Jacob Hayes Injury Update

By Billy Rainford

Jacob Hayes was the rider down in the first turn that they never mentioned in the broadcast. Here’s an update on his condition. | Bigwave photo

Canadian #4 MX2 rider, Jacob Hayes, was the #100 who you may have noticed was down in turn one (right side) and then wasn’t able to keep racing this past Saturday night at the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas.

We chatted with Jacob this morning and this is what he told us:

Yeah I’m doing good. The crash resulted in a dislocated left shoulder but the Alpinestars Medical Crew was able to get it popped back in in no time which is key. I was able to go to the doctor yesterday and get an MRI on my shoulder and make sure nothing was torn, doc said everything looked good just take a week off to let my shoulder recover.

That’s about as good as the news can be when you crash on your shoulder. Enjoy your week off and we’ll look for you at the races soon.