ICYMI | Catching Up with Anthony Spadaccini

By Billy Rainford

Catching Up with Anthony Spadaccini. | Bigwave photo

Anthony Spadaccini is the rider from Ottawa, Ontario, who came up through the MX101/Sand Del Lee system and traveled the entire MX season from coast to coast.

His best finish was at round 2 at the Blackwater MX track in Prince George, BC where he finished 40-16 for 18th overall in the 250 class.

Here’s a look at his MX season:

I don’t really know Anthony or his dad very well, but feel like I should. I’m going to make a point of it next season.

We got in touch with him this week to find out more about him. Here’s what he had to say:

Here’s what Anthony had to say. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Anthony. I feel like I should know you better than I do. Let’s fix that right now. Can you tell us where you’re from, how old you are, and how you got involved in Motocross in the first place. 

Anthony Spadaccini: The feeling is mutual, Billy. I’m from Ottawa, Ontario, and just recently turned 22. I was always a super active kid, never inside, but couldn’t find a sport that suited me. I tried soccer but team sports were never my thing… I came across a motocross magazine at a store and my parents asked if I’d like to try that… I got my first bike when I was. It was used TTR 90 and found myself at an MX101 camp at San Del Lee.

What was your first number and how did you choose it? 

My first number was 125. Thinking about it now, I actually have no idea why I picked it. Hahah.

Do you remember your first race? Can you tell us about it?

My first race was at Port Perry when I was 9 on a KX 65. The only thing I remember was that I was scared to shift out of second gear and that I came 3rd. hahaha.

2017 was his Intermediate year and he turned Pro in 2018. | Bigwave photo

Who did you come up battling through the amateur ranks?

Connor Arsenault and Brandon Gourlay were probably the guys I battled with the most.

Who was your MX hero when you were young?

Antonio Cairoli was and will always be my MX hero.  Next in line would be James Stewart.

When did you turn Pro and how did that season go for you?

The 2018 season was my first year pro and that year was a good season for me. I had my best results of my career in that season with an 8th overall at Mcnabb Valley.

You raced the entire MX series this year. You were always between 24-26th. Can you tell us how your season went?

This 2019 season was definitely not what I was hoping for at all. Definately didn’t achieve the goals I had set for the season. Just a lot of bad luck and problems, whether it was the bike or me not being able to find the speed I wanted at each round. I know what I need to work on for next year and push myself.

What did you learn from your long summer on the road?

I learned that it’s so hard to get all the training and riding in when you’re so far from home. 

Anthony grew up racing at Sand Del Lee and considers it his favourite track. He knows KT pretty well, too. | Bigwave photo

Which one was your favourite track and why?

I’d have to say Sand Del Lee because I grew up riding there with all my friends and everyone is really good to me there.

You finished 25th in the MX series. Are you happy with that? How can you improve for next time?

Im definitely not happy with that… It was tough for me this year but we’ll come back much stronger next year.

His best finish in 2019 was at Blackwater MX in Prince George, BC where he took 18th overall. | Bigwave photo

What do you do for a 9-5 job, and is this where you’ll be after your racing is done?

My 9-5 job is more like a 6-5 job. Haha. I work for my father’s construction company, Advantge Painting & Renovations LTD.

What have you been doing since the MX season ended way back in August?

I’ve been working full-time again to pay for the upcoming season and the training down south. And of course riding a 2-3 times a week.

What are your winter plans?

Working, skiing, and definitely going down south again!

What are your plans for next summer?

I have the same plans for next year as I did this year, but just with better results.

Here are a few questions that will help you get to know Anthony a little better. | Bigwave photo

OK, before we go, let’s find out more about you as a person in the speed round: 

Favourite school subject?

I’d have to say Gym class just because I’m very active.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to pretty much everything from Frank Sinatra all the way to Drake.

What other sports do you play?

I really love to ski! Also snowmobile, mountain bike, road bike, and target shooting.

What would you be doing if not Motocross?

I’d be working full-time in construction. I love to work with my hands and that kind of work just really suits me.

Favourite movie?

Fury. Anything to do with WW2 era, I’m all in!

What should we all binge watch on Netflix?

I’d recommend Suits or Peaky Blinders. But if Band of Brothers was on Netflix, that would be my first choice.

Anthony and his dad are staples at the races. | Bigwave photo

Favourite food?

Pasta, of course. Haha.

OK, thank you for talking with us, Anthony. Good luck in the future, and who would you like to thank?

Thanks for reaching out to me, Billy! I’d like to thank my parents for all the support, everyone from Mx101, FXR, Gaerne, Yamaha Motor Canada, SSS suspension, my trainer, Jeff, and everyone that backs me, thank you!