Frid’Eh Update #8 Presented by the Toronto Supercross

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #8 belongs to the hard-working rider from Alberta, Keylan Meston | John Meaney photo

Welcome to week #8 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update presented by the Toronto Supercross. It’s great to talk to the rider who will run this number in 2017 so early in the season. You see, this is, by far, the best number of his moto career. Keylan Meston is the no-nonsense rider putting in the hard laps and never making excuses for his rough races — he just dusts himself off and heads back out there.

Keylan comes from Chestermere, Alberta, and now calls Calgary home. He studied Investing at Mount Royal University and was born October 18, 1992. Here’s a look at his 2016 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals season:

We woke Keylan up for a quick chat today | Bigwave photo

We grabbed Keylan for a chat as he was getting ready to defend his #8 at this year’s nationals:

Direct Motocross: Hello, Keylan. We’re speaking with you much earlier than we have before! You must be pretty happy with #8 for 2017. Can you take us through your 2016 summer? What were some of the highs and lows?

Keylan Meston: Ya, I was pretty happy with my 2016 – fairly consistent. And wasn’t afraid to run it in with team guys. With more experience each year, I would gain more confidence to run with those guys and realize what they’re doing isn’t rocket science.

The highs for me is the whole trip. I love traveling with friends and family and seeing what our great country has to offer. Racing on the weekend is icing on the cake. There were quite a few lows but nothing that really put a huge damper on my attitude or plans.

We did have a tranny blow out in our truck and a fella from Moncton (Gary Damery) who I’m sure is a well known name over there lent us his dually for Deschambault. Hard to put into words how baffling that is, yet heart-warming, that someone would loan his vehicle to total strangers to help our efforts. It’s cool when you meet people that don’t follow that social grain of looking out for themselves but have a hand out for others too.

You were consistently a 7th – 10th place guy out there. What is it going to take for you to challenge even closer to the front?
I think for me to step it up it’s going to be seat time/experience but not wasting the opportunity to process it all. Take in every ounce of knowledge and feedback I can get from those experiences. Do it better than last year and better my equipment.

What did he do after Barrie? “I bought my own semi and went straight to work for my dad hauling cattle and tried to fit in play time whenever I could.” | Bigwave photo

Who did you find yourself battling out there? Was there one rider you saw a lot of?
I seemed to be around Morgan Burger and Cade Clason quite a bit. And it was good, never got in any tussles so we became friends. So, this year we could probably run into each other without consequence (Laughs).
What was your favourite track on the circuit last year?
Ulverton. It’s like a US track and the event always turns out great.
We’re heading to Prince George this year. Are you familiar with that track? Will you miss Nanaimo?
Ya, I raced PG back on 80’s. It’s deadly. Ya, I’ll miss Nanaimo. The whole trip there as well as the racing is surreal. I think a lot of people take for granted how cool that place is just because the dirt sucks, but I think what makes a great series is variety to showcase riders’ all around abilities, and that track definitely offered the series some diversity.

Keylan will miss the Nanaimo trip but says he loves the track in Prince George | Bigwave photo

I remember last year when we did this, you were driving a transport in Idaho. Where have we found you this year?
Well, I’m actually still in Idaho, never left, broke down on the 90. Nice gal took me in, makes the best fried chicken and biscuits west of the continental divide. Getting pretty serious, might buy some chickens and goats and start our own petting zoo in the backyard. [We never did get a straight answer on this. For all we know, he’s serious…]
What did you get up to after the outdoor season ended last August?
Well, I bought my own semi and went straight to work for my dad hauling cattle and tried to fit in play time whenever I could. Maff (Shawn Maffenbeier) told me he wanted to really experience nature in its most raw form and asked if I could show him the way, so we and some other friends went on some treks climbing mountains and snowboarding our way down.
What are your winter training and racing plans? Will you race before the series starts in Kamloops?
That’s a secret. Got to keep the competition in the dark.
What are your summer plans?
Would like to go racing and live the dream. Currently, struggling to line things up for next year. Things are in the works. There are people trying to help me and I thank them. Especially the ones that have been invested in me for years and believe in me. They know who they are. Just a timely process at this point.
Hopefully all works out. If not, I’m starting Keylan Freight Services – “For all your transport needs!” 403-261-4972 for rates and fees.

