October 30, 2017

Jetwerx Hiring

Brigden, ON – Jetwerx is looking to hire a few key players to join their staff as we move into 2018. We have several positions available for part-time and full-time employment, along with some select intern work.

Jetwerx will be hosting interviews over the next month to find candidates who are passionate about motocross, that share in the same dreams as Jetwerx, and who can contribute to the building of our elite team. Listed below are the positions we are looking to fill.

Job Title:

  • –  Social Media Marketing Specialist (full time)
  • –  Administrative Assistant (full time)
  • –  Media Relations Specialist (full time)
  • –  Assistant Operations Coordinator (part time)
  • –  Event Administrative Coordinator (part time)Job Location:
    – 3 positions are home-office located
    – 2 positions are local to the Jetwerx office

    – to be negotiated

    Minimum requirements:
    – High School diploma
    – Driver’s license
    – Must be self-motivated
    – Must be willing to travel
    – Must be willing to work non-traditional hours with varying hours

    Assets: Adobe Suite background Knowledge/background in Motocross

    About Jetwerx: Jetwerx is committed to providing outstanding quality creations in a way that is safe, yet progressive to the sports in which they belong, and to the visions of the dreams they started from, so that we can continue to develop our reputation as one of the premier action sports companies in the world.

    For more info: please contact: