racers’ rapidly beating hearts, turn to turn and jump to jump.

motocross heart rate
Image courtesy of LITPro

“We had to reinvent GPS as it currently only offers a data point every second,” Ford explained. “Our HD GPS now reports 20 times per second. That allows us to add other metrics such as acceleration and G-force to our heart rate monitoring.”

Examining heart rate and recovery offers tremendous insight into how efficiently the human body works. Musquin, for instance, utilizes LITPro’s heart rate monitoring technology for races, practices and time trials, but he also has the unit attached while exercising with fitness expert Aldon Baker.

“We’re learning that the primary signs of fitness are heart rate and recovery,” Baker told Men’s Health. “The biggest challenge I face is trying to find ways to train Supercross athletes up to the same heart rates as when they race. These guys have been racing since they were five years old, so they’re not afraid out there during a race. But their heart rates are still higher at race time than at any other time. That’s all adrenaline — all competition.”

To push his riders’ fitness levels as close to race conditions as he can, Baker has them switch between practice riding to intense cardio and strength training days. Regardless, the athletes do some cardio every day unless they are injured.

motocross heart rate
Photograph courtesy of AMA Supercross

Ford and Baker foresee all of this training and racing data finding its way into the mainstream fitness realm. After collecting and analyzing all of the heart rate data, Ford and LitPRO want to take their findings to other circuits and sports beyond motor-racing to aid a wider swath of athletes in training.

Still, there’s something exceptional about Supercross.

“I don’t think anyone realizes the exertion these guys manage during a race,” Ford said. “Football players get a break after every play. Basketball players stop for fouls. Our racers have to manage that bike with the throttle wide open, against G-forces and through all the impacts. That’s why this is the perfect sport to drive this research.”


PS As I was pasting this, a pop-up for ‘Anarchy Workout: ABS’ came up. Classic.

Endurocross Heads to Phoenix This Weekend

Shelby Turner takes her #1 plate into Phoenix this weekend. | Bigwave photo

Good luck to all the Canadians heading to Phoenix, Arizona, for round 5 of the 2017 Endurocross series. That list, of course, includes Women’s Class points leader and defending champion, Shelby Turner.


  • August 19 – Las Vegas, NV
  • September 23 – Reno, NV
  • September 30 – Denver, CO
  • October 14 – Everett, WA
  • October 28 – Phoenix, AZ
  • November 4 – Boise, ID
  • November 18 – Ontario, CA

Final Round of GNCC at Ironman MX

If you’re looking for something to do that doesn’t require nearly the effort of actually going to Indiana and lining up for the final GNCC ? Well, you can watch it all live on Racer TV starting Sunday at 1:00pm EST.

There was a chance Tyler Medaglia was lining up, but he’ll be busy riding at his brother’s track near Ottawa. Hayden Halstead also considered racing, but he’s decided to do the Monster Mash at Baja Acres, instead.

I asked for a photo of his costume but haven’t received anything, yet…

Jess Pettis Update

Jess Pettis is set to head to California to prepare for West Coast Supercross. | Bigwave photo

We assumed there was just a timing and scoring glitch when defending Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross Championships defending champion, Jess Pettis, was absent from the point tally after the first 2 rounds of competition out in Armstrong, BC last weekend.

Well, it turned out Jess isn’t sure if he’ll be able to attend the complete series, so he didn’t purchase the FWM/AMO membership and therefore isn’t eligible for points.

We grabbed the #1 rider to find out if the reason he may not make all the rounds is that he’ll be lining up at some West Coast Supercross rounds this season…we hoped.

Jess lined up for the first 2 rounds knowing he’d be heading south to California to prepare for his West Coast Supercross adventure that is to begin, starting as soon as tomorrow. Jess is trying to get everything in order so he can head down to Kevin Urqhart‘s place in Menifee again.

Because of this plan, he wasn’t worried about being included in the point standings for the series, and that’s why he didn’t purchase the license. Since then, he’s been working on his plan and has decided to buy the license, after all. Therefore, his name now appears in the points standings.

His plan is to race the first 3 rounds of Monster Energy Supercross and play it week by week. He’s hoping to hit Canadian AX rounds when his schedule allows in hopes of making some money to afford more time in California. It’s all a means to an end!

So, it looks like we all have a great reason to make our way to Anaheim 1 in January! Best of luck, Jess, and thanks for the competitive game of phone tag.

