#ICYMI | Catching Up with…Tallon LaFountaine

By Billy Rainford


We catch up with California racer, Tallon Lafountaine. | Bigwave photo

Tallon LaFountaine lives basically at the base of Big Bear Mountain road. The past couple summers, Tallon has come north and raced like a rider we all wanted to see compete in the entire series. Unfortunately, his plans south of the border stopped him from joining the traveling Canadian circus and back to the USA he went to continue as a test rider for Transworld MX and get some surgery taken care of.

Tallon’s dad is from Medicine Hat, Alberta, and his mom in from Saskatchewan. Tallon, himself, was born in the USA (sorry to get you singing that for the rest of the day) and doesn’t have dual citizenship, but says that he will soon.

Here’s a look at his brief 2017 Canadian season:

He got his racing start a little later than most, but is making up for lost time. We grabbed the fast rider who started the 2017 season in Canada with 8-9-6 overalls in the MX2 class for a quick chat to learn a little more about him and what we can expect to see in the future.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Tallon. Let’s start the usual way by asking you to tell us where you’re from and how you got into motocross in the first place?

Tallon LaFountaine: Hey, whats up! I live in Yucaipa, California and I have kinda been around motocross my whole life. My two older brothers raced all the amateur nationals down here, and I was always there but never raced much. I had some eye problems when I was younger and that’s part of the reason I never raced growing up.

When I was 11 or 12, I really got into riding pit bikes and loved it. A few years later, when I was about 14, I hopped on one of my brother’s 250’s one day just messing around and next thing I know my dad surprised me with bikes for Christmas in 2011 and that’s pretty much how it started.

Tallon’s plans for this winter? “Lots of Supercross!” | Bigwave photo

Can you give us a couple highlights of your amateur career?
My amateur career was a lot different from most of the kids I raced, since I started on 250’s, but I’d say winning a championship at Mammoth in the Collegeboy class, and winning a moto at Loretta’s are my two favorites.
What year did you turn Pro and how did it go for you?
2017 was my first year racing Pro. It was a great feeling lining up for Supercross for the first time and getting to experience a stadium full of people there to watch you race. I had a rough off-season last year and wasn’t even close to being prepared for Supercross so results-wise it wasn’t great, but I learned a ton. I didn’t race any American outdoors but I went up north to Canada and raced three rounds and was 5th in points in the MX2 class, when we had to head back south.
You’re from California. How did you decide to head north to Canada to race the year before?
My parents are both from Canada and the series is good up there with good competition, so we thought we’d give it a shot!
Nice. What did you think of the country and our series?
I have spent time up there before with family and I always enjoy being up there; it’s beautiful! The series is fun. It’s really mellow and kicked back compared to the American nationals.
You earned #47 for 2017 and did 3 rounds out west last summer. You finished 8-9-6 overall. How did those go for your.
Those aren’t that good. I had some issues while I was up there, but I got way better every round, riding-wise.

Tallon racing at his favourite Canadian track in 2016, Wild Rose MX in downtown Calgary. | Bigwave photo

What’s has been your favourite track in Canada?
Wild Rose MX in Calgary, for sure.
What did you do for the rest of the 2017 summer?
I actually had a little surgery so I took a small break after that. Then I did a few things for Transworld and flew up to Calgary for a Husqvarna event, and then back to JGR for a bike test, so that was fun.
What are your plans for this winter?
A lot of Supercross!
How about next summer?
Not to sure yet for next summer, depends on Supercross.
Well, thanks for talking with us and good luck.