McThoughts | Anaheim 2 | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

This past Saturday, the first of 3 Triple Crown events were held at A2. I, myself, am 100% not a fan of the new format. I, personally, love the heat races and LCQ’s. Most “average fans” don’t show up until the night program. That means they will completely miss the majority of the racers. Yes, they will see the top guys, but to be honest, some of us like watching the ‘up and comers’ as they progress and get better.

They say that the shorter races level the playing field. I think that is crap! Are we giving out participation ribbons next?

In my opinion, the shorter races allow the guys in average shape to sprint to the finish. But if you look closely, some of the guys who did well in main event #1, fell off as the night went on. I was a big fan of the old format. So were a million other people as the numbers seem to be growing year after year. Why change something that wasn’t broken? Heck, it wasn’t even wore out.

Anyway, the track wasn’t the best and it showed in the racing. Here are the results and my thoughts.


250 West

1st Joey Savatgy 1-2-1: The key to Joey’s success is the starts. He got great starts and did what he needed to do. He’s too much of a veteran of this class not to be finishing like this every weekend.

#17 Joey Savatgy. | Bigwave photo

2nd Shane McElrath 5-1-4: Shane rushed it a little in main event #1, and that may have cost him. He’s riding well and needs to keep the momentum if he’s going to be able to capture this championship. Shane sits tied with Savatgy for the lead in points with 68.


3rd Christian Craig 2-3-5: This is where Craig should be on average nights. He just seems to be missing a piece to the puzzle. He thinks he should be winning, but I really don’t┬áthink he has it in him to get a win, straight up. Craig is 4th in points with 57.


4th Adam Cianciarulo 4-5-2: Props to Adam for even lining up for the night program, not to mention almost winning the last main event. Saturday night showed Adam, and everyone watching, that his fitness is on point and he can still pull off this championship with a little luck. AC sits 5th in points 12 back of the co-leaders.


5th Mitchell Oldenburg 3-6-6: Better night for Freckle. He’s got the speed and intensity, but he needs to work on his starts. Everyone is so fast in this class, he can’t be spotting the top guys a head start. Oldenburg is 6th in points with 52.

#52 Mitchell Oldenburg. | Bigwave photo

6th Aaron Plessinger 6-4-7: Bad starts are going to kill any championship hopes for Aaron. On a simple track like A2, he can’t let the top guys get away from him. Being a bigger guy on the small bike, Plessinger needs to have his starts there every time the gate drops. He now drops to 3rd in points with 66.


7th Hayden Mellross 7-10-8: Great results for Mellross. Big question is, does he have the fitness to do this on a regular night? Only time will tell.


8th Chase Sexton 15-8-3: Chase admitted that he got pushed around a bit, and ended up crashing 6 times in all. He’s definitely got the speed, and his fitness looks good. I think he will need a bit of a gift to win one right away, but he is on his way. The rookie sits 7th in points with 51.

#40 Chase Sexton. | Bigwave photo

9th Phil Nicoletti 8-7-11: Nice to see Phil have a good night, but I’d prefer to see him in the 450 class. For a guy who hates SX, he still has some serious indoor skills.


10th Justin Hill 11-9-9: What is wrong with Justin? Is it Justin, is it the bike? Something isn’t right with the champ, and it’s hard seeing him struggling out there. I think JGR should let Hill ride a round or two on the 450 in the East, then we will see if it’s the bike, or the rider.

Biggest Stud: Adam Cianciarulo is my Stud. Most guys would have sat out the night program, or just cruised out there. He showed a ton of heart, and would have won the final main event with one more corner.

#92 Adam Cianciarulo. | Bigwave photo

Biggest Dud: I hate picking him every week, but poor Justin Hill is my Dud.


Biggest Surprise: No Surprise for me this week.


MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award: The Pro Circuit duo of Savatgy and Cianciarulo looked good decked out in their Fox Instinct boots, Fox kit, Scott Prospect goggles and Bell helmets.