2017/18 Arenacross Championships
Pro Am Lights
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
#910 – , 
1st 1st 50
3rd 2nd 42 (-8)
#4 – , ON
4th 3rd 38 (-12)
#15 – , 
2nd 6th 37 (-13)
#101 – LANGLEY, BC
5th 4th 34 (-16)
#459 – , 
7th 5th 30 (-20)
#21 – HALIFAX, 
8th 8th 26 (-24)
#91 – DELTA, BC
9th 7th 26 (-24)
Pro Open
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
#15 – , 
1st 2nd 47
2nd 1st 47
#910 – , 
4th 3rd 38 (-9)
#4 – , ON
5th 5th 32 (-15)
#101 – LANGLEY, BC
8th 8th 26 (-21)
#21 – HALIFAX, 
10th 7th 25 (-22)
#459 – , 
9th 10th 23 (-24)
#91 – DELTA, BC
11th 9th 22 (-25)

Total Points:

1. 910 Carson Brown KAW 88

2. 12 Shawn Maffenbeier YAM 84

3. 1 Jess Pettis YAM 79

4. 4 Jeremy Medaglia HON 70

5. 101 Ryan Lockhart KAW 60

Winter X Games – Here Come the Canadians!

X Games Aspen 2018 Announces Sport Disciplines and Medalist Invites
Snow Bike Best Trick Added and Snowmobile Speed & Style Returns; Music and Hospitality Options on Sale Now The world’s premier action sports competition returns to Aspen Snowmass January 25 – 28, inviting the top Ski, Snowboard, Snow Bike and Snowmobile athletes to compete in 17 different disciplines over four days of sports, music and festival offerings. X Games Aspen will also feature musical performances by LCD Soundsystem, Marshmello, Martin Garrix and Method Man & Redman.

Rider: Brock Hoyer | Photo: Chris Tedesco / ESPN Images

Building on the popularity of the Snow BikeCross racing debut in 2017, X Games Aspen 2018 will now showcase the excitement of freestyle motocross to Buttermilk Mountain with the introduction of Snow Bike Best Trick.  Athletes will compete in this freestyle discipline on modified dirt bikes which replaces the front wheel with a front ski and snowmobile track in place of the rear wheel. Snowmobile Speed & Style will also return to the lineup for the first time since 2015.

The X Games Aspen 2018 sports and disciplines are as follows:

Ski Snowboard Snowmobile & Snow Bike
Big Air (M & W) Big Air (M & W) Snowmobile Freestyle
Slopestyle (M & W) Slopestyle (M & W) Snowmobile Speed & Style
SuperPipe (M & W) SuperPipe (M & W) Snow Bike Best Trick
Special Olympics Unified Snow BikeCross

All medalists from X Games Aspen 2017 who have sport disciplines returning in 2018 received an early invite to compete at X Games Aspen 2018 today. The first full round of invited athletes will be announced November 1. Please visit for the most updated athlete list.While admission to the action sports competitions and festival village are free to the public, X Games musical performances will require purchase of a ticket. Music fans can purchase a four-show general admission pass for $150 or a four-show preferred pass for $200, which include preferred viewing, a private entrance to the concert venue, dedicated preferred restrooms and cash bar.

New for the ultimate music fans at Aspen 2018, X Games will offer Diamond Music Club passes which provide fans access to a heated premium viewing tent, heated outdoor patio at the GEICO music stage and complimentary beer and wine.

Also available to action sports and music fans are the four-day platinum passes, which allow access to the exclusive Platinum Tower at the base of the SuperPipe. The Platinum Tower offer guests gourmet food, beer and wine and the best views of the competitions at X Games Aspen. Platinum pass-holders also receive access to the Diamond Club for all musical performances, athlete meet and greets, a private tour of the SuperPipe and a limited-edition piece of merchandise. Fans can purchase tickets and platinum passes now at

Forthcoming details on the X Games athletes, competition schedule, music and more will be available on for fans or on for members of the media.

So far, on the Winter X Games website the only 3 names on the invited list of Snow BikeCross are Colton Haaker, Brock Hoyer, and Cody Matechuk. Hopefully, we see CSRA SnowBike champion Nathan Bles‘ name on this list soon, too!

Hopefully, Nathan Bles gets on the entry list for the 2018 Winter X Games Snow BikeCross. | Bigwave photo

Have a great weekend, everyone. Hopefully, my time stuck on this couch is coming to an end and I can get out and snap photos and shoot video before the snow flies. Feel free to tag us in any moto-related Halloween costumes you may find yourselves in this weekend.

2014 Kyle Carruthers in Chilliwack says, “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo