Jeremy Medaglia Update

By Billy Rainford

#58 Jeremy Medaglia has done both first motos so far this season. We asked him about it and what he’s been dealing with | Bigwave photo

Many fans have been wondering what’s up with #58 Jeremy Medaglia. He surprised a lot of people when he showed up at round 1 in Kamloops, BC on a very stock-looking Honda 450 and lined up in the MX1 class.

He raced the first moto and then didn’t line up for moto 2. He did the same thing in Prince George, after finishing an impressive 9th in the first race.

We asked him about the stomach/blood issues he was rumoured to be fighting and here is what he told us:

I’m all good…well, getting there. [I’m] just dealing with some health issues that are now worked out. [I’m] just trying to get back to where I would like to be. It’s a process but hoping to put in a solid 2 at Calgary and be close to normal come Regina etc..

That’s good news. Take care of yourself and we’ll see you back in action this weekend at Wild Rose MX Park in downtown Calgary.