FXR Media | Oakland Supercross Photo Report

February 6, 2018

by Dawn McClintock

Who’s with me when I say that last round was one nail-biter of a night? I don’t know about you but the ends of my fingernails are literally long gone after Saturday’s race. Both 450 and 250 main events were chock-a-block, jammed with some of the most amazing battles we have seen in a long time. The Oakland layout was pretty cool but the track itself was gnarly and took many victims over the course of the day. Some made me surprised that they were able to even walk away from some of those crazy get-offs. We are just going to take a minute to honk the old FXR horn here and say, give it up for young Prince George, BC rider Jess Pettis who took on that very track as his first-ever supercross ride! We will elaborate more below in the photo gallery but we tip our hat to Jess and his efforts for what looks like something we are going to see him doing more of in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the action from round 5.

Round 5 Oakland Supercross | Photo Report