McThoughts | Denver SX – 250 West | Presented by Shoei

By Jeff McConkey
Photos by Bigwave

The SX season is winding down. Every single point counts. Some riders are still 100% focused on SX, others have switched to outdoor mode. Realistically, only Adam Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis are in this title hunt. Nobody can match their speed straight up, and, honestly, the only guy that has a legit shot at getting between AC and Dylan, is Yamaha teammate Colt Nichols.

Will it happen? Well, we won’t really get a chance to see it, as the only race left for the West 250 riders is the East/West Showdown in Vegas. Anything can happen in Vegas but my money is on AC for the title by the slimmest of margins.

Anyway, here are the results from a frosty Denver, and my thoughts.

1st #92 Adam Cianciarulo:​ Adam has been riding great all season. He has made some mistakes, but he bounces back even stronger. What impresses me the most is how professional Adam is, and how he’s able to get the starts when he needs them the most. AC leads the west with an 8-point lead with only the Las Vegas East/West Showcase remaining.

2nd #34 Dylan Ferrandis:​ His starts are going to kill his championship hopes. He’s the only guy that can straight up beat AC, but he can’t when he doesn’t get the start.

3rd Colt Nichols:​ Colt worked hard and moved through the pack well. I think with a great start, he’s about the only rider left in the field that can get between his teammate Ferrandis and Cianciarulo and steal points for Ferrandis.

4th #31 RJ Hampshire:​ RJ has been quietly good this season. He moves forward well, and seems to be the fastest guy after the top 3 of Nichols, Ferrandis and Cianciarulo. I’m sure he wants to finish with a podium, I just don’t think he’s got the speed to straight up beat the top 3.

5th #36 Michael Mosiman:​ Michael looked great. He wasn’t letting AC get by easily, and I was a little surprised to see him battle back and forth for the lead. He’s very high on confidence right now and it’s showing. If he can eliminate the minor mistakes, a podium is in reach.

6th #44 Cameron McAdoo:​ This was a great ride for McAdoo. He has crazy speed, but he also has those out of control moments and crashes, many of them. If he could calm down and tame the speed, he has a real shot at a podium. We have to remember that Cameron is a fill in rider and could quite possibly end up in Canada soon. He could do some serious damage.

7th #64 Jimmy Decotis:​ I’m not sure what is going on with Jimmy. He gets great starts, runs up front, then goes backwards hard. He has a good bike, his fitness is good, I just don’t know what is going on with Jimmy. Decotis is now in a 3-way tie for 5th in points with Mossman, and McAdoo.

8th #60 Justin Starling:​ Justin has really turned it up lately. After missing 3 rounds he really has came back stronger. His average starting position is 13.3, so the good news is that he has been making passes. The bad news is that his starts are holding him back. Justin is now sitting 15th in points.

9th #54 Dylan Merriam:​ Great ride for Dylan, but he had a very scary moment while getting lapped. He came up short on the finish line and swapped almost talking out leader Cianciarulo. He would have gone from hero to zero real quick.

10 #67 Enzo Lopes:​ Enzo hasn’t really had a breakout ride yet in SX. At times he looks out of control, and at other times he looks to be holding back. He’s only going to get better with more starts under his belt. Enzo now sits 16th in points with 50.

Biggest Stud:​ Adam Cianciarulo is my stud. AC is getting the starts he needs and making them count. He is a bigger guy, but he comes off the line very well and sprints away, and then sets it on cruise control. 2019 may be the first professional title for the can’t miss kid from Florida.

Biggest Dud:​ Injuries are my Dud. They’ve robbed too many kids of childhood and have ruined many careers before they have really even got started.

Biggest Surprise:​ Michael Mosiman had his breakout ride. He led laps and battled back and forth with the eventual champion. This is the round that pushes him to the next level.

MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award:​ This week I’m going with the all Black look that Michael Mosiman had. It was clean and looked good.