Jeffrey Herlings Proclaims Himself “Fastest Man on the Planet”

#4 Jeffrey Herlings. | Bigwave photo

This morning, MXGP World Champion, Jeffrey Herlings, came right out and proclaimed himself the “Fastest Man on the Planet” on his Instagram page: @jeffrey_herlings84. Not that he’s wrong, and the rest of his post mirrored this same confidence:

jeffrey_herlings84🔥 F A S T E S T M A N O N T H E P L A N E T 🔥
After beating the top AMA riders last weekend in both moto’s, and going 1 – 1 in the MXGP class at the motocross of nations against the current AMA national champ, and winning 17 out of the 19 MXGP races I’ve raced, standing on the podium 19 out of the 19 times this season, being crowned to the 2018 MXGP world champion, winning the Dutch national title with even going undefeated, I think I am able to say I was the fastest outdoor racer on the planet in 2018. Ofcourse I did not win all moto’s I participated at, but I am only human aswell. But I have won 62 moto’s out of the 77 moto’s where I participated at this season. Everything will start all over again next year. Thank you 2 0 1 8 you was amazing to me. Now let’s go eat hamburgers and drink some beers for a few weeks. 😃
Thank you to all my fans all around the world for the great support and love what I got throughout the whole season and all my sponsors and partners for believing in me and supporting me in the best possible way.

At the end of the day, Sunday, he said, “Me and Glenn did a great job. I won my first moto and he went 1-1: we deserved to win and it was a shame we didn’t get the results with our MX2 rider. We were so close but Team France were the best today and we should respect that. I want to thank Red Bull KTM Factory Racing for the whole season; they did an incredible job. I also want to thank the Dutch Federation for being behind us. We had a great weekend and some great days here. I’m happy to finish off the season. Next year it will be at Assen and home soil and if Glenn has the same breakfast and we get another result then we can definitely go for the win. It has been a good day.”

Jeffrey will be even more difficult to beat in the sand of his home country at the 2019 MXON. | Bigwave photo