Frid’Eh Update #52 Presented by Addikt Graphics

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

This week, we’ve got a special tribute to a fallen motocrosser, Joey Paul.


Welcome to Week #52 of the Frid’Eh Update Presented by Addikt Graphics. For 2017, #52 belonged to Joey Paul from Lavaltrie, Quebec. As most of you know, Joey took his life this past fall. I didn’t know Joey, personally, but after reading through the stories friends and family sent in for this tribute Update, he was obviously a great guy, and very well-liked and loved. When I read that he was looking forward to his week for the Update, it completely broke my heart.

Joey earned #48 for the upcoming 2018 season. As I mentioned, we asked friends of Joey to give us a short paragraph that summed up their relationship. I’d like to thank the DaSilva family for getting in touch with people they knew would want the chance to say a few words.

Thank you to everyone who took some time to put their thoughts down and sent them in. I think, after you read them, it will give you the sense that there’s really no time like the present to tell the people you love how you feel about them. Life is short and fragile, and, when it all boils down, all we really have in life are our relationships with others. Go tell someone you love them.

Thank you to everyone for taking some time to collect your thoughts on Joey Paul and share them with us. | Bigwave photo

For Joey:

Pour toi Joey… Un seul mot: le Passionné de motocross, à chaque minute de ta vie tu pensais qu’à faire du bike… Tu étais un intense, perfectionniste, minutieux, ta moto devait toujours être « ca coche » … Tu aimais tout le monde aux courses même tes plus grands compétiteurs… Tu nous faisais vivre beaucoup d’émotions: des chutes, des remontées spectaculaires à nous faire battre le cœur à 100 miles à l’heure… Merci de nous avoir fait vivre de si beaux moments à ton père, ta sœur, Shanna et moi ta mom… Tu es parti beaucoup trop tôt… Continue de rider là haut mon Jo! On t’aime xxx

For you, Joey… Only one word: Motocross Passionate, you spent every minute of your life thinking about doing motocross… You were intense, perfectionist, meticulous, your bike always had to be perfect… You loved everyone at the races, even your biggest rivals… You were making us live a lot of emotions — from the downs to the spectacular ups that were making our hearts race at 100 miles per hour…Thank you to have made your dad, your sister, Shanna and I, your mom, live so many great moments… You left way too soon… Keep riding up there, my Jo! We love you xxx


Mon cher Joey, un extrémiste dans tout ce que tu fais, mon chum de bike, mon chum dans la vie de tous les jours, dire que je t’ai montré à faire du bike quand tu as commencé et tu es devenu une machine! Je m’ennuie déjà de toi et je donnerai le meilleur de moi-même l’année prochaine, tu peux en être certain! À bientôt mon pote!

My dear Joey, an extremist in everything you do, my motocross buddy, my everyday go-to buddy, I can’t believe that I showed you how to do motocross and you became such an amazing rider! I miss you so much already, I will give the best of me next year, you can be sure of it! See you soon my friend!

Ton chum, Steve Sauvé

Tu feras toujours partie de notre équipe et notre famille. Merci pour les trois belles années avec nous, je suis vraiment reconnaissant envers toi pour ton dévouement pour le motocross et envers moi. Malgré tes 50 heures par semaine à travailler avec ton père, tu te donnais toujours à 110% aux courses, tu étais un exemple pour moi. Tu resteras pour toujours un athlète de cœur! Ride in peace #52

You will always be a part of our team and our family. Thank you for the past 3 amazing years with us, I am extremely thankful towards you for your dedication for the sport and towards me. Even though you were working 50 hours a week with your dad, you were always giving your 110% at the races. You were a model for me. You will always stay a true athlete at heart! Ride in peace, #52

Marc-Antoine Généreux

Joey Paul, my dude! I’ve been asked to write something about you. It’s your week, man, I know you were looking forward to this! You’ve been one of the quickest learners I’ve seen on a dirt bike, I’d just wish you still be here to show all of us how much you’d improve this year! Dirt biking was in your blood, you’re one of those we call a “natural.” I’ll miss you for the rest of my life, man, can’t wait to ride with you, we’ll see each other again one day! Take care of your family and friends, man! Ride in peace!


