His Story | The DMX Toronto SX Party at the Houston Bar and Grill | By David Toye

By David Toye

Foreword by Billy Rainford

If you’ve been around the Canadian Motocross Scene for a while, you will know the Toyes, David Toye and Ben Toye. David is now the man behind the success of the last 4 DMX Toronto SX Parties at the Houston Avenue Bar and Grill

With the growth of the parties, we thought it may be interesting to have let David take a shot at writing a little story on the event as a guest writer. We learned two things: 1) He’s got a heart of gold and 2) he likes, no LOVES hyphens!

Take it away, David…

David Toye talks about the DMX Toronto SX Parties at the Houston Avenue Bar and Grill…and gets emotional | Bigwave photo

Ben and I have been involved with Canadian motocross for 17 years.
This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting to Direct Motocross Supercross party for the 4th time at my old restaurant, Houston Avenue Bar and Grill.
Planning this function with Bill Rainford and Jeff McConkey has been nothing but an absolute pleasure – these gentlemen are absolutely dedicated to the Canadian Motocross scene. They always have kind and supporting words to everyone they meet. I have witnessed it for years and have appreciated their support with my son Ben’s racing career.
I wanted to pen this note to thank them, along with my thoughts regarding the parties we host.
Houston Avenue Bar and Grill is a downtown Toronto steakhouse restaurant – read that: RESTAURANT! We turn this space into a function that hosts close to 400 moto enthusiasts year after year.
The guests that come to this party have been nothing but respectful of the space and the staff. Hey, it’s tough, I’m telling you. There is lot’s of planning, but we are good at it. It’s what I do. Bill and Jeff attract the sponsors for great prizes and support – I do the operations.

“The guests that come to this party have been nothing but respectful of the space and the staff.” | Bigwave photo

It has developed into a reunion of sorts to catch up and chat with old friends, racers, promoters, owners and industry people. The season ends, say end of October, a few months pass, families travel south to train, A1 happens and the season begins. Planning for the year, buying a new bike, getting new gear – excitement builds.
Toronto Supercross weekend is announced and we walk the Rogers Centre with an enthusiastic step saying hello to our people – people who race – a polite nod to recognizable faces – cheering for Canadian entries and for old favourites.
I ran into Matt McGuiness on Saturday night. This kid arguably gave the best Walton National victory speech in the history of the event. He is now a business man and husband.
Richard Grey – smiling, shaking hands.
Billy Mullen – fast as hell and always respectful.
We ran into Billy at Loretta Lynn’s a few times and laughed and laughed.
The Thompson Family – wow, so many stories and so solid as Justin Thompson launches the future of Canadian racing. Mother, Lynn Thompson, always smiling as she hides behind me whenever Cole races.
Trever Hall – character beyond belief with his charming gorgeous wife.
Paul Plewa – recovered from his devastating injury that doctors said he would never walk again and he is walking as I shed a tear when he tells me of his recovery and philanthropic events he takes part in. I miss his  family so much.
Frank and Barb Schuster – overseeing son, Derek Schuster, with Gopher Dunes and father of twin babies.

Davis Brode from Mica Sport Canada doesn’t this Derek Schuster can see him | Bigwave photo

Ryan Gauld of Guaranteed Motocross – the commensurate front man and father.
JSR – so kind meeting adoring fans.
Colton and Jocelyn Facciotti – can’t believe we found her phone!
Tyler Rayner begging me to let a few friends in at the door which turned into 12.
Liam O’Farrell – needs a scar on his face, he’s so good looking.
Davey Fraser – new beard, always a smile as big as his epic holeshots.
Chuck Mesley – possibly the nicest, most competitive racer that everyone loves.

The list of party luminaries is extensive | Bigwave photo

A group of 5 guys from New Brunswick who loved every single moment of the weekend as they weren’t racers but love the sport.
Mike and Rachel Waitman – we can never forget Rachel carrying her babies (plural) to the line encouraging son, Damon Waitman.
Ryan Lockhart – one of the all-time greats now with Atlas Braces in British Columbia.
Kourtney Lloyd – manager of Team Canada MXON. So dedicated and passionate of MXON for Canada and keep it going Kourtney, an absolute pleasure.
Myles Bartholomew – not a motocross name,  now a CEO of a dot.com company.
Little Stevie Azarkizewic – not so little anymore . He just bought a house in Barrie.
Corey Brooks – shakes my hand and looks in my eye with confidence.
I could continue…
Polite nods from many  – a friendly smile – great music – prizes from so many great sponsors: KTM CANADA, ATLAS BRACES, 100 %, FXR, YAMAHA CANADA, FOX HEAD CANADA, SCOTT SPORTS CANADA, GAMMA POWERSPORTS, FLY RACING, DRAGON ALLIANCE, MP1, MOTOVAN
Time goes by and as it does so too does life…
The memories and people that I have met in this ‘business’ (or it is a ‘hobby’ or is it in your DNA? I don’t know). But as I brief my staff on what this group is, who you are, what we do, my words fade away with the thoughts of pushing my son’s bike to the line, making sure he is ready, whispering in his ear that I love him and to be careful and……. get the holeshot .. you got this…..
I wouldn’t change a thing.

Life ain’t worth a damn if you aren’t going for the holeshot! | Photo supplied by David Toye