Jake Tricco and Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing Team Part Ways

By Billy Rainford

Jake Tricco and the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing team part ways. | Austin Watling photo

A story that has been making the rounds behind the scenes involves the release of rookie Pro and up-and-coming Canadian racing star, Jake Tricco.

Jake is from Collingwood, Ontario, and has been on the industry’s radar since he was a little kid on little bikes. His level of talent and speed doesn’t come along every day.

It was told to us in confidence that Derek Schuster had released him from his contract after failing a drug test. A drug test that Schuster said he requires of all his riders. We agreed to wait until all parties involved in the big decision had been notified before we made it public.

Jake suffered a broken wrist earlier in the year and it had kept him off the bike as he was preparing for his first season on the full factory-supported team.

Derek said he likely wouldn’t be ready for the team’s home race at Gopher Dunes but that he should have been ready to race out the final 4 rounds of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Nationals season.

Unfortunately, the failed drug test has seen the two part ways.

Jake has been on the industry’s radar since he was a little kid. | Bigwave photo

We had Derek on the Moto Central Live Show this past Friday night and he was very careful with his wording about the situation. All he would confirm is that it was the use of “recreational drugs” that is at issue here.

Jake is still a kid and we need to tread lightly and do everything we can to help him get back on track and pursue his dream, whatever that dream may be.

Hopefully, we see this talented youngster back in the saddle in the future, but, if we don’t, we’d like to wish him all the best in the future.

From Jake on his Facebook page: