250 podium: Tyler Medaglia, Luke Renzland, Dylan Wright.

McThoughts | Barrie Arenacross | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Bigwave

Saturday night was the final round for the Arenacross portion of our Rockstar Triple Crown series. Although we are missing quite a few top notch riders, the guys we do have put on a great show. The racing was clean and exciting with Tyler Medaglia taking the final win for Arenacross. It wasn’t easy for Tyler as Luke Renzland was on his fender the entire main event. Had Luke got the start, it could have very much been him leading wire to wire with Tyler in tow. Dylan Wright continued with his fast but consistent rides and walks away with his first professional title. Here are the results and my thoughts.

1st #5 Tyler Medaglia KAW: For the record, I called Tyler for the win. Anyway, Tyler looked good from the get go in Barrie. In qualifying he was wheelying into the whoops and it looked pretty darn fast. His corner speed is great on the 250, and intensity is not an issue. We all know Tyler is fast , and super fit. He has 2 250 championships so he knows how to win, but this season he just looks to be so comfortable with the team and the bike. He’s in a really great spot right now and he will be very hard to beat for this Triple Crown Championship. Tyler finished off the Arenacross series with a win and is 3rd overall in points with 99 , 15 points back of the leader Wright.

2nd #94 Luke Renzland YAM: Luke has some serious skills. No 250 pilot was skimming the whoops half as good as him in Barrie. Luke got edged out at the start, and on a track like that, there was nothing else he could do. He rode great and was mere inches away from winning. This guy is a true professional and you can bet he’s doing everything he can do to catch up with the other favourites by learning the series and tracks to the best of his knowledge. Luke finished off the AX series in 2nd overall and is only 12 points out of the lead.

3rd #19 Dylan Wright HON: We have a new Dylan. He’s always had the tools to win, but he hasn’t always had the consistency that he has shown early on in 2019. Dylan works his ass off, and he knows that now is the time to win. He’s got the bike, the team, and the skills, the rest is up to him. He looked good in Barrie, just a tad off of Luke and Tyler, but he rode smart and leaves with the number 1 plate and leads the Triple Crown series heading outdoors. The #19 just shook up some predictions with his riding in the first 4 rounds.

4th #14 Tanner Ward KTM: Imagine if Tanner was prepping for Arenacross and not outdoors, and he started the series at round 1? Two races and two top 4 finishes. And not to mention that he started in the back row in Barrie. Tanner has some serious indoor skills and is fearless, so they finishes are no fluke. This is the season where Tanner needs to prove himself and his ride and he’s going to have to do it with top 5’s and the odd podium. Tanner squeaked into the top 10 finishing 9th after only racing the last 2 rounds. He finished with 50 points.

5th #52 Brad Nauditt HSK: Brad has been away from racing for a few years now, so for him to be where he’s at, is pretty darn good. He’s one of the best starters we have had in Canada, and he has tons of indoor experience. Look for Brad to come out swinging on the West coast, as he’s figuring out the new bike. Nauditt will be very dangerous in SX as well. Brad leaves Barrie 5th in points 90.

6th #46 Marco Cannella YAM: Marco looked sharp in practice, and I expected him closer to the podium. In Arenacross the starts are everything and Marco just didn’t get them. I feel like Marco is a very calculated rider and the outdoors will suit him a little better than the crash and bang style of tight Arenacross. Marco heads outdoors 4th overall in AX with 91 points. And a big Happy birthday on Monday to the rider they call Gucci.

7th #146 Tyler Gibbs KAW: I was super impressed with Tyler. I have known about him and watched from a distance as he came up through the ranks. He is a natural at this indoor stuff and will be winning in a few short years. Rookie Pro seasons are tough, rookie pro seasons where you compete in the entire series are even harder. I just hope Tyler keeps his spirits high as this is a learning season and there will many ups and downs. In Barrie he got a great start in the heat race and could have won if it wasn’t for a mistake. He looked calm and pretty polished at times for a rookie. This kid is good, and heads to Calgary finishing 7th in Arenacross points.

8th #296 Ryder Floyd YAM: Ryder came to round 1 and shocked the people who didn’t know him. Since then, the bad luck black cloud has been hanging around. I watched him close in practice, and he looks good. Great style, and the speed is there too. Let’s hope for a good start to the outdoors for Ryder as he finishes AX 6th in points after winning round 1.

9th #60 Quinn Amyotte KTM: Quinn is flying under the radar, but he will open some eyes come outdoors. He rides the 250 well for being a bigger body, and is all over it like a spider monkey. Big frame + stock bike = not so good starts indoors, but he did ride well and fought back when others tried to muscle him around. Watch for the #60. On the right day and right circumstances, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him steal a top 10 finish in a moto.

10th #675 Kyle Dillin KTM: I feel bad, as I don’t know a single thing about Kyle and didn’t watch him in Barrie. Hopefully, we will see more of him?!

11th #41 Jack Wright YAM: Jack is a flashy type of rider who likes to get loose on the bike, which usually doesn’t end well in Arenacross. He’s riding well, but his starts are what hurt him. He’s got a good bike and a great team behind him, so look for a lot more come outdoors. His indoor season was solid, but he’s got more to show.

12th #40 Guillaume St-Cyr KAW: Talking about bad starts, poor “Gullimer” couldn’t buy a good one. He’s been busting his ass riding SX trying to get his AMA license, and it shows. In talking with him, he’s going to skip the outdoors and concentrate on reaching his Supercross goals. I have a ton of respect for him and what he is doing and expect him to succeed.

Biggest Stud: Tyler Gibbs gets Stud status. I am really impressed with his indoor skills.

Biggest Dud: Where are all of the Ontario 250 pros, or even Western New York guys? Everyone wants to get that “ride,” but nobody wants to ride to get it.

Biggest Surprise: Dylan Wright and his calmness and consistency surprised me a bit. I like Dylan, he’s a great guy, but at times in the past he has been up and down. So far this season he’s been dealing with everything very well.

MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award: You’re not going to not pick Dylan Wright! Jay Moore from Fox Canada had Dylan on fire in the FOX Zebra Heritage gear. Yes, it looked that good!