Jason Benny

Joey Paul was, and will always be, a ‘one of a kind’ type of guy. Sometimes I’d see him at the track, sometimes we would spent Christmas time together with other people from Quebec, sometimes we trained together in North Carolina and sometimes he came with us to the races, but if one thing really stood out from all those times I got to hangout with Joey, it was big smile that was always on his face and that made you want to smile back in return. Joey was a great guy, always there for his friends and always committed to his passion and his work, Canadian Motocross will never be same without him. Ride in peace and I really hope you’re happy in your new life, because if someone deserved to be happy and love his life, it was definitely you. See you one day, buddy.

Eve Brodeur

Depuis le début des séries de motocross, Joey et moi nous nous sommes beaucoup rapprochés. Ce sont nos conversations après les motos, nos fous rires, nos combats sur la piste qui nous ont permis de devenir ami si rapidement. Je me souviendrais toujours qu’il souriait en tout temps et c’est comme ça que tout le monde devrait se souvenir de lui! Je n’arrive toujours pas à croire qu’il est vraiment parti, je ressens toujours une présence de lui! J’ai vu Joey non seulement en tant qu’ami, mais en tant que grand athlète. Je me souviens des poignées de mains et des félicitations après les courses! Chaque fois que nous parlions, nous partagions toujours un rire. Toutes mes condoléances à la famille, perdre un aussi bon fils doit être excessivement dur. Nous l’aimerons toujours et nous allons toujours se souvenir de lui.

Joey and I got a lot closer over the motocross series this year, talking after motos, laughing, battling on the track, takeouts, and all I remember is him smiling and that’s how everyone should remember him! I still cannot believe he is truly gone, I still feel a presence of him!

I saw Joey not just as a friend but as a great rider. I remember the handshakes and congratulations after races, I remember all the times we saw each other in practice, we always talked, and we would always share a laugh.. All my condolences to the family. It must be hard to lose such a great son. We will always love you and remember you.

Christopher Da Silva

Un sourire plus authentique que tout, un sourire qui ne sera jamais oublié. Joey Paul, un excellent coureur, et un être humain extraordinaire qui sera dans nos coeurs pour toujours. Continue de rider en haut buddy et montre à tout le monde comment tu es quelqu’un de passionné! Tu nous manques tous déjà! Tu peux être certain qu’on va tous penser à toi quand on va rider!

A smile more genuine than ever, one that will never be forgotten. Joey Paul, a fantastic racer, and a great human being will be forever in the hearts of all of his friends and family. Keep riding up there, buddy, and show how passionate you are to everyone! We already all miss you and we’ll all ride thinking about you!

Michael Da Silva

Salut, Joey Boy! J’espère que tu te portes bien là-haut. Tu n’es plus des nôtres mais ta présence se fait ressentir dans tout ce que l’on entreprend. J’imagine que tu dois déjà être en train de nous préparer une track « sua coche» pour le jour où l’on viendra te rejoindre. Prends soin de toi, on se voit bientôt xx

Hey, Joey Boy! I hope that you are doing well up there. Even though you are not with us anymore, we can feel your presence in everything we do. I imagine you are building us a sick track up there for when we’ll all come and join you. Take care, see you soon xx

Virginie Hould

I did know him like everybody knew Joey. Such a good kid always happy and smiling. I remember meeting him a couple years ago back at X Town in the big dome. I’m still with no words on what happened. All I can say is from my point of view Joey was a good, hard-working kid that was always smiling at everyone. Hope he smiles up there.

Julien Perrier

It’s still hard for me to believe that our friend Joey is gone forever. Such a good guy on and off the track. Good looking guy with good opportunities for the future. You will be missed by all of us, buddy. If anyone is having a hard time in his life, please don’t wait and contact me or a friend right away. We can help you and who knows maybe save your life. Ride in peace my friend 52.

Tim Tremblay

I was fortunate enough to know Joey through racing and always had a lot of respect for him. His evolution through the ranks was remarkable. Only a couple of years of racing and he made it to the Pro national level. His passing got me down to the ground. A good kid with lots of guts. Remember that suicide is a permanent solution for temporary problems. Life is precious and there will always be sunshine after the storms. I will keep good memories of him. R.I.P. Joey #52

Kaven Benoit

RIP Joey.

