ICYMI | Catching Up with #9 Cade Clason

By Billy Rainford

In case you missed it, the Frid’Eh Update belonged to #9 Cade Clason last week. He’s been busy working for FXR while he’s on “vacation,” so we grabbed him for an interview to see what’s new.

#9 Cade Clason. | Bigwave photo

Cade Clason has been coming to Canada so regularly that we’ve adopted him as one of our own. In fact, a lot of people out there don’t realize that the rider who now calls Club MX in Chesterfield, South Carolina, home is actually a Buckeye from Ohio.

What’s round on both ends and high in the middle?

I got to know him way back in 2011 when he was a young, up-and-comer training down in Waldo, Florida, the same year young Adam Cianciarulo was tearing the amateur circuit on Superminis. Cade was #52 back then and I was driving around in the old MX Ranking RV.

Cade came up to Canada and got hooked up with Josh Snider and the Redemption Racing gang. Since then, Cade has been as reliable on the starting line when our series started as any of our top guys.

Well, fast forward a few years and Cade has been forced to sit out of any AMA/FIM sanctioned events after a test found him to be using Adderall without the proper clearance. That’s another story that’s already been covered enough.

With the announcement that our new series won’t have the FIM/CMA sanctioning in 2018, it opened the door for Cade to again come north this summer. In the meantime, he can be found helping out all the FXR-supported riders at the Supercross series.

We grabbed him for a conversation to find out more about all this. Here’s what he had to say:

Direct Motocross: Hello, Cade. It’s been an interesting year, but you’ve come out smiling. Can you tell us what you’ve been doing for FXR so far this season?

Cade Clason: Basically, I’ve just been being a gear rep at the race. I go, talk to the team managers to see if they need anything done or changed. Also, I go around to all the riders and make sure they have everything they need and are happy. I bring any and all the gear to the races and just help Andy and Carson out as much as I can.

Since you’re penalty, what have you been doing to keep riding fit?

Well, I started training again about a month ago. I had shoulder surgery to finally get it fixed because it had been bothering me. Just getting back into the normal training routine is nice. I really enjoyed my time off, though. I hadn’t had any in a while and it was nice to just relax and not worry about dirt bikes for a while.

Are you ready to race right now?

I’m getting there. My speed isn’t quiet there, yet, and I’m still changing a lot on the new bike. But fitness-wise I feel great. So, as long as I can get the bike where I want it, we should be in good shape.

Will Cade be coming north this year? Yes, he will, but he’s keeping pretty tight-lipped, at this point. | Bigwave photo

So, since the new Canadian series isn’t CMA/FIM sanctioned, you’re legal to race in Canada in 2018. I’ve heard you’re coming, but I haven’t heard it from you. What’s your plan for next summer?

I’ll be back, but I can’t ruin any surprises, just yet. I’ll be up sooner than later…

Come on…who will you be riding for?

Like I said, can’t ruin any surprises yet. But I’m happy for a change.

OK, OK. Did you watch the first round in Abbotsford last week? Aside from the mud, what did you think?

It was cool. Those guys did a great job setting everything up and getting it ready. I heard the crowd was big and it was well run. Obviously, the track sucked but that really isn’t their fault. Hoping to see the track be really good in Calgary.

FXR is everywhere you look these days at the Supercross races. How busy are your days? What’s next for the brand?

Yeah, we have a lot of riders, but that’s something I really enjoy. I get to go around and meet a lot of people and help a lot of my friends. So, I’m never bored at the races. As far as growing, the company is constantly talking about trying new things and expanding. Their dealer meeting for the 2019 product was unreal, with so many new and improved items, so look out for that.

Speaking of Supercross, what are your thoughts on the season so far?

It’s been awesome. Obviously, it sucks seeing guys get hurt, but the racing has been really good. Both classes are really deep and it’s just been really exciting.

Don’t hold Cade’s movie choices against him, he’s still one of the good guys of our series. | Bigwave photo

We should learn a little more about you, personally:

Music: I’ll jam to just about anything.

Band/Singer: Blink 182

Movie: Really, any series of movies like Fast and the Furious and Harry Potter. I love that stuff.

TV Show: Last Man Standing (if you haven’t seen it, go watch it).

Car: BMW

Truck: Chevy Silverado

Bike: Honda 😉

Track in Canada: The one at Kaven’s house….. I don’t remember the name…. something French (Laughs)

[We would have accepted, “Notre Dame du Bon Conseil.”]

Book: Yeah…no.

OK, Cade, thanks for taking the time today. Jeff and I will see you this weekend, and who would you like to thank? 

Well, I have a few sponsors that have already signed on to help me this year, which is awesome: Dunlop, Rekluse, Pro Taper, Dirt Tricks, Bills, BWR.

See you in Calgary, Cade, but are we talking March or the end of May??? | Bigwave photo

NB: Actually, we’ll see him in Sarnia. Listen in to find out what’s up…

Don’t worry, Jeff will ply him with about a bunch of Starburst candies and we’ll get the story out of him this weekend in Atlanta. Thanks for the talk, Cade, and it will be good to see you in Calgary for rounds 2 and 3 of the Arenacross series… *wink, wink.

Actually, Jeff then grabbed him for a podcast conversation when we physically saw him down here in Atlanta. ICYM that, you can listen to it here: