London Supercross | Amateur Photos | Strikt

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Srtikt Gear.

Let me start this short photo report by asking one simple question: “Where the heck was everyone?!” This was a rare chance for amateur riders to ride a Supercross track in Canada. If you’re from Ontario or somewhere close, why weren’t you out there on the track?

I know you don’t have ‘A-Kit Supercross suspension,’ but you probably aren’t at the level where you’re expected to clear the huge jumps anyway! Back in the day, riders leapt at the chance to race in front of a grandstand at little fair races everywhere. This was a slick, Professional Supercross race and you had the chance to line up on the same day as the top dogs. I just don’t get it. It can’t be a good sign for our sport.

Having said that, congratulations to those who did line up. It was a great experience and one you and your families will reflect on for the rest of your lives. I realize that sounds a little hokey, but, believe me, it’s true.

Here’s a look at the winners and a few others in order of the results at

#744 Xavier Marcotte from Becancour, Quebec, won the youngest class of the event, the 50cc Open.

A 65cc Open race heads out in the afternoon.

#76 Ben Kongmany from New Lowell, ON took the win in the main.

#17 Nolan Booker from Campbellville, ON was 2nd.

#813 Cayden Wise from Petrolia, ON took the 85cc Open win.

#381 Kelcey Jones from Fraserville, ON passed her way into the lead in the Ladies main. #970 Dana Barrett was out front early and ended up 3rd.

#33 Malia Garant Beaumont, PQ was 2nd.

#26 July Boucher from Drummondville, PQ was 4th.

#53 Bjorn Viney from…Ottawa, ON/Murrieta, CA edged out #183 Kyle Jones at the start of the Intermediate Open main.

Jones from Fraserville, ON would hang on for 2nd place.

Bjorn’s Supercross experience shone through and he was the class of the Intermediate field in the main, making it look easy.

#44 Jack Gabor from Welland, ON was the only rider who kept #32 Seth Hughes honest in the Open Junior class. He pushed as hard as he could every time he was on the track and took 2nd in the main.

The main event went to Kitchener, ON’s Hughes, though.

Bjorn looks into the future and sees himself traveling with the PRMX gang and racing all 8 rounds of the Amateur Supercross series in 2019. See you at the races…