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Monster Energy AMA Supercross

Hey, guys. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. It’s looking like it is going to be a white Christmas here in Southern Ontario. There is not much time left until the first SX gate drop. Last week, I touched on the 450 class, and this week we will look at the Regional 250 class. It wasn’t until a few years back that they started giving points towards a National number from 250 SX. The reason being, it is a feeder class for riders to get their feet wet before moving up to the premier 450 class. It wasn’t meant to have lifetime 250 specialists, or for guys to drop down to, to prolong their careers and get a few more seasons. It’s kind of like hanging around high school parties 4-5 years after graduating… just not cool, guys. But anyways, there is some serious excitement to 250 SX.

We have 2 Canadian Teams, The Redemption Racing/Club MX Team, and the PR-MX.CA Team. And as of now, it’s looking like we will have at least one Canadian on each coast. Brock Leitner on the West, and hopefully Westen Wrozyna and maybe even Jess Pettis on the East.

Brock is one of the most underrated Canadians out there, and for the love of God, I can’t figure out why he’s not on every team’s radar. He has a great work ethic, he’s out there putting in the work and has a great family behind him. Heck, he was even the CMRC’s most improved rider this past season! Someone take a chance on this kid.

“I can’t figure out why he’s not on every team’s radar. He has a great work ethic, he’s out there putting in the work and has a great family behind him.” – Jeff McConkey on Brock Leitner | Bigwave photo

On the East coast we will have Wrozyna, as long as he gets his release. Westen is prepping for his first-ever attempt at SX. Yes, he’s a complete newbie, but this kid isn’t afraid of hard work just like Brock.  And fingers crossed that we will see Jess Pettis at some point on either coast.

McThoughts | 250 Supercross

#1E Zach Osborne:  Zach should be able to defend, but he can’t have any hiccups. It looks like both coasts are strong and there won’t be any easy wins.

1E Zach Osborne. | Bigwave photo

#1W Justin Hill: Justin will be very good and confident, but I just don’t know if he has the bike to win the title on.

1W Justin Hill. | Bigwave photo

#6 Jeremy Martin: Jeremy is going to do 3 rounds in the 450 class before dropping down to contest the 250 East. I think he has a 250 win in him, and he will have many bad starts and silly crashes.


#11 Kyle Chisholm: I’d rather see Kyle in the 450 class.


#17 Joey Savatgy: This is Joey’s shot to win the title. It won’t be easy, but he has all of the tools. Brain farts have cost him in the past, and I’m sure he’s done everything to make sure it’s out of his system. I think he will win a coast, but it will go down to the wire.

#17 Joey Savatgy. | Bigwave photo

#23 Aaron Plessinger: I’d like to see Aaron win the title, I just think he’s a little too big and his starts will hurt him. He should battle right until the end for the championship on either coast.


#24 Dylan Ferrandis: Dylan was good last year, but his fitness wasn’t where it should have been. With a season of SX under his belt, he should be a threat every weekend. He will win a race or two.


#26 Alex Martin: Just like my buddy Martin Davalos, Alex is a 250 lifer. He will fight for podiums.

#26 Alex Martin. | Bigwave photo

#28 Shane McElrath: Shane will be in the hunt for the title. With some luck, he could steal it from one of the favourites.


#29 Martin Davalos: The lifer is back. I understand why Martin keeps getting re-signed in the 250 class, but I’m not a fan of it.


#30 Mitchell Harrison: Mitchell really turned it around last season after a very scary rookie season. I could see him in the top 5 on the regular and even fighting for the odd podium.

#30 Mitchell Harrison. | Bigwave photo


#31 Colt Nichols: I feel Colt is very underrated. This guy will win one and finish in the top 3 for the season. He just had his arm fixed but should be flying by the time the East starts up.


#32 Christian Craig: I love Craig’s effortless style, I don’t love all of the retirement talk. He stepped away briefly, and was riding the entire time. Let’s hope he can put it together and we don’t have another 250 SX lifer.


#35 Austin Forkner: Austin had a nasty concussion that kept him off the bike for a long time. It looked like he was back up to speed until an arm injury sidelined him. Let’s hope he isn’t gun shy when he comes back. He needs to start winning races.

#35 Austin Forkner. | Bigwave photo

#36 R.J. Hampshire: It’s time for Hampshire to light it up a bit. His nasty head injury is behind him and he has a few seasons under his belt. If he wants to stay on a top team, he needs to produce and get some podiums.


