Frid’Eh Update #9 Presented by the Toronto Supercross

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Week #9 belongs to Idaho rider, Morgan Burger | Bigwave photo

Welcome to the 9th week of the DMX Frid’Eh Frid’Eh Update presented by the Toronto Supercross. Week number 9 belongs to the friendly Idahoan (that’s what you say) we’ve all gotten to know so well over the years. In fact, Morgan Burger can be added to the lengthy list of riders we affectionately call “Almost Canadians.”

Morgan’s name first shows up in the overall top 20 ranking for the Rockstar MX Nationals series in 2011 where he finished 12th in the MX2 class. He did the western rounds and finished 5-_-7-4.

Here’s a look at his 2016 season:

Talk about consistent!

We grabbed him for a conversation to see what he’s been up to and find out what his plans are. Here’s what he had to say:

Direct Motocross: Hello, Morgan. We haven’t really seen you since the season ended up here last August. You were basically 9th or 10th in every single overall. Can you tell us how your summer went, and were you happy with it?

Hey guys, ya I just kept it low key, I started school and moved in with my girlfriend. This summer was a good one for me though, it had its ups and down like all of them. I had a lot more fun out east this year than I usually do, both on and off the track with good buds like the RMX crew: Riley, Fuzz, and Coy.

Along with them, we linked up with guys like Carl (Kyle Springman), (Dylan) Delaplace, (Keylan) Meston, and none other than the guy who killed a mountain lion with his bare hands, “J-Bone” Jason Abernathy.

I think just keeping it fun during the week, still getting in our motos and workouts, was a big key to some good results on the east. Along with that, I think having the life-long supporters like my parents at basically at every round this year was a huge help for me and the crew on the weekends.

So, all together it was one of the best yet up there, getting back to number 9 and having fun again. Thinking about changing my Insta name to something like ‘MoBUR9′ and chasing after a plus-25 red plate now. (Laughs) Just bustin’ your balls Newf (Ryan Lockhart)!

We always stumble when we have to predict what Morgan will be doing the following summer. It looks like Summer 2017 is no different… | Bigwave photo

Was there a round that stands out for you from last summer?
I had some good top 5 finishes lined up at Truro and Barrie and the got screwed after flat tires. That’s supper-frustrating but you take the good with the bad and I still had a ton of fun at those tracks. I just wish I could have come through with those finishes – I coulda been talking to you guys a week earlier (Laughs).
What is your favourite track on the circuit?
Ulverton is always at the top, man. I just feel like it’s a man’s track, you know? It really makes you feel like you’re doing a GP in like the 90’s or something with all the elements like rocks, sand, roughness, and pure luck on if it rains or not (Laughs).
When did you first race up in Canada and what brought you up here?
Man, I don’t even know. Can’t you guys look that up in your archives or something?! (we did) I think it was 2012? I came up and did the west on a 250 and ended up top 5 in points before the series went east, which eventually gave me 12th and the #26 for the next year. The rest is history as they say.
I had always wanted to race up there, growing up watching the races on TV. It just seemed like a more achievable goal to be able to race against some of the best in the world like (Colton) Facciotti, Medaglia brothers (Tyler Medaglia and Jeremy Medaglia), and even people I’ve idolized since watching them as amateurs like (Bobby) Kiniry, (Matt) Georke, (Davi) Millsaps, as well as (Brett) Metcalfe.

