ICYMI | Catching Up with Josh Osby

By Billy Rainford

Catching Up with Josh Osby. | Bigwave photo

Heading into the first race of the 2017 Canadian Motocross Season, , we all knew Josh Osby had the speed to be a contender, and we were right. Josh came up through the American Amateur Nationals circuit, like so many top riders before him, and brought that professionalism to Canada as a rookie pro.

We’ll talk to him about the summer, but it came to an abrupt halt at Pleasant Valley when he was forced off the track over the finish line and into a fence. It was a scary few minutes as the medics tended to him, but he’s back and ready for more!

He’s been racing the Monster Energy AMA 250 East Supercross series this winter and has recently really come into his own with a couple top 10 finishes.

Here’s what he had to say when we got in touch with him this week:

The AMA gave Josh Osby #787 and it just stuck. | Bigwave photo circa 2011

Direct Motocross: Hello, Josh. For starters, let’s take it back to the beginning. How did you get started racing/riding motocross?

Josh Osby: Hey there! I got started in racing by begging my parents to get me a dirt bike and then I eventually talked them into letting me race. Once I got to race we were all hooked and the rest is history!

I’ve got some older pics of you with #787. Was that your first number and how did you pick it?

I’ve pretty much always run #787. It was my AMA number so I just ran that for as long as I could.

You came up through all the big US Amateur races. What was the highlight of your amateur career?

The highlight of my amateur career was probably winning at Loretta’s in schoolboy 2. I didn’t win the championship but I won moto 1 and that kind of jump-started things for me with racing.

What made you decide to head north to Canada last summer?

I’ve always been friends with the Jeffery family and Redemption Racing always came to Club MX to do their testing. I had always talked back and forth with them and things just worked out to where I was able to head north with them!

“I felt like I had so much hate coming toward me and I didn’t mean for any of that to happen so it took me a bit to get over that.” | Bigwave photo

You had the speed to fight for wins but then trouble happened. Can you take us through your crash and what it meant for your season?

Ya, the crash that took me out for the rest of the season. It was a pretty brutal one. Myself and another rider came together on a jump and I ended up with the short end of the stick. How the track layout was in that section, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner, but it’s a racing incident and it happens! I was just really bummed it ended my season as things were looking good for me headed into the final few rounds.

What was your rehab like? What were you able to do? How long were you off?

I honestly wasn’t off the bike for too long. It was just pretty much a waiting game as I wasn’t sure how long my liver was going to take to heal. I took a little time to regroup back at home and then came back to Club to start training again!

Let’s talk about your 2018 Supercross season. It started out a little rough but you’ve really turned things around lately. Can you tell us what you’re doing differently and sum up your season for us?

I’ve really not done much different at all. The beginning of the season was rough as I was sick the first few weeks and didn’t even ride while I was at Club. The whole Arlington start crash messed with me a little. I felt like I had so much hate coming toward me and I didn’t mean for any of that to happen so it took me a bit to get over that. I’ve just gained more confidence as the season has gone on and obviously the results are showing which I’m really happy about. The amount of work we put in during the off season made the beginning of the season really frustrating.

Josh will be back in Canada with Josh Snider and the Redemption Racing team alongside Joey Crown. | Bigwave photo

What has been your favourite SX this season?

I can honestly sit here and say I don’t really have a favorite. I enjoyed Indy because it was my home race, but, other than that, I just really enjoy riding Supercross, so every weekend is fun for me!

You’ve only got Las Vegas left. What is your goal there?

I’ve got a goal I’ve kept quiet about, so I’ll keep it that way, but I really simply want to keep building and learning. I’ve had a few mishaps this season but I’ve really just tried to have a solid rookie season without doing anything stupid.

OK, so after the SX season, we’re going to see you back taking a run at the Canadian 250 MX title, right? What’s your plan for that? Goal?

Ya, so I will finish up Vegas and fly directly back to Club to make a push for outdoors and then we will go racing! The goal is the same as last year, I just think there’s a bit more fire for me after what happened last year. I’m coming for Redemption…no pun intended (Laughs).

Is there a track you’re looking forward to racing in Canada?

From what I’ve heard, most tracks this season are new, so I’m just excited to experience them! Each track brings its own challenge so it’s fun to go try and conquer them!

OK, thanks for talking with us today. Good luck with the rest of your season. Who would you like to thank?

Thank you very much! A special thank you to every person posted below. I seriously couldn’t do it without each and every one of them: #ClubMX #RSR @redemptionracingmx #JeffreyHomes @brewercycles @motorexusa @hoosiertire #Westwood’scontracting @ktm_canada @francksiri @rickziebell #WohletzLawOfficePA @ynsdesigns @defiancelifestyleclothing @bermshredder @shoeihelmetsusa @answerracing @powerbandracing @ride100percent @twisteddevelopmentracing @nihiloconcepts @vpracingfuels @themotohub1 @pivotworks @vertexpistons @mikametals @dt1filtersusa @matrixconcepts @evanscoolantdr @guts_racing_inc @tamermx @motohose @hinsonracing @fmf73 @dubyausa @clubmxpracticefacility @evssports @dedicatedrideco

See you next month, Josh. | Bigwave photo