#37 Fredrik Noren: Expect Fredrik to hover around the top 10, or just inside with a good start.


#38 Luke Renzland: Luke will be consistent, but, to be honest, he’s kind of boring out there and I forget about him.


#40 Chase Sexton: Chase will be fun to watch, and you can bet he will be fast. He should land himself on the podium, and be fighting for top 5s.


#42 Dakota Alix: I’m very excited for Dakota. We can expect great starts and a few top 10’s.

#42 Dakota Alix. | Bigwave photo

#43 Sean Cantrell: I think Sean will have us on the edge of our seats at times. His scrub at Red Bull Straight Rhythm was nasty. But I’m sure he will have some big rookie mistakes as well.


#44 Lorenzo Locurcio: I haven’t watch Lorenzo at all, but we should see him in most mains.


#45 Jordon Smith: Who called Jordon’s first win last season? This guy did! He will get some wins and be in the hunt. He needs to limit his mistakes if he wants this championship.


#47 Jimmy Decotis: Who isn’t happy for Jimmy D and his new ride? Jimmy looked good early on last season then threw anchors. Well, Jimmy was sick and now he’s got it under control. Jimmy led laps last year and was oh so close to his first podium. I’d be shocked if he didn’t get 2 or 3 top 3’s.

#47 Jimmy Decotis. | Bigwave photo

#52 Mitchell Oldenburg: I wouldn’t be surprised if Freckle leads some laps and battles for a win. He will be very aggressive early on, and I hope it doesn’t bite him again this season.


#53 Bradley Taft: I don’t know enough about Taft. I expect him to be a solid main event guy every week.


#54 Phil Nicoletti: Phil has a ton of skill and been around forever. On a good night, I see a top 5, but when it rains, it pours for poor Phil. I just hope he gets through healthy.


#56 Anthony Rodriguez: Rocky Mountain took a big chance signing A-Rod. He has very good speed, but has had problems staying on 2 wheels. Anthony should be more mature now and I expect him 6th-10th on most nights.

#56 Anthony Rodriguez. | Bigwave photo

#62 Justin Cooper: I expect big things from this rookie. First of all, you can bet that our good buddy, Seth Rarick, will make sure this rookie has a very fresh haircut and tight lines every Saturday. I wouldn’t be surprised if he leads some laps and gets 2-3 podiums.


#66 Cameron McAdoo: Cameron will be much better in season 2. He will still have some growing pains, but I’m expecting some serious flashes of speed at times.


#76 Kyle Peters: Kyle was a pleasant surprise last season until leaving for Australia. I think with a full off-season he should be finishing anywhere from 5th to 9th on any weekend. Good pick up for the JGR guys.


#85 Josh Cartwright: There is no reason why Josh won’t be making every main. He will be fit and fitted with a “fresh Cartwright” every weekend.


#92 Adam Cianciarulo: It’s AC time! Adam is in good place going into 2018. I think the wins will be there and he will capture his first professional title after many many injury-riddled seasons.


#95 Joey Crown: We’ve been waiting to see Joey ride SX for a while now. Even better, it’s for a Canadian team. He will have ups and downs, but he should be a main event guy on most nights.

#95 Joey Crown. | Bigwave photo


#787 Josh Osby: I think a healthy Josh will surprise people. He should make the mains easily and should be inside the top 15 and maybe fighting near the top 10.

Well, that’s it for me. I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Christmas! Rest in Peace, Joey Paul, and don’t forget to #smileforBC, #liftwithscott, and #4estrella.


Thanks, Jeff. Hey, why isn’t this McThoughts segment its own column on the site? It will be as soon as I’m finished here. Jeff did the 450 guys last week, so I’ll put them up together.

Where I live, it seems like payback for all those late-fall remarks about how warm it was. We got snow very early this year. In fact, we got a few inches again overnight. It’s almost above freezing so I’ll leave it on the driveway for now in case it simply melts away. Shoveling wet snow is very hard on backs and shovels.

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to say a few words about Joey Paul. We weren’t exactly sure how to tackle the fact that this was his week, but I hope we chose the right direction. The older I get, the more I realize how insignificant the problems from my youth really were. Of course, at the time they seem like insurmountable mountains to climb, but as time passes and gives you the benefit of experience, mountains inevitably become mole hills. If anyone reading this is struggling in life, I sincerely hope you get the help and support that you need.

