McThoughts | Daytona SX | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

The 250 East headed south to Daytona. This year’s track was long, fast and got pretty rough. They added a lot of sand and it made it tough on most. It has got to be hard racing under the lights with the colours of the soil changing in what seemed like every new section. Points leader, Zach Osborne, made it really hard on himself after going down early, then having quite a few close calls while trying to limit the damage. He still leaves Florida with the points lead, but he has the pair of Joey Savatgy, and race winner Adam Cianciarulo a heck of a lot closer. Cianciarulo rode the perfect race and showed everyone, including himself, that the former minibike star was back. Here are the results and my thoughts:

250 Podium: Adam Cianciarulo, Joey Savatgy, Dylan Ferrandis.


1st Adam Cianciarulo: He’s back! Everyone should be happy to see AC pick up this win. Adam has enough injuries over the last few years to last a lifetime. He knew he had to get out front early and be aggressive and that is what he did. He looked really good and rode his own race, and also inched closer to getting into this title fight with Osborne and Savatgy.

#36 Adam Cianciarulo


2nd Joey Savatgy: Joey bounced back from a bad Toronto, and had a really good Daytona ride. He got a great start and basically followed AC for all 15 laps. He got really close at the end, but the track was tough to pass on, and I’m betting he ate more sand than he would have liked. He cut Osborne’s lead to just 6 points heading back to the more traditional SX tracks.

#17 Joey Savatgy


3rd Dylan Ferrandis: Dylan got a taste of the front-runners speed in Toronto, and applied it to Daytona. He looked squirrelly at times, but maybe that’s just his style. This guy will be a threat next season. 

#108 Dylan Ferrandis


4th Jordon Smith: I am really impressed with Smith this season so far. He has always been crazy fast, but he crashed A LOT. His starts have been really good, but not this one. He had to make some passes, and he rode really well, and handled the pressure from Osborne too.

#44 Jordan Smith


5th Zach Osborne: Zach went down early and made it pretty hard on himself. There were a lot of times where he came close to eating it, big time. It looks like he believes in his speed and fitness and he had zero issues with hanging it out to make up points. This could be the ride that saves the title for him.

#16 Zach Osborne


6th Lorenzo Locurcio: Great ride for the rookie. I really don’t know much about him. He held pretty strong with some serious players on his tail. Good ride for Lorenzo.

#183 Lorenzo Locurcio


7th Kyle Cunningham: Another great pick up for JGR. When Kyle Peters was forced to leave for Australia, and Matt Bisceglia wasn’t ready, Cunningham was a good pick. He won’t win or podium, but he’ll hang it out for you and put it in the main. Nice ride for limited time on the yellow bike. 

#42 Kyle Cunningham


8th Alex Martin: This guy must frustrate team managers. He has the speed and fitness, but for some crazy reason, he just can’t always put it together. He’s been around a long time (250 SX debut January 2009), so it’s time to make it happen. He just seems so hot and cold.

#26 Alex Martin


9th Luke Renzland: Decent ride for Luke. I see him as more of a finesse guy, and Daytona is a nasty beast. Solid top 10 ride on a super-tough track, and Luke now sits 7th in points with 43.

#50 Luke Renzland


10th Dakota Alix: Nice to see Dakota back. Kind of interesting that Mathieu Deroy (Kaven Benoit‘s wrench) was spinning the T handles for Dakota in Daytona. He’s a great starter and got himself a solid 10th with a not-so-great start. I’m hoping we get to see Dakota for all 10 rounds this summer. He’d be a great addition to our series.

#70 Dakota Alix



Biggest Stud: Adam Cianciarulo is my stud. He rode great to get his first win in what must have seem like an eternity.


Biggest Dud: Christian Craig is once again my dud. He’s not a rookie, not even close, his first SX race was January 2011. The rookie growing pains and brain farts should be long gone. What’s going on with this guy? He is too damn good not to be in the top 5 on his worst day. 

#48 Christian Craig


Biggest Surprise: Seeing Lorenzo Locurcio run in 3rd for so long. I feel this year’s East is pretty stacked and to see this rookie ride so well was impressive.


Canadian Cole Thompson Watch: Solid ride for Cole. He had a terrible start and had to make a lot of passes. I’d like to see how good Cole could do if he started up front with the top guys.

#72 Cole Thompson


MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: I really liked the TLD KTM  pair of Alex Martin and Jordon Smith. They looked good, head to toe, but I personally would have had at least one of them wear the new red Alpinestars Tech 10 Torch LE boot.

Alex Martin and Jordan Smith get MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up Award”


See you in Indy.