Hayden Halstead Injury Update

By Billy Rainford

#27 Hayden Halstead.

Hayden Halstead is the fun-loving rider from Waterford, Ontario, who you’ll find at the races pulling driving and racing duties for the Royal Distributing FXR Yamaha team.

He’s now a month into recovering from a nasty leg break suffered while riding his BMX bike at an indoor facility in Hamilton.

I grabbed him for a quick talk Tuesday as he was driving to Gopher Dunes to help a local rider get ready for his season.

He suffered the injury the day before his February 26th birthday and he seemed most upset that there wasn’t a better story for how it actually happened. Here’s how he described the event:

Hayden’s broken left leg.

He was just going over a normal jump — not doing a trick or anything. His foot slipped forward on the pedal and as he fell off the back of his bike his toes rolled under and the pedal trapped his leg and broke his tibia/fibula.

He said he didn’t crash and that there was no breaking sound, but when he stopped and looked down, his leg was dangling and his foot was facing the wrong direction.

He had his friend call an ambulance and said that the first thing he did was pull up a calendar so he could do the math to see how much time he had to recover before the first round of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Tour MX Nationals at Wild Rose MX Park in Calgary, AB, June 1st.

Fortunately, he had 13 weeks.

Surprisingly, this was Hayden’s first limb break. There has been a rod inserted in his leg and surgery went well. However, a week post-op he was in such excruciating foot pain that he headed back to the hospital to see what the problem was. Some antibiotics solved the problem in a few hours and he was back on the mend.

Hayden’s left leg post-op.

Hayden will see his surgeon April 5th and hopes to head straight south to Club MX in South Carolina to continue his 2019 race preparation.

He will, once again, drive the team rig west to Calgary and to all the Motocross rounds.

Good luck with your healing, Hayden, and we’ll see you on the line out in Calgary in just over 2 months.

Hayden will be back and ready for the 2019 Rockstar Triple Crown MX Series. | Bigwave photo