McThoughts | Deschambault | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Billy Rainford

250 podium: Jess Pettis, Dylan Wright, Luke Renzland.

Going into Deschambault, there wasn’t a whole lot of championship excitement as Dylan Wright has a pretty solid points lead, and could basically win no matter where he started. That changed when Jess Pettis started riding like his old self and captured the overall. Yes, Dylan may have backed it down and rode smart, but it sure was good to see Jess back.

The racing was pretty exciting with a few new faces running near the front. This is a very good sign as our 450 class is lacking the depth this season.

Anyway, great racing in the 250 class and here are the results and my thoughts.​

1st Jess Pettis 1-3: Jess came in hurt to the season and wasn’t himself. Finally he is back. Just imagine the battles between the #1 and #19… they would have been epic. Anyway, Jess dominated Moto 1, and in Moto 2, he had to dig deep and fight the entire moto after going down.

It’s a shame there is only one more outdoor round. Jess sits 2nd in points with 319, and sits 38 points behind the leader Wright.​​ 

2nd Dylan Wright 2-2: Once again, this new Dylan Wright impresses me. Could he have battled for both wins? I think so, but Dylan is thinking big picture and that is championship and maybe Ironman after clinching. Either way, he goes into the last 2 motos at Walton with the points lead of 38 points, so there is some serious cushion there.​​ 

3rd Luke Renzland 8-1: Not the greatest moto 1, but Luke rebounded and had a great moto 2. This guy impresses me every moto, because he’s always charging. Luke sits 3rd in points with 287, 70 points out of the lead.​​ 

4th Marshal Weltin 6-4: Marshal’s 1st moto started off super scary when he scrubbed the big table/single in the rain. Myself and Cade Cason screamed like little girls, but fortunately Weltin rode out of it. ​

Better 2nd moto, but you’d have to think if Marshal comes back with a year of our tracks under his belt, he’d be a for sure title contender. Marshal is 5th in points, and only 3 points out of 4th.​ 

5th Tanner Ward 4-6: I really thought this was going to be Tanner’s podium day. It looked really good early on, but mistakes cost him. His starts were great and his pace is there. Tanner is 6th in points with 2 motos remaining.

​​6th Jayce Pennington 3-8: All Jayce needed was a start. ​This kid has some serious speed, and he just needed a glimpse of the pace that the top guys are running. I always say confidence is huge, and Deschambault is the race that will push Jayce to the top group of the 250 class.​ 

7th Tyler Medaglia 5-5: When does 5-5 get you 7th overall? I feel like Tyler got screwed a little, but he had two solid rides. ​He just needs to stay on 2 wheels and finish out strong. Tyler is 4th in points, but has Marshal Weltin right on his rear with two motos left.​ 

8th Marco Cannella 9-7: Decent day for Marco. His starts just aren’t there. The top guys are just too quick to be spotting them leads. Hopefully, he can get two good starts at Walton, and see how his speed stacks up. Marco is sitting 7th in points.​​ 

9th Jyire Mitchell 7-9: Jyire had good starts and looked strong running with the top group early on in the motos. We are heading to Walton, and I feel he rides very well there. A top 5 is very possible.​​ 

10th Westen Wrozyna 10-10: Not where he wants to be, but he’s healthy and in the top 10. After many injury-riddled seasons, this has been a great season to build off of. Westen is getting his groove back and sits 8th in points.​​ 

Biggest Stud:​ Pettis is my Stud. The season is almost over and he could have cruised to the finish, but not Jess, he has too much heart and fight.​ 

Biggest Dud:​ No real Dud, just shocked how some guys race this track all week long and don’t kill it on Saturday?​ 

Biggest Surprise: I have 2. First is Quinn Amyotte and his great starts and rides. He’s riding the wheels off of a bone stock bike and having a great rookie season. ​

Second isn’t really a surprise, as I’ve been expecting this for awhile now: Jayce Pennington looked great. He’s out of his shell now, so look out.​ 

MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award: Marco Cannella in moto 1 was looking fresh to death. The guy has looks that could kill. ​