Keylan’s goal is to just keep improving and enjoy his time traveling the country racing dirt bikes | Bigwave photo

What are your goals for 2017?
I only joke to keep a light attitude and not get stressed about the things that aren’t going the way I would hope for [Oh, we know, don’t worry]. But I take racing very seriously and care for it very much and I think most the teams would agree, as I was a mosquito pestering them for a chance all winter! (Laughs)
My goal is to always get better. I just want to keep seeing myself improve, to be a great racer. There’s no end game, like if I get a top 5 number I’ll quit, it’s a never-ending goal which is a very grounded ideal for me. If it comes to the point where I’m not getting any return, progression in all aspects and/or joy out of the sport, then it would be time to move on. But I love chasing the carrot, seeing those team guys in front of me. I want to rub elbows with those boys.
Well, good luck with your preparations. Who would you like to thank?
Thanks, Billy. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to tell the world my story. And I would like to thank Race Tech Suspension. If you get a revalve and tune from them and mention my name they will help you out with a discount. As well as Bike Binderz, which is a newer innovative system of tying down your bikes for transport. If you use the discount code “california” on you will get 10% off your purchase! Also like to thank JC at Foothills Cycleworks for always standing behind me and LRX Performance, Oakley, FMF, VP Racing Fuels, DT1, Dissent Labs, Action Sports Clinic as well as my parents, girlfriend and all the great people trying to line things up for me this year.

How can you not cheer for that guy?! And who knew he was so sarcastic? Like he said, making jokes is an age-old, tried-and-true way of keeping your stress levels down. My Psych 101 prof would say he’s either got a fear of failure or a fear of success. We’d need to talk more to get to the bottom of it. I’ll bring a couch to Kamloops, and can explain the difference in another Psych column if need be…
Good luck this year, Keylan. Getting, and STAYing, on the rear wheel of that group ahead of you is no small feat and would be a huge accomplishment for anyone. Like always, we’ll be watching!
If you still want to know more about Keylan, this post on his Instagram account @keylanmeston should help:

Photo from Keylan Meston’s Instagram page

Every now and then I go through moments of self reflection, wondering if I’m going about my life in a good manner. A manner I hope to look back on and be proud of the paths I walk and ok with the mistakes I made. Had one of those moments recently.. A tough area in my life is my relationship with my old man. I had a cold shoulder towards my Dad growing up. There were fights that would make child services have conniptions over. Fights that would end vacations and trips. I was cheap labor, thinking I had it the hard way cause some of my friends had it pretty easy. Left home a couple times and stayed with friends, even slept in my vehicle a couple times cause i didn’t want to go home. Never really thought my dad was ever proud of me or that I was doing good enough. It was tough at times. After my Grandpa died, felt guilty and selfish from not making the most of our relationship, it became pretty apparent to me that things between my dad and I needed work. We’ve been doing pretty darn good ever since. Even been working together a little bit! But looking back, maybe my Dad struggled with parenting in areas but most of me just needed to grow up to understand. I will have challenges of my own with my kids, but I’m glad I was raised the way I was. My dad taught me good, hard work ethic, old fashion respect and good manners, and how to figure things out for myself. Showing me how to be my own man and work for what I want and to do the best I can for others. Of course all this took some coordination from my Mom (she’s a winner too). I want to be like my dad and better. My Dad might read this, disagree, and say I’m still to lazy, self-centered and soft but that’s his problem. I’d say I’m hard as fuck. Does it really mean anything putting it on social media? No. Makes me look like every other attention seeker. But whatever. Should I tell him personally? Ya, but that would be weird, right? A story aside, the greatest gift to receive from my dad was watching an iPhone video of me leading a pro national moto for a smidge and hearing him belt at the top of his lungs “GO!”. If you were me, you would think that was pretty cool, hits me in the feels. Love my dad, Reckless Randal.

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Hey, guys. Happy Friday. How about this Southern Ontario weather lately? Wow! I’m still in shock that Gopher Dunes was able to open to the public on Monday, February 20. That has got to be some sort of record. I actually made the trip out to the Dunes to check out some of the action. I figured it would be busy, but I didn’t expect to see the amount of riders as I did. Like always, Digger (Derek Schuster) and the crew had the track primo, and everybody was loving it.

The weather has been so weird this winter that Gopher Dunes was open last Monday | Jeff McConkey photo

Town Moto, Husqvarna Canada ‘Grand Prix de Snow’

Monday wasn’t the only nice day of our 3-day long weekend — Sunday was actually better. I woke up super-early and hit the 401 West. I was on my way to Campbellville, Ontario, just west of Toronto. The event was called the ‘Grand Prix de Snow,’ and it was hosted by Canadian motorcycle legend, Lawrence Hacking.
I really wasn’t sure what to expect going into the event. Like always, I was super-early and pretty much the first person there. After waiting for others to arrive, Bigwave and I sat down for breakfast with Husqvarna’s Victoria Hett, her husband Tomas, J.R., and Tyler Medaglia. To be honest, these four were more like a family than co-workers and couldn’t have gotten along better or made a better team. It was pretty impressive.

