McThoughts | Atlanta SX | 450 Class

By Jeff McConkey

The last ever Supercross race in the Georgia Dome was pretty decent. It wasn’t a great battle for the lead, but Eli Tomac‘s ride had many thinking he would catch the leader. There was also some good racing all through the pack. The sand section made things interesting, and actually seemed to be sticking to everything. Ryan Dungey heads North to Canada with 25 points on Marvin Musquin and 27 points on Tomac. There is a lot of racing left, and I’m sure the points will get much tighter. Here are the results and my thoughts:


1st Ryan Dungey: Dungey got the start he needed, and rode his own race. I don’t think Eli could have caught him, even with more laps. Dungey was doing just enough to keep it safe and win. He’s a champion and champions might not win every battle, but they win the war.

#1 Ryan Dungey


2nd Eli Tomac: This guy is on fire, but the starts are killing him. His fitness looks great and he really looks good on the Kawasaki. He’s not out of it yet, but the starts have to be there if he hopes to have a shot at this title.


3rd Blake Baggett: Blake rode great to get the heat race win, and kept it going into the main. He rode very good and showed that he’s not just an “outdoor guy,” and he can do good on the non-Daytona-like SX tracks.

#4 Blake Baggett


4th Jason Anderson: Anderson has got to get better starts. He was 11th after the first lap. For a guy his caliber, that’s unacceptable. He did ride great through the pack and once again had Cole Seely‘s number, but with a very clean pass this time.


5th Marvin Musquin: Just like Anderson, Marvin had a terrible start and had to ride his ass off to get inside the top 5. I’m not a fan of where he started on the gate. I just see bad starts from that section every time. On a good note, Marvin’s passing skills are working well.

#25 Marvin Musquin


6th Cole Seely: I really thought Cole had a podium in him early on, but he got caught and went backwards. For some strange reason, he gets passed by Anderson 99.9% of the time. It’s got to be mental, because he has been riding well.


7th Chad Reed: Chad looked very good before going down. He also rode very good coming back to 7th. Age is just a number and Reedy proves it every week.

#22 Chad Reed


8th Justin Brayton: Good to see Brayton back after a scary crash. The whoops were big and Justin is real good in the whoops. From the outside, it looks like he is a good fit on the MCR Team.


9th Josh Grant: Solid ride for Grant after returning from injury. After missing two rounds, Grant sits 12th with 65 points.

#33 Josh Grant


10th Dean Wilson: Deano had a crappy start and worked hard to move forward. He has been looking very good on the Husky. Let’s hope he can make it through injury free.

#15 Dean Wilson

Biggest Stud: I have 2 studs this week, Dungey and Tomac. They are going to make the rest of the season very interesting.


Biggest Dud: I was bummed that Reed went down. This was his style of track and he could of had a podium in him.


Biggest Surprise: Mike Alessi has been riding very well for a guy that’s not really know for his SX skills. Yes, he’s getting good starts, but that’s not it. He is riding very well and looks 100 times better in the whoops than he has in past years.


MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: I really liked Dean Wilson’s kit. From the red torch Tech 10’s that matched the red that went up the one leg of his Answer kit and topped off with a Rockstar Shoei, it looked good.