McThoughts | Daytona Supercross | 450 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Bigwave

450 Class

450 Podium: Justin Brayton, Eli Tomac, Cooper Webb.

Jason Anderson entered Daytona with a huge points lead. His night started rough, going down in his heat, and things got worse during the main. At one point, it looked like his points lead was almost gone, but a bit of luck for Anderson, and bad luck for Marvin Musquin, helped Anderson leave with a healthy 40-point lead.

The track was gnarly and it offered very exciting racing for the fans. Justin Brayton used a good start and a little luck to capture his first 450 main event. Yes, he did win the first of 3 last week during the Triple Crown in Atlanta, but this one is in the books. Congrats to Justin and his entire team, as they did something very special at a very special place.

Here are the results and my thoughts.


1st Justin Brayton: How does a SX only guy win Daytona? Who cares, because he’s one of the nicest guys and hardest workers in the game. Justin got the start, and made it happen. He didn’t fold and he looked good under the Tomac pressure. Congrats, Justin Brayton, you are one bad dude, and you are now 3rd in points with 170.

#10 Justin Brayton.

2nd Eli Tomac: This guy is a beast. He, honestly, almost came back on the roughest SX track to win from the rear. Not to mention how jacked his clutch lever was. The rest of the pack better pray that Eli never finds the consistency, because they won’t see him for a few dominating years.


3rd Cooper Webb: Cooper is starting to get that chip back on his shoulder. He’s getting better starts, and he’s figuring out the pace of the top guys. No, he can’t match Tomac for speed for the entire main, but he is figuring it out. Cooper is 7th in points with 146.

#2 Cooper Webb.

4th Christian Craig: Christian is a super talent. It’s frustrating because he’s that good. I really hope he stays on the 450, and doesn’t get hurt riding outdoors because the bike suits him perfectly. The ‘rev the bike to the moon’ 250f style of racing doesn’t work for him. I hope Factory Honda and Geico work something out to keep Craig on the 450 for good.


5th Marvin Musquin: What could have been for poor Marvin. At one point, he looked like he was in complete control and was on his way to possibly winning, and to taking a huge chunk out of Anderson’s points lead. A few big mistakes later and Marvin is still in 2nd, and he trails the leader Anderson by 40 points.

#25 Marvin Musquin.

6th Weston Peick: Remember just a few short years ago when Weston was barely making mains through the LCQ’s. Now we are expecting him to be a 5,6,7 guy with the possibility of a podium on the right night. Weston rode well, and is now 6th in points with 153.


7th Jason Anderson: Pretty rough day for Anderson. At one point, it looked like the massive points lead was going to disappear. Fortunately for Jason, Musquin had a very rough couple of laps allowing El’ Hombre to get out of Florida with a 40-point lead.

#21 Jason Anderson.

8th Dean Wilson: Dean is still improving as he continues to get better from the nasty crash early on in the season. He still needs better starts, but the confidence is building every weekend. He qualified 3rd fastest and once again had one of the best looking kits out there. Deano is 12th in points now with 100. With 3 injured riders right above him, Dean should slide into 9th in no time.


9th Blake Baggett: I really expected Blake to be a threat for the win in Daytona. He must be still feeling the affects from his ATL crash last week. Blake is 4th in points with 164.

#4 Blake Baggett.

10th Broc Tickle: Another rider who I expected a big Daytona ride out of was Tickle. He, too, had a rough ATL. He needs to get a good start and see the pace of the top 5. Broc is 8th in points with 131.


Biggest Stud: Justin Brayton is my Stud. He has never given up, and it’s nice to see him get his first 450 main event win.


Biggest Dud: I was bummed that Colton Facciotti didn’t qualify. I really thought he would have. He is in no means a Dud. The guy has nothing to prove, and has the biggest payday in Canadian history in the back of his mind. He rode great in the LCQ and almost made it in, but I get it 100% why he didn’t hang it out. I’m bummed for Colt, but he will get his 450 main event before the end of his great career.

#100 Colton Facciotti.

Biggest Surprise: Marvin Musquin and his mistakes shocked me. Very rare from Marvin. I’m sure we won’t see another night like that again from Marvin


MC’s “G’d Up From the Feet Up” Award: Jay Moore from Fox Racing Canada had Colton Facciotti looking very fresh and clean in his Fox kit.


See you next week.