With smooth style like this, it’s no wonder he likes Ulverton so much! | Bigwave photo

What did you get up to after the final round in Barrie?
It’s been a rough winter for basically everyone in the PAC west this year, if you don’t have the quiche to make it south! (Laughs) But no, I’ve been just hanging out. As soon as I got home from Barrie I started school like two days later so I’ve basically had my nose in the books since.
When I got the chance, I tried to get out and ride in the fall-time before the snow hit. All that led to, though, was me breaking my leg and getting surgery in late October. As most of us moto dudes know, winter is not the best time for crutches at all, plus the only fun things to do require your legs, e.g. Skiing, snowbiking…… and hockey, which I have no clue how to play but it definitely sounds better than slipping around on crutches!! (Laughs)
That is basically what my fall/ winter consisted of though with 3 months off for the surgery and the worst winter Idaho has seen since like ’86, so they say.
Every time I do my list of “Who’s Going Where?” for 2017, I always get stuck when I get to #9. What are you going to do next summer?
Man, this a tough one. I would love to say that I could make it up for another season, but as all know bills and house work is a bitch (Laughs). Don’t get me wrong, if a ride came down the line to were I made more than I usually do breaking even, I would be up there in a heartbeat! But seeing how I’ve been national number 6,7, and 9 twice now with a couple top 4 moto finishes in both classes over the years and no ride yet, I don’t think that’s coming any time soon (Laughs).
No bitching here though, there are some great riders up there and I’m truly pumped about getting to race with the best of them. It would have been cool to see what pitting under one of those semis at least once would have felt like though. (Insert worlds smallest violin)
If you ask me (if any one cares) I think Meston is the next Canadian that should get a ride. Dude was good competition last year, and like most in our position I think could benefit from good equipment and the confidence that everything is taken care of as far as getting the rig there, bike work done, gym time in, and the rest that comes along with it.
Morgan Burger

He’s been riding snow bikes this winter and says, “It’s crazy, basically regressing back to sucking on a dirt bike and learning all over again a new way of riding it on snow. I’m just that goon who has no idea what he’s doing but having way more fun than everyone.” | Bigwave photo

What are your riding/racing plans for the rest of winter/spring?
Like I said, riding this winter was kind of a bust. Snow is finally melting though and I’m trying to get back into shape and get a bike lined up to ride.
This summer I am going to try to make it up for maybe Kamloops and Calgary to see my Canadian Mountains Edge family. Along with that I want to try and bucket list some more AMA nationals close to home and the local RMX Series. As any motocrosser knows though plans change by the minute so who actually knows what this summer will look like! (Laughs)
What do you do when you’re not racing?
When I’m not racing, like I said before, it’s mainly just school and house work.
Do you participate in any other sports besides moto?
As far as sport besides moto go, I ski a little and I’m fortunate enough to be dating a girl with a dad who has a couple snow bikes that me and her brothers can rip around some trials and meadows they have at their cabin. So, once I was cleared from the doc with the leg I was basically up with her dad and brothers snow biking almost every weekend.
It’s crazy, basically regressing back to sucking on a dirt bike and learning all over again a new way of riding it on snow. I’m just that goon who has no idea what he’s doing but having way more fun than everyone.
Will you line up for any Supercross races again?
I was entertaining the thought of maybe Seattle and or Salt Lake but it’s just a tough call, man. You have to shell out the cash for the license, entry, and get SX suspension for the bike, all just for two rounds. So, I will probably just go and watch at this point.
I put a lot of work into getting my goals accomplished for Supercross, which went better than I could have imagined with a 14th in a main. So, I like to just look at that and say I’ve put the time and money into it. Now I can focus on making some other bucket list things happen.

So, have we seen the last of Morgan Burger racing north of the border? We’re really no closer to the answer, but we hope not | Bigwave photo

What’s a typical thing to do in Idaho? Isn’t that where Napoleon Dynamite was from?
Not much, man. In the winter time it’s too snowy to ride and in the summer it’s too dry and hot. So, you’re limited to fall and spring for choice riding. As far as Napoleon goes, he is from about 4 hours east where I live in Jake Weimer‘s home town. So, he is about as elusive as Weimar around these parts. I still voted for Pedro during the election though.
Ha, OK, OK, thanks for chatting with us today. Good luck, and who would you like to thank?
No, thank you, man, for letting me babble on! I like to picture people more than just my friends and family reading this. Sorry I’m not more famous to get you more publicity, dude! (Laughs)
With that said though I want to give a huge shout out to those people and everyone who helped me this last summer. First off my Canadian family Mountains Edge Yamaha, the Barnett family, Ravens Rentals and Dan from Strikt. First off, one more time, because these people are also crucial to my program, my mom and dad, the rest of my family, my girl friend, Lauryn, her family, my RMX family, Insiduous Designs, Devol Engineering, Rekluse Motorsports, Scott Motorsports, Acerbis, Sidi Moto USA, FLO Motorsports, Dt1 filters, Bell Motorsports, Kormylo Orthopedic and anyone else that helped us get through the summer, thank you! Thanks again, Billy, talk to you soon!

