McThoughts | Arlington Supercross | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Billy Rainford

250 Class

250 Podium: Zach Osborne, Colt Nichols, Jimmy Decotis.

Saturday night was round 1 for the 250 East Coast riders. It was very clear that they were chomping at the bit to get going after watching their West Coast counterparts for 6 weeks straight. Everybody was fired up, and the action was pretty intense.

One issue I had was the amount of attempted T-bones. Did they forget how to pass straight up? I know rubbing is racing but guys were dive-bombing each other and it was brutal to watch.

The East is well represented in 2018, there are a couple previous race winners, and we will see some guys pick up their first wins as well. The track was pretty technical and the one whoop section started off big.

The racing was good and here are the results and my thoughts.

1st Zach Osborne: Zach is the reigning 250 East SX champ, and the 250 National champion. He knows how to win, he can handle the pressure, and he’s got the total package covered. So why in the heck was he so impatient? I honestly think an over-aggressive pass will cost him this championship if he doesn’t calm down a bit. He looked good, and he won even with a tip over, now his team needs to calm him down and things should be fine.

#1E Zach Osborne.


2nd Colt Nichols: Not a bad finish for a guy who had a late injury coming in. Colt looked really good, and he will be a threat all season. I think he wins one soon.


3rd Jimmy Decotis: If you aren’t happy for Jimmy D, you, my friend, are just lost. This guy figured his shit out a few years ago and now he’s doing it right. Jimmy got a solid start and rode smart. This is the best Jimmy I have ever seen and he looks really good on the JGR Suzuki.

#47 Jimmy Decotis.

4th RJ Hampshire: Somebody was a little too anxious. RJ looked fast out there, but maybe a little too aggressive for round 1. He made some mistakes in the main but a 4th is still good. He doesn’t want to have to worry about enemies this early in the season.


5th Jeremy Martin: Jeremy had a good ride, considering. He’s definitely a veteran of the class, and he just needs to get through healthy so he can kill it outdoors. He had some words with Smith after being taken out in the last corner. Watch for these guys to not make any easy passes on each other for the rest of the east.

#6 Jeremy Martin.

6th Jordon Smith: The speed was there, just some serious bad luck off the start. Salvaging a 6th is great, and it keeps him in the hunt. It won’t be easy, but, like I said, the speed is there. I like his attitude and don’t think he will have a problem getting some wins.


7th Austin Forkner: Austin has the speed to be a player, and he showed in the heat race that he won’t get pushed around. He needs to limit the mistakes and work on his starts. 7th isn’t awful, but it isn’t good when you are riding for Mitch.

#35 Austin Forkner.

8th Brandon Hartranft: Brandon let up after the first turn carnage. Somebody has to tell him to race until the red flag comes out. Good ride for the youngster, he looked solid out there.

(Editor’s Note: He was forced to miss the 2nd corner and so probably had that in the back of his mind as he slowed down)


9th Sean Cantrell: Sean looked really good, early on. The speed is there, but so are the rookie mistakes. Top 10 in your first SX is still a top 10. Lots to build on. This kid has a bright future.

#43 Sean Cantrell.

10: Luke Renzland: Luke came around after the first lap in 16th, so this was a very good ride. With his experience he will most likely be in the top 10 every week. Unfortunately, I don’t see him making the jump and being a top 5 guy.

Biggest Stud: Jimmy D is my Stud. I, honestly, think his season up here in Canada was the event that turned the page for Jimmy. He got the confidence he needed, and he has since put in the hard work. Big Daddy is smiling down!

Jimmy Decotis is the 250 STUD this week.

Biggest Dud: This is Supercross not bumper cars. It was brutal to watch everybody out there trying to T-bone each other for every pass.


Biggest Surprise: It just blows my mind to think that Martin Davalos just lined up for his 88th 250 SX main. When does the pride factor come into play?

#29 Martin Davalos.

Canadian Content: Ontario’s Westen Wrozyna made the night show in his first attempt on his Team PR-MX.CA Strikt Kawasaki. He hit the dirt a little, but it’s all a leaning process. The Club MX / Redemption Racing squad made their debut in Texas. The team showed they should be main event bound every weekend. They had some bad luck, but I’m sure they will rebound quickly.

#179 Westen Wrozyna.

MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: Our good friend #85 Josh Cartwright was looking fresh, head to toe. Josh struggled and just missed out on the main, but at least he looked good doing so.

#85 Josh Cartwright gets this week’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award.