Kennedy Lutz to Go Head to Head with Eve Brodeur in Women’s MX Nationals

By Billy Rainford

Eve Brodeur vs. Kennedy Lutz will happen in 2016 | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross has learned that Saskatchewan’s Kennedy Lutz has decided to head east this summer and go head to head with multi-time and defending Canadian Women’s East MX Nationals champion, Eve Brodeur.

Kennedy is the standout Canadian rider who has been tearing up the amateur ranks south of the border, collecting several titles at the biggest amateur nationals in the world. Eve is the multi-time Canadian champion who is fresh off an undefeated season in 2016 and current 3rd place rider in the Onsia Sound Art Women’s Motocross (WMX) Championship.

There is only one catch…

Team Brodeur isn’t sure which side of the country they will race on and it will be a last-minute decision; they may race the west series.

In speaking with Team Lutz, they may show up at Whispering Pines for round 1 just in case this happens. Either way, it looks like this head to head battle is a go!

This showdown has all the makings of an epic series! Both camps want to race against the best possible competition they can find, and it looks like they will get their chance this season. This should bring lot of spectators to the races on Saturdays this summer!

Whichever side of the country they race on, we’ll definitely be there. Stay tuned for more as we get closer to the June 3rd, Round 1 date…