McThoughts | Daytona Supercross | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Bigwave

250 Class

250 Podium: Jordan Smith, Jeremy Martin, Austin Forkner.

All it took was some Daytona sand and we now have a 3-way battle for the 250 East Championship. Zach Osborne is our defending champion and for good reason. He has put his time in, he works hard, and he has all of the tools. Last season, Zach joined the powerhouse Baker’s Factory training program and it helped him clinch the 250 East championship and the 250 National championship. All this from a guy who was nicknamed “Snack Pack” early on in his career.

Tied with Zach in points is young Austin Forkner. Austin is a kid that won just about everything as an amateur, but has been riddled with injuries in his brief professional career. In 2018, Austin looks fresh, fast and aggressive. He has the speed to win, he just needs to stay on two wheels and be consistent.

Our third championship contender, who only sits 8 points back, is Jordan Smith. Smith started the season out on the ground, but has worked his way into this fight.

We have lots of racing left to go, and Daytona, like always, was a beauty of a race for the fans. Here are the results and my thoughts.


1st Jordan Smith: Some nights, Jordan looks amazing, and other nights he seems off a little bit. Saturday night in Daytona, he was on. He used a great start and rode a flawless race. He clawed himself back into this championship fight, and he’s only 8 points behind the leader.

#45 Jordan Smith.

2nd Jeremy Martin: This was a Jeremy Martin-style of track. He looked very good the entire main, and didn’t seem to falter. Maybe after his great 3rd main event ride in Atlanta, and now this great Daytona ride, the monkey is off his back. Jeremy is 4th in points with 70.


3rd Austin Forkner: Austin rode great and is now our new East 250 points leader (actually tied with Osborne, but would win a tie breaker if the season ended today). Austin has all of the tools, and he’s putting it together at the right time. With some more more time to smooth out a little, I think it’s hard for anyone to beat him.

#35 Austin Forkner.

4th Zach Osborne: Zach is still a man amongst boys. This guy looks like he’s attacking the track everywhere when others are just trying to survive. Even when he goes down, you can’t count him out. He will bounce back stronger next week. He still had a pretty solid night for an “off night.”


5th Martin Davalos: Martin was solid but quiet in Daytona. Not really his type of track, as I see him as a more of a finesse rider. He is still a threat on any traditional SX track, just not Daytona. Martin is 8th in points with 52.

#29 Martin Davalos.

6th Kyle Peters: Good ride for Kyle. I feel like he should be in or around this spot every time out. He had some tough luck early on in the season, but it’s looking like it is behind him. Kyle is 9th in points with 51.


7th Sean Cantrell: Nice ride for the rookie. This kid has all of the tools, he just needs to slowly put it all together. He gets good starts and he’s learning the pace. Now he just needs to run that pace and limit his mistakes. Sean is 11th in points with 42.

#43 Sean Cantrell.

8th Brandon Hartranft: Another youngster doing well. For a bigger guy, Brandon gets solid starts and looks good on the smaller bike. Brandon is now 15th in points with 33.

9th Ramyller Alves: All I know about Ramyller is that he hails from Brazil. A 9th at Daytona is a great ride no matter where you are from.


10th Luke Renzland: Luke went down in the 2nd or 3rd corner. He had a great ride back to 10th. He lost his rhythm at one point but figured it out and finished well. Luke is now 6th in points with 55.


Biggest Stud: Jordan Smith get my Stud status this week. He didn’t crack under the pressure of Jeremy Martin, and looked solid the entire main.


Biggest Dud: Like always, injuries! Get well soon Jimmy Decotis and RJ Hampshire.

Injuries are the Dud this week. Get well soon, RJ Hampshire, Jimmy Decotis, and others.

Biggest Surprise: No real surprises this week. Daytona is a beast, and it made some of the guys look new.


Canadian Content: Westen Wrozyna easily made the night show, but failed to make the main, while teammate Logan Karnow had a great LCQ ride and a very nice 15th in the main for his Team

#179 Westen Wrozyna.

MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: I didn’t see anything that really jumped out at me, so I will give it to Jordan Smith and his TLD kit. It was just clean looking.