Hammertime’s Reality Check | Tampa Supercross

By Hammertime

It’s been quite a few years since the infamous ‘Hammertime‘ left the unruly keyboard warrior safe-haven of MX Forum. Where has he been? Well, he’s been where he’s been since he was about 7 years old — watching AMA Motocross and Monster Energy Supercross like it’s his job!

Yes, Hammertime was a high-level racer in his own right, back in the day, and he’s never lost the fire that has kept him expressing his opinion (asked for or not) in the circle of friends who flock to his house each weekend to watch the races and bench race with this highly-skilled, sharp-tongued moto aficionado.

We managed to talk him into putting his thoughts down on paper for us all to enjoy and argue.. Hes quick to point out that he’s not a writer, but his thoughts are usually gold, so let’s see what Hammertime thought about this past week’s Supercross in Tampa, Florida.

*Disclaimer: The thoughts and views expressed in ‘Hammertime’s Reality Check’ are not necessarily shared by the editor and staff here at Direct Motocross. Basically, you’ve been warned…

Justin Hill’s Supercross talent is off the charts, needless to say. That quad quad quad stuff he was pulling would’ve won him the 450 main event in his first outing, if not for getting into Marv’s rear wheel in that bowl. It blows my mind he can look like James Stewart at times indoors, and James Povolny outdoors! Man, is he shitty in the 30+2’s!
Josh Osby is a a bit of a mess. I admire him though, he’s going for it. But still, there are other riders on the track, a championship to be won, and Josh has managed to eliminate a few of the favourites from title contention already. Poor Marty (Martin Davalos)!
Cameron McAdoo rides with savage body English. This kid’s aggressive and has potential, but he’s all over the bike and I feel that creates the mistakes he’s wrestling with. Too much wasted energy. He needs to refine his style a little bit and I think he’ll be a contender….next year!
Whatever happened to Matt Bisceglia being a rising star? He’s already relegated himself to the bowels of ‘Lapperville’ and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
Yes, Broc Tickle is a nice guy, he’s very handsome, reliable, makes his bed every morning and says thank you when they hand him a burrito at Chipotle. But on the track, we need to see more electricity from a guy on Aldon Baker’s program that’s riding the best motorcycle on earth. I don’t see any fight in the guy….but I didn’t expect any either. I bet Roger (DeCoster) would love to see #51 on one of his orange rockets instead! His 5th this weekend was OK, but, as usual, very uninspiring or exciting.
You’ve got a love Chris Blose! From cleaning tough sections to bull-dogging it through the hoops with brute strength over style. After all these years, he’s still having the will to race anytime, anyplace. Nice LCQ win, Chris!
Jeremy Martin is a mess right now. He’s eaten shit nearly every moto this year… sometimes multiple times. His career seems to be going in reverse right now. If I’m him, maybe it’s time to sit out, evaluate, switch up his program and get ready for the outdoors before he ends up hurt!
Dylan Ferrandis is an absolute joy to watch ride. Much like fellow Frenchman JMB in the early 90’s. When things are going his way it’s just so effortless, stylish and he seems to float above some of the holes and ruts that other guys hammer through, plus he’s so quick in the flat, slick turns! That right there is God-given talent, it’s not something you can train to do!
The Austin Forkner train has finally left the station. I love his attacking style. Much like Zach Osborne, he hits every section with reckless abandon and has no patience for passing riders in front of him. I see him being a dominant force now that he has broken through.
RJ Hampshire rides a wide bike! He’s a great starter and hard to pass! For two weeks in a row now he has been fast in the early laps but tanks it as soon as the pressure hits him. Don’t get me wrong, 4th’s are decent, but his are messy 4th’s!
I’m loving the concrete on the sides of the track right now! Pure comedy. Don’t these guys realize you don’t grab a handful of front brake while on ice while trying to get back on the track?
Lastly, Supercross is the greatest sport in the world. These guys are so gnarly, the sport is so dangerous and it’s painful seeing all these top guys getting hurt. It’s one of those years. I hope there will be a factory rider left in the 450 class when it’s all said and done at Vegas.
Kenny 94 (Ken Roczen) made a solid observation when he was in the booth Saturday night. He mentioned that on the jump on jump off sections, if things go wrong on these brutally powerful 450’s that carry so much forward force in the flywheel, there’s just no room to make adjustments when things are turning to shit. So what do we do? Change the tracks? Dumb down the motors? I don’t know the answers but it’s becoming pretty savage out there and it sucks. 2-strokes anybody?

My ‘Heroes of the Week.’

Incredible job by Jetwerx at round one of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown series in muddy Abbotsford, BC. Who expected an indoor swamp? Hats off to Kyle Beaton and the track crew for giving it their all trying to keep things moving forward with the show and Jetwerx for delivering the fans live racing via the Internet. I grew up on the coast racing three days a week and the seasons started in March, so I’ve been down this road many times and it’s no f#$@ing fun.

So, my ‘Heroes of the Week’ are all of the mechanics that kept those bikes getting back to the line. It’s an incredible amount of work, frustration, and thinking on your feet trying to keep things running when there is 50 pounds of mud on the bike, radiators clogged, limited time between races, and doing it all at makeshift workstations to handle all of the shit with.

There’s no amount of money that is worth what they dealt with that night, it’s all about dedication and love for the sport, so hey, way to go guys. You were warriors and tough bastards!

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