#ICYMI | Catching Up with…Dylan Delaplace

By Billy Rainford

Langley, BC racer, Dylan Delaplace and his dad, Scott. | Bigwave photo

45 was the number I chose as my first-ever racing number and it’s always great to see who gets it each time the new numbers come out. In 2017, that lucky rider was Langley, BC rider, Dylan Delaplace.

Dylan and his dad, Scott Delaplace, have been fixtures on the Canadian scene for a long time. Even if Dylan isn’t racing a specific event, it’s not surprising to see Scott there enjoying the racing atmosphere without him. Heck, Scott even arranged to have me picked up from the Abbotsford, BC airport and brought to the Chilliwack Arenacross in a limo, one year! Yes, of course I have the photos.

Anyway, Dylan didn’t have the summer he was hoping for this past year. He actually showed up at round 1 at Whispering Pines in Kamloops, BC and raced the MX1 class and again at Prince George and scored 13 points. He dropped back down to his familiar MX2 class at the final 2 rounds or the western swing (Calgary and Regina) and got 2 points. Here’s a look at his truncated season:



We got in touch with Dylan to get his take on last year and what took him out of action.

Direct Motocross: Hey, Dylan. We haven’t seen you in a while. I actually forgot you raced MX1 at the first 2 rounds last season.

Dylan Delaplace: Hey billy, it’s been a while! I raced round 1 in Kamloops this year, but what many people didn’t know, I ended up racing MX1 for the first two rounds.

What was it like racing the top guys for a couple rounds?

Yeah, being out there with the top guys was a good experience; you get a pretty good idea on how fast they really are when your out there with them. I was riding the 450 a lot in the beginning of the year, so I felt pretty comfortable being out there with them. Most likely when I’m healed up I will end up racing the MX1 class full-time.

You raced 2 rounds at Calgary and Regina back in the MX2 class. Can you take us through those 2 for us?

For rounds 3 and 4 I decided to head back down into the MX2 class but that didn’t go as I had hoped. I did decently well in the first motos. However, during the second moto in Calgary, I re-injured my left knee. This caused me to back out of the second moto. And same story for Regina. Overall, not the greatest season but that’s racing sometimes.

Dylan showed up at round 1 in Kamloops, BC and lined up in the MX1 class, taking 23rd (23-21). | Bigwave photo

And that was the last we saw of you for the summer.

After Regina, I was just taking advantage of the rest of the summer and working a lot. A week ago, I finally got an appointment to go in for surgery on my left knee; getting my ACL and meniscus repaired. I am now on the road to recovery.

What do you have planned for this fall?

This fall the big plan is to just get my knee healthy and strong as possible, not much more on the schedule.

What do you do for your 9-5 gig?

Since the the end of the nationals, I have been working in the film industry in the electrics/lighting department. Long days but I was enjoying the work until I had my operation.

Dylan with Bulldog MX Training’s Kevin Urqhart. | Bigwave photo

What will you be able to do over the winter months for training?

No winter riding or on-bike training for me this year, just at physio and in the gym trying to get back to where I know I can be.

With that in mind, what are your racing plans for next summer?

At this point there are no plans for racing next year, but it’s hard to stay away and most likely I will just be there helping out Kyle Springman, spinning some wrenches.

Speaking of Kyle, give us your highlight from the 2016 season when you drove across the country with him in the van and trailer.

Our 2016 season was an eventful summer from the van over-heating and running on 4 cylinders at one point to not having room for all of our stuff. But the biggest highlight was probably the week in Deschambault. It was a good week of riding followed by my best weekend of racing.

Unfortunately, a knee injury would take him out for the summer after round 4 in Regina, SK. | Bigwave photo

Would you ever do that again?

Definitely would do it again, but on one condition – we would need some more room. It was a little bit too tight in there.

What’s your favourite track on the circuit and why?

Ahh, I’d have to say Moncton. It’s more my style of track – hard pack and decent jumps, what more do you need?!

OK, thanks for the talk. Good luck with your knee rehab and who would you like to thank?

Yeah, I’d like to thank GA Checkpoint, Yamaha, Enzo, 100 Percent, Shift, Fox, JS Powersports, Big O Tires, Poco, Works Connection, Rekluse clutches, FMF, Fusion Graphics, John Bowman, Jamie Grant, my dad, and Bulldog MX Training.