McThoughts | Atlanta Supercross | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Better late than never…

250 Class


Atlanta is always one of my favourite races of the year. I love the crowd, love the dirt, and how can you not love the new stadium? Like I have stated too much, I’m really not a fan of the Triple Crown. I was impressed with the quality of the racing in all 3 mains. The track was tough and caused a lot of carnage. Riders had to be on their toes or they ended up on their butts. Here are the results and my thoughts.


250 Podium: Austin Forkner, Zach Osborne, Jordan Smith.

1st Austin Forkner 4-2-3: Young Austin is hungry and very confident, which is dangerous. You can say what you want, but he did cross-jump Osborne. Shit happens and they were both very lucky, as it could have been bad. And would you look now, Forkner is only 2 points out of the lead for the championship.

#35 Austin Forkner.

2nd Zach Osborne 1-3-5: God, this guy is good. Even when he gets crossed-jumped and smacks his face off of a rear fender, he still gets up and gets results. Zach is a man among boys (minus Martin Davalos…he’s pretty old) in the East this year and should successfully defend his championship before making the jump to the 450 class full-time starting this outdoor season.

#1 Zach Osborne.


3rd Jordan Smith 3-4-6: Solid night for Jordan. I’m guessing that he’s a little banged up as we haven’t seen his blistering speed yet. He can win, he knows he can win, now he just needs to put himself in a good position by getting a great start.

#45 Jordan Smith.

4th RJ Hampshire 7-5-4: RJ has been very solid and consistent, but, at this point, he needs to win…or at the very least, podium. He’s good and he has a great bike. There is no good reason for him not to be winning.

#36 RJ Hampshire.

5th Jeremy Martin 6-10-1: Jeremy really looked off during the day, hitting the dirt a few times. I was very shocked to see him get the win, but he held strong and made it happen. Let’s hope this is the ride that Jeremy needed to turn his season around. And what better time than leading into Daytona.

#6 Jeremy Martin.

6th Colt Nichols 5-11-2: Decent early on, not so great 2nd main, but man did he look good in the 3rd main. I, personally, thought the wheels were going to fall off of Martin and that it was going to be an easy win for Colt. One thing I have noticed, if the start isn’t there, Colt can’t pass his way to the front like teammate Aaron Plessenger.

#31 Colt Nichols.

7th Kyle Peters 11-7-7: Finally, things are getting better for Kyle. He should easily be in the top 10 every round. Bad luck has been following him since round 1. Solid rides in ATL, but he’s got more speed in the tank.

#76 Kyle Peters.

8th Martin Davalos 8-1-16: This season has been so up and down for Davalos, and it really hasn’t been entirely his fault. The speed is there. Heck, it has been there for the past 13 seasons. The only thing Martin can do from here is win a few mains and get between teammate Forkner and Osborne.

9th Brandon Hartranft 12-8-9: Solid all around night for Brandon. He looks big on the bike to me, but it seems to work. His starts need to get better so he gets a taste of the pace in the group just in front of him. All in all, not bad.

#114 Brandon Hartranft.

10th Jimmy Decotis 9-14-8: Rough night for Jimmy in all 3 mains. The starts haven’t been there. Jimmy has the speed and fitness and has no quit in him. I’m thinking top 5’s from here on out.

#47 Jimmy Decotis.

Biggest Stud: Jeremy Martin gets my stud status. He’s been pretty bad and crashed a lot so far this season. Nice to see him get the win.


Biggest Dud: Like always, still not a fan of the Triple Crown Format.


Biggest Surprise: Jeremy Martin 100%. He has been that bad all season.


Canadian Watch: Canadian Team PR-MX  looked solid in Atlanta with Logan Karnow. Unfortunately, Westen Wrozyna missed out after an off weekend and Jeremy Smith broke his collarbone.

#179 Westen Wrozyna.

MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: The guys at Alias, once again, had the Geico Honda crew of Cameron McAdoo, Jeremy Martin, and RJ Hampshire looking super clean and super fresh.

Geico Honda gets MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award.