Husqvarna team breakfast before the Grand Prix de Snow | Bigwave photo

After the gang grabbed a quick bite, and some soapy coffee (inside joke), we headed out for riders meeting. This was honestly one of the most laid-back events I had ever been to. There were 7 studded Husqvarna motorcycles ready to get dirty. The majority of the riders brought their own bikes, which made getting on a new Husky of your choice very easy.
The great people at the Mohawk Inn allowed us to rip up their lawn and challenge our skills in a super-tight single track woods loop. The day started off with a fair bit of snow on the ground, but quickly turned to mud and water. You’d be surprised at how well these studded Husqvarna bikes handled the snow/ice/muddy conditions.
All in all, it was a great day, everyone was smiling and if you ever get a chance to attend a Lawrence Hacking or Husqvarna Canada event, don’t pass it up!
We posted an extensive Photo Report of the event that you can check out HERE.

Be sure to check out the ‘Grand Prix de Snow’ photo report HERE | Bigwave photo

Monster Energy Supercross

In Monster Energy AMA Supercross action, the 250 West riders took a break and allowed the 250 East riders to introduce themselves. I believe that the East talent pool is quite a bit deeper than the West.
Joey Savatgy was the clearcut favourite heading into Minneapolis after narrowly losing the 2016 West Coast Championship to Cooper Webb. Joey missed out by one point, so you can bet the bank that he was going to make every point count for 2017. Just behind Joey, there is veteran Zach Osborne and super-talented Christian Craig.
Osborne was the fastest qualifier, but a small mistake cost him any shot of challenging Savatgy. Craig, on the other hand, had an awful night and seemed to be just riding around outside of the top 10.  Not to be forgotten was Adam Cianciarulo. AC started off his career looking like he couldn’t lose only to disappear due to injury and not line up for a SX race since 2014. Well, AC didn’t get the win, but he got a much needed top 5 finish which he can build off of and improve from.
Here are my predictions for the 2nd East round in Atlanta:
250 East1st Joey Savatgy
2nd Christian Craig
3rd Adam Cianciarulo
4th Zach Osborne
5th Colt Nichols

#17 Joey Savatgy will win again in Atlanta | Bigwave photo

In the premiere 450 class, Eli Tomac has been unstoppable at times. Other times, he has been average. To be a champion, you can’t be hot and cold. At the very least, you must be warm constantly just to be a contender.

Ryan Dungey is the definition of consistent. His worst finish in the last 2 years is a 4th. He knows what it takes to win and he gets it done. The last two weekends, Ryan has been off a little. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a bad dude on a dirt bike, but he hasn’t been himself. I, personally, think Ryan is still in complete control, and that he will claim this title, the outdoor title, then retire after winning the Des Nations. Anyway, let’s start with Atlanta this weekend.
I think we will have a new winner this season so let’s look at my predictions:
450 Class1st Cole Seely
2nd Ryan Dungey
3rd Eli Tomac
4th Jason Anderson
5th Marvin Musquin

#14 Cole Seely will win in the 450 class in Atlanta | Bigwave photo

DMX Toronto SX Parties at The Houston | Autograph Signing Added to Friday Night!

When all is said and done in Atlanta, the series heads north…. The Great White North. And that means you need to make your way to The Houston Avenue Bar and Grill on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto Friday night.

We have a great facility, great swag, great company and now we will have great riders there to sign autographs and take pictures. Co-organizers, Cade Clason and Alex Ray, have an amazing evening planned out for everyone. Wait a minute….these two may be able to run the Pulp MX show, but for these parties we have left it in the very capable hands of David Toye.

Once again, David has worked very hard to give party goers the best possible time. Be sure to bring some extra money to support Team Canada, as our leader, Kourtney Lloyd, will be in the house all weekend selling tickets.

Probably the most important thing, and I can’t stress this enough, is that the parties are open to everyone and if you don’t waste your time getting there after the race, you will have no problem getting in. Also, if you’re in town early, show Houston’s some love and grab some food there. You won’t be disappointed.

That’s it for me this week. Have a great weekend and remember to #smileforBC and #liftwithscott.


