McThoughts | Denver SX – 450 Class | Presented by Shoei

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Bigwave

As some would say, it’s crunch time in the 450 class. Going into Denver, there were only 3 chances to beat points leader Cooper Webb. Hometown hero Eli Tomac made it happen, but unfortunately for Eli, Cooper Webb finishes 2nd. Webb has been solid even on his bad nights, and nobody else can say that they have been as well.

This championship looks to be Webb’s, but two rounds remain. The only thing that can steal it from Cooper is some bad luck or a mechanical, and nobody wants to see that. Others have be good on most nights, great on others, but Cooper has been better than everyone for the majority.

Does he deserve this title? I believe so, but we have 2 rounds to go.

Here are the results from a frozen Denver and my thoughts.

1st #3 Eli Tomac:​ With only 3 rounds reaming, Eli went into his hometown race and got it done. He didn’t look blazingly fast, but he just looked clean and sharp. Eli has to win out the remaining 2 rounds if he wants to have a shot at this title. Eli trails Cooper Webb by 18 points with two races to go. He will need some serious luck moving forward.

2nd #2 Cooper Webb:​ Cooper looked “kind of normal” this past Saturday night, but “normal” for Webb is still good enough for a very solid ride in 2nd place. He doesn’t have to win, he just has to stay out of trouble and off the ground. If I were a betting man, I’d bet Cooper rides it safe and smart into the sunshine and is our new 2019 450 SX Champion.

3rd #25 Marvin Musquin:​ Marvin is 29 years old, so the time is now. Unfortunately for Marvin, this championship seems out of reach. He’s been riding great at times, and then the big mistakes kick in. Dungey is long gone and Marv was set to be “the guy,” but it looks like he’s missing out on that position, just like he’s going to miss out on this championship. Marvin is 23 points back of the lead in 3rd place.

4th #19 Justin Bogle:​ Where has Bogle been all season? This guy has loads of talent, but is usually in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bogle is 9th in points with 157.

5th #17 Joey Savatgy:​ After a rough start to his 450 rookie season, Joey has been very hot as of late. He isn’t afraid to get the good starts, and has eliminated most of his rookie mistakes. Joey has been a very solid 2nd rider at Monster Kawi and now sits 7th in points with 192.

6th #4 Blake Baggett:​ Decent ride for Blake, but he seems to be super hot or just average. He has his first 450 SX win this season and looked to be a real player at times. He needs to work on the consistency to take the next step. Blake is now 5th in points with 255.

7th #94 Ken Roczen:​ Ken has been dealing with some issues and unfortunately they have affected his results. As a fan, I don’t think I am alone in saying that I really hoped to see Kenny win a main or two. Ken has dropped to 4th in the championship with 283 points.

8th #16 Zach Osborne:​ Nice ride for the rookie. Zach is starting to figure it out. I don’t have him touted as a 450 SX winner, but there is no reason why he can’t snag a few podiums in his career. After missing quite a few rounds at the start of the season due to a broken collarbone, Zach has fought his way into 16th in points.

9th #33 Josh Grant:​ Welcome back to the top 10, JG33. This guy has loads of talent and was a very solid choice for a fill in rider. He’s got style for days, and most fans like him. Let’s hope we see him again next season.

10th #46 Justin Hill: ​I don’t know what’s up with Hill. Last season he showed us that he could most likely win a main event. This season he has shown crazy one-lap speed in qualifying the odd night, then has gone missing come main event time. I still think he can be a winner, I just don’t know when. Hill is 13th in points with 135.

Biggest Stud:​ Eli Tomac gets my Stud status. He just looked so calm and in control. And how about a little emotion from Eli on the last lap for the hometown fans. It was nice to see.

Biggest Dud:​ The weather is my Dud. I know Mother Nature is unpredictable, but Denver in early April… come on, guys.

Biggest Surprise:​Once again, the weather in Denver. Why was it so cold?

MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award:​ Joey Savatgy gets the nod. The Grey in his JUST1 kit set it off.