Shifting gears now, there are quite a few stories to talk about this week. Teams are coming together a little earlier than they have in the past due to the fact that the Rockstar Triple Crown Series fires up in February, so everyone needs to have their ducks in a row 3 months earlier than they may have in past years.

First up on the schedule is the Abbotsford Arenacross, February 24th. Not everyone is planning to race the AX, MX, and SX portions of the series to go after the Rockstar $100K prize for top 450 rider, but many are, and that means it’s prep time.

Keylan Meston and Wyatt Waddell Join Davey Fraser at Carlson Racing

National #10 Keylan Meston and #573 Wyatt Waddell will join #20 Davey Fraser on the 2nd year team, Carlson Racing. This crew has got all the ingredients to be the ‘feel good’ team of the New Year.

Keylan Meston is the hard-working, no-nonsense rider out of Alberta who simply shows up at the track and lets his racing results do the talking for him. You won’t get excuses or sub-par efforts from this guy. For the past few seasons, Keylan has been that Canadian MX1 rider on the bubble.

Teams want a 450 rider who can fight for podiums and possibly wins. That list of Canadians is a short one and those riders are picked up quickly by the so-called top teams. Once those guys are taken, teams look south to try for those same top results. Suddenly, there are no rides left for the fast Canadians fighting around the 8-12 positions. Keylan is one of those guys.

Fortunately, he’s going to get a chance on this new team run by former Pro series regular, Trevor Carlson. In speaking with Davey Fraser last summer, Keylan will have all the tools he needs and an extremely positive atmosphere to reach and hopefully achieve his full potential.

#10 Keylan Meston will get the support he needs at Carlson Racing in 2018. | Bigwave photo

Wyatt Waddell is the rider who turned Pro and then got hurt. He’s been away from the races for over a year and it’s time for him to throw on the Pro plates for good and see what he can do. He and his father, Laurie Waddell, have been staples on the BC Moto Scene for years and you probably won’t find 2 nicer people at the track.

#573 Wyatt Waddell is back from injury and will also line up for Carlson Racing. | Bigwave photo

Brent Carlson will be the patriarch of Carlson Racing. He’s also one of the good guys. I remember when I was a struggling moto photographer/journalist digging into the Canadian scene, he would always show up at one of the events and try to sneak me some cash as thanks for my efforts. I tried as hard as I could to refuse, but he would never take no for an answer.

Like I said, this is a good group of people. When the racing gets started, be sure to head over to their pits and say hello. Good luck this season, guys.

Christopher Fortier Update

Canadian Chris Fortier is back on his Yamaha and ready to get back to racing. | Bigwave photo

Christopher Fortier is the Canadian rider who calls Florida home. He returned to Canada last summer to race the Pro series. He looked great early on and was battling the other rookies for top spot until he crashed hard and concussion symptoms took him out of action for the summer.

He’s ready to get back on the bike and prepare for a full 2018 season of racing. We got in touch with him to see what his plans are and here’s what he had to say:

“Unless other opportunities come up for me, I will be competing in the east coast portion of the Triple Crown Series and I will also do some provincial racing in Quebec during the summer.

For this winter, I am planning to do the Daytona Amateur Supercross, Tampa Amateur Supercross, Atlanta Amateur Supercross, and any type of Arenacross race that I can get to.

I really want to do the Triple Crown AX Series but I need to get some plans together to try and make it out there. Loretta Lynn’s is also a possibility for me.”

You hear that, teams still looking for a fast Canadian rider?

#20 Jeremy McKie Moves Up to Big Bikes and to Yamaha

One of Canada’s top mini riders has made the move to the big bikes and it looks like he’ll be changing colours too. #20 Jeremy McKie will be getting the support of Marc-Antoine Généreux and Motosport Saint Césaire Yamaha.

Seeing red numbers has got to have the rest of the Canadian Junior ranks a little worried. Watch for Jeremy to have one of those Junior years riders only dream about. He should be the class of the field but should also get his chance to progress and be a champion along the way.

Brock Leitner Ready to Hit the Track at A1

Brock Leitner will be on the SKVI Team when the gate drops at A1. | Bigwave photo


Canadian Brock Leitner will be the rider representing Canada when the gate drops at Anaheim 1, January 6th. We spoke briefly with the 2017 CMRC ‘Most Improved Rider’ Thursday and will do a full interview with him ASAP here on the site.