Thanks, Jeff. Yep, that Grand Prix de Snow day in Campbellville was definitely one for the books! It was one of those events where you’re not really sure what the heck is going on at any time, and you just love it. Off road riders are a breed apart and if you have never been to an event, you owe it to yourself to check it out. They must all have goggle sponsors because none of them seem to mind stretching out the strap, as they all ride around with them pulled tightly over the jaw of their helmets. Can someone explain this to me? Why aren’t they protecting their eyes? Anyhoo, it was a really fun event, and I’m glad we were able to be there and take photos and video.

Grand Prix de Snow from on Vimeo.

Why aren’t I in Atlanta enjoying ‘Motofest,’ you ask? Well, up until Thursday at 5, I had every intention of hopping in the #DMXVan and heading south on the I-75 for 14 hours to check it all out. However, when I looked at the odometer, I realized that the next trip I take will put me up and over the 100, 000 km mark, ending my warrantee. Didn’t I just get this new van less than 2 years ago? Yes, that’s right, and I’m about to turn 100K on the thing! Hey, Keylan Meston, I’m a long haul trucker too!

Anyway, the thing rattles around like a clapped out Chevy Caprice taxi cab (you know what I’m talking about!) so I need to take it in before it costs ME money to fix. It’s actually made the noise since it was new and I brought it in once to be fixed and all that was done is they tightened up the rear brake mount, which did absolutely nothing. There’s no way Dodge can ship these out to customers sounding like ALL the struts are toast, can they?

Anyway, the bottom line is that I won’t be at the final race at the Georgia Dome taking in the the 3-day event. They’re running Amsoil Arenacross Friday, Monster Energy SX Saturday, and Amateur SX Sunday. I hate missing these things! If only there was budget to actually FLY to events, things would be great, but that’s another story…

DMX Toronto SX ‘Photo Contest’ Winner Announced

First off, thank you to everyone who took the time to send in their photos with the stories that go with them. We received a ton of great ones.

As we looked through them all, we decided that, although this year’s winning photo may not be the most ‘technically perfect’ shot, whenever you get a chance to reward a young couple with two young girls who want to get more involved in the sport, that’s good for everyone.

So, we decided to give the 4-pack of 200-level tickets to the Toronto Supercross – March 4th – to Lisa Harrison-Bourque, her husband, and their two young daughters.

Congratulations, gang. Have a great time at the races next Saturday night!

Cole Thompson Starts His 2017 SX Campaign this Week in Atlanta

Cole Thompson makes his 2017 SX debut this week | Bigwave photo

Brigden, Ontario, rider, #72 Cole Thompson, will start his 250 East SX campaign this weekend in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome. Cole will be on his KTM Canada Parts Canada Thor race bike and will race 6 rounds of the east series.

We grabbed him for a chat this afternoon as he was about 1 1/2 hours south of Atlanta on his way to the track. He’s been living in Tallahassee, Florida, and training at MTF in Cairo, Georgia. His training group has included Jordan Smith, Dakota Alix, Alex Rodriguez, Keith Tucker, and Justin Barcia.

Cole said his pace has been consistent but it’s really difficult to gauge exactly how he compares simply because some days different riders are faster. He just broke in his race bike last week and has it all ready for racing this week.

He will mis New Jersey and Las Vegas, but will be at the rest of the east rounds.

Cole has signed a 3-year extension with KTM Canada that will see him defend his 2016 MX2 title this summer before moving up to the MX1 class for the next 2 years.

Saturday will be Cole’s first race in the series and mentioned it’s the first time he’s come into a series after it’s already started, so he just hopes to ride as well as he’s been practicing and thinks he’ll be fine.

Also, Cole will be one of the riders signing autographs at the Houston Avenue Bar and Grill next Friday night in Toronto, so you’ll want to be sure you drop in between 6-8pm March 3rd.

Good luck, Cole, we’ll be cheering from north of the border!

Cole Thompson will be #72 this weekend in Atlanta. Cole will be one of the riders signing autographs at the Houston in Toronto next Friday night between 6-8. Be there!

Dylan Wright at Montreal MC Show this Weekend

Round 1 of 2017 MXGP this Week in Qatar

Racing in Losail

Today the best motocross riders in the world will be lined up for the opening GP of the 2017 FIM Motocross World Championship. With 21 former GP winners and 266 GP victories tallied from the MXGP class, this is considered one of the strongest fields the sport has seen.

Shaun Simpson, who is one of the 21 GP winners knows that a consistent night in Qatar will be the perfect start to his season. He also knows that this event is special, and while it isn’t old school, it does have its place in the Grand Prix series.

