How Does this Hiatus Affect Your Team? | Team PRMX

By Billy Rainford

PRMX photo

The Monster Energy AMA Supercross series going on hiatus has pretty far-reaching consequences, especially for the teams and riders.

We’ve got a few teams that are either fully Canadian or at least partially Canadian-backed, so I thought it would be interesting to ask the team owners/managers how they see this playing out for them, their teams, and their commitments.

Here’s what Julien Perrier, owner of the PRMX Just 1 Wossner Pelletier Kawasaki team, had to say:

Julien Perrier – PRMX Just 1 Wossner Pelletier Kawasaki. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: What do you think about the post-posing of the Supercross series because of the coronavirus?

Julien: I’m 50/50 on it! 50% of me thinks people are going crazy for not much since we have way more serious viruses and other problems in the world.

50% of me think it’s okay to take precautions and I’m positive that we’ll be back racing before the SX season ends (fingers crossed). 

What will the team and your riders do during this hiatus?

Believe it or not, but we are trying to figure out everything to do a full Canadian Nationals appearance, so we’ll do a bit of more work in the motor department (250f) and start testing suspension and parts for a possible outdoors swing.

How have your sponsors been through this, so far? Is there anything you’ll do for promotion during this shutdown?  

So far so good. We will try to keep everyone happy and if we have to make a couple outdoor races with some of the SX sponsors we’ll do it.

What are your racing plans for the summer?

See question number 2 (lol), but we are planning on doing (Canadian) outdoors and the Quebec series.

Who would you like to thank? 

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Thanks for your time, Julien. Good luck with your plans.