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Hi, guys. It’s a very special Friday today. Yes, it is finally here – Round 9 of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series has arrived here in chilly Toronto, Ontario. Year after year, the event has been improving, and I’d like to think it’s going to be able to stay on the schedule. There have been rumours over the last few years that, once the SkyDome (Rogers Center) installs their natural grass, we will no longer be able to hold the event. I don’t know how much truth there is to that, but I’m hoping there is none.

Over the years, the dirt here in Toronto and the crowd have gotten better and better. Gone are the days of frozen mud, followed by a rock fest that would make the old Motopark cringe. The riders are no longer forced to run hand guards and chest protectors, and the crowds seem to get larger and livelier as we go forward. We have a great city with many different attractions that the visiting riders and teams should enjoy.

DMX Parties at the Houston Bar and Grill

One of the main attractions on everyone’s list should always be the Direct Motocross pre-party and world famous after-party held at Houston Avenue Bar and Grill. On top of our already legendary parties, we are still trying to improve year after year. This year for our Friday night shindig, we have added an autograph session with some of the series top riders. Like always, we encourage everyone to make this a full weekend event and help us grow the event for the future. I cannot stress this enough, this is open to everyone.

Jeff hanging out with Justin Thompson and Kourtney Lloyd at the Houston.


Get to the Houston as soon as the 450 checkered flag drops and you will have no problem getting in. If you take your time, well, you may have to stand in line. But trust me, it is worth the wait and we have so much awesome swag to give out, you don’t want to miss it. We also have Team Canada Motocross of Nations Team Manager, Kourtney Lloyd, in attendance all of the way from Prince George, British Columbia. Kourtney is one of the hardest workers in the business and she is constantly busting her ass to make sure Canada has a top notch program. Let’s give her and Team Canada the support they deserve.


Oh ya, I guess there’s a race going on as well. In the 450 class, Eli Tomac has been unstoppable at times, but at other times he has had some bad starts and bad luck. Right now, it looks like nobody can match his speed, but unfortunately for Eli, his starts aren’t always there. Another guy to watch for is Marvin Musquin. Marvin has shown himself, and the world, that he is a serious contender and will no doubt win again soon. Not to be ever forgotten and counted out is the man, the champ, Ryan Dungey. Here are my predictions for Toronto:
1st Eli Tomac
2nd Marvin Musquin
3rd Ryan Dungey
4th Jason Anderson
5th Cole Seely

#3 Eli Tomac will win the 450 class in Toronto | Bigwave photo

In the stacked 250 East it looks like Joey Savatgy and Zach Osborne will be the two big hitters this season. A big surprise for me, personally, has been the improvement of Jordan Smith. No, his speed isn’t what caught my eye – it’s his lack of mistakes. It looks like he has figured it out and will be picking up a win this season, in my eyes. Here are my 250 East predictions for Toronto:
250 East
1st Joey Savatgy
2nd Jordan Smith
3rd Zach Osborne
4th Adam Cianciarulo
5th Alex Martin

#17 Joey Savatgy will take the 250 win | Bigwave photo

Short and sweet this week, I’m on my way to the first annual DMX autograph session and pre-party at Houston Avenue Bar and Grill. Friday nights activities are open to all ages and don’t waste your time getting to the Saturday night after party. Beat the line up. Everyone is welcome.
Hope to see you all there, and don’t forget to #smileforBC and #liftwithScott


Thanks, Jeff. Our biggest weekend of the year is here! Last week, some people thought the Oscars were a big deal, but the real ‘gala’ event of the season is the Toronto Supercross and the DMX Parties at the Houston Avenue Bar and Grill.

I have to admit, I get an odd mixture of excitement and anxiety about these parties every year. Fortunately, David Toye has been on board for the past 4 years as the official ‘Party Planner’ and I have to say, he’s got things working like a well-oiled machine.

Thank you for all the hard work you put in to make these parties run as smoothly as they do. Also, thanks to Rich and the gang a the Houston for opening their doors to this event that sees a whole bunch of crazed dirt bikers take over their place for a couple nights of the year. I’m assuming they’re not used to seeing so many flat-brimmed hats, hoodies and skate shoes in the rather up-scale restaurant in downtown Toronto.
Anyway, we are really looking forward to welcoming everyone to the parties this weekend. It’s our way of saying “THANK YOU” to everyone for your support of Direct Motocross over the years. If you make it over this year, please be sure to say hello to Jeff and me when you squeeze your way past us.
The site keeps growing every year and it’s with the support of our great advertisers, supporters, and of course, readers, that make any of it possible. If you’re reading this now, let me take the time to give you a sincere thank you. It’s been a long road to get to where we are today, and the plan is to continue to grow and develop as the industry and technology do the same.
So, to make a long story short (too late), let’s have a great time this weekend celebrating Canadian Motocross and the sport in general. This event is probably our best chance to hang out together, so let’s enjoy it. See you there!

Kaven Benoit Ankle Update

We’ll let Kaven and Instagram do the heavy lifting on this one. This is straight from his Instagram account @kavenbenoit26

Watch Replay of JETWERX Press Conference

Big news was made public today. I’m typing this as the announcements are being made. CLICK HERE to watch the archive of the Press Conference. OK, so now I’m back at the hotel trying to keep my eyes open after the evening’s festivities at the Houston.
Let me make this easier on all of us and show you the pamphlet from the conference today. This will be much easier than my trying to explain what’s going on.


Here are a few photos from the Press Day on the Rogers Centre track. Some of the riders had already been trackside for 4 hours by the time we got there at 1, so they were all ready to pack it in and head back to their rigs for some rest. Thanks for sticking it out, guys.

#72 Cole Thompson had been at the track doing promo spots since the wee hours of the morning. He’s ready to go in front of his home crowd.

Here he is chatting with the guys from City TV.

Josh Grant getting some face time on CTV this morning.

That’s #740 Lane Staley and #313 Kyle Swanson on the PR-MX Strikt Racing Kawasaki team.

I think Eli Tomac was juuust about ready to call it a day by the time I got there.

Mike Alessi.

#128 Cameron McAdoo.

#10 Justin Brayton.

There should be some pretty amazing finish line shots tomorrow night.

#61 Vince Friese.

“Am I done?” Yes, Cameron, you’re done.

Lane coming in hot.

Kyle coming in even hotter!

Riders were able to ride quite a bit of the track today.

Mike is always fun to point the camera at.

OK, Mike, two more…

Kyle waiting for our video interview that would only prove that my new lapel mic doesn’t work on that particular camera. So sorry, boys. We’ll do another one soon.

Bill Petro checks to make sure he can miss the Friday rush hour.

Cole heads off the track and calls it a day.


Mike Alessi

…and done. That’ll do it for Press Day.


Tailgating with Justin Thompson and Brett Lee from on Vimeo.

OK, it is time to get some rest so we can put in a full day tomorrow. Tyler Spikman and I will be on the track tomorrow night shooting photos, so be sure to say hello when you see ‘The Beard and the Bald‘ walk past. Jeff will be cruising around taking as many ‘Faces at the Races – Presented by Leatt‘ photos as he can. Be sure to keep your elbows up as you wander around because you just never know where he’ll be lurking!
Get some rest!

Good night, Pinball. See you at the races…