“Most years I get this question,” Simpson said. “And most years I say the same thing. It’s nice going there, we all enjoy it, I don’t think you can find anyone who goes there and doesn’t like it, nobody is complaining about going there. The layout of the track is ok. I mean the airport is close, the hotels are beautiful. It’s well organized, plenty of money there, the facility is great, the mechanics love it. I think if you compare it to what Indonesia will be like, or Mexico or Argentina, those places are very basic.”

2015 MXGP champion Romain Febvre, just like Simpson loves the experience of Qatar, and knows that while it will be all business on Saturday night, he will also try to enjoy the sunshine and relaxed atmosphere of the city in the desert.

“I’ve always liked Qatar,” Febvre said. “From the very first time we went there. The weather is good and it’s perfect for riding, not too hot during the day and not too cold at night. We always just go for four days, because there isn’t a lot to do there, but they do have nice hotels. I really like the facility, they have everything staying in the garage of the MotoGP. I like riding in the night. Indonesia I have never been there, but some people tell me it’s going to be more humid than Thailand, so that is going to be tough. But it’s like that for everyone, so that is ok.”

Young American Darian Sanayei does have some night racing experience, having raced some supercross events back home. Making his full-time debut in the MX2 class he will attract some attention from his fans back home.

“I don’t know if it’s an advantage,” Sanayei said. “It will be fun, I have been to Monster Cup at night, and some other indoor things. I am just looking forward to racing all the rounds. I just want to be good in qualification, get a good gate pick, and I think if I can get good starts, I can do ok.”

One thing is for sure, both MX2 and MXGP will produce some drama, and excitement, something the opening round of the FIM Motocross World Championship always brings.

Geoff Meyer
25 February (Sat) QATAR Losail
5 March INDONESIA Pangkal Pinang Women
2 April LEON – MEXICO Leon
16 April TRENTINO (I) Pietramurata EMX250, Women
23 April EUROPE (NL) Valkenswaard EMX125, EMX250
7 May LATVIA Kegums EMX125, EMX250
21 May GERMANY Teutschenthal Honda EMX150, EMX300
28 May FRANCE Ernée EMX125, EMX250, Women
11 June RUSSIA Orlyonok EMX250, EMX300
25 June ITALY Maggiora EMX125, EMX250, EMX300
2 July PORTUGAL Agueda EMX125, EMX250, Honda EMX150
23 July CZECH REP. Loket EMX65, EMX85, Women
6 August BELGIUM Lommel EMX125, Honda EMX150, EMX300
13 August SWITZERLAND Frauenfeld/Gachnang EMX125, EMX250, EMX300
20 August SWEDEN Uddevalla EMX125, Honda EMX150
3 September USA TBA
10 September THE NETHERLANDS Assen Honda EMX150, Women, Veteran
17 September PAYS DE MONTBELIARD (F) Villars sous Ecot EMX250, Women
1 October – Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations – GREAT BRITAIN, Matterley Basin
30 July – FIM Junior Motocross World Championship – ESTONIA – Lange Motokeskus

Follow along with the LIVE TIMING

Kaven Benoit Update

Final Round of MCQMX Snow Bike Championships this Weekend in BC

Hang in There, Ken Roczen

Jetwerx, TransCan, Team Canada MXON Press Conference

CSRA Snow Bike Series Schedule Changes | London Canceled

Next event: Timmins, March 4-5


Esso (91 octane) Premium Fuel
Timmins – Esso Timmins, 562 Algonquin Blvd. E., Timmins, ON 705-264-3515 open 24/7

MARCH 25-26

Esso (91 octane) Premium Fuel
Kitchener – Courtland Esso, 1321 Courtland Ave., Kitchener, ON 519-894-9910 – 8am – 10pm


Esso (91 octane) Premium Fuel
Horseshoe – Sintons Esso, 3406 Pentanguishene Rd., Craighurst, ON 705-737-9302 – 7:30am – 9pm


Esso (91 octane) Premium Fuel
Horseshoe – Sintons Esso, 3406 Pentanguishene Rd., Craighurst, ON 705-737-9302 – 7:30am – 9pm

2017 Awards Banquet
Saturday April 29, 2017

Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Conference Centre
6015 Highway 89, Alliston, ON, L9R 1A4
Tel: 705-435-5501 Toll Free: 800-669-5501

Special Room Rate Held until February 28th
Available through Group Reservations Department

Happy birthday and congratulations to Melissa and Josh Snider! From Melissa’s Facebook page: “This special little someone wants to wish his/her daddy Josh Snider, a very happy birthday tomorrow!! Introducing… Baby Snider due August 4th!” See you at the races…

Keylan would also like his chance to say it… “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo