Josh Osby Injury Update

Thursday, July 27, 2017

#787 Josh Osby was injured this past weekend at round 7 of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals at Pleasant Valley MX in Truro, NS | Bigwave photo

#787 Josh Osby had a rough day this past Sunday at Round 7 of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals at Pleasant Valley MX in Truro, Nova Scotia.


In the first MX2 moto, Josh was racing beside #100 Jacob Hayes into a tight right-hander. Josh saw #14 Dylan Wright, who was just ahead of them, cut to the inside of the corner (Josh mentioned they’d been hitting the outside in this corner previous to this) and as Josh grabbed his brakes he slid extremely hard into the side of Dylan and his bike. The contact was hard enough to bend Dylan’s footpeg and sent them both to the ground.

Dylan was able to remount quickly but Josh had some issues restarting his bike. When he finally got going, he said he fell a couple more times and could only work his way to 8th place at the checkered flag.

In moto 2, Josh got out of the gate well and grabbed the holeshot and early lead. Dylan Wright was in second spot and starting to pressure for the lead.

Josh said he didn’t think Dylan had the stamina to stay up with the leaders and said he “knew he was there, but expected him to fade.”

Well, Dylan kept charging and was setting up to make a pass at the end of the long and fast finish straight when the two went into the air at the same time before the left turn, Dylan on the left, Josh on the right.

Josh said he was leading and so was riding the racing line and setting himself up for the following left. Unfortunately, Dylan was already occupying that air space and when they came back to the ground the contact sent Josh violently to his right and into the wooden fence and speaker box in a heap.

Dylan was able to continue the race and finished 3rd at the flag.

Today (Thursday):

When Josh answered the phone this afternoon, the first thing he said was, “I’m living.” He’d been released this morning at around 9:30 and was actually sightseeing down on the waterfront in Halifax when I spoke with him! They were heading to or coming from a museum.

My first question to him was whether or not he has medical coverage and you’ll all be happy to hear that he does. That is a huge issue for many riders who cross borders to race, so it’s very fortunate he had done his homework in they important area.

He remembers the crash because he said he was lucky to not have hit his head. He also wanted to thank Cole Thompson’s mechanic, Steve Beattie, for being on scene and “basically, running the show.” Josh said he was “pumped he was there.”

The injuries:

It was a little bit chaotic at the crash scene and a lot of people were concerned that the injuries were worse and more permanent than they were. They took every precaution and got Josh to the hospital after some time.

Josh actually injured some ribs and a lung back in January, so he had a good idea something was wrong internally. He was right.

After getting checked out with scans and x-rays, it was determined he’d lacerated his liver. In fact, the doctor made a fist and said it was so big he could have fit his entire fist in it!

Josh complained about some severe soreness in his chest and asked them to double check the initial x-rays where no more damage was found. They found some broken ribs in the second x-ray.

Currently, the ribs are the only things he feels any pain from. In fact, he said he can’t wait to get back on the bike! He didn’t give any timeline as to when that may be back, but he almost made it sound like it would be soon! We’ll see…

Josh currently sits 2nd in the MX2 points standings, 21 points behind leader #12 Shawn Maffenbeier and 7 points ahead of #338 Ryan Surratt in 3rd.

There are 3 rounds of competition left in the series, so we’ll have to wait and see how far Josh slides in the standings IF he is unable to race again in the next 3 weeks.

Of course, doctors have told him a liver injury like this takes 3 months to heal, but he’s a racer and racers rarely listen to what doctors have to say…

Good luck with your recovery, Josh, and we’ll look for your return to action.