McThoughts | Dallas SX | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Billy Rainford


The 250 West riders were making their final appearance before the East Coast 250 series starts up next week. Riders always want to go into a long break on a high, but unfortunately for the former points leader, Shane McElrath, his bike had issues after leading 15 laps and he finished in 22nd claiming only 1 point.

Justin Hill was right there to scoop up his 4th consecutive win and ride off into the break with a nice 21-point lead in the standings. Once again, Aaron Plessinger looked the best to me, but his starts killed him yet again. We don’t get to see the 250 West riders again until April 8th, so let’s take one last look at their results and my thoughts.


1st Justin Hill: Four wins in a row for Hill, and he’s completely in control of the West heading into the break. It’s a bummer that he didn’t get to beat McElrath straight up, but that’s racing. He mentioned that he will continue with SX during the break, which will help secure the title, but it will hurt his outdoor prep.

20170114 Justin Hill

#46 Justin Hill


2nd Austin Forkner: Austin bounced back from a terrible race last weekend. He looked very good in his heat race, and solid throughout the main. His one weakness is definitely the whoops, and I’m sure┬áhe will put in the work and get better.


3rd Aaron Plessinger: We all know that Aaron can not get a start this season, but how about his ride to get on the podium from near last off the start?! He was just straight sending it through the whoops and put on a passing clinic. He is 2nd in points, 21 behind the leader Hill going into the break.

20170114- Aaron Plessinger

#23 Aaron Plessinger


4th Jimmy Decotis: Jimmy D backed up his great ride last week with another one this week. His starts have been real good, and it helps when he doesn’t have to come through the pack. The Rippa is an impressive 5th in points with 91.


5th Dan Reardon: Nice ride for the vet, Reardon. I think he’s had a very successful season so far as a fill in. He is sitting 7th in points with 72.

20170121- Dan Reardon

#122 Dan Reardon


6th Jeremy Martin: This poor guy has some serious bad luck, and I don’t even think he could buy a good start with all of his money. He had a good ride coming through the pack, but once again, he’s just too good to be doing this bad.


7th Martin Davalos: Awful start for Martin. He did a good job the fight back to 7th. He now sits 4th in points with 104.

20170121 Martin Davalos


8th Cole Martinez: Cole went a little backwards in the main. He got a great start, but just couldn’t keep the positions. Good finish for him, because in all honesty, everyone who finished in front of him should finish in front of him.


9th Hayden Mellross: Hayden just doesn’t seem to have the magic like he did at the start of A1. His 9th is a decent race to build off of going into the break.


10th Kyle Chisholm: Kyle saw his life flash in front of his eyes early on in the day. I still don’t know how he didn’t go down and not get hurt. Would like to see him on a 450 still.

20170121 Kyle Chisholm

#11 Kyle Chisholm


Biggest Stud: Aaron Plessinger is my stud. He looked amazing in the main event, minus his start.


Biggest Dud: I feel so bad for Shane McElrath. It looked like he was on his way to reclaiming his red plate as points leader until his bike developed an issue. Nobody likes to see a guy lose a title like that.

20170121 Shane McElrath

#38 Shane McElrath


Biggest Surprise: Who are some of these guys in the main? And why is the West so weak?


See you next week in the East