McThoughts | Bon Conseil National | MX2 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Billy Rainford

The championship battle in the MX2 class actually turned into a battle this past weekend. Cole Thompson entered with a massive 40-point lead and left with a damaged thumb and only a 2-point lead. Cole wasn’t wasting anytime getting to the front in moto 1, but unfortunately after making hard contact with ‘good’ friend Jacob Hayes, Cole severely damaged his throttle hand thumb.

Like past years, there were issues with flagging and moto 1 winner Josh Osby was docked 5 places for jumping on a red cross flag. Not to worry, a fired up Osby came out in moto 2 and backed up his moto one win.

With the top 3 so close in points with only 4 rounds to go, there will be no easy passes and every spot counts. It just got a whole lot more exciting. Here are the results and my thoughts.

MX2 Class

MX2 Podium: Shawn Maffenbeier, Dylan Wright, Josh Osby.

1st Shawn Maffenbeier 1-2: First of all, congrats to Shawn for the Team Canada selection. Not many 11th place guys get the call. All jokes aside, Shawn had a great day. His starts were near perfect and that plus some luck helped him cut a 40-point deficit down to just 2. It’s on folks.

#12 Shawn Maffenbeier.


2nd Dylan Wright 2-3: Dylan is finally starting to get his flow back. He’s throwing big whips and scrubbing like the Dylan of old. A happy Dylan is a dangerous Dylan.

#14 Dylan Wright.


3rd Josh Osby 6-1: The first thing that Redemption Racing team manager Josh Snider said to me, was how much the track was similar to ClubMX. That was good news for Osby, as he put in two great rides. Unfortunately, he was docked 5 spots for jumping on a medic flag. In Josh’s defense, some of these flaggers really have no clue, they really don’t. If it wasn’t for the CMRC’s Daryl Murphy and his great flagging instructions, it would be awful. But anyways, back to Josh. Josh is fit, healthy and a little pissed off. Watch for a fired up Osby to be fighting for more wins. He’s only 10 points out of the points lead and this guy has been super-consistent.

#787 Josh Osby.


4th Ryan Surratt 3-4: To me, this is the best Surratt has looked. He was throwing it upside down over the huge booter while battling with Dylan Wright. That’s how you know a guy is feeling good. He was the first guy to take a digger over the 3-3, and deserves props for getting up.

#338 Ryan Surratt.


5th Bobby Piazza 5-6: Great ride for Piazza jumping into our series. He was up front both motos. I even heard that he lost a rear brake in one moto. Let’s hope he’s in for the remainder of the series.

#637 Bobby Piazza.


6th Casey Keast 4-11: Great first moto for Casey. So far in the East, he’s been one of the best in the group just off of the top 4 or 5. Not bad for a rookie.

#33 Casey Keast.


7th Davey Fraser 9-9: Davey rode to an impressive 9th with a flat in the first moto. But I think he gassed himself fighting the bike due to the flat and was pretty worn out for moto 2. Look for Davey to be well inside the top 5 this weekend. I’m calling double holeshots for the #21 machine in Truro.

#21 Davey Fraser.


8th Jonah Brittons 10-10: Jonah grabbed a holeshot in moto 1 and you don’t usually like to see riders go backwards, but I think he needed to see the pace up front for a while. He rode well and was given a bit of a gift with a 10-10 getting him an 8th o/a.

#223 Jonah Brittons.


9th Jacob Hayes 16-5: Moto 1 was rough for Hayes. Cole Thompson hit him pretty hard after the 3-3 section and bent his shifter, which required a pit stop. He then was moving forward pretty fast when he hit another rider. The speed is there, he just needs a little luck to have it all come together.

#100 Jacob Hayes.


10th Hayden Halstead 7-14: Good first moto for Hayden. Moto 2 was going good also until he ate it real bad in the triple/triple section. So bad, that he broke a pipe, sub-frame, and a frame. Yes, I said frame, and he still salvaged a 14th. Not too shabby.

#19 Hayden Halstead.

Biggest Stud: Josh Osby is my stud. He was on the gas all day. Very impressive.


Biggest Dud: I hate to see riders get hurt, and it was a bummer for Cole Thompson to lose his points lead like that.


Biggest Surprise: I’m very surprised that Cole Thompson was able to get a 7th in moto 2. I saw his hand come off the bars going down a straight away. 100% heart for Tommy Gun.


MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: Jacob Hayes both motos. The Alpinestar Tech 10s, Alpinestar kits, HJC Helmets and topped off with Scott Prospect goggles. It was a seriously good look.

See you next week at Pleasant Valley in Truro, NS!