By Billy Rainford

Catching Up with Casey Keast. | Bigwave photo

#25 Casey Keast is from Kelowna, BC and, at the beginning of the season, he wasn’t exactly sure how his summer was going to play out.

He lined up at the first 3 rounds of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Nationals at Wild Rose, Blackwater, and McNabb Valley MX, but what now?

Casey came up through the ranks as a highly touted prospect, winning just about everything he entered. We grabbed him for a chat as he was actually out trail riding to find out how the first three rounds went and what it means for the rest of his summer.

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Casey at the 2013 Future West AX Championship. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hey, Casey, we’ve spoken to and about you a bit lately but haven’t started at the beginning like we always do for these intro interviews, so let’s do that now. How did you first get into Motocross?

Casey Keast: I got into Arenacross first and started racing Motocross once spring came. Got into it through family friends and my mom. 

What was your first race number and how did you choose it?

My first race number was 2 and there wasn’t really a reason for it. But my second race my number was 21 because it was my sister’s favourite number and she wanted me to use it, and it stuck with me all the way till I was an Intermediate number 217.

Who was your motocross hero when you were young?

James Stewart.

Who were your biggest rivals as you made your way up through the amateur ranks?

On the east coast it was Tanner (Ward) and Marco (Cannella). On the west coast it was Jess (Pettis) but we were never really rivals, more friends, and he was always one step ahead of me as amateurs. I was always off his pace. 

Had Casey been in the top 10 in 450 points, there’s a good chance he’d have traveled east for the complete series again. | Bigwave photo

What year did you turn Pro and how did it go?

2017. I finished 6th overall in 250 points. I won Rookie of the Year. It was the best year so far. My last season didn’t go as planned with getting injured halfway through and this year I’m doing the whole series. 

What was your best race in 2018 and what was your favourite track?

My best finish in 2018 was a 5th in Prince George, but I think my best race was in Popkum where I crashed on lap 1 of both motos and came back to 7th and 8th, I believe, from out side the top 30. Favourite track was Moncton. 

You raced the first 3 rounds of the MX Nationals on a 450 this season. How has it gone for you? Are you happy with your results?

Considering I basically came off the couch and raced the 450 class, I’m satisfied with my results. My lap times were top 10 when I was on it, I just couldn’t hold it for the whole moto. Can’t say I’m happy with the results though. I like being top 10. 

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Casey and his dad, Dean Keast, back in 2016. | Bigwave photo

How bad were the conditions last week in Minnedosa? 


When we spoke last time, you weren’t sure what you were going to do next. I guess we’ve reached the time. What’s next for you?

I’m not doing the full series this year. I’m just not prepared. There’s no point of me doing the whole series, especially since I’m outside the top 10 in points. 

You also mentioned that you feel you’ve been overlooked in your Pro career, so far. Do you want to talk about why you feel that way?

No, not really. People just make excuses why I shouldn’t be on a team. No one points out the facts on why I should. 

What will you be doing in, say, 5 years?

Probably living in Calabasas.

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Casey grew up racing Jess Pettis but says they’re more like friends than rivals. | John Meaney photo

What’s the best thing on Netflix?

American Dad.

OK, I wanted to end on a lighter note. Thanks for talking with us again, Casey. Who would you like to thank?Paragraph

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