Josh Snider Talks about the Redemption Racing/Club MX/RSR Deal for Supercross and Beyond

By Billy Rainford

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When I got home from Dayton, Ohio, a couple weeks ago, it turns out I forgot one of my cameras in the back seat of Terry Doherty‘s car. The car headed for Kingston and that was the last I’d see of my camera for a while, or so I thought.

Josh Snider‘s wife, Mel Snider, has a brother whose girlfriend’s parents (seriously) live just outside Kingston and were coming to London last Friday. I’d like to give a huge thanks to Terry for taking the camera to their house and to Tony who then brought it to Mel and Josh.

We met the couple and their new baby girl for breakfast this past Saturday so I could get my camera. And since we were sitting there, I figured I’d corner Josh for an interview to talk about all the new things going on over at the Redemption Racing.

Redemption has teamed up with Club MX and RSR to race the East 250 Supercross series starting in Dallas. There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s let Josh explain.

Josh Snider from Redemption Racing has been busy lately. We grabbed him for a chat to find out everything that’s going on. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Josh. Thanks for getting my camera back! Let’s talk about this whole collaboration with Club MX and RSR. How did this deal all come about?

Josh Snider: Ya, we’re heading into Supercross come February 17th. We’ll be doing the full east coast series. It’s actually been in the works for a couple years, for me, anyhow. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do with the team for quite a while and it’s pretty exciting that it’s actually following through.

We’ve been talking with Club MX…I know a lot of our riders have come through Club MX to Canada on Redemption Racing and Brandon (Haas) from down there, we’ve been talking, and it’s something he’s been wanting to do, too, so we put our efforts together and we’ve come up with the Club MX RSR Redemption Racing Team for 2018.

OK, now I know this is a bit of a loaded question, but who are your riders going to be?

OK, it is a loaded question (Laughs). Um, so, obviously we’ve got Josh Osby on board with us, and then we have Joey Crown on the team, as well.  Joey has recently sustained a knee injury which he will be receiving therapy for and hopefully returning with the team later on in the Supercross season.

But to fill in for Joey we have Zack Williams.

I think most of the readers are pretty familiar with Joey, but can you tell us a little bit about Zack Williams?

I don’t actually know a whole lot about him, but he’s running #96 and he’s from Minnesota. He’s a Club MX guy, he’s trained at Club there, so he was just a really good fit. A lot of sponsors that he has actually line up with what the team sponsors are. We’ve got ANSR Gear, Shoei Helmets on board, so that’s an easy fit for him.


As far as what Brandon tells me about the kid, he’s a good kid and we’re excited to have him be part of the team.

Joey Crown is currently rehabbing a knee injury and so #96 Zack Williams will fill in for him in East Coast 250 Supercross. | Bigwave photo

You’ve got a pretty interesting deal going with Hoosier Tires just getting into the sport.

Ya, it’s actually a really cool and exciting deal that came up. They happened to be down at Club MX testing with two Arenacross guys and they heard about us doing the team for Supercross. Josh and Joey tried some of the tires out and they thought they were really good tires, they worked really well.

We’re actually going to be the exclusive team in Supercross that is sponsored by Hoosier and we’re going to be developing the tire, specific compounds for each rider for each race with different soil conditions and things like that.

We’re having our own Tire Tech each weekend to take care of the tires for us and we’re basically getting treated like a factory team, so it’s really cool to be a part of developing Hoosier Tires for the Motocross Industry.

Who’s doing your motors?

Our motors are done by Twisted Development down in California. That’s something really big for us because I know that Twisted Development has a big part to do with helping the development of Factory KTM’s motors, so we know that when we line up on the gate we’re going to be right there with those TLD guys because we’ve got the same motor package. It’s pretty exciting to have a company like Twisted Development on board with us.

How about your suspension work?

Our suspension is done through WP and it’s Powerband who’s doing our suspension now and he’s actually coming down to Club MX next week, I believe. We’re going to be bringing the semi truck down and everything should be there and we’re going to start developing and testing on our suspension and our motor packages all together. It’s a great deal and we’re happy to have Billy (Edmonson) from Powerband on board helping us out.

Cade Clason wasn’t in the picture due to his suspension from FIM competition. With the Canadian series going with MRC, is there room for Cade? | Bigwave photo

OK, now I’ve got to ask you something. We’ve been talking about this for months, and there’s a guy named Tex Roberts who had all kinds of ideas and was making all kinds of promises to you for your team. Did anything ever pan out with him or was it all too good to be true?

