#ICYMI | Catching Up with…Kyle Springman | KTM Canada

By Billy Rainford


We catch up with BC racer, Kyle Springman. | Bigwave photo

Abbotsford, BC racer Kyle Springman comes from a moto family. His dad, Ruben, and his sister, Rachelle, are and were involved in the sport. I don’t know if his mom, Debbie, is a rider, but it wouldn’t surprise me. If you’ve ever been a part of moto out in BC, you know the Springmans.

Kyle has worked his way up through the ranks to be a consistent Pro rider in any event he enters. He and his buddy, Dylan Delaplace, traveled the entire circuit in 2016 and have plenty of stories to last a lifetime. He raced the MX2 class at round 1 at Whispering Pines in Kamloops, BC in 2017. From there, he moved up to the MX1 class and raced the remaining rounds in the west, including Prince George, Calgary, and Regina.

Kyle raced round 1 on a 250 and then raced the final 3 rounds of the west on a 350 in the MX1 class. And he’s probably thrilled I chose to include this photo…| Bigwave photo

Here’s a look at his overall results:



For 2018, Kyle will be #83. If that just made you think of Marty Burr, you’re old like me. We grabbed him for a chat to find out what he’s got going on these days and what he’ll be doing in the future.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Kyle. For starters, is ‘Karl’ just what everyone named Kyle gets called or is there more to this story?
Kyle Springman: Hey, Billy! I think Karl is the default nickname for guys named Kyle. It just seems like it has stuck with me a little more than some of the other Kyles out there. It’s rare anyone at the track calls me ‘Kyle’ anymore.
I know we’ve grabbed you at work today. Can you tell us what it is you’re doing 9-5 these days?
I’ve been working at Holeshot Motorsports here in Langley for about a year now. I started back in the shop and for the past 7 months or so I’ve been working at the parts counter.

How do you like it? Was your childhood dream to be a top level Pro motocrosser? If not, what did you always want to be?

It’s great! I get to be involved with motorcycles all day, work with a great group of people that make the work day really fun, and the shop is very supportive of my riding and racing – I couldn’t ask for anything more right now. I think like most kids that grew up racing at one point being a top Pro was the dream for sure, but somewhere in my younger teen years the dream faded away a little bit. My family and I were always into motocross to have fun more than anything, and I have no regrets about that. It seems like almost every kid I grew up racing that was chasing the dream at a younger age doesn’t even ride anymore, and I would say that I’m having more fun riding now than I ever have.

The 22-year-old Abbotsford, BC native works at the Holeshot Motorsports parts counter. Go in and ask him for the most obscure part you can think of to test his customer service skills. | Bigwave photo

You were #50 this past season and you raced the MX2 class at round 1 but then moved up to the MX1 class for the rest of the west. How did that go and what did you notice was the biggest difference?My plan was to race the MX2 class for the first four races, but I did all of my pre-season riding and racing on a 350, and I fell in love with that bike. I struggled to get comfortable on the 250 and after round one didn’t go that well for me I decided I would race the 350 in the MX1 class at the next couple races.

The biggest difference I noticed was the extra 5 minutes in the motos! The top MX1 guys are in amazing shape to be able to push for the whole moto and that’s something I will have to work on for sure for the future.

Which class did you enjoy more?

I enjoyed the Mx1 class more, for sure. That’s what I will race from now on outdoors.

Your name came up this week in Los Angeles when we met a Finnish moto journalist. Was that race in Finland the most exotic you’ve done? How was that experience?

That was for sure the most exotic race I’ve done! Newf (Ryan Lockhart) and I had the chance to go over and race the Tampere Supercross last winter and we had a blast. The whole experience was pretty crazy on and off the track and I’m just glad we made it home in one piece. Those are some memories that will last a lifetime, for sure.
You went over to England in charge of the Youth program for Team Canada MXON. Can you take us through that whole experience for us? What was the most important thing the Two Jakes got from that trip, do you think?
I was really fortunate to be able to go over to England and get to know the two Jakes over the week. We had a lot of fun! It was a great experience getting to see a different part of the world and the MXON was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I think the Jakes were able to learn a few things from our country’s best riders, and it was great for them to get familiar with an event that they could be taking part in some day.

Like just about everyone who races, Kyle hopes to stay involved in the sport long after his Pro racing days are finished. | Bigwave photo

You raced some of this season’s FWM AX. How has that been going for you?
Rounds 3 and 4 in Chilliwack went really well for me! I had some great heat races and some decent results in the main events as well, but last weekend was a little bit rough. I battled with some bike problems all weekend and had a few crashes, but that’s the way it goes sometimes!
Will you do the rest of them?
I will be doing the rest of them, for sure. I love racing in the barns in Chilliwack and the first round of the Jetwerx series in Abbotsford is about 5 minutes from my house, so you can bet I will be out there.
What will you do for the winter months?
For now, I don’t really have any plans. I will likely head down to California at some point and do some riding for a few weeks with Kevin Urquhart and the Bulldog MX Training squad, but otherwise I will be here at the shop working all winter and saving up some money for the summer months.
How about next season. Will we see you at the nationals? What is your plan?
Next season is still up in the air a little bit. I will be riding for the newly-formed Sky Helicopters Holeshot Motorsports Racing team that Al Dyck is managing, and I am hoping that I will be able to hit all the rounds, but for now it’s looking like it might only be the West Coast.

Kyle is riding on the newly-formed Sky Helicopters Holeshot Motorsports racing team and hopes to be on the gate throughout 2018. | Bigwave photo

How about your future. Where do you see yourself in the future?
I’m 22 now so it’s time to start thinking about the future, for sure. For now, I’m pretty happy with where I am at, and I would really like to make another run at doing all the nationals before I leave the racing days behind me. I have a few ideas of what my dream job would be, and they are definitely motocross related, so we will see what the future holds!
OK, you should probably get back to work. Thanks for the chat today. Who would you like to thank?
Well, first of all, I would like to thank you and Jeff at DMX for doing this and giving all us Canadians great content to read on a weekly basis! I’d also like to thank my parents, Rubes and Deb for getting me into this crazy sport, as well as Kourtney Lloyd for giving me the opportunity to come to England and have the MXON experience of a lifetime. Also, to all my sponsors that helped me out this year: Holeshot Motorsports, Fox Canada, Al Dyck/SSS suspensions, Chase Auto Body Supplies, Fusion Graphix, Matrix/ 100%, and Kyle Beaton and Kevin Urquhart for all the help on and off the bike!

See you guys in 2018!