Brock will be on the SKVI Team this winter alongside Adam Enticknap, Tyler Enticknap, Brock Shoemaker, and Colton Aeck.

Brock is home from California for the Holidays and was actually on the slopes of Big White this morning when we spoke to him again. He’ll head back down to continue training with Ryan Hughes and be ready for A1.

Watch for our interview with Brock later this weekend.

Marco Cannella Update

Where will Marco Cannella end up in 2018? | Bigwave photo

Regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes regarding where hot young rookie Pro prospect, Marco Cannella, will race in 2018, he’s been getting down to business to be ready to go.

Marco just got home for the Holidays from training at Club MX. He’s helping his dad, Sam Cannella, at work, painting. He’ll stay home for a couple weeks and then head back south for more riding and training. He is keen to do the entire Rockstar Triple Crown Series this year, but nobody is 100% sure what team that means he’ll be on.

With defending MX2 champion, Shawn Maffenbeier, leaving MX101 in 2018, there is an opening at the team and Marco is the obvious choice. With Jess Pettis currently injured (broken arm) but under contract for one more year at MX101, the team will be going racing and that means they will want another rider on the line when the gate drops in Abbotsford on Feb 24th.

It looks like they will will have another rider alongside Pettis for BC and then Hayden Halstead likely returns to do the Motocross series this summer. Whether or not that means Marco will be that rider remains to be seen, but it looks good.

Failing that, maybe the Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha squad takes him under their wing for AX and then MX101 for the remainder…

MX101‘s Kevin Tyler said they will have an official announcement “before the New Year” regarding his riders and the team’s racing plan.

Stay tuned…

Tanner Ward Set to Race Amsoil Arenacross

Tanner Ward will race Amsoil AX and has not inked his deal for 2018 yet. | Bigwave photo

The other top rookie Pro for 2018 is Woodstock, Ontario, racer, Tanner Ward. Tanner came up through the ranks as part of the Fab 3 of Marco Cannella, Austin Watling, and himself. With Austin moving on to new things, it leaves Tanner and Marco.

Tanner is set to race the east rounds of the Amsoil Arenacross series that starts up January 6-7 in Dayton, Ohio. Tanner is currently in talks with KTM Canada but has yet to ink the deal for the 2018 season and beyond.

Al Dyck from Sky Racing Holeshot Motorsports Team Podcast

There are a lot of riders who fall into the category of “Would Have Won a Ton More Championships Were it Not for Ross Pederson.” BC’s Al Dyck is certainly one of these riders. Just like Kevin Windham would have a lot more first place trophies on his shelf were it not for Ricky Carmichael, “Too Trick” was always forced to do battle with the man who has 33 Canadian Pro Championships. That’s right, 33.

Al is now the man at the helm of the new Sky Racing Holeshot Motorsports Team. We grabbed Al for a podcast this past week. We talked about the new team but couldn’t help ourselves and had to talk about some of the stories from his days as a top Canadian racer. You can check it out here, if you haven’t heard it yet:

5 Lap Sprint | Christmas Editions | Presented by Scott Sports Canada

We look forward to catching up with riders and industry folk each Holiday Season to find out what they’re up to for Christmas and maybe, just maybe, learn a little something interesting about them on a more personal level.

Jeff was busy this season and so far the count is 3 installments. We’ve got another one set to go before the 25th. If you haven’t read them yet, here’s your chance now:

5 Lap Sprint 1 Kaven Benoit, Mike Alessi, Cade Clason, Daryl Murphy, Tyler Medalia, and Michael Fowler

5 Lap Sprint 2 Shelby Turner, Brittany Gagne, Eve Brodeur, Dominique Daffe, Danika White, Madi Watt, and Kate Lees

5 Lap Sprint 3 Ryan Lockhart, Kornel Nemeth, Jack Wright, Jared Petruska, Dylan Kaelin, Josh Cox, and, well…Greg Poisson

That will do it for the final ‘official’ week of the year. It’s been another great year here at DMX. Thank you to everyone for your support, and we look forward to another year of covering the greatest sport on earth from the greatest country’s perspective. You guys keep racing and we’ll keep telling the stories.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! All the best in 2018!

Mitchell Harrison says, “See you at the….ZZZzzzz.” | Bigwave photo