Ya…It ended up being a major, big dead end. I’ll say that (Laughs). It’s crazy what some people will do. I don’t know how…I don’t know what to say, actually. It ended up being a big rabbit trail that he led us all down, saying that he owns this, owns that and was going to help sponsor the team. When you hear somebody saying they want to help you’re not going to turn them away. A lot of the things were very suspicious and I didn’t jump into it fully head-first.

I did some research, tried to find some answers to some of the questions I had and a lot of them turned out to be loose ends. It doesn’t say the guy is legitimate and it doesn’t say he isn’t legit.

I ended up getting to the bottom of it a couple weeks ago. Needless to say, it’s not…I don’t know what to say about the guy, right there. They were all just empty promises is what they were.

With the new series coming up in Canada, do you have your riders figured out for that yet?

Well, we’re obviously having Josh Osby back with the team. We feel he’s got a good chance to run for the championship, and hopefully we can actually get the championship this year and bring that home with us.

For our other riders, Joey Crown is going to be an option for the team and we’re also talking with Tanner Ward but there are a lot of if, ands, and buts with that. We’re waiting on JSR to come through with some answers for us.

Either way, it would be great to have those guys on the team. We’re happy with Josh. He does us well and Eric (Jeffery) will be back on the team for the East Coast like last year.

It should be a good season. We’re going to be focusing more on the 250 side of things and hopefully we can get that championship.

OK, that’s a perfect segue. With the Jetwerx series not going CMA/FIM, that also opens the door to having your long-time rider Cade Clason. What can you cay about Cade for this season?

Ya…Cade (Clason). So…um, because we weren’t thinking that we’d be going that way, we’re focusing more on the 250 side, so now just a couple weeks ago I found out that Cade’s able to actually race in Canada. I’m talking with JSR and some other sponsors to see what we can actually pull together for Cade because he wasn’t in the picture. Not because we didn’t want him, but because I couldn’t have him.

We’re still working things through with Cade. We’d love to have him back on the team but if we can’t provide for him what he needs to race competitively then I’m not sure what we’re going to be able to do.

Josh Osby will run the Canadian MX2 outdoor series and then they’ll make the decision on the 3 Supercross rounds. | Bigwave photo

You guys have committed to the East Coast Supercross which overlaps with the Arenacross portion of the Rockstar Triple Crown Series up here, will you guys just do the Motocross series or will you stick around for the 3 Supercross rounds as well?

Right now, Josh is just going to do the Outdoors only. We’ll see how things are moving on for Supercross. Obviously, we want to support the efforts here in Canada as much as we can and our efforts that we’re doing down in the States are 3 years in the making, so this whole Jetwerx process wasn’t even in the picture when we started our US endeavours.

We’re going to have to address that a little closer this summer, but it’s definitely something that we’re looking into.

How are Josh’s Supercross skills? What are your goals for this first season?

So, our goals with Josh would be…I mean, his progress is going well down at Club. He had one crash that he got a little banged up from, but he just had to take a week off and he’s good to go. He’s been good for the last month strong now.

I think our goals are…there’s no reason why he couldn’t be inside the top 10. If he can be in the top 10, that would be great. That’s our our goal and there’s no reason why he couldn’t do that, I don’t think.

So, what is your role for this Supercross season?

In the past, I wear all the hats you possibly can wear at the races, but right now we actually have a good program together. We’re go 2 mechanics on board. We’ve got Brent Duffy for Josh and Greg Chidgey from Club coming out to help with Joey and Zach Williams. Basically, I’m finally going to be able to just wear the Team Manager hat. And obviously I’ll fill in wherever we’ve got to go but, ya, I’ll be team manager and running social media and whatever I can do to help promote this team down there.

And that means you’ll bu up in the tower in the middle of the track, too, right?

You betcha! We’ll be up there with all the top dogs (Laughs).

OK, well, thanks for chatting and good luck. Who would you like to thank?

Thank you. I would like to thank #ClubMX #RSR @redemptionracingmx #JeffreyHomes @brewercycles @motorexusa @hoosiertire #Westwood’s contracting @francksiri @rickziebell #WohletzLawOfficePA.

And I would like to add that anyone who would like to help with our efforts to support privateers, there